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Fall is right around the corner, and that means it’s time to step up everyone’s wardrobe game. Pink Elephant Organics has clothing for girls, boys, and babies that you know are safe because of their transparency in their supply chain during production. They only use suppliers who produce 100% organic cotton and use manufacturers that have safe and fair practices. They also carry the trendiest of styles as well as every day basics, so you can get everything you need in one place. One of the best things about Pink Elephant Organics is that the price tag isn’t like anything you see with typical organic clothing lines – they cut out the middle man so they are able to reduce costs so that families every where can have safe, trendy, affordable clothes for their kids.

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Shopping for little girls is always super fun, and Pink Elephant Organics makes it easy. They have hundreds of styles and designs to choose from, all at affordable prices. This Short Sleeved Puckered dress is perfect for your end of summer style. The gorgeous flower pattern shown below is easy for any girl to love. This dress comes in several styles and colors so your child can find the design they love in the style you like.

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As it starts to cool down, you can pair this dress with leggings and a light sweater, along with some short boots to complete a fall look that both you and she will love. The tassels on the sleeves of the dresses give it a cute little extra that makes the style stand out from the rest of her outfits, too.

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Little girls love skirts, and Pink Elephant Organics has plenty of styles and color to match her personal taste. Their skirts have their own “twirly” effect to it, making it especially fun for little girls to wear. Grab a couple flutter sleeve tees or more trendy-designed tees, and you will have several different combinations to wear day after day.

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Pink Elephant Organics skirts and basic tees are classic styles that will keep her cool at the end of summer. Pair them with thermal tights and short boots, and these styles can extend through the following autumn months.
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Play dates have never looked so cute with Pink Elephant Organics. Their line of shorts has several different colors and styles from trendy patterns to basic colors that go with everything. The scalloped shorts add a little extra pizzazz to your little one’s style, making it fun and fashionable all while being comfortable enough to play.

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Pair this look with a lace ruffle tee or other fashionable top from Pink Elephant Organics to create a look that can be swapped out easily with some of the other items in her new wardrobe.

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Leggings are always a staple in any girl’s closet (yours and hers!) and Pink Elephant Organics has plenty to choose from. Whether she is adding it under a skirt or dress for cooler temperatures or just wearing them on her own, there are several styles and designs to choose from including both trendy and basic.

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Comfort, quality, and safety don’t stop at what she wears during the day either. Pink Elephant Organics also has a line of sleepwear that will ensure that your little one will be comfortable (and cute!) while they sleep, too.

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Look below to see more looks from this collection:

Pink Elephant Organics has looks for all the kids- boys, girls, and babies. And you know they are safe because of their 100% organic cotton and fair trade practices. Their trendy designs don’t carry the same price tag as other organic collections, making it affordable to dress the whole family in safe, pesticide free clothing.

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