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What family doesn’t love Orlando with its kid friendly activities, world class parks all in one place, outlet malls and warm weather year round? But how do you pick from literally hundreds of resorts, hotels, and motels to ensure that your vacation is fun, relaxing, and fits your budget? Here are some of our favorite resorts in Orlando- from the most luxurious to the most affordable.

Resort Living At Reunion, Orlando

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Reunion Resort

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Reunion resort is a community of its own. Located only six miles from Walt Disney World, Reunion sprawls around on anexpansive 2300 acres of land, offering absolutely unmatched accommodations in a setting that truly feels like home. To completely understand the grandeur of the resort, one has to only drive through the gate and make their way to the main tower, passing gorgeous one and two story homes surrounded by three signature golf courses.

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Once you drive up to the main tower, The Grande, you start to feel like you have been transported into a different era. Marble floors, beautiful casings, high ceilings, crystal chandeliers, accommodating staff and a live piano playing in the lobby- be ready to be treated like royalty.

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The check-in process is also unlike any other: you are actually seated across the desk from the receptionist offering a nicer one on one experience without the rush. This really comes in handy when travelling with smaller children, as you can sit down with them on your lap while checking in, rather than shift them from hip to hip while they check you in at the standing desk at most hotels. As you make your way through the hotel (if you’re staying at the tower), you will notice that the condition is impeccable and the resort is well maintained. Everything glistens and looks brand new, even if it is a few years old. The elevator will take you to your room and if you’re interested in exploring, you might take it to the roof top pool and restaurant where the views will delight anyone in love with Florida scapes.


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Sprawling in front of you is a sea of green- miles and miles of manicured lawns and golf greens, trees, beautiful houses and a cloudless sky, as far as you can see. If you happen to take a drive around the resort looking to explore all that it has to offer, you might see street after street lined with trees and cute neighborhood villas that make you feel at home, as though you never left. The only difference is it is always summer and you’re always just a short drive away from the most desired parks of the world. That’s a pretty cool thought, isn’t it?

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As you arrive to one of the pool areas, you get to walk through paved walkways surrounded by fountains, brick fences, precision cut hedges and flowers- lots of flowers. Everywhere you look, the care is apparent. You have arrived to a luxurious resort where they don’t miss a detail ensuring that your experience is top notch.


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Unlike a standard hotel room, Reunion’s  320 villas and suites ranging from 750 to 2,200 square feet can accommodate a large family or one looking to stay in comfortable surrounding feeling at home with all the amenities that a house would offer. The rooms at both The Grande and the Villas are impeccably furnished, multi-bedroom accommodations that feature a formal dining area, living room and full kitchen with a refrigerator, microwave and a dishwasher. Granite and marble/tile bathrooms are designed to impress. Bedrooms are cozy and spacious featuring a king bed or two queens.

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A washer and dryer in-suite are surprisingly handy while traveling: you can wash your favorite pair of jeans that got stained on the plane or the comfiest T-shirt you want to re-wear without leaving your room.

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Our favorite part of the resort: POOLS! Not one, not two, but 10 pools on property. Each one is even more gorgeous and unique than the other. A rooftop pool next to a restaurant; a Seven Eagles pool, featuring two relaxing Jacuzzis, poolside dining at The Cove, gorgeous views of the golf courses, outdoor billiards and a game room, and a fitness center; our favorite water park pool and 7 other pools spread across the resort.

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Our favorite expansive pool near the waterpark is a true resort experience, featuring a lazy river, a walk in area that is perfect for little babies to splash around in, a dining area, a beautiful waterpark feature within a few steps, a great bar with tropical drinks and lots of outdoor activities for kids. The water park feature is going to delight older kids who can run around splashing on their own, go down slides or wait for the big bucket to tip over and drench them with cool  water 🙂

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Being a part of Preferred Family hotels, Reunion resort is one of the best places to stay at with kids of all ages. Aside from all the amenities that are children-friendly and incredibly comfortable and home-like accommodations, Reunion goes far and beyond to make sure that you and your children are taken care of.

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Here are some of the family friendly features we are in love with:

  • In room high chairs, cribs and Pack N’ Plays
  • Pool and Sand Toys available
  • Video Arcade
  • Waterpark
  • Supervised Children’s Play room
  • Bike Rentals
  • Spa Services for children
  • Story time
  • Special events like movie nights, tennis camps and other age appropriate activities
  • Playstation
  • Children’s games and books
  • Children’s menus
  • Babysitting and childcare services
  • Kids Crew for children aged 4-10


There is something to be said about Reunion Spa Services… Where else would you be able to have a massage therapist suspended from the ceiling walk on your back? Or a special golfer’s massage designed to relieve pressure and loosen muscles most affected by a day playing golf? Or how about  Shirodhara, a treatment that gives strength to the nervous system and helps to liberate toxins and  excellent for people with chronic stress related problems.

Ashiatsu, a treatment that we were most impressed with is found only in select spas throughout the world and creates a push-pull effect  on the tissue around the spine. Having a therapist suspended from the ceiling apply different foot strokes along the body is one of the out-this-world experiences you will ever have and creates the kind of relaxation and relief that traditional massages are unable to accomplish.

The spa itself is located in a separate villa creating a relaxing and cozy atmosphere of being at home which is a nice change to cold hotel spas you might have experienced before.


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Luxury and upscale as the Reunion resort is, the dining won’t disappoint either. Breakfast is served in a golf-side restaurant and remind you a bit of the “old days” where the service, the culinary art and the upkeep were top notch. Sitting on the deck of the Clubhouse Grille, you will most likely feel like you are in a black and white movie, ” smoking cigars, drinking scotch and reading newspapers”.

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Forte, one of a kind Italian cuisine experience, offers impeccable service and delightful menu options. The execution doesn’t disappoint either. We see this restaurant as a perfect venue for big family gathering with lots of wine and stories from the past.

Everything from food to decorations at Reunion resort will make you feel like you’re visiting a different era.


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Our story about the resort will not be complete without mentioning an overwhelming array of activities offered throughout the resort. This is a great example of “not enough time to have all the fun that is offered“.

From 3 golf courses to tennis courts to bike trails, Reunion truly has something for everyone.

Sports & Fitness: golf, golf clinics, tennis, tennis clinics, water slide, fitness center, yoga classes, bike rentals, activity trails for jogging, billiards, game room.

Kids: Scavenger hunts, 2 community playgrounds, lawn games, nature hikes, an array of kid activities, crafts, movies under the stars, and much more.

All in all, Reunion resort will offer more than you can ask for and is one of the best properties in Orlando to visit as a family. Your kids will be entertained, you will be relaxed and will get to experience what it’s like to really live in Florida. It’s a beautiful experience, we’ll tell you!


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