25 Hottest Summer Toys For Kids {2022}

School is out, and summer is finally here! So if you are doing a staycation and want to keep the kids active with toys that will keep them moving and using their imagination, then this guide is for you! We feature the most incredible summer toys for kids, from rollerskates to gardening tools, that will occupy their extra time and keep them stimulated. So to become the neighborhood’s favorite parent, just buy any of these hot summer toys for kids!

Awesome Summer Toys For Kids

Moonlight Roller

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If you thought disco was dead… think again! Bring back the iconic vibes of the disco era with Moonlight Roller skates, one of the best summer toys for kids young and old. Whether you are trying something new or getting your groove back, these skates will put you in the zone of sheer joy!

Take your brother or best friend by the hand as he prefers to show off his moves with the darker, sweet kiss of Sapphire. The beautiful blue of the sapphire paired with the dark wood color makes for a classic, sleek pair of rollerskates. These skates are made with 100% suede leather, along with 82-inches of laces to keep these skates on your feet. The adjustable toe stop allows for customizable skates for you and you alone. The Sapphire rollerskates have an appealing crescent moon cutout on the ankle to add a dash of a design.

Feel like cutting it up on the boardwalk this summer and showing off some moves? If you feel light and swift on your feet and skate to your own beat, wrap your feet in roller skates that are comfortable and stylish – indoors and out. The Moonlight Rose Quartz rollerskates are made with 100% suede upper leather, as well as painted aluminum-alloy eyelets of your choosing. The aluminum-alloy plate and cushioned insole keep your feet feeling secure and pain-free for hours of rolling fun!

The Rose Quartz rollerskates have the option of adding ceramic coated plates for a fun and personalized, sweet set of rollerskates.

Daily Mom Parent Portal summer toys for kids

This summer, get out of the house and have some fun in the sun or by the light of the full moon with Moonlight Roller and show off your groove thang!

Sapphire | Rose Quartz
Moonlight Roller | Facebook | Instagram


Daily Mom Parent Portal summer toys for kids

There’s nothing quite like a long drive in the summer sun, and this summer, children ranging from 3 years old up to 77 pounds can enjoy their very first ATV experience in style with Rollplay and their 12V Powersport ATV MAX.

Whether their adventures lead them down the driveway or the grass, this ATV will feel like the real thing. Chunky wheels can toss the mud out of your way and carry you wherever you want to go! With a twist-throttle accelerator, mudguards, and a front grill, your little one will be ready to hit the open road without feeling like they’re cruising on a toy. Reaching a speed of 3 mph (forward) and 2.5 mph in reverse, they can twist their handlebar throttles to zoom all over the place.

After you’re done playing for the day, the 12V battery and charger make it easy to prepare for the next day of adventure. Endless hours of screen-free adventures await you and your family with these summer toys for kids by Rollplay.

Powersport ATV MAX 12V
Rollplay | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube

Guardian Bikes

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Summer is the perfect opportunity to get outside and ride your bikes as a family, and if you have a toddler, you may be thinking about getting them their first bike. Balance bikes teach a child to balance, steer, and stop without adding in the complication of pedaling. If you’re tired of the usual summer toys for kids, then you’ll want to check these out! When a child first learns to ride a bike using training wheels they learn to depend on them rather than learning the necessary fundamentals needed to ride a pedal bike. The 12” Guardian Balance Bike is designed to be a confidence-inspiring first bike for kids to learn the fundamentals of riding, balancing, steering, and braking.

Daily Mom Parent Portal summer toys for kids

Guardian’s proprietary SureStop Brake System offers your toddler a safer and easier way to stop their balance bike compared to its competitors. The first real innovation in safer braking requires half the hand strength of a normal brake so even the youngest riders can use it with confidence.

Available in three different colors, the 12″ Guardian Balance Bike is also incredibly lightweight. When your young rider is learning to ride a bike, the lighter the better, and this bike is just 8.5lbs which makes it much easier to balance and control. As such, toddlers as young as 18 months are able to begin their bike riding journey much earlier than on a bike with training wheels.

