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Making a baby is one of the most natural things in the world, but for some it doesn’t come naturally. For those people, the months tend to drag on, and that second pink line never comes. For those who have problems conceiving, sex tends to become a chore rather than an intimate moment that you look forward to.

Today, we dive into the wacky world of trying to conceive.

Buying Multiple Packs of Pregnancy Tests

Not only do struggling couples buy multiple packs of pregnancy tests, but they purchase a variety of different brands in hopes that one brand was faulty and didn’t test properly revealing that second pink line. They may also buy in bulk in order to save money due to their frequency of taking tests.

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Trying to Entice your Husband into Bed by wearing Sexy Lingerie

Women will go to great lengths to lure their men into bed. They will invest in barely-there lingerie that not only is revealing but also uncomfortable. By wearing lingerie, one is more likely to draw her man away from the football game and into the bedroom.

Multiple Google Searches for Sex Positions known to help Conceive a Baby

Researching positions that may be able to increase the chances of conception is a ritual, and every new position will be experimentally used in the bedroom while baby-making commences. Some of the positions may require extra stretching beforehand.

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Leaving a Pee Cup on the Bathroom Counter

A woman will leave a pee cup next to the toilet in the bathroom for easy accessibility while testing urine to see if she is pregnant. It tends to turn into a permanent fixture on the counter.

Having Sex when you’re Fighting with your spouse, sick, or tired, ONLY because you’re Ovulating

Truth be told, couples will still engage in intercourse when they’re fighting, sick, or tired, only because the female is ovulating. Not only is this a bit awkward but it’s extremely uncomfortable most of the time. In their head, they may silently be cursing their spouse out, but the deed must be done.

Lying with your Feet in the Air and Hips elevated to Keep the Sperm in

Women will quite literally lie in bed with their feet straight up and their hips elevated in order to help the sperm travel into the uterus. Women will lie in bed for quite a while following intercourse to make sure they don’t lose any sperm.

Resisting the Urge to Clean Up and/or Pee after Sex

The woman will resist the urge to clean up and pee following sex in order to ensure that they are giving the sperm deposited a chance to fertilize a released egg. By resisting the urge to clean or pee, it allows the sperm to stay inside longer and gives them time to engage with the egg.

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Carrying on a Conversation while Engaging in Intercourse

Since intercourse can start becoming a chore when trying to conceive, the couple may lose all intimacy associated with sex so they engage in conversation instead. Instead of talking dirty to each other, their conversations during sex may include their plan to renovate the kitchen.

Downloading Multiple Apps to help Conceive

Every woman is guilty of downloading an app in hopes of it providing insight when trying to conceive. Whether the tool is an ovulation and period tracker or a resource that provides tips on trying to conceive, these apps are readily available on many smartphones.

Here are some popular apps used when trying to conceive:

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Taking your Basal Body Temperature First thing in the Morning

Women take their temperature as soon as they get up in order to identify a spike in their temperature possibly showing ovulation is occurring or will be occurring within the next few days. Keeping a thermometer on the nightstand is a must.

Experimental Drugs

Couples are willing to try whatever drugs they find to help increase their chance of conceiving. Whether it is a sperm count booster or a drug that helps regulate ovulation, they’re willing to try it all. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Buying Every Book that will Help your Odds of Conceiving

When a couple gets serious about trying to conceive, they may invest in resources to help them understand their bodies and the process of conception. Oftentimes, they’ll purchase multiple books ranging from sexual health, ways to increase conception, sexual positions, and understanding trying to conceive. They will read all of them in order to get an overall grasp of what their journey entails.

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There is no doubt that humor is important to maintain while trying to conceive. Oftentimes adding humor to complicated situations makes the situation more bearable. Couples tend to go to extreme lengths when trying to conceive, and some of those extremes are humorous.

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For tips on improving your chances of conception, check out 10 Tips for Maximizing Your Fertility.

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