Summer Activities For Kids: 15 Cool Toys To Keep Them Content

As school is wrapping up, it’s time for parents to start thinking about summer activities for kids. Sure, it’s great to send them to camp or a day program, but let’s face it, sometimes our littles will be home. If you listen closely you can hear them begging you to entertain them. Creating summer activities for kids that will entertain, keep them engaged, and let you get that much-needed time to work, clean, or rest is essential. When planning the summer activities for kids be sure to account for rainy days or days that are just too hot to be outside.


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Seeking a unique way to keep your culinary-minded kids entertained at home this summer? Look no further than Baketivity! Their Virtual Summer Camp will kickstart a month-long virtual trip around the world for their taste buds (and yours too if they’re nice enough to share their creations).

Just choose the Virtual Summer Camp you prefer (July, August, or both!), place your order, and a giant box of four baking kits will arrive at your door for the month. Each camp kit contains dry ingredients and recipes to make four unique desserts or pastries from across the globe. In July, the kids can make French eclairs, German apple cake, Mexican churros, and Australian Fairy Bread cake. Then in August, they’ll enjoy Italian dessert pizza, Swedish cinnamon buns, Argentinian dulce de leche bars, and Dutch chocolate cake. How delicious do these summer activities for kids sound?

The best part is, as they prepare these decadent recipes, kids will learn the building blocks of baking. These are skills they’ll take with them throughout life. Ingredients are pre-measured and color-coded, and instructions are written in a simple, step-by-step format to set them up for success.

The Virtual Summer Camp program also includes live Zoom classes for an additional level of awesome engagement. If they get stuck on a recipe step, they can call on the experts for assistance. Classes are recorded, so if you miss one of these summer activities for kids due to vacation plans, it’s totally OK! Fill the kids’ summer with super-fun enrichment activities, and get ready to fill the house with some yummy baked goods, with Baketivity.

Daily-mom-parent-portal-Summer Activities For Kids

Virtual Baking Summer Camp
Baketivity | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter


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Since 2016, Tanoshi has worked tirelessly to provide all children with the opportunity to learn computer skills that are necessary to succeed in today’s world. While doing schoolwork is not something children dream of doing during summer break, learning takes place in all forms! Tanoshi is now presenting a better-than-ever computer/tablet with Tanoshi Scholar.

The Tanoshi Scholar is the new-and-improved computer that teaches children the skills required to operate a regular computer but they have made it kid-friendly. This computer is splash-proof, dustproof, compatible with Zoom, has a built-in blue light filter, and arrives with pre-loaded apps designed by top-tier educators from all over the world. It is easily detachable to become a tablet depending on the need. We know that students have engaged in online learning for the past year and that having a tool to help them to be successful is vital to their success in the classroom, both online and in person.

With the Tanoshi Scholar, students can solve puzzles by completing multiplication problems or achieve goals by learning how to properly type. Your child will be enjoying their summer break while building their knowledge without even knowing it with this device as one of their summer activities for kids! For parents concerned with internet safety, this computer will alleviate that worry. The webcam has a privacy filter that you can open and close at your discretion. Parents are also able to access parental controls from their smartphones. This will allow them to approve or deny apps, see how much screen time your child is using, choose a time to automatically turn off, and much more.

Daily-mom-parent-portal-Summer Activities For Kids

Tanoshi has made it their mission to level the playing field for students when it comes to computer and internet access for students across the country. By joining them in this endeavor, you will not only enjoy a summer full of learning and fun on a fantastic computer intended for use by your child, but you will also be supporting students in need throughout the country. This summer, choose Tanoshi to provide your summer activities for kids and make learning a blast!

Tanoshi Scholar
Tanoshi | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube

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Little Partners

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One thing that we cannot say enough to our kids is “get down from there!”. Kids are meant to be active and start climbing on things at a young age. Instead of discouraging it, remember that learning to climb is a huge part of their development. Encourage your little climber this summer with the Pikler Climbing Triangle!

While children can learn to climb as soon as they can stand, they really get into the swing of things around 12 months. The Pikler Climbing Triangle encourages your little one’s gross motor skills and sense of independence from the moment they learn to stand. With three adjustable heights, the Pikler Climbing Triangle truly grows with your little one. You’ll see how they learn to trust themselves and their balance as their sense of adventure grows, without worrying if they’re going to tear up your couch.

The Pikler Climbing Triangle has a sleek and modern design to fit any household. No more looking at bright and ugly plastic colors. Instead, this climbing triangle is made of solid wood with neutral colors. Each position of the Pikler Climbing Triangle locks securely in place and quickly folds when you need to store it away. Whether your little one is first learning to climb or you’re looking for a way to keep your active toddler entertained on a rainy day, the Pikler Climbing Triangle is one of the perfect summer activities for kids to keep them moving!