A child who has mastered balancing, steering, and stopping (the most difficult skills) on a balance bike will transition much faster and easier to a pedal bike than one who has been depending on training wheels for riding. With that in mind, prepare your toddlers and kids this summer for a lifetime of fun adventures on two wheels with Guardian Bikes!

Balance Bike
Guardian Bikes | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube

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Summer is for fun in the sun, but once it’s time to bring the fun indoors, it’s time to get creative with eKids and their line of electronic toys that are sure to make everyone happy. One of the best summer toys for kids, the eKids Disney Encanto Bluetooth Headphones help your little ones enjoy their music, movies, or books without including everyone around them in their activity. Use the EZ Link Setup app to easily connect these headphones to popular streaming services through the easy-to-access app, or connect to any of your wireless devices. These headphones include a wired headphones option, so you don’t have to limit your fun to Bluetooth-capable devices.

We’ve all been singing about Bruno for a year now, so it’s time to perform for real! This eKids Disney Encanto Karaoke Machine, Bluetooth Speaker with a microphone brings to life all the magic families enjoy about the beloved motion picture. Lights, sounds, and EZ Link Setup allow you to stream your favorite Disney sing-along songs, or you can connect your smartphone and sing any karaoke you’d like!

What makes this karaoke machine stand out from the crowd? With a USB drive, you and your family can sing and record your favorite tunes and listen to them again and again; just like singing on the radio! These karaoke machines make great summer toys for kids and liven up any holiday for your children.

For the smaller ears in the family, it’s important to protect their sensitive ears while they join in on the electronic fun. That’s why we love the eKids Spiderman Headphones and think they make wonderful summer toys for kids. Not only are these headphones super comfortable and feature everyone’s favorite neighborhood Spiderman, but it features a headphone splitter and tangle-free cord so your little hero can listen to their music or shows anywhere. An adjustable headband and soft ear cushions mean that sore ears aren’t in your future any time soon, so no matter how long the summer road trips or sleepovers last, their ears will be healthy and happy.

What’s better than watching Spidey and His Amazing Friends? Taking part in the action! The eKids Spidey and His Amazing Friends Book is the perfect companion for your Spidey-loving toddler and is more educational than the usual summer toys for kids. This electronic toddler book features fun and interactive learning games for children ages three and up. Read along as he fights crime with his beloved pals finding shapes, colors, and extra characters along the way. Lightweight and portable, this adorable book will keep your little one happy and engaged for hours.

eKids Disney Encanto Bluetooth Headphones  | eKids Disney Encanto Karaoke Machine | Spiderman Headphones | Spidey and His Amazing Friends Book
eKids | Facebook | Instagram

Lulla doll by RoRo

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Getting little ones to sleep on time can be a challenging task. But what if there was a doll that puts your baby to bed? Well, there is! The Lulla Doll by RoRo is designed as a soother and sleep companion, founded in 2011 by a Mom and psychologist, Eyrun Eggertsdottir. This adorable plush plays soothing sounds of real-life breathing and heartbeat to provide comfort all night long. The Lulla Doll will make your little one feel that someone is close by. The outer layer of this cute doll is made from 100% natural cotton, and the filling is ultra-soft microfiber.

You can safely attach it to a crib or stroller with a velcro strap. The doll is also machine washable and available in three colors: sky, coral, and lilac. The Lulla Doll is also proven to help many children with Autism Spectrum Disorder feel comfortable and sleep better. So if you or your friends are new parents, then don’t hesitate to pick up Lulla Dolls as they make the perfect summer toys for kids!

Daily Mom Parent Portal summer toys for kids

Lulla Doll
Lulla Doll by RoRo | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube

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Red Toolbox’s Stanley Jr.

