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In September, two of our editors spent four jam-packed days in Las Vegas, Nevada, at the ABC Expo looking for the latest and greatest products to feature on Daily Mom. This is their story in photos of what it looks like from the inside.

If you’re itching to know what goes on in the life of media attending the ABC Expo, we’re here with the insider’s scoop. What better way to show you what it looks like than through photos? We walked, admired, met, and conquered the crap out of the expo and Las Vegas, and are anxiously awaiting our return again next year. This is the story of our life at ABC.

An insiders look at the ABC Expo

When at the ABC Expo, you MUST take the obligatory photo with the gigantic rocking chair outside the conference. 

pose next to sign

  We took our kiddos to work with us. What better place to do so than a kid’s expo, afterall?


We babywore.


We tested out the products for ourselves like this breastfeeding blanket and pillow prototype from Kushies.

We loved the Nuna Adult chair so much, that it was hard to get back up and go! (for display only)

tested products

We raced through 2 floors of booths, going from appointment to appointment.

raced through 2 floors of products

We brought our favorite strollers, Babyhome Emotion.

brought favorite strollers

One of us wore comfortable Brian James shoes while still looking stylish…..


…..and one of us had to take our shoes off and walk barefoot because stylish doesn’t always equal comfortable.

had to take shoes off

We got caught in a flash flood and crazy desert windstorm.

got caught by crazy desert wind

And took selfies to send back to our team members.

send selifies back to their team

took selfies

We took photos with brand reps that, after many years of email correspondence, have turned into close friends.


posed with reps

We tweeted, instagrammed, facebooked and jotted down notes in between appointments.

tweeted, iGed, etc

We took photos next to items for a size/height/width comparison.

size comparison

Our kids automatically became child test subjects.


We participated in the Safety 1st photo booth.

participated in photo booths

 And went to amazing dinners at stunning locations, like Alizé and Culinary Dropout.


We spent all night uploading and updating show findings to social media surrounded by all our tech (note: trusty mirroless camera by Panasonic and Jackery charging bar)

spent all night uploading mediafromthe show

…in between attending brand dinners and parties with Pediped and Apple Park.


We took lots of photos of our adorable kids.


And posed for the camera….often.


And finally, we let our kids simply be kids.


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Photo Credits: The Art of Making a Baby