The 2016 ABC Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada boasted thousands of products from some of the most well-known baby and child companies, as well as some of the best and brightest up and coming companies. Our editors Elena and Dani ventured out to find the best of the best for our Daily Mom readers, and we have been dying to tell you all about it! Clothing, diaper bags, baby monitors, swaddles, and sleep aides – you name it, we tested it. Below you will find products we loved that get you going places – strollers, carseats, diaper bags, and accessories.


4moms is a well-known baby and child product company that specializes in making gear that makes a parent’s life a little bit easier. Their infamous Mamaroos have been known to get even the fussiest babies to sleep, and their Breeze play yard is simple to use compared to other play yards on the market.

During the ABC Expo, 4moms showed off their self-installing carseat, designed to give parents peace of mind that their child is safe during each car ride. Every time you put your baby in their seat, the seat automatically checks the leveling, the tension, and the overall installation. It continues to monitor even while the seat is in use.

4moms also showed the new features on their Moxi stroller. This stroller is nothing like you’ve ever seen before. Its on-board power station allows you to charge your phone and gives you added safety features like running lights and taillights. It also has an LCD display that shows temperature, speed, and calories burned – perfect for the fit mom.


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BabyTrend has established themselves as one of the leading baby product companies on the market. For over 25 years BabyTrend has manufactured affordable products designed with babies and parents in mind. Their brand has expanded from their most well-known Snap-n-Go stroller to larger products like infant and child carseats. BabyTrend showed two of their newer seats at the ABC Expo – the PROtect and the Hybrid.

The PROtect is a 2-in-1 folding high back booster seat designed for your older child. The high back booster is suitable for children weighing 30-100 lbs. The high back can be removed in order to use just the booster for children weighing 40 to 100 lbs. The EZ Off-n-Wash padding is great for easy cleaning for all those messes, and its adjustable height and seatbelt makes sure kids are happy and comfortable.

The Hybrid is a great carseat for parents who are looking for something to last them for an extended period of time. It has a five-point harness system that can be changed to a high-back booster shoulder belt and then to a simple booster, making for three different seats in one. It can be used for children as small as 22 lbs and 29 inches to as large as 100 lbs and 57 inches.


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Active parents immediately think of one name when they think gear – BOB. BOB is the leading manufacturer in gear for active families – those who love to get out into nature and need gear to help them get there. Their strollers, carseats, travel systems, and accessories are known by #motherrunners everywhere. They started off their brand by building a better jogging stroller – one made with suspension, tough polymer wheels, and a lightweight frame that folds easily. Years later they have expanded several different versions of this stroller including the Ironman and the Revolution – the first jogging stroller to have a revolving wheel for easy maneuvering. Now a part of the Britax family, BOB still creates innovative stroller gear but now with carseats made specifically to fit the BOB stroller collection.

BOB supports all types of active families, and they have continued their partnership with two leading organizations that support different levels of fitness – Stroller Strides and Ironman. The Stroller Strides BOB Duallie stroller is the same great BOB double, but it also comes with a classes coupon, fitness kit, resistance bands, and handlebar console. The Ironman stroller is made for those training for intense programs. The non-swivel front wheel and extra light frame offers a runner less resistance when running, especially for speed work or endurance training. No matter what your fitness level, BOB has the right stroller for you.


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Bugaboo is a well known baby product company specializing in unique strollers that make personal mobility easier. Their several different designs, including the Chameleon, the Donkey, the Bee, and the Buffalo are all designed to take you and your child wherever you want to explore. Bugaboo prides itself on having strollers with unique functionalities and specialized designs so that you are not hindered by your stroller.

The Chameleon is Bugaboo’s first concept stroller, and it is designed to take you anywhere. It can be forward or rear-facing, perfect to grow with your child from newborn to toddlerhood. The Donkey is their convertible stroller that can be changed from a single to a double in just one click. The Bugaboo Bee is designed for urban families looking for a lightweight bassinet stroller and can be used for newborns up to toddlers. The Buffalo is an all-terrain stroller, great for those outdoor explorations, and a jogging extension can be added to it.

