The 2016 ABC Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada boasted thousands of products from some of the most well-known baby and child companies, as well as some of the best and brightest up and coming companies. Our editors Elena and Dani ventured out to find the best of the best for our Daily Mom readers, and we have been dying to tell you all about it! Clothing, diaper bags, baby monitors, swaddles, and sleep aides – you name it, we tested it. Below you will find all of our favorite products for playtime – clothing, toys, games, and more!

Carved Life

Started by a mom of twins, Carved Life creates one of a kind artistic clothing, cards, prints, coloring books, aprons, and totes. Their unique production process, which includes drawing, wood burning, and painting creates natural and simple designs for their products.

All of their clothing is 100% organic, ensuring that your child is wearing the most sustainable products. And if you’re looking for some cute prints to match your little one, Carved Life makes those too! Their prints and coloring books are great for birthday gifts, while their unique clothing are wonderful baby shower ideas.


Carved Life | Facebook | Instagram

Finn + Emma

Finn + Emma is a baby product company that focuses on creating modern designs with sustainable and non-toxic products. They use 100% organic cotton, eco-friendly dyes, and all-natural wood to create their clothing and toys, giving you the peace of mind that what your baby is wearing or chewing on is safe for them. In fact, they were named one of Vogue’s Top 10 Best Sustainable Baby Brands for their high quality, baby safe products.

Finn + Emma’s baby teethers, like these “mom” and camera teethers, are made from Indian Hardwood, finished with all-natural vegetable wax, and stuffed with beans. Their rings are also made from the same hardwood and natural finish, ensuring that your baby won’t be chewing on toxic chemicals while they soothe their sore gums.

Finn + Emma’s play gym is made from 100% birchwood and is finished with non-toxic stains. Their wooden rattles are made from the same materials as their teethers, and the knitted dolls are 100% organic cotton. The adorable play gym has options to swap out toys with any of Finn + Emma’s other sustainable products.


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Green Toys

If you’re looking for safe and eco-friendly toys for your little ones, look no further than Green Toys. Green Toys makes 100% post-recyclable, open-ended toys and games for kids. All made in the USA, their products are made from recycled milk jugs and are dyed with non-toxic coloring so you can rest assured that the toys your child is playing with, chewing on, and rolling around on your floor with are safe for them to use.

Green Toys focuses on unstructured imaginative play, so their products are designed to be simple toys that children can use to fuel their unbridled creativity. Their vehicles are their most popular toys, but they also have playsets for the bath and the outdoors, as well as safe utensils for eating.

The ABC Expo gave Green Toys the opportunity to showcase their newest product, their book and playset combination. These new products take their most popular toys, like their boats and trucks, and give them an accompanying story so as to help children begin open ended play and stir their imagination. It also brings to life their favorite toys, making reading more enjoyable for them and their caregivers.


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Haba is known for their wooden toys, blocks, playsets, and games, but they have recently expanded their market into plush toys and textiles. The 2016 ABC Expo gave an opportunity for Haba to showcase their newly expanded line of products, made with the same safety standards, care, and conscience effort in sustainable materials as their wooden toys and sets.

One of Haba’s newest toys is their travel play sets. These wooden character sets are magnetic, making sure that the pieces stay in place even on shaky surfaces like in the car or on a plane. All the pieces fit inside the travel case which easily folds on top. The carry handle makes it a breeze to take along with you. It’s a great toy to have while traveling or while stuck in not so fun places like a hotel room or waiting room. 

Another one of Haba’s latest collections is their Little Friends Dolls. New in fall 2016, the Little Friends Dolls are great for pretend and open-ended imaginative play. Haba also introduced some new games, such as a magnetic wooden monster game, perfect for preschool-aged children to reinforce color recognition, sorting skills, and problem solving.


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Keen Footwear is a company dedicated to bringing together life and product. They want to create a footwear product that fits seamlessly into their customer’s lives, and that will help take them to places they want to go – whether that’s hiking or on a playdate. Their children’s line has durable and functional shoes that your kids will love – the bright colors and easy on-off will make getting shoes on for the day a happy scene instead of a struggle. 

Keen has shoes for babies up to big kids, as well as adults. Their new girls line showcased at the ABC Expo focuses on shoes that can be worn not only for more active activities, but also for more subtle ones like school play yards and hanging out with friends. They are still the functional shoes that Keen is known for, but they also have a little more flare for those looking for that type of shoe.

Keen Footwear is functional in that all shoes are machine washable. They also have a unique tread ensuring that your child won’t slip and fall even in the most slippery of terrain. Keen creates comfortable footwear that your kids will want to wear. Their bright colors are something kids love, and their new girls line features slip-on and Mary Jane styles which are very much on trend in kid’s fashion. Keen Footwear is a great option for active families who need durable yet fashionable shoes for everyday activities. 