Pikler Climbing Triangle
Little Partners | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube | Pinterest

MEL Science

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This summer, while the kids are off from school, keep their minds engaged and their creativity alive with the MEL Kids science kits. For kids ages 5 -9+, the next generation of science kits are just a delivery away. Kids learn best by doing, by getting hands-on experience, and using all of their senses to create and explore new concoctions. Finally, you’ll have more use out of those phones other than social media. Use the devices you currently have and turn them into virtual and augmented reality!

Daily-mom-parent-portal-Summer Activities For Kids

MEL Chemistry is designed for children 10 years old and up; it’s perfect for those who don’t realize that becoming a scientist is easier than they realize! With cutting-edge technology, MEL Chemistry sets give your child the entertainment they crave and the education you desire. All kits come with everything your student needs: the chemicals, components, and instructions to ensure they have a successful and fun experiment experience.

Physics Set V2

Do you want to bridge the gap between what your child wants to learn at school but may not be able to over the summer months? Well, now you can because this kit is perfect for ages 8 – 14; the MEL Physics kit will give your child(ren) a head start in the science department on various physics topics, no school needed. The engaging and interactive kits will keep your child entertain while learning valuable science facts over the summer. With everything you need, the kits come with all the necessary hardware, components, and instructions for you and your child to conduct the experiments successfully.

Rest assured, your child can explore even more and go deeper into their exploration through the supplementary MEL Science app when your child is ready to take their science education to the next level. Now, you can have multiple summer activities for kids month after month with the super convenient subscription options by MEL Science.

MEL Kids Science Kit | MEL Chemistry | MEL Physics
MEL Science | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest | TikTok | LinkedIn

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Planet Voyagers 26 1 2038x2048 1

Summer activities for kids should always include educational toys and games for rainy day, indoor fun, and this summer SimplyFun Board Games has huge selection kids of all ages are sure to love! With a variety of board games for kids, SimplyFun covers topics from math and language to science and STEM, all in fun-filled and engaging ways. Whether you are picking up a few games for your weekly family game night, or planning for a summer staycation with the kiddos, check out SimplyFun and choose one (or a few) your family will love. Our summer favorites include games for a variety of ages:

  • Dreaming Dragon: Don’t wake the dragon! Some sneaky lizards have made their way into a sleeping dragon’s nest and players must using their stealth skills to get them out. Perfect for teaching fine motor skills, spatial reasoning, and focus, and self-control, this game is perfect for elementary-age children.
  • Planet Voyagers: If your kiddos want to prepare for their very own space force this summer then Planet Voyagers is the game for them. Blast off into space in this fun and exciting game while simultaneously learning facts and figures about the solar system surrounding us. This racing game begins at the sun and each player must try to reach Neptune first in order to be the top Planet Voyager. This strategy game is ideal for players 8+.
  • Shore Seekers: Surf’s up this summer as you head to the shore with the all-new Shore Seekers math game teaching addition and early multiplication for elementary-age kids. As the sea turtles head for the sandy beach to lay their precious eggs, players roll the dice and move their turtle to collect cards and determine how many eggs will be in each nest. The player whose turtle lays the most eggs wins!

Dreaming Dragon | Planet Voyagers | Shore Seekers
SimplyFun | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube


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So many girls are exposed at a very early age to dolls with exaggerated body proportions that skew their perception of what a girl or woman’s body should look like. It’s this type of impossible image attainability that girls have long felt pressured to live up to. “Lottie” has a body shape based on the average dimensions of a child. These beautiful dolls are all about empowerment for both girls and boys. The award-winning Lottie Dolls are designed to encourage young girls to explore science, technology, engineering, and math.

Daily-mom-parent-portal-Summer Activities For Kids

The gorgeous Pool Party beach doll has short blonde hair, wears a cute swimsuit, comes with armbands, a real inflatable flamingo, and a hooded flamingo towel. This set radiates summer imaginative play and will be one of your child’s favorite summer activities for kids. Combine the doll with the super adorable Campfire Fun Playset and your kids will have hours of fun!

Daily-mom-parent-portal-Summer Activities For Kids

The Campfire set is the perfect set that works with all Lottie Dolls. The set features a miniature tent, sleeping bag, teddy, toy campfire, and more. It will encourage kids to engage in summer activities for kids and play in the great outdoors. If you’re looking for a doll that promotes diversity and empowers young girls and boys to embrace a more positive and realistic body image, then Lottie Dolls is the perfect gift for your child.

Pool Party | Campfire Fun Playset
Lottie | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest


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A way to keep your kids and their summer activities for kids contained is with the Tan Tan Playmat. This ingenious playmat is a place for kids to play with toys, water beads, paint, and balls. A perk is that you can even make a little ball pit for them. The mat is waterproof and non-toxic, perfect for babies to toddlers, a place where their imagination can run wild and you can contain the mess.