Summer is right around the corner which means your kids will be home from school, all day long. Get prepared for the chaos of kids, by keeping them busy and preoccupied – not in front of the TV or on a digital device, but working constructively with their hands. Start with the 10PC Toolset by Stanley Jr. which are great summer toys for kids. This handyman set is perfect for your budding handyman or engineer.

Give them experience with authentic, high-quality tools made by a trusted company. These tools are made of rubber and metal, just like the tools mom or dad would use. This 10PC Toolest Stanley Jr has everything your little builder would need to dive into the fun world of crafting and creating.

Challenging your child builds their confidence in themselves and their desire to try new and harder things. The Dump Truck Kit Stanley Jr. is a build-it-yourself kit with pre-cut wood pieces, plastic dump truck parts, screws, nails, brushes, and paint. This step-by-step kit encourages little crafters to be proud of the work they accomplished and fall in love with the potential to create more along with hours of playtime fun!

If your child is obsessed with forklifts, look no further than the Forklift Kit Stanley Jr. has to offer. This kit is a do-it-yourself way to build and paint your favorite tractor. Enjoy quality time with your child or watch as they craft and build a sense of confidence and become proud of their accomplishments.

Summer toys for kids can be expensive, so mix it up with something that will not break your budget but keep your child entertained while playing in the sand. The FrontLoader Kit Stanley Jr is a build-it-yourself kit with pre-cut wood pieces, plastic parts, screws, nails, brushes, and paint. This fun do-it-yourself kit is the perfect way to get a high-quality toy with the fun and joy of your child building it themselves!

10PC Toolset Stanley Jr. | Dump Truck Kit Stanley Jr. | Forklift Kit Stanley Jr. | FrontLoader Kit Stanley Jr.

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Encourage your children to get outside and keep on growing with the new garden collection from Stanley Jr. Whether they are planting, plowing, or moving, Stanley Jr.’s collection of gardening essentials is crafted especially for the smallest helping hands in the household.

This summer, the Long Garden Toolset will keep them busy and creative for hours on end. This gardening combination includes a leaf rake, a gardening hoe, and a shovel. These tools aren’t simple toys, as they are strong enough to really do some serious gardening! With sturdy handles and real metal ends, your child will be taking ownership in helping to cultivate living things in their own space. Not only will they grow a garden, but they’ll also be growing confidence as well.

Include the Hand Garden Toolset for smaller projects. The sun hat, gloves, and small shovel all come together to benefit fine motor skill development while digging and learning, too. The small shovels are designed for little hands ages 3 and up, and can be used to dig, plow, and prepare the soil for anything they feel like planting this summer.

Finally, what’s a gardener without a trusted wheelbarrow? This iconic garden fixture is a real tool that can really be used to create and cultivate! This heavy-duty Wheelbarrow tub is ready to carry dirt, sticks, toys, or even siblings all over the yard this summer and help make their imaginations come to life. Robust handles encourage growing grip strength and developing necessary motor skills while keeping children engaged and learning outside. So keep the fun in the sun growing strong with Stanley Jr.; one of the best summer toys for kids!

Wheelbarrow | Hand Garden Toolset 3 PC | Long Garden Toolset 3 PC Stanley Jr.

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Let your kid’s creativity and imagination run wild with the hottest pretend summer toys for kids from Red Toolbox’s Stanley Jr.

If your little one enjoys watching you cook in the kitchen and is always volunteering to help, then the Tasty Jr. 16 Piece Mini Chef Playset is just what the chef ordered. This adorable set is made of sturdy plastic & comes with a chef hat, oven mitts, spatula, apron, microwave, hot pot, pressure cooker, pan, induction cooker, knife, spoon, slotted spoon, and a soup can.

If your little superstar loves to bake, the Tasty Jr. Donut Shop Set will spark your child’s imagination and offer hours of interactive play with musical sounds and colorful pretend donuts. So you can join your little one for pretend tea time and “munch” on these delicious donuts. These awesome summer toys for kids will have them laughing, playing, and using their imagination instead of spending all day on their devices. 

