Stroller Guide: Carry It All On the Go with Summer Infant 3Dtote

Parents love umbrella strollers; they’re lightweight, compact, and convenient, but more often than not they’re only feasible for carrying a kid. Sure, for all intents and purposes, a stroller is made for just carrying a kid, but we all know that kids don’t just come with cute little toes and pudgy bellies; they also pack a punch with sippy cups, ten thousand bags of snacks, toys, diapers, and a slew of other “necessities” to make a simple ride in a stroller a success. So, when we found the Summer Infant 3Dtote umbrella stroller that boasts an enormous storage capacity – even larger than some full size stroller’s! – we were giddy and relieved that finally we would be able to carry it all, everywhere we went… oh yeah, plus the kid.

Storage for Days

Gone are the days of barely being able to stuff a water bottle into the basket storage compartment of your umbrella stroller. With the 3Dtote, you get one of the largest under-seat storage baskets around, made even better by being expandable, because there’s no such thing as too much storage capacity when it comes to moms and kids!

Not only is the basket big enough for a full day’s shopping spree, but it’s easy to actually access. No more reaching in and digging into the scary depths of the stroller basket looking for the long forgotten binky; you have full access to the entire basket, making it super convenient to find anything it’s holding.

Not only does the 3Dtote boast an impressive storage basket, but there are other storage extras that will make any organizational freak, Type A mom raise her hands and praise the design geniuses at Summer Infant. On every side of the 3Dtote you can find pockets, loops, and cup holders, making an organized stroller possible and its passenger (and driver!) happier.

It’s the Little Things That Count

Convenient and unique details are intertwined in the design of the 3Dtote, giving parents what they crave – and things they wouldn’t even have thought that they needed – to make strolling with their kid as painless as possible.

The dreaded stroller tip is a thing of the past, so go ahead and fearlessly hang your diaper bag or Nordstrom shopping bag on the 3Dtote sans kid without worrying about an embarrassing fall. The built in hooks accommodate up to five pounds of hanging weight, with or without a kid holding down the front. So, no need to hold your child prisoner while your stroller is holding your other precious cargo.

Summer time is creeping up on us, and so is that hot sun. The 3Dtote has a roomy sized, adjustable sun canopy for shielding your baby’s pale skin from the hot rays, as well as a pop out sun visor, giving even more shade coverage. The mesh peek a boo window on top of the canopy lets you sneak a peek at your sleeping beauty, and allows gentle breezes to flow through.

Allowing your child to sit up straight and take in the sights or let them nap off the afternoon in the 3Dtote is a seamless process. The one hand squeeze handle lets you adjust the reclining position of the seat in a second, giving you three different recline options, for maximum comfort and convenience. You can also unzip the back of the canopy that connects to the back of the seat for extra airflow and breathability. This is summer’s perfect stroller!

Folding up a stroller no longer has to give you nightmares. The three-step fold on the 3Dtote is as easy as LIFT, PUSH, and FOLD! The auto lock keeps the stroller folded up tight until it’s time to unfold it again, and the included carry strap gives you that extra comfort that parents deserve.

The extra padded, contoured foam handles may not be adjustable, but they are a very generous height, unlike the majority of umbrella strollers on the market. Even the height endowed parents among us won’t be bending over while pushing the 3Dtote, making for a much more comfortable experience for the pusher.

Safety First

Even though the 3Dtote has some pretty cool features doesn’t mean that safety went by the wayside. With the ability to accommodate children from 6 months old through a generous 50 pounds, this aluminum framed stroller is durable and built for safely cruising on most terrains.

Strap ’em in with the 5-point padded harness that adjusts to three different height positions as your baby gains some inches.

The large 6-inch wheels glide smoothly and easily over bumps and debris, while the front swivel wheels can lock in place for extra precarious strolling situations. Front suspension, easy glide bearings, and anti-shock wheels provide a gentle ride for your little one, making grabbing that much needed nap a real possibility, even while at the Farmer’s Market. Lock the wheels with just a step of your foot on the rear brake, for a secure no-move when you need it.

This award winning stroller is a must-have this summer for all your family travels, near and far. Load up the kid, load up the gear, and get going wherever your feet may lead you!




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Photo Credits: Dani Nicole Photography

Dani lives in North Carolina with her husband and two toddlers. She is a stay-at-home mom who loves to clean and organize anything and everything. Her happiness is found in Jesus, days at the spa, and dark chocolate peanut butter cups. She strives to live a simple life by being debt-free and limiting social-media.

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