Bugaboo recently presented their new luggage design, the Boxer, at the 2016 ABC Expo. Its easy to wheel chassis comes with an integrated organized interior making travel easier. Each luggage piece in the collection can be attached to the other, making it easier than ever to whip through the airport. The hard casing will ensure that your valuables stay safe on the inside and no damage will be done.


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Cybex creates carseats, strollers, baby carriers, and accessories meant for the urban family. Their creative designs are perfect for those who are always on the go with little space to do it. Safety is their top priority in all their products, but they also strive to be a lifestyle and fashion brand with their articulate styling and fashion-forward looks. In fact, this has become their mantra – unique designs, unparalleled safety, and complete functionality.

At the 2016 ABC Expo, Cybex had the opportunity to showcase some of their newest designs like this hand-embroidered Birds of Paradise collection. They created this gorgeous design to reach those who live with an appreciation for the arts, and want to continue that in their everyday life with their children. The collection includes their Priam stroller, their Cloud Q carseat, their baby carrier, and coordinating accessories like blankets, diaper bags, stroller umbrella, and footmuff. If you are looking for a unique design in your travel collection, Cybex is a company that brings together style, safety, and functionality that every parent can trust.


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Ergobaby’s mission is to provide quality products that enhance the bond between parent and baby. Their soft-structured carriers have become the go-to for parents looking for a baby carrier that’s easy to use and that they can wear for a long period of time. Although they are known best for these ergonomic baby carriers, Ergobaby has expanded their product market to other areas such as swaddles, diaper bags, and nursing pillows. The biggest news from Ergobaby from the ABC Expo is their upcoming diaper bag collection. They will have several different styles and designs including tote styles and backpack styles.

However, one of Ergobaby’s newest designs is their baby carrier, ADAPT. The ADAPT is unique from their other carriers because it can be used with newborns without infant inserts. It can be used for children from 7 lbs to 45 lbs, and can be carried front, back, or on your hip. Ergobaby has also partnered with Sophie the Giraffe to create stylish designs for you and your little ones.


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GB Child

GB Child is a product development company that specializes in baby, child, and juvenile products. They have recently expanded their market into the US, and showed some of their products at the 2016 ABC Expo. For over 25 years they have been researching, developing, and distributing the most innovative, stylish, and functional baby products including carseats, strollers, travel systems, and travel cribs.

GB Child has several different strollers and travel systems to choose from to meet your every need. Their Pockit stroller is an ultra-compact stroller perfect for parents on the move. The Qbit stroller is a great travel stroller – it easily closes with one hand and easily fits into a travel case. The Evoq travel system can be changed from an infant bassinet, a carseat adapter, up to a stroller for a big kid – giving you the flexibility of several strollers in one as your child gets older. GB Child also makes a coordinating carseat to be used with their travel systems or on its own – the Asana 35 DLX.

If you’re looking for a company that has you covered, GB Child does it right with coordinating accessories and functional products. They have thought of everything when it comes to being on the go with little ones, and their safety protocols will give you peace of mind that your child is safe while traveling.


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Gathre is a unique company that creates bonded leather playmats and picnic-style blankets for babies and families. Their mats are meant to bring families together, creating a bonding experience through close connections. They pride themselves on the style and luxury of their leather products, along with something that is easy to clean and compact for busy parents on the go.

Gathre’s blankets come in several different sizes and colors. Their largest size is their Blanc Maxi, measuring at 80″x 80″ and is suitable to sit about 10 people. Their smallest size is their Blanc Micro, measuring at 14″ x 22″ and is great as a changing pad or wipeable placement. They have different shapes as well, including a circular mat that fits 8 and a smaller square mat that fits 4. The colors of Gathre’s blankets are gorgeous pastels and neutrals so you will be sure to find something that suits your style and taste.