Mini Chef Playset 16 Piece | Donut Shop Set
Red Toolbox’s Stanley Jr. | Facebook | Instagram | TikTok | Youtube


Wabobabeachvolleyball 1080x

Let the summertime games begin! From water sports to ball games, Summer is the time to get outdoors, get active, and just have fun! With Waboba you are sure to have fun both in and out of the water, from the beach to the backyard BBQ with friends. Waboba will encourage you to play, challenge, and all-out school one another with your mad skills this summer, all while getting in plenty of laughs and lots of fun!

A must have, Waboba’s Moon Balls are a super high bouncing ball, available in a huge variety of solids and gradient colors, that will bounce out of this world! Featuring a zero gravity bounce and an addictive popping sound when it bounces, the Waboba Moon Balls are a fun and easy toy, for both those who love to chill or to fidget, this summer. Similarly, the Beach Volleyball is another great choice for those spending time in the sand. This inflatable, waterproof, non-slip grip beach ball makes it easy to get your head in the game!

Finally, the Voli Beach Paddle Game is a high-energy, action-packed backyard game fun for all ages. With paddles that fit like a glove, this combo pickleball, tennis, and badminton game is tons of fun and guaranteed to generate lots of laughs. With the included aerodynamic flyer, the Voli Paddle game will inspire hours of heart-pounding, intense competition and entertainment in the backyard or at the beach this summer.

Daily Mom Parent Portal summer toys for kids

Are you looking for fun summer toys for kids that both children and adults will enjoy playing in the sun? Then be sure to check out the hottest new toy this summer, Wingman Hitman!

Daily Mom Parent Portal summer toys for kids

Ideal for parties, BBQs, beach battles, or a friendly competition between family and friends, this lightweight and portable version of disc golf can easily be set up in the backyard, beach, or anywhere in the great outdoors. Simply throw the included (4 silicone) Wingman discs and land them in the cage or hit the topper to win. Who will be crowned the Hitman ultimate champion?

Moonball | Beach Volleyball | Voli Beach Paddle Game | Wingman Hitman
Waboba | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube

Coco Village

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Children learn through imaginative play and there is no better game of pretend than playing with baby dolls. Let your little one thrive this summer as they pat, carry, stroll and cradle their baby dolls and stuffed animals with the doll pram and cradle from CocoVillage.

These wooden toys are ideal for letting your little girls and boys play pretend as they act out real-life roles, caring for their baby dolls and toys. From putting their dolls down for naptime to strolling them around the house, children love role-playing and there is no better learning experience than that of imaginative and pretend play for their overall education and development. Children learn from observation and acting out the roles they see so let your child care for babies as you care for them with CocoVillage. Built to last, these beautiful wooden toys will last throughout childhood, creating the best memories and moments parent and little ones alike will cherish.

Wooden Toys
Coco Village | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube

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Terra Kids Field Microscope 30X Magnification lets your adventure lovers explore the tiny world around them. Junior researchers can look at the environment around them – a blade of glass, the vein of a leaf, and more. The 30 times magnification lets little ones explore and get up close to nature. There’s nothing like seeing the small parts of nature up close.

Daily Mom Parent Portal summer toys for kids

Your children will never say, “I’m bored,” when they are playing with Terra Kids’ summer toys for kids! Terra Kids Block and Tackle let your little ones become engineers while playing in their treehouse or climbing a tree. The set includes a rope, two pulleys, and 2 quick links. The set is geared to children aged 6 and older. Your kiddos will love hauling toys and gear up and down with the block and tackle.

Terra Kids Camping Lantern is perfect for camping, night hikes, or spending the night in a treehouse. Your kiddo will enjoy having his own high-quality lantern with six LEDs. It boasts two sturdy metal handles and an awesome secret compartment for a mini first aid kit or precious treasures. It’s a great light for late-night reading and exploring.

