Must-Haves to Stay Active and Healthy Right Now

While we may find ourselves wanting to Netflix and chill more and more these days it is important to push ourselves to stay active. At Daily Mom, we feel staying active is important. Experts agree that staying healthy through exercise will improve our mood, immunity, and overall demeanor. We’ve compiled all you will need to Stay Active during this difficult time so get outside, go for a run or bike ride, and let the fresh air and sunshine boost your mind, body and soul.

12 Best Items To Help You Stay Active At Home


Stay Active

Trying to stay active is a little different during the quarantine. Perhaps, you are used to going to a gym or a boot camp where there are machines, weights, and structured activities. Now, you find yourself is in a slightly different scenario, with maybe little to no equipment. In some places, one of the only activities permitted is going for a run. If you are ready to start running give your self a leg up with Brooks. Brooks is known as one of the best in the industry. Once you give them a try you will soon find out why.

Brooks’ newest line of road running shoes in the Glycerin 18. Are you looking for a shoe with ultra comfort, these will leave you feeling like you are running on clouds. The reconfigured midsole allows more DNA LOFT cushioning underfoot for extreme plushness. Another upgrade is the full-length green outersole that enhances the midsole cushioning while improving traction and decreasing weight. The OrthoLite sockliner is also important to your run because it provides premium step-in comfort. The Glycerin 18 truly take to the shape of your foot moving and expanding with your unique stride.

Awesome Must-haves To Stay Active During Quarantine

Now that you’ve got the best shoe down. You will need proper gear, don’t worry because Brooks has it all. The Chaser 3-inch shorts are everything you need in a good running short. They are lightweight and don’t cling or bunch. They have high slits that allow for a full range of motion when running. To match these shorts you will love, Spirit Tank. It wicks away moisture and is ultra-lightweight to leave you cool and comfortable for many miles to come.

Finally, the PR Lightweight Hat will help block the rays while you trucking around your neighborhood. It is very comfortable, easy to adjust and stays put while running. The PR Hat will quickly become one of your favorite additions to your running routine. Brooks will carry you farther than you imagined, even if right now you can only go stay close to home. Find your path, enjoy it, and worry about the rest later.

Glycerin 18 | Chaser 3-inch shorts | Spirit Tank | PR Lightweight Hat
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New Balance

Family walks or daily jogs might just be your way of coping with the new normal we are all becoming accustomed to during this pandemic; heading outside with the kids, the dogs, or even alone for a run is all a part of self-care in the middle of these stressful times. Here to make sure you stay healthy and active on your feet during the COVID-19 pandemic, and all other times of the year is New Balance. With the best shoes for the entire family, whether walking, jogging, or simply for everyday wear, New Balance has trendy, sporty kicks that will make you look great and feel great when on the go. This spring we love the sporty, vintage inspired 574 Split Sail shoe with its pretty pastel colors in a fully supportive lifestyle shoe. Perfect for long walks, leisurely bike rides, and everything in between, this shoe features a classic style, leather upper, and is available in both standard and wide sizing. This spring make sure to check out the entire New Balance collection for all of your family’s footwear needs.

574 Split Sail
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thousand Helmets

Spring means warmer weather, blue skies and beautiful temperatures throughout the day. While this year it may look a bit different than normal that doesn’t mean you can’t head outdoors for some fresh air and a fun family bike ride. This spring make sure to keep everyone safe during those times outside with a new helmet from thousand helmets. Designed for big kids through adults, their urban commuter helmets are trendy and stylish but also offer a slim profile that is still packed with all the safety features you need. Kids aren’t the only ones who need to wear a helmet when riding, so make sure mom and dad are safe and setting good examples as well with one of the comfortable, vintage inspired Heritage Bike Helmets. With a secret pop lock for securing your helmet, an integrated dial fit system for a precision fit, a one handed magnetic fastener, 7 vents for keeping you cool, and a slim, low profile visor/design, moms, dads, and even teens will love the look, feel, and safety of the Heritage Bike Helmet this spring.