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Hauck is a UK based company in the business of catering to you and your child’s needs. Their wide range of product lines are designed to help you as your child grows. Their cribs, strollers, carseats, carriers, nursery furniture, play gear, travel accessories, and seating are all made to make life a little more simple while you focus on the most important part of your child’s development – giving them love.

At the ABC Expo, Hauck introduced their new collection partnered with Jonathan Adler. These designs are classic, timeless, and simple, giving you something you can carry on with you as your child gets older. The Jonathan Adler collection will be available in all of Hauck’s product lines including their strollers, seating, and accessories.


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The iCoo stroller is a stroller for the fashion forward parent. Its stylish design complements its functionality to make a stroller that can be used in any situation. Their Acrobat XL Plus Trio has three unique designs – a bassinet feature, a coordinating carseat feature, and a toddler feature for children up to 2.5 years. They also have their Acrobat SND, the Acrobat, and the Pace. With each design, iCoo provides the highest standards in safety so parents can be sure that their child is safe.

The iCoo is made from a lightweight frame that is easy to fold and store, even in the smallest of spaces. The reflecting lights on the front of the stroller add an added safety feature when walking in low light situations. Their gold accent handles and wheels and leather seats make it a stroller perfect for the most fashionable parents and kids.


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J.J. Cole Collections

J.J. Cole is a household name among parents everywhere. They are known for their stylish and affordable diaper bags, carseat covers, carriers, outdoor and travel collections, and their feeding and bath time collections. You can find J.J Cole products in many different retailers, making it convenient for parents – something they strive to do in both their accessibility and functionality of their products. They also follow high safety standards and work to create baby and toddler products that parents love.

The 2016 ABC Expo gave J.J. Cole the opportunity to showcase some of their newest collections and designs. Their floral diaper bag backpack was a favorite among our editors. Its sleek design gives just enough pop for everyday use, but still is functional like many of their products. J.J. Cole also displayed some of their new toddler backpacks – perfect for your little one as they grow older and head off for playdates and preschool.

Ju Ju Be

Ju Ju Be is known for their stylish collection of diaper bags. Their functionality, like easy access zipper pouches, wipe clean surfaces, and several pockets for all those many things that parents (and kids!) need, coupled with their stylish designs make them popular among parents. Ju Ju Be offers several different styles including traditional tote diaper bags, backpack styles, travel bags, carrying cases, and more.

At the ABC Expo, Ju Ju Be uncovered their new line of mommy and me styles, so now your little one can have a bag that matches Mom’s favorite diaper bag. They also showcased several new styles including a rose print, new travel bags, and more. If you’re in the market for a new diaper bag, check out Ju Ju Be for the best styles for you and your little one!


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Maxi Cosi

Maxi Cosi is a household name when it comes to carseats and strollers. New moms research their high quality products, and seasoned moms know that they are durable. Maxi Cosi focuses their designs on safety and functionality, giving parents products they can trust and that are easy to use. They also have unique styling, colors, and patterns which are sure to please the eye.

The ABC Expo gave Maxi Cosi an opportunity to display their new colors and designs for their carseats and strollers. Their new Watercolor Collection focuses on the natural and fluid colors of water, bringing vibrant patterns into your carseat, strollers, and accessories. They also have new muted colors like the pastels of their Sweater Knit collection pictured above, bringing a more subtle style to your daily activities. Maxi Cosi’s other limited edition collections include a line with Rachel Zoe, a City Motif collection, a Leather edition, a Bohemian edition, and more. If you’re looking for a unique style carseat and stroller from a company you can trust, look no further than Maxi Cosi.


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Mima is a Dutch company that specializes in high-end strollers and high chairs. The founder’s of Mima, who are parents of two, have backgrounds in product development and fashion design. Together they were able to create a brand of childcare products that are chic, stylish, and innovative. They recently made their debut in the US. The 2016 ABC Expo was the perfect opportunity to display Mima’s stylish and aesthetically pleasing yet functional pieces to the US market.

