Treat Yourself: This Season’s Best Self Care Gifts

The holiday season is the time to think about friends and family, and how to show them we care. However, in all the rush between preparations and buying gifts, we sometimes forget to take care of ourselves. This season, make sure to spend a little extra TLC on yourself with this season’s best self care gifts. They will be sure to give you the added boost you need to enjoy all of the festivities.

Treat Yourself: This Season’s Best Self Care Gifts

MIG Living


It’s been some year, hasn’t it? With the holidays upon us, managing stress will be more important than ever. Take some much-needed time to yourself by indulging with self care gifts from MIG Living’s Body Method.

Their heavenly scented cleansing soap, body lotion bar, ritual oil, dry brush and cuticle serum join together in one harmonious package, the Body Bundle – Bloom.

Before taking care of everyone else this hectic season, transform your body and awaken your soul with a relaxing beauty ritual from MIG Living. You deserve it!

Pure Synergy

The self care gifts of mind, body, and spirit wellness are never underrated as a thoughtful gift of love. Pure Synergy believes in wellness for all in a harmonized body with a clear mind and a calm spirit.


Use the power of plant-based enzymes to soothe and support any digestive upset you encounter. Isn’t it time you felt amazing after any meal, no matter what you eat? For optimal digestion without the painful bloat, balance your gut microbiome and nourish your immune system, naturally.


There’s no comparison to having a clear mind and energy to spare this holiday season. Cleanse and rejuvenate your body (or a special loved-one) with one of nature’s most potent regenerative superfoods, blue-green algae. As a natural detoxifier, the antioxidant-rich carotenoids and chlorophyll can support your immune system and overall health.


Mmmm, the sweet fragrance of restorative herbs and mushrooms come together in this regenerating, green superfood to harmonize and nourish your body. In every organic spoonful, you can expect to heal with 60+ ingredients to restore your core foundation of optimal health. Now, you can easily bridge the gap between less-than-nutrient-dense foods and optimal nutrition with every bite you take.

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Get yourself self care gifts to wear any time of day and now, any time of the month, with Proof. No leaks, no pads, no tampons, no worries, period. From the lighter days to the super heavy flows, Proof has a bundled, patented collection of girlish undies to cover a wide range of leak types. No more embarrassing whoops, I started moments. With Proof, you’re covered against leaks for up to 10 teaspoons of liquid. Build a bundle and look feel pretty secured, no matter what.

Upfront Cosmetics

For an easy waste reduction change in someone’s daily beauty routine, or if you just want a really great and nutrient-rich hair bar, try Upfront Cosmetic’s full lineup of shampoos and conditioners for your self care gifts. They’ve thoughtfully created an awesome selection of various vegan hair products that are also free from all the bad stuff.

For those who need intense moisture, the Dry Shampoo Bar hydrates and leaves behind a manageable ‘do. Finish with the Hydrating Hemp Conditioner Bar for tangle-free, hydrated hair.

They even have toning products for blondes to prevent unwanted yellowing and brassiness. The Enlightening Shampoo and Conditioner Bars will keep those with lighter hair shades looking brighter longer, with the blue tansy oil and cool violet tones.

And what better way to store bars for the long run, than in this gorgeous Speckled Stoneware Dish? Its specialty design keeps all these awesome bars high and dry for many uses. Any of the products from Upfront Cosmetics would make great stocking stuffers, so stock up!

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This holiday season, Thinx of comfortable, free-flowing periods in Sparkle and Scotch holiday gift boxes for the special lady in your life. Make her days and nights restful, leakproof, and worry-free.


For those moderate to heavy period days, the Scotch Gift Box is a favorite among those girls who want self care gifts, as well as extra protection while feeling fun and flirty.


Throw some glitter on these panties because the Sparkle Gift Box is a holiday favorite that makes all of us girls tolerate the moderate-flow period days. These are the fun panties that sparkle and remind us it’s almost over!

Holistik Wellness

Bpc Holiday Listicle

This winter more than any other, being sick is not ideal. The stress around getting sick or being sick is almost too much to handle! Let Holistik Stress help get you back to your cool, calm, and collected self. Its blend of 10mg broad-spectrum CBD Wellness and lemon balm comes with the promise of keeping you focused and centered. Don’t stress about it and try Holistik Stress today.

Bpc Holiday Listicle

Falling asleep and staying asleep is important, but sometimes difficult to accomplish, especially when the time to sleep is so limited. Holistik Sleep was created with these precious hours of downtime in mind. Made from a blend of chamomile, melatonin, and 10mg broad-spectrum CBD Wellness, simply pour, stir into your beverage, and enjoy!

Dazzle Dry Nail Lacquers


During these times of COVID, you might feel more comfortable giving yourself a mani/pedi at home. If that’s the case, you’ll want to check out the Dazzle Dry Nail System. Dazzle lacquers combine science and salon industry experience to create exceptional products. The four-step Dazzle Dry Nail System comes in an array of on-trend polish colors for long-lasting wear. Now you can get salon-worthy nail care from the comfort of home.