The Dinosaur Sand Glove lets your little one roar with excitement. Wear the green toy like a glove and dig in the sand or the dirt. An adjustable strap lets children from 3 to 9 play with the toy opening and closing its mouth like a hand puppet. The Sand Glove Dinosaur is so fun to take to the beach or to the lake, as well as backyard summer digs. Your young scientist can bury the Dinosaur Sand Glove and then be a paleontologist unearthing dinosaur bones.

Terra Kids Field Microscope 30X Magnification | Terra Kids Block and Tackle | Terra Kids Camping Lantern | Dinosaur Sand Glove
HABA | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

Good Banana

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Summertime means lounging and snuggling after long days spent in the sun. Good Banana is the perfect place to find plushy fun!

Their Snuggly Blankets are oh-so-soft and come in a variety of fun patterns. Not too hot and not too cold, these blankets are perfect for afternoon movies or sleepovers while munching on popcorn. Get in the summertime spirit and have a pizza party every day with this pizza plush. They are the perfect size for kiddos of every age, and since they’re machine washable, the party can continue all summer long (and then some!)

Daily Mom Parent Portal summer toys for kids

Keep the good times going with the Loud Mouths! These plushies mimic what you say when they’re flipped upside down, except they repeat it in a high-pitched, squeaky voice that’s sure to keep them giggling from sunrise to sunset. With an auto-shut-off, battery-saving feature, these plushies can keep your kiddos entertained without sending you to the store for more batteries every week.

While summertime means a break from the teachers and books, it just means we get to use our critical thinking for more fun! The classic Handheld Water games will keep their hands busy while they cool off and enjoy some screen-free fun. Whether they’re exploring under the sea or building a burger, this water game will challenge their balance, hand-eye coordination, and creativity as they solve their puzzle again and again. These handheld games are irresistible fun for friends and family of all ages and are great, unique summer toys for kids.

Finally, if the loudmouths weren’t fun enough, help your kiddos find someone else’s voice with the Voice Changers, Whether they want to be a magical unicorn or a ferocious T-Rex, these handheld Voice Changers will provide four ways to disguise their voice and keep them laughing all day long. At the press of a button, they will speak into the microphone, and out will come a completely mysterious voice! Creative fun is only a button-press away with these adorable summer toys for kids. This summertime is going to be cozy, fun, and the best one ever with Good Banana.

Loud Mouths | Snuggly Blankets | Water Games
Good Banana | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

The Elephant Project

Educate your children about elephant poaching and how to protect them. The founders of The Elephant Project, Olivia Chantecaille and Kristina McKean are passionate about saving animals, especially African orphan elephants. So the company’s founders created a limited-edition elephant plush doll to inspire the next generation of conservationists.

The cute 8″ elephant doll Kiki is made out of soft gray fabric and a beautiful pink dress. The adorable 8″ stuffed lion doll named OBA, meaning ‘King Ruler” in West Africa, is made of soft tan fabric and a white jacket. In addition to fighting poaching, 100% of net proceeds support organizations that care for injured, abandoned, orphaned, and abused big cats and elephants.

So this summer, surprise your little one with adorable plushes from Elephant Project, and get ready to make a difference with these great summer toys for kids!

Kiki | Oba
The Elephant Project | Instagram

B3 Wooden Cornhole Bean Bag Toss

Daily Mom Parent Portal summer toys for kids

If you are looking for something that will get the kids outdoors, cornhole is always a hit amongst the summer toys for kids. Creative Brainworks’ B3 Wooden Cornhole Bean Bag Toss has an interesting spin on what you may recognize as “cornhole.” With a slightly more narrow base (easier for storing), each board has three holes and unique square-shaped bags in red and blue to form teams.

The three holes allow you to have more scoring options vs. the traditional 1-hole format you’ve grown used to. Then, when you’re done playing, the board’s velcro, strap together, and the heavy rope handles make it easy to carry or store away. Great for tailgating, camping, backyard gaming, the beach, family reunions, college gameday, and more, the B3 Wooden Cornhole Bean Bag Toss is sure to be a hit this summer!