Keen Footwear | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Instagram | YouTube

Little Me

Little Me is a baby clothing company for sizes ranging from newborn to 4T. Their unique styles and designs are perfect for your little one, giving them cute clothing options all while providing durable materials that will stand the test of time (or the test of messes!). All materials used in Little Me’s designs are comfortable and easy to move around in, ensuring that your child will never be hindered in their play and discovery.

Little Me has collections for everyday wear, sleep, and play. They have outfit sets or individual pieces to suit your needs. At the ABC Expo, Little Me debuted their Little Me bracelet collection, perfect as memorable gifts at a baby shower or for newborn photos. Little Me is a great line of stylish and affordable kid’s clothing and accessories that will last.


Little Me | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Instagram

Sago Mini

Sago Mini is a different baby and child product compared to the others at the 2016 ABC Expo. They are an app development company that creates toys and apps for parents and children. They create innovative and unique interactive games, toys, and products. It is important to them to create toys and apps that foster social skills as well as bring together parents and children for play.

Sago Mini’s interactive playsets are more than just a toy. Their interactive app allows your child to explore and discover by going on different adventures. Each of the playsets pack up into a convenient box with a handle for easy storage and travel. They also have interactive floor playmats, allowing for more gross motor movement and interaction on your child’s level. Sago Mini also has several plush characters that your child can get to know too, and are an integral part of their toys and apps.


Sago Mini | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | InstagramFlickr

Summer Infant

Summer Infant is a name recognized by parents for their high quality baby sleep and safety products and accessories. Over the years they have strived to become the leading brand in baby monitoring, nursery items, travel needs, safety products, and bath and potty items. The 2016 ABC Kids Expo gave Summer Infant an opportunity to showcase some of their parent favorites as well as show some of their newer and redesigned items.

Summer Infant strives to give babies and their parents all that they need to make it through the day. Their new playtime collection has several different things that both kids and parents will love. Their convenient seats allow for babies to play and practice their sitting skills, all while giving Mom’s and Dad’s arms a rest. Their new Laid Back Lounger also grows with your child – from tummy time to supported sitting, Summer Infant gives your baby what he or she needs for their much needed play time. 

One of the fan favorites at the 2016 ABC Expo was Summer Infant’s Pop n Play. This portable play yard is perfect for those sunny outdoor days. You are able to keep your child contained while you work in the garden, and it comes with a sun shade to protect their delicate skin. When you’re all done, you simply stick it in its convenient travel bag to take with you to your next adventure – the beach, the park, the lake – anywhere! Summer Infant has this parenting gig covered – all you have to do is love on your baby. 


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Tegu blocks are more than just building blocks for kids. They are magnetic wooden blocks that are made to expand your child’s creative mind and use their imagination to build. They strive to create products that your child will love, and continue to learn and play with for years. They have several different collections of building toys, all made with the intention to give your child the ability to work on their fine motor skills, spatial awareness, problem solving, pattern recognition, and engineering.

Their newest collection, Sticky Monsters, shown at the 2016 ABC Expo is a perfect addition to all the other Tegu lines of wooden magnetic blocks. Sticky Monsters are different than Tegu’s other blocks because now your child can create more than structures – they can create friends to join in on the fun! They have several different Sticky Monsters including Pip, Finklebear, Zip Zap, Marbles, Beans, and Tumtum. Building and learning has never been more fun, open-ended, and imaginative. 


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Zoocchini is a children’s product company known for their bright colors, eccentric designs, and cute characters. Their product lines include hooded bath towels, bibs, blankets, organic underwear, training pants, sun hats, and diapers. Kids love their funky characters who have become a staple in Zoocchini’s brands.

Zoocchini is committed to making products that both parents and kids love. They are committed to using the highest quality fibers and materials, ensuring that their blankets are soft, their underwear is comfortable, and their swim diapers are retainable. Their bright colors, fun characters, and kid-friendly designs will have you reaching for their items during your child’s daily activities – whether it’s time to head to the beach, take a bath, or get dressed. 


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Each year the ABC Expo showcases the newest and most unique baby and child products. Daily Mom spent the entire week in Las Vegas looking for the best to bring to our readers. Diaper bags to strollers, the newest technology in baby monitoring and baby sleep, toys and clothes – we have found all the greatest and most innovative products in the market.

Do you want to read about more amazing products from the 2016 ABC Expo in Las Vegas? Check out our 2016 ABC Expo Roundup: Baby Gear to Get You Going and Baby Gear for the Home, coming soon right here on Daily Mom!

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