All About Vibe

One of our all-time favorite self care gifts is a nap! And what better place to rest your head, than these adorable and comfy pillows from All About Vibe?


Shopping for a friend who loves the beach? (I mean, who doesn’t?) Snag the Coral Reef Mint Throw Pillow by Monika Strigel. It’s super-soft, bright and cheery, and a perfect addition to any coastal Christmas decor.


For a definitive pop of personality, pick up the Animalstarz Bunny Throw Pillow by Baro Sarre. This is one hip hare! He’s sure to bring a smile to your lucky gift recipient’s face, and brighten up their space, too.

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Copper H2O


There are plenty of health benefits that come from drinking water stored in a copper vessel. To start, it becomes naturally alkaline, which helps balance your body’s pH levels. It’s also a really cool way to keep the healthiest beverage at your side. This handcrafted, pure copper bottle from CopperH20 is certainly one that any cool aqua lover will appreciate. With both smooth and hammered finishes, as well as 20- and 30-ounce sizes, there’s a copper water bottle for anyone. Give self care gifts of hydration this season!

Spa of Iceland Body Soufflé


Give self care gifts to yourself, or transport a loved one with the luxury of Icelandic sea salt, with Spa of Iceland’s Body Soufflé. The perfect addition to anyone’s skincare routine, the Body Soufflé will comfort and hydrate even the driest of skin. Let them wrap themselves in the sweet almond oil and cocoa butter, and relax the senses in scents of Icelandic moss and thyme.

Revel Nail


With COVID at the front of this holiday season, going to the salon for a mani may not work. Get a professional, salon-quality look at home with Revel Nail. The strong, but totally durable, dip powders not only come in almost any color and shimmer, but they are quick to apply, odor-free, and much cheaper than heading into the salon. Pick up a fun selection of Christmas colors for amazing nails through the holidays.

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The Total Money Makeover


Make this the year to put yourself first and get all your financials in order. From getting rid of ALL of your debt to budgeting, and getting your act together for the future, Dave Ramsey gives you the proven plan for financial fitness. It’s really as simple as it sounds. Read the book and you’ll see why more than five million copies have been sold. Financial successes are the self care gifts that give back year after year.

Daily Affirmation Cards


Everyone can use some affirmation once in a while. Fill your own positive energy cup with Lamare Affirmation Cards. Each set comes with 40 cards to inspire, motivate, and relieve stress. Rid yourself of negative thinking, and open yourself to wonderous outcomes with beautiful affirmations on each square card printed with beautiful natural colors, complete with a nice gift box. “Be you, do you, for you.”

Hey Girl Immune Booster


Get and stay as healthy as possible this winter by taking extra good care of yourself. With Hey Girl plant-based teas, you’ll sustain your health throughout the season. The Feel Better tea tastes great with Lemongrass Herb, Green Tea, Dehydrated Honey, Elderberries, and more. Get plenty for yourself and give a few too, so everyone can enjoy great self care gifts this holiday.

PajamaGram Pajamas


Nothing says self care gifts more than cozy, soft fleece oversized pajamas. Curl up and relax in these luxurious sweats printed in an ivory houndstooth pattern with a Sherpa lining. The kangaroo pocket will keep your hands warm, and the fit can be customized with the drawstring pant. It’s one of our favorite self care gifts for anyone who loves comfort.

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Bougie Bath


Bring home the spa you deserve with Bougie Bath and this all-in-one bath set. The set includes all of the self care gifts you need for a luxurious and relaxing soak, bath bombs, face cleanser, soy candles, and an exclusive weekly bath playlist for setting the mood. They come wrapped in a beautiful package, so give a few to some others for self care, and you’ll make their day as great as Bougie Bath made yours.

Foot Peel Mask


Most feet may get overlooked in the winter, but don’t let it happen to yours. Get those puppies looking new with self care gifts like this Foot Peel Mask treatment you can do right at home. All dead skin, cracked heels, and callouses will be gone with the help of natural coconut and papaya extracts. Just wear the foot mask bags for an hour, and in six to eleven days, you’ll have baby-soft feet without a trip to the salon.

Mattress Pillow Top


How well we sleep really is a reflection of everything else in our lives. Set yourself up with a good night’s sleep by getting a pillow top mattress cover for extra comfort. It’ll be like sleeping on a cloud. Even better? This mattress topper is machine washable and has a deep pocket fitted sheet design, so there won’t be any slipping and sliding at nighttime.

The holidays are rightfully about giving, as well as making sure everyone else is happy and taken care of. But taking care of oneself is just as important. Take on all the holiday stress, running around, and preparations with gusto by making sure you get some self care gifts for yourself this season and enjoying anything that comes your way.

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