B3 Wooden Cornhole Bean Bag Toss
Creative Brainworks | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Creative Brainworks

All American Bean Bag Bucketz will make your summer backyard BBQs and beach days a bit more competitive. The awesome game can even be played inside if you would rather enjoy the air conditioning at your summer party. The game tower is made up of seven buckets and can be one of the most exciting summer toys for kids.

Competitors divide into teams taking turns tossing the blue and white star bean bags or the red and white stripe bean bags into the buckets. The first team to score 21 points wins. Summer is the perfect time to try a new lawn game. Bean Bag Bucketz is truly fun for all ages from the little ones to the grandparents. The portable game even comes with a nylon carrying bag. It will be great for tailgating parties come fall, too.

All American Bean Bag Bucketz
Creative Brainworks | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter |

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School is out for summer and there is no better time to let your child’s imagination run wild. From Power Rangers to PJ Masks to Beyblade Burst, let your child’s imagination run wild this season with Hasbro Toys. Play is a child’s work and allowing your child to morph into their desired character during times of play this season is the perfect break from the rigors of the school year. With the Power Rangers Dino Knight Morpher, your mighty morphin’ power ranger can fight off evil with all of the elemental action-packed sounds of the Power Rangers themselves this summer.

For the Stars Wars fans, let Baby Yoda be their guide this summer with the all-new series of tiny Yoda toys. Hasbro’s The Bounty Child Collection is a series of collectible Grogu, or Baby Yoda, toys perfect for fans and collectors of the Star Wars series. Inspired by The Mandalorian, these super cute collectible toys showcase the character in adorable poses inspired by scenes from the movie. Standing at only 2.25 inches tall, these Baby Yoda collectibles make the perfect gift this summer for kids and adult Star Wars lovers alike.


Bring on the battle this summer with BEYBLADE! The BEYBLADE BURST Pro Series Evo Elite Champions Pro Set will keep the kids bursting with excitement while they kick back and relax after a busy school year. 

Everything you need for an epic battle is included, from the Evo Elite Champions Beystadium itself to BEYBLADE BURST Pro Series tops (Sword Valtryek and Wizard Fafnir, if you’re curious!), launchers, and stickers for both. Tops feature heavyweight die-cast metal parts for optimum hang time as well as battle features such as a rubber top layer, performance tip, and “spin steal” ability, for more intense competitions. 

So what are you waiting for? Let it rip and let the battle continue all summer long with BEYBLADE!

daily mom parent portal

If your home has been buzzing since the premiere of The Mandalorian, then The Yamdalorian and the Tot from Hasbro are the must-have items to add to your toy collection this summer. With 14 parts and pieces, this yam and tot can relive all of your favorite Mandalorian adventures. This hero features the potato body as well as 13 accessories, like his helmet, armor, cape, and Tot figure that all fit inside his pouch. Keep this Yamdalorian and the Tot in their classic garb or you can switch out their parts for other classic Potato Head pieces for a totally unique playtime experience.

Every night can be pizza night with the new Play-Doh Stamp ‘N Top Pizza Oven Toy. The silly cheese machine can create all the twirly, swirly cheese their minds can imagine while the toy pizza oven stamps a perfect pizza crust. Five non-toxic colors come together to create culinary creations that are fun and safe to play and design. This summer, your little ones can shape traditional toppings like pretend pepperoni and veggies, or make delightful dessert pizzas with crazy candies on top. The creative possibilities are endless for your new pizza chef.

