9 Signs That You Need a New Mattress

There are some big purchases that we all have to make. Some things are just necessities, and even though we might not like opening our wallet up for these big ticket items, at some point we have to do so. One of those purchases is a mattress. You have to sleep, and unless you want to start sleeping on the floor, you need a mattress. Here’s the problem many of us have when it comes to mattresses: we don’t know when to buy a new one. We hold onto an old mattress long past its usefulness, and we suffer because of this. Mattresses aren’t designed to last forever, and just like everything else in our world, technology is making mattresses smarter and more comfortable. As parents, we already are lacking in the sleep department. Make the sleep you do get count by replacing your mattress. Not sure if you need to start shopping for a new bed? Here are nine signs it is time to upgrade to a new mattress.

1. Neck, Back, and Hip Pain

You should not wake up in pain. Sleeping is a time to reset and renew your body. If you wake up with pain in your neck, back, or hips, it’s a pretty good bet that your mattress is to blame. Bodily pain can range from slightly annoying to totally debilitating. If you are in bodily pain when you sleep or when you wake up, you need a new mattress. How does your mattress compare? freeyourspine.info has some great ideas to share with you.

2. Restlessness

You should only be rolling around on your mattress for fun when you and your partner are awake. If you are tossing and turning and rolling around all night long, that’s a sure sign that your mattress is not doing its job. You toss and turn because you are uncomfortable. If your mattress is worn out, you don’t sleep well, and if you don’t sleep well, you are not healthy.

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3. You’ve been sleeping on your mattress for a decade.

The highest quality mattress, with the ideal care and conditions, can last around 10 years. The average useful life for most mattresses is 7-10 years. If you can’t remember when you bought your mattress, it has probably been too long. If your mattress has been with you for all of your marriage, pregnancies, and then some, don’t you think you should upgrade?

4. Headaches

If you suffer from tension headaches, poor sleep can cause this. If your mattress isn’t supporting your body properly, your neck can end up in a bad position, and the strain from this bad position can and will cause awful headaches. Your neck needs to be in a neutral position, and a new mattress and pillow will allow for this. Waking up in the morning is hard enough, so don’t wake up with headaches.

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5. Indoor Allergies

If you suffer from sneezing, sniffling, coughing, runny nose, or other allergy symptoms, year round and indoors, you may be experiencing indoor allergies from dust, mold, or mildew. An old mattress can be home to all these yucky things and will make you sick. Toss that old mattress and upgrade. Get those allergens out of your bedroom.

6. Your mattress is lumpy or saggy.

An uneven mattress is a sign of aging. To sleep well and to sleep comfortably, your mattress needs to be even and smooth. No lumps, no bumps, and no sagging cavern that you end up stuck in!

7. You dread bedtime.

If you don’t look forward to getting into bed at night, especially after an exhausting day of work and parenting, there is a problem. You should love your mattress! Every night before you lay down, you should take a deep breath and lay down in a moment of complete release and relaxation.

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8. You’re too hot or too cold.

Are you and your partner in a constant battle over the blankets or the setting of your thermostat? Many mattresses can lead to problems with temperature. If you can never seem to get comfortable because of the temperature in bed, your mattress could be to blame.

9. You and your partner aren’t both comfortable.

A mattress should meet everyone’s needs. If you just bought a mattress a few years ago, you need a new mattress if you and your partner are not both comfortable. Not all mattresses work for all people. You have to find a mattress with the right balance of support and softness to please you both. Thankfully there are plenty of perfect mattresses for both of you that will solve this problem. Here is the list of the most suitable mattresses for couples that you can buy online.

The Answer to your Mattress Problems is Eight Sleep

If any or all of these signs ring true to you, you know what you need to do; you need to buy a new mattress. That in and of itself can seem like a daunting task. There is good news though. Making a smart choice when buying your next mattress is easy because there is a SMART MATTRESS now available. This mattress solves all the problems experienced with other mattresses and introduces new technology never seen in a mattress before. If you are dealing with mattress problems, Eight creates the mattress that will have you dreaming of bedtime again.

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Eight has thrown out all the rules. It doesn’t matter how it has always been done. Eight wants to do it better so you can sleep better. They have taken the design and capabilities of the mattress (which haven’t changed much at all in a very long time) and propelled it into the world of smart devices. Eight is on a mission to make everyone’s sleep count for more. This company is in a class of its own with their technology, design, and use of science and sleep research to create a mattress that actually allows you to sleep better and sleep smarter. This new company has changed what a mattress can do, and they have set the bar very high.

The Smart Mattress from Eight is the most comfortable mattress you could ever imagine, but comfort alone isn’t what makes it “smart.” The “brains” of the Eight mattress is the smart cover. This cover tracks your sleep, and with the app, sleep data is tracked daily. Here’s where the Eight mattress makes it possible for you and your partner to both love the bed. If one of you is always hot and one of you is always cold, the smart cover lets you adjust the temperature. Warm the bed based on settings on each side of the bed. You can integrate your mattress with other smart devices in your home, like your smart thermostat, and you can set the smart alarm so the bed will wake you up in a healthy way. You can even connect it with a smart coffee maker and the bed will tell the coffee to start brewing! Mind blown!

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The mattress itself is more thoughtfully designed than the traditional mattresses you buy in a mattress store with pushy sales people. Skip the store and the sub-par mattresses. The mattress from Eight is proudly designed and created in the U.S.A., and Eight is confident in the quality, so confident they send out each mattress with a 10 year warranty. To say this mattress is thoughtfully designed is an understatement.

  • Eight relied on over 1.8 million hours of sleep data, and they determined which materials and mattress compositions give the best sleep experience.
  • Eight has achieved the perfect balance in comfort with four layers of different kinds of foam.
  • No pressure point pain.
  • Your back and neck gets the support necessary.
  • No lumps. No sagging.
  • This mattress works with any bed frame, so you don’t have to replace your existing bed and support. You just need to order the mattress and you are all set.
  • Top rated and reviewed
  • Easily order online and try it out for 100 nights, risk free!

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The first night you sleep on your Eight mattress, you will wonder what took you so long to get rid of that old mattress that kept you tossing and turning all night. The Smart mattress is like other smart devices. At first it seems like a lot to take in but once you experience it, you will wonder how you ever lived without it. Face it, it is time for a new mattress and the future has arrived thanks to Eight.

If you aren’t sure about ordering a mattress online, check out this time lapse video of how simple it is to unpack your new Eight mattress. It goes from the box to ready to sleep on in mere moments!

Eight wants Daily Mom readers to experience smart and healthy sleep, and they are making it even easier to do so. Order your new mattress and use the code DAILYMOM50 for $50 off your purchase.

Are you getting enough sleep? Order your new Eight Smart Mattress and then read up on 6 Ways to Get Better Sleep.

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