The Tan Tan Playmat can be used indoors or outdoors; wherever you want to use it to make clean-up time that much easier for you! It is also 100% waterproof, strong, and durable and will last many summers regardless of how rough your children are.

Confetti Crayons are perfect for children that are still developing fine motor skills and enjoy coloring. A hexagon shape helps strengthen the muscles used to grip the crayons with less frustration than round ones. These crayons are vibrant colored and non-toxic. The pointed tips are great to color in small details or use the sides of the crayons to color large areas. Kids and parents alike will love this addition to the playroom. Summer activities for kids like arts and craft time just got more fun with these confetti crayons.

Tan Tan Playmat | Confetti Crayons
Ububba | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

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School may be almost done for the year, but when you love art, the need for fun drawing tools, pretty pencil sharpeners, and adorable erasers only increases in the summertime! Retire those boring used school supplies and satisfy your budding artists’ needs for some serious summer activities for kids with Ooly! Start with a set of the 2 of a Kind Colored Pencils for double the striking, vivid colors that take up half of the space in the art case.

For those activity books, word searches, and Mad Libs, the kids will need something to write with, so why not get creative? With the Writer’s Duo 2 in 1 Fountain Pens + Highlighters, choose from purple, blue, and pink ink, then brighten it up with a quick flip of the pen to highlight. The fuzzy pom pom topped Sakox Lollypop Pens and shimmery Celestial Stars Glitter Wand Pens are sure to add some sweetness and sparkle to their day as well.

When it’s time to break out the sketchbooks, grab a Mighty Pencil Sharpener and some Ninja Pencils. Pssst, Mom – These are perfect for sneaking in some enrichment summer activities for kids as well! If the kids make a mistake, it’s no problem with the Oh My Glitter! Jumbo Erasers and Comic Attack Clickit Erasers. Add Ooly to your list of must-have toys for summer vacation and the kiddos will be entertained all season long!

2 of a Kind Colored Pencils | Writer’s Duo 2 in 1 Fountain Pens + Highlighters | Sakox Lollypop Pens | Celestial Stars Glitter Wand Pens | Mighty Pencil Sharpener | Ninja Pencils | Oh My Glitter! Jumbo Erasers | Comic Attack Clickit Erasers
Ooly | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube | Pinterest

Handstand Kitchen®

Daily-mom-parent-portal-Summer Activities For Kids

Baking is one of the perfect summer activities for kids where you and your kids can have fun and enjoy treats! Using real baking sets that come with everything you need will help create lasting, delicious memories. Handstand Kitchen® is a woman-owned business that has been inspiring young chefs for more than a decade. From utensils to aprons, all of their premium quality bakeware is intended for real kitchen use and made with the highest quality materials. The safe and fun line of cooking items sets the scene for making delicious memories in your family kitchen.

The 75 piece Ultimate Baker’s Set equips young chefs for endless imaginative baking fun with the whole family. It features premium quality bakeware and utensils for actual kitchen use! Chefs of all ages will have everything needed to bake and decorate cakes, cupcakes, muffins, cookies, cake pops, and so much more!

Cooking is an excellent activity for families to do together! Creating in the kitchen provides hours of imaginative fun, helping kids build confidence and gain a feeling of self-achievement. Handstand Kitchen® product’s mission is to create joy through cooking and creating together!

Ultimate Baker’s Set
Handstand Kitchen®| Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest


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The award-winning brand Osmo believes that allowing children to exercise maximum creativity is an essential part of normal childhood development. So why not give kids a gift that will enable them to draw their favorite character and see it interact in an exciting video! This is one of the summer activities for kids that you do not want your kids to miss out on.

A grand entry to the Osmo universe, the Creative Starter Kit for iPad includes everything your child needs to experience hands-on learning and digital fun in different ways through three games. Kids learn by doing, so each game uses physical action. Whether it’s freehand drawing, supercharging drawing skills, or physics meets creative problem solving (Monster, Masterpiece & Newton Games), Osmo sees and reacts to every real-live move. Osmo games bring a child’s creative imagination to life with handheld pieces that interact with an iPad and an Osmo Base (no WiFi necessary for gameplay).

Teachers are using this brilliant product in over 31,000 classrooms! The unique starter kit helps kids learn about drawing, listening, speed drawing, visual thinking, problem-solving, physics, creative problem solving, and developing fine motor skills. Osmo’s Creative Starter Kit, available for iPad or Fire Tablet, contains the beloved Masterpiece app, allowing kids to transform an image or photo into easy-to-draw lines, which they can color and decorate.  This learning tool makes a perfect STEM gift with difficulty levels from beginner to expert!