Heritage Bike Helmet
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Spring 2

Spring and summer is the time to get outside and enjoy the gorgeous weather, and even though times are tough right now a breath of fresh air can still help to clear the mind. Here to help families head outdoors this spring is Thule with all of their products built for families with an active lifestyle. This spring we love the Thule RideAlong classic bike seat for toddlers and young children. Safe and easy to use, this reclining bike seat is perfect for taking long winding rides with your child in tow, or even commuting to and from preschool and work once things go back to normal. Easy to adjust with only one hand, the RideAlong reclines for those times when your little naps during the ride, provides a secure adjustable 3 point harness, adjustable foot rests and integrated protection wings for keeping little hands safe. With Thule’s dualbeam suspension system for absorbing road shock during the ride, the RideAlong provides a smooth and comfortable ride for children 9 months – 6 years of age.

Thule RideAlong
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Micro Kickboard

The little kids aren’t the only ones getting anxious over the safe at home orders in place throughout the world, big kids, teens, and ahem…adults, are all feeling a bit stir-crazy these days. Even when sheltering in place however families are allowed to take to the streets or backyard for exercise and a bit of fresh air throughout the day. Don’t let the little ones be the only ones enjoying the fun evening stroll, rather make it fun for the big kids too with the original adult kick scooter from Micro Kickboard. Micro’s tallest scooter, the adult scooter features an ergonomically designed lower deck and higher t-bar for a comfortable upright stance for adults. Head on out for a family-friendly race where everyone can join in while making memories during this historic time.

Micro Kickboard
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Again Faster

Covid-19 Listicle

Again Faster is making home workouts possible! Want gym-quality fitness while the gym is closed? Again Faster delivers just that right to your home! With high-quality products such as medicine balls and strength bands, you will be content working out from home. The strength bands can be set up to mimic your favorite gym equipment and machines such as the cable machine.

Follow fitness addicts such as Jill on Instagram for great ways to use your strength bands and medicine ball! Again Faster has everything you need for strength, conditioning, and mobility within your home gym. Again Faster will help you stay in shape and fall in love with fitness amid these crazy times!

Medicine Ball | Strength Bands
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Stay Active

Uncertainty, anxiety, and stress during our COVID-19 pandemic is real and affects many people. Whether it’s worrying about how to school your children or when you’ll be able to shop without fear of getting sick, Tanasi can help. The Tanasi Full Spectrum Oil Tincture uses a pharmaceutical-grade extract process to generate unadulterated full-spectrum oils from Tennessee grown hemp flower. You’ll get maximum effectiveness and the right dosage you need.

If you prefer, use the Tanasi Water Soluble 600mg Hemp Extract Drink Concentrate works with any beverage of your choosing. Each 600mg bottle contains a concentration of the cannabinoids CBDa/CBD with each drop containing 2mg. So if you want 20mg per daily use, simply put 10 drops into to your drink of choice and relax your nerves.

When you need some relief from aches and pains, reach for the Tanasi Lotion 1200mg Hemp Extract. Not only will it relieve your pain, this lotion is also amazing for your skin! No unnecessary artificial or “natural” fragrances are ever added, only the pure oils from the Tennessee grown hemp flowers are used. If you prefer a salve option for quick relief and absorption, the Tanasi Salve 150mg Hemp Extract is smooth and smells great as it relieves pain and discomfort wherever you need it most. This Full-Spectrum CBD Salve and line CBD line is an excellent choice to help stay active when stress is weighing on your shoulders.

Tanasi Full Spectrum Oil Tincture | Tanasi Water Soluble 600mg Hemp Extract Drink Concentrate | Tanasi Lotion 1200mg Hemp Extract | Tanasi Salve 150mg Hemp Extract
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Healist Naturals

Stay Active

If you find yourself tossing and turning at night, wondering what the next day will bring, then you need a fast-acting, peaceful-sleep-inducing blend found in the CBD Sleep Drops. In order to stay healthy and energized, you have to have a healthy sleep cycle. The Sleep Drops works fast, allowing you to fall sleep as nature intended without causing next-day drowsiness. Sweet botanical essential oils (lavender, chamomile, lemon balm) and a custom sleep terpene blend is all you need every night you feel restless.

Stay Active

Come daybreak, when you need the advanced natural ingredients to help you cope with stress and feelings of uneasiness, that’s when you pop a Calm Chew. Using the highest quality U.S. organically farmed CBD broad-spectrum hemp extract, you’ll get the same calming terpene blend to help calm your nerves and handle each day intentionally. Take a moment to focus on your own self-care and your health by effectively managing your stress levels and positive outlook during this time. Healist Naturals will help you do that!