Mima’s product market focuses on strollers, high chairs, and coordinating accessories. Their Xari stroller is their infant stroller, perfect for new parents. It is completely customizable in terms of colors – you can choose your own chassis and seat color for the leatherette. It can convert from a bassinet to a regular seat for older children. The chassis can be turned forwards or backwards, and the height is adjustable. Their Bo umbrella stroller is a stroller for older children and is also fully customizable. The Moon 2G is their highchair which has three settings – a newborn lounger, a highchair for toddlers, and a junior chair for older children. No matter what stage your child is in, Mima has the strollers and highchair that will go with them and that can be customized to be as unique as your child.


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Paperclip is an up-and-coming diaper bag company that revolutionizes the way you see diaper bags. Designed for dads, the Paperclip diaper bag is functional yet stylish in a manly way. They have two bags available – the Willow and the Bear. Each bag has a foldout changing pad, several pockets including smaller, easy to access areas. They also have laptop and tablet pockets to keep your “other than dad” items safe and secure.

The Willow and the Bear can be worn in different ways – as a backpack or as a tote-style bag. The straps are removable as well, so you don’t have to worry about the bulk of the extras getting in your way. Paperclip also designed a luggage strap so you can easily attach the bag to your suitcase if you’re the traveling type.

Paperclip’s daddy diaper bags are not yet available for purchase, but you can preorder them on their website.


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Skip Hop

Skip Hop is known in the parenting world for their cute yet functional products for parents and kids alike. Created with the desire to create a diaper bag that was stylish yet got the job done, two new parents Micheal and Ellen started the brand of Skip Hop. Over the years the company has grown into areas far surpassing the diaper bag market. Now Skip Hop offers nursery items, clothing, baby toys and gyms, meal time accessories, backpacks and lunch boxes, bath items, and more.

The ABC Expo gave Skip Hop an opportunity to showcase their expansive market. Their new Highline collection of diaper bags offers a convertible backpack or tote option. Its sleek style and numerous pockets make it great for any mom on the go.

Sure to be a parent favorite during the cold winter months is their new Stroll and Go On Call Handmuff. The warm cover sits over any stroller handles and gives you a place to keep your hands warm and toasty while making your phone easily accessible. The zipper pouch keeps it safe from the elements, and you can still work the buttons through the plastic. Between their new diaper baths, their nursery and home products, and stroller gear any parent is ready to conquer the baby world with Skip Hop.


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Tasty Clean

Tasty Clean is a company that has solved a problem that has plagued parents for centuries – how to safely clean something your child will inevitably put in their mouth. We have all been there – a child drops their pacifier, a teething toy, or a lollipop right on the gross Target floor. Your first thought is to throw it away, but their sad, crying face has you doing a risk-benefit analysis. Tasty Clean solves that problem by providing a product that safely kills a variety of bacteria.

Each Tasty Clean kit comes with a Tasty Clean spray and a microfiber reusable towelette to wipe off all the yucky germs. Simply spray Tasty Clean onto the item you wish to clean, wait 30 seconds, and wipe. Their product is made with apple cider vinegar and clinically proven to clean off a variety of common bacteria, making your family safer from illness. They have two tasty flavors too: cherry and grape. It is a must have for every parent’s diaper bag, backpack, and pocket while your family is out and about!


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Each year the ABC Expo showcases the newest and most unique baby and child products. Daily Mom spent the entire week in Las Vegas looking for the best to bring to our readers. Diaper bags to strollers, the newest technology in baby monitoring and baby sleep, toys and clothes – we have found all the greatest and most innovative products in the market.

Do you want to read about more amazing products from the 2016 ABC Expo in Las Vegas? Check out our 2016 ABC Expo: Baby Gear to Get You Playing and Baby Gear for the Home right here on Daily Mom!

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