Power Rangers Dino Knight Morpher | The Bounty Child Collection | Beyblade Burst Pro Series Evo Elite Champions Pro Set | Potato Head The Yamdalorian and the Tot | Play-Doh Stamp ‘n Top Pizza Oven Toy
Hasbro | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

Creative QT

Keep your kids active and extremely happy with the Curious Gardener ® 30-Piece Gardening Collection by Creative QT. This fantastic set includes real gardening tools so your little munchkin can plant their own little garden. Your children can plant the garden with delicious vegetables and fruits and watch them grow. The educational set enables kids to plant, weed, tend and harvest their crops as they learn about plant growth and photosynthesis.

The collection includes a trowel, shovel, hand rake, garden shears, watering can, kneeling pad, six nursery pots, seven garden markers, a pair of M/L garden gloves,  gardening hat, adjustable garden apron, two garden marker sticker sheets, a bonus sticker set, supply list and storage tote that will keep all the tools organized and in one place. 

This Curious Gardener ® set is small enough to fit into their little hands and are perfect summer toys for kids! So whether the kids want to have a make-believe garden or a real garden, this is the perfect collection to develop your child’s green thumb. 

Another way to get the kids active outside is with the Dino-Mite, Let’s Play Soccer” gift set.  This amazing set is the perfect way to introduce your kiddos to the game! The set includes a soccer-loving dinosaur storybook, a size three soccer ball made from high-quality synthetic leather, an easy-to-use pump, and a large drawstring backpack roomy enough to carry the entire set. So this summer, get the kids out of the house with either of these great summer toys for kids by Creative QT.

Curious Gardener Children’s 30-Piece Gardening Collection | Tickle & Main Let’s Play Soccer Gift Set With Story Book And Soccer Gear
Creative QT| Facebook | Instagram | Youtube | Pinterest


Looking for a fun and creative way to keep the kids entertained…all summer long? The JellyPic, an innovative sensory drawing pad by DoodleJamz, is filled with transparent gel and colored beads, allowing little ones to squish, shape, and create art right on top of any picture. Use fingers or the included stylus to move and shape the beads over the background card and create unique and artistic masterpieces – without any mess! JellyPics are also non-toxic, making them safe for even the timidest of artists. So let their imaginations run wild and occupy those kids without a screen!

Do your kids tend to fidget a lot? Do they also love to create art? Now, with JellyBoard, those fidgety, yet crafty kids can do both at the same time! JellyBoard has the squishy, tactile feel of a fidget toy, but it also allows kids to express their creativity. With JellyBoard, there are no limits to what your kids can create. Plus, it’s the perfect travel toy because it’s no-mess and non-toxic – perfect for long summer road trips. So go ahead and let those kids’ imaginations run wild with JellyBoard!

JellyPics | JellyBoard
DoodleJamz | Instagram | TikTok | Youtube

Kan Jam

Daily Mom Parent Portal summer toys for kids

If you are a fan of the fun, outdoor game, Kan Jam, you will love their newest version, Kan Jam Illuminate. The No. 1 Outdoor Party Game in America, Kan Jam, is tremendously fun and a popular competitive team game similar to cornhole, washer toss, and horseshoes. Kan Jam Illuminate is a light-up set for a night plan that includes an LED Flying Disc and Multi-Color Light-Up Goals. Take turns throwing and deflecting the flying disc across the yard, beach, or park for the ultimate summer toys for kids and grown-ups! This game is easy to set up, easy to play, and portable, making this the perfect game for summer gatherings.

Kan Jam Illuminate
Kan Jam | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube

Bubble Universe

Daily Mom Parent Portal summer toys for kids

If your kids love bubbles they will have a blast with these Flavored Bubbles by Bubble Universe! After blowing or putting in a bubble machine your kiddos will love catching these delicious bubbles in their mouth. Invented and developed by top pediatricians, these bubbles are FDA-approved and made with natural flavors. The Flavored Bubbles Variety Pack includes 4 yummy flavors, including milk chocolate chip, juicy watermelon splash, glazed cinnamon roll, and carnival cotton candy.