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The whole country is on lockdown, we are overwhelmed, scared, and trying hard to find some normalcy. Many find it hard to stay active with eating healthy and exercising. One thing we can do to help keep ourselves motivated is to set goals. The Bellabeat Spring Hydration Smart Tracker water bottle is an amazing tool to help with your fitness goals. Talk to anyone in the fitness industry and one piece of advice they would give is to drink more water. The Bellabeat water bottle helps you do just that.

Working with the app the water bottle keeps track of how much water you have had. Plus it sends reminders when you need to drink more frequently. The app tailors your goals based on your lifestyle and habits so that you are getting just the right amount of water for you. It runs on a 6-month replaceable battery, is dishwasher safe, and BPA free. If you are looking for a simple way to up your fitness game give the Bellabeat water bottle a try.


Bellabeat Spring Hydration Smart Tracker
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We find ourselves in uncertain times. We are not only working from home but also homeschooling our children. We are juggling more and more, but that doesn’t mean we should forgo taking care of ourselves. One of the important ways to this is through vitamins, minerals, and protein supplements that are catered to meet your needs. Care/of is a personalized wellness brand that delivers vitamins, supplements, and protein straight to your door.


Care/of is so simple to use, first, you take a quiz that helps to tailor each supplement to your needs, based on your goals, lifestyle, and values. Based on your results Care/of creates personalized lists of vitamins, protein powders, and boost powders that you can add or remove from your cart. Each month you will receive your Personalized Kits to help take care of you. Make your health a priority with Care/of.

Personalized Kits
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Stay Active

No gyms open? No problem. Echelon has made it convenient to continue your fitness goals while at home. Stay healthy, fit, and physically engaged with the 90-Day Free Fit Pass. Whether you want to join live or stream on-demand fitness classes from around the world, the choice is yours. Use the FitPass app to project onto your TV or conveniently use your mobile or tablet device. Enjoy and stay fit with classes like yoga, meditation, boxing, Pilates, weight training, and so much more! Stay safe, healthy, and physically active with your family.

90-Day Free Fit Pass
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Nathan Sports

Must-haves To Stay Active And Healthy Right Now

Nathan Sports has what it takes to keep runners safe! Their slip-free and bounce-free SafeRun Arm Phone Sleeve safely holds your phone with a touchscreen cover. Every runner knows the importance of bringing their phone for safety and music as well as the hassle of holding it. Nathan Sports omits that hassle!

The SafeRun Arm Phone Sleeve comes with the award-winning SafeRun Ripcord Siren Personal Alarm. With easy activation, the SafeRun Ripcord Siren Personal Alarm offers instant safety when needed via an alarm as loud as an ambulance siren. You can reuse the siren and they suggest testing it prior to needing it so you know exactly how to activate it in an emergency! Enjoy your next run, worry-free, with Nathan Sports.

SafeRun Arm Phone Sleeve | SafeRun Ripcord Siren Personal Alarm
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Must-haves To Stay Active And Healthy Right Now

Swiftwick has what everyone needs to keep their feet comfortable! Whether you are an avid runner, home workout guru, or just in need of more comfortable socks for the golf course, Swiftwick has you covered! Their state of the art socks are leading the way in overall comfort. Designed for fitness and active lifestyles, Swiftwick satisfies everyone’s feet with their amazing comfort!

Must-haves To Stay Active And Healthy Right Now

The MAXUS Zero Tab sock prevents contact with shoes, omitting unwanted blisters. Looking for a thin and breathable sock? The ASPIRE Zero sock is Swiftwick‘s most popular running sock. Thin, breathable, yet still supportive, the ASPIRE Zero is available in fun colors, is lightly cushioned, and wicks moisture to dry quickly. Swiftwick has a variety of socks for everyone’s comfort and style!

MAXUS Zero Tab | ASPIRE Zero
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Whether you are a novice runner or a veteran HIIT queen there is something for you in this guide. There is no need to let your goals fall by the wayside during the quarantine. Take time for yourself, your fitness, and your health. We know you will reap the benefits if you stay active.


All You Need To Stay Active During Quarantine
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