Creative Starter Kit for iPad
Osmo | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube | Pinterest

The Idle Free Box

Daily-mom-parent-portal-Summer Activities For Kids

Searching for a summer gift that will stimulate your brain, spark your creativity, and will promote physical and cognitive growth? Look no further than The Idle Free Box. The Idle Free Box was created by a Canadian couple and was designed to provide resources to cope with anxiety and depression. This is a must-have subscription box packed full of summer activities for kids.

Daily-mom-parent-portal-Summer Activities For Kids

The Idle Free Box will have everyone in the family engaged and excited when it arrives. This subscription box will include a D.I.Y activity, 500-piece jigsaw puzzle, painting set, coloring set, a 4-week bodyweight workout plan, virtual yoga sessions, a 15-minute clarity session with a success coach, access to members-only workouts, and Canadian mental health resources. The Idle Free Box will do just as its mission states, which is to promote feelings of happiness, health, and creativity. The Idle Free Box will inspire your family to get creative, will fuel your body, and keep your brain sharp.

The Idle Free Box
The Idle Free Box | Facebook | Instagram

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Chi Universe

Daily-mom-parent-portal-Summer Activities For Kids

Practicing yoga is a fun way to bond with your child. Yoga helps kids relax, relieve stress and anxiety, sleep better, improve emotional regulation, increase empathy, and improve mood. It’s not half bad for parents as well! In the Chi Universe, they sell more than just a mat! It’s an educational mat and program that turns yoga into a fun game and a great workout! These summer activities for kids are great for all ages and skill levels.

The colorful Tween / Adult Yoga Mat is a “game board” that makes yoga fun! The playful symbols create a “map” to guide you to the correct yoga positions. The game format makes it easy for kids of all ages and abilities to get active. The mat features a double-sided “how-to” poster of poses. It also provides you with access to free online videos and a free app detailing each of the exercises, so you’ll always know what to do while feeling perfectly aligned! Yoga is an important tool in children’s physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Practicing yoga with the Tween / Adult Yoga Mat will help everyone to unwind and relieve stress.

Tween / Adult Yoga Mat 
Chi Universe | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube

Pintar Art Supply

Daily-mom-parent-portal-Summer Activities For Kids

Kids love to use their imagination and create new adventures when they draw and paint. Pintar Art Supply will help your child bring out their creative side. They produce the highest quality premium acrylic and oil-based paint pens in different sizes for beginner, intermediate, and professional artists. They carry unique packs of pens from pastels to skin tones and earth tones, metallics, glitter, and more. Made with high-quality Japanese ink and tips, the glass paint pens and paint markers have the smoothest flow and the most vibrant colors that last much longer than regular permanent markers!

The vibrant Pintar Dual Tip Brush Pens have a great variety of solid colors including, your basic collection of red, yellow, orange, green, blue, purple, black, white, and brown. The bold acrylic paint pens come in a pack of 24 and offer a smooth flow of paint on any surface. Their fine tips allow you to create precise linework that will make your work stand out like never before. Pintar Dual Tip Brush Pens make an excellent gift for any child or adult. This fantastic gift will provide hours of creative fun for every young artist.

Pintar Dual Tip Brush Pen
Pintar Art Supply | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

Just Movie Posters.Com

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What makes a great movie poster? A stunning composition is undoubtedly a factor, but more importantly, is how effective the image is in generating anticipation for its respective movie title. The best film posters provide a first feeling of what it will be like to experience the big screen films themselves.

If you are looking for a movie poster from the latest movie, collect posters from a specific genre, or looking for that one-of-a-kind movie poster, Just Movie is the place for you!  They also have postcards and mini-posters such as Alvin & The Chipmunks, The Squeakquel, The BoxTrolls Shoe, and How To Train Your Dragon. Just Movie Posters.Com is a place where you can purchase all sorts of movie posters for your collecting and decorating pleasure.

How To Train Your Dragon Poster
Just Movie Posters.Com | Facebook | Twitter

Harry Potter Spellcasters


Enter the wizarding of world of Harry Potter this summer with the all-new Spellcasters game for kids. Complete with its very own magic wand, this magical game of charades will entertain kids of all ages. With fast-paced, easy-to-learn gameplay, each Spellcaster draws a card that has a magical spell printed on it, keeping it hidden from view of their teammates. Using the wand, the Spellcaster must then cast his spell in the air while the other players try to guess the correct spell. Whoever guesses correctly gets to keep the card and become the next Spellcaster! The player who collects the most spell cards wins.


Designing a game plan of summer activities for kids should be imperative for parents. Whether it’s a physical, social, or mental activity, it should keep your kiddo occupied and connected. Summer activities for kids should vary from cooking, creating, playing, or relaxing, and each activity should benefit the child. Offering kids fun and valuable activities to complete during the summer will make Mom and Dad’s job less stressful. So parents, start the planning now.


Looking for a creative outlet for your child this summer? Keep Film Alive: Capture Your Summer The Old School Way.

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