Flavored Bubbles Variety Pack
Bubble Universe | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest

Starlux Games

Daily Mom Parent Portal summer toys for kids

The Eyeballs of Madness: A Strategic Lawn Game where you fling stretchy carrots at eyeballs of varying point values. What? Does it sound like madness? Exactly. It is supposed to sound crazy, and that’s what makes this uniquely wacky lawn game a new favorite amongst summer toys for kids. The stretchy, squishy carrot can be molded into any size you want. And, each team places seven eyeball targets hiding the point value from their opponents so there is a strategy in knowing how your opponent thinks.

The kid version of the game is for the first team to knock all of the eyeballs off their eyestalks. But, to play the competitive game of Eyeballs of Madness you start with the last person to eat a carrot in real life and then call your shots to reach 21 or more points without knocking down the “reset” eyeball, which brings you back to zero. This is a great game for summer fun for team play and strategy.

Eyeballs of Madness: A Strategic Lawn Game
Starlux Games | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

Hog Wild

Introducing Nibblerz, the reacher tool that’s sure to get a laugh! This handy tool is great for grabbing things, including those pesky items that are just out of reach. But what sets Nibblerz apart from other grabber tools is its hilarious rubber teeth – sure to get a chuckle every time you use it! So make your life a little easier (and a lot funnier) with Nibblerz. Good luck trying to get the kids to NOT pick up!

Hog Wild | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter


Daily Mom Parent Portal summer toys for kids

Nerf is known for its great summer toys for kids. Now Nerf lets you can take your blaster game to the next level this summer with the Laser Strike 2-Player Laser Tag set. Battle it out mano a mano, or bring home additional blasters for an epic game of laser tag. Lights, sounds, and vibrations accompany five different blaster modes: Blaster, Rocket, Plasma, Burst, and Laser. With a range of up to 300 feet and a battery that can play for up to four hours, this is the perfect way to spend an evening cooling off after a hot summer day in the sun.

NERF Laser Strike 2-Pack
Nerf| Facebook | Instagram | Youtube


Daily Mom Parent Portal summer toys for kids

Summertime calls for blockbuster movies, but once you’ve seen all your favorite heroes in action, it’s time to test your knowledge. Guess in 10, the Marvel edition, tests your knowledge of all your favorite Avenger characters. Instead of the usual summer toys for kids, try out this Skillmatics game which is perfect for family fun, ages 8 and up. End those hot summer days with a brain teaser! Trivia questions and fun facts fill out this card game, but be quick about it because you only get 10 questions to find the answer!

Skillmatics Marvel Card Game
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Daily Mom Parent Portal summer toys for kids

Collect some unicorns and betray your friends: it’s the perfect summer get-together! This summer, let the sun take it easy for the night while the family gathers around to play Unstable Unicorns. This game covers everything: destruction and unicorns. Build your collection and take out your opponents to enjoy quality time with friends and family. Purchase your base game and then collect expansion packs to create the ultimate Unstable Unicorn experience!

TeeTurtle Unstable Unicorns Card Game
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Stomp Rocket

Daily Mom Parent Portal summer toys for kids

If your child doesn’t already own a Stomp Rocket, this is your season to get one! Stomp Rocket’s NEW Multi-Colored Jr Rocket Launcher encourages kids and parents to put the screens away and get outside for a little STEM fun. With Stomp Rocket, kids develop a deep understanding of STEM principles like gravity, motion, force, and more – all while letting their imagination fly and burning off excess energy! We love it so much that it’s become our go-to gift when buying summer toys for kids, no matter what the occasion.

Stomp Rocket
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With so many summer toys for kids, it’s not uncommon for parents to become overwhelmed when choosing the best products.  However, this guide lays out some of the best toys for an interactive family game night or just to keep the kids active all summer long.  So let your fingers do the shopping and choose from karaoke machines to rollerskates to a variety of outdoor fun family games. You’ll keep your kids (and the entire neighborhood) occupied with these great summer toys for kids!

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Daily Mom Parent Portal Summer Toys For Kids



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