17 Cute Easter Basket Gifts for Toddlers & Their Mamas

Having toddlers can be so much fun, especially around the holidays. The world is such a magical place to a little one, and you get to participate in that magic by playing the Easter Bunny. This year fill up their sweet little basket with things you know your child will love. Here are some of our favorite Easter basket gifts for toddlers (and even a few gifts for their sweet mamas).

14 Easter Basket Gifts for Toddlers


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This may in fact be your little ones’ very first Easter, which means you’ll want to spoil them with the biggest and best Easter basket gifts for toddlers ever! But what if your kids are a bit too young for chocolate and other candies? Amara has you covered with cute, delicious, and healthy food to put in your babies’ Easter basket this year.

The Plant-Based Yogurt Smoothie Melts are the first and only yogurt melt on the market that has no added sugar, so no worrying about an Easter basket sugar crash, making them the perfect Easter basket gift for toddlers and babies. The carrot raspberry flavor will not only fit with the holiday theme but is packed full of flavor for your little one to expand their taste pallet.

If your baby is too small for most food, you can always fill their basket with the Introduction to Solids Variety Pack! What better way to treat your little honey bunny than with starting them on the adventure of solid foods! The Introduction to Solids Variety Pack has three different packs, banana, tropical mango, and potato kale veggie mash. With 21 meals, your baby will have so much variety to explore for their very first Easter.

Plant-Based Yogurt Smoothie Melts | Introduction to Solids Variety Pack
Amara | Facebook | Instagram

Bunnies By The Bay

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Looking for Easter basket gifts for toddlers that are both simple and sentimental? Don’t overlook the joy of a new stuffed animal for your little ones to take to all their tea parties and picnics! Bunnies By The Bay has the most adorable stuffed animals, no matter what animal your kid’s favorite is. The Little Nibble 12″ Bunny is the perfect new friend to celebrate Spring with.

Whether you’re planning to place it in your kid’s Easter basket or just adding an extra friend in their collection, they will hop from room to room carrying their little bunny. You can also have embroidery done in the ears to make this bunny more special for your little ones!

Daily-Mom-Parent-Portal-Cute Easter Basket Gifts for Toddlers

What if your little one isn’t into bunnies? Bunnies By The Bay has an abundance of different animals to choose from including Ocho the Octopus! This little guy has the fuzziest body that your kids will want to snuggle with forever. Ocho’s eight arms have polka dots and stripes on the inside and twist at the bottom for your child’s hand to intertwine perfectly. Ocho the Octopus is perfect for anyone traveling to the sea or simply for anyone looking for a new outside toy for kids that can help broaden their imagination.

Little Nibble 12″ Bunny | Ocho The Octopus
Bunnies By The Bay | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

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Zulily is the perfect place to shop for Easter basket gifts for toddlers. A great addition to your toddler and school-aged kids’ Easter baskets is the Fisher-Price Little People Animal Friends Farm set. This farm set comes with a cow, dog, goat, horse, llama, pig, rooster, and sheep. These characters will certainly be favorites for your littles daily play and make for creative educational tools to learn their animals.

Daily-Mom-Parent-Portal-Cute Easter Basket Gifts for Toddlers

Take the kiddos, and Fisher-Price Little People Animal Friends Safari set, outdoors this spring. The safari set includes a bear, giraffe, kangaroo, koala, rhino, tiger, turtle, and zebra. This gift is perfect for kids age 1-5 and fits perfectly in little hands with big imaginations. The vibrant colors, friendly faces, and durability will make these friends your kid’s favorite toys that will last throughout the years.

Fisher-Price Little People Animal Friends Farm Set | Fisher-Price Little People Animal Friends Safari Set
Zulily | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest


The all-new Corkcicle Kids Cup is a great addition to your Easter basket gifts for toddlers this Spring! Parents know kids always need new water bottles, and those that don’t spill and keep your child’s drinks cold and fresh in the hot Spring and Summer sun are ideal. Corkcicle’s Kids Cup provides up to 18 hours of cold with their triple insulated stainless steel design, flat sides, stay-put silicone bottom, and drink through straw lid that is even dishwasher safe. Pair with everything from a new lunchbox to a beach towel and bucket for the fun, outdoor adventures ahead this Spring and Summer!

Corkcicle Kids Cup
Corkcicle | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

Tiny Undies

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If you are doing elimination communication with your newborn, potty training on a typical schedule, or have a petite babe, these Tiny Undies make a great addition to Easter baskets for toddlers and babies!  Made of super-soft 100% cotton with eco-friendly dyes, these undies are sweatshop-free and free from harmful chemicals, making them perfect for your baby’s sensitive bottom. 

Available in sizes 6 months to 5T and gender-neutral colors for any child, these undies are low-rise and a great fit for babies, young toddlers, and older toddlers who typically have a tiny waist and protruding belly, plus are tag-free for itch-free wear!  With a waistband and leg gussets that are thick and soft making them easier to pull up and down this also makes it easier for you to not have to assist with every potty run. 

3-Pack Tiny Undies
Tiny Undies | Facebook

Chalk Of The Town 


Unleash your child’s creativity with award-winning products from Chalk Of The Town. These magnificent products are designed to be personalized with bright chalk markers, erased, & used again!  The founders are sisters Sondra and Wendy, and they were determined to create a chalkboard-like surface that could accept chalk markers, not only smudgy traditional limestone chalk. They also felt the shirts had to be durable, machine washable, and re-useable. 

The Bunny Rabbit Chalkboard T-Shirt Kit is a high-quality t-shirt, available in sizes for both toddlers, kids, and adults. It features a unique “chalkboard” bunny on the front — the perfect whimsical character to dress-up or share a message or design. The kit includes a soft, 100% cotton machine washable t-shirt, three water-based, non-toxic chalk markers in spring colors (blue, white, and pink), and a washcloth. Draw right on the special chalkboard surface with the included chalk markers, and thanks to the patent-pending design, your creation won’t smudge or bleed. Simply erase with a wet cloth and start again! The soft shirts are reusable and machine-washable so that they can be used over and over for hours of crafty fun. Simply draw, wear, erase, and repeat! Perfect for gifts, birthday bundles, sports, family gatherings, souvenirs, businesses, and more.

Bunny Rabbit Chalkboard T-Shirt Kit 
Chalk Of The Town | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter


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This year we all hope to celebrate Easter in a much more normal way, including family photoshoots, Easter egg hunts, and DIY painting activities. However, if your newborn is too young to participate, there are other ways to shower them with love and help them enjoy this special day! We think the best way to celebrate with your little bunny is to surprise them with an adorable gift basket filled with goodies including a Pink Elephant from WubbaNub’s Nursery collection.

As parents, we all could use a break and WubbaNub is here to save the day! Available in a variety of cute characters, the weight and size of the plush make it easy for babies to hold on to. Alternatively, if your babe has outgrown a paci but still loves to carry something special, WubbaNub’s sweet lovies are perfect Easter basket gifts for toddlers.

Pink Elephant | Pink Owl
WubbaNub | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

Piggy Paint

Daily-Mom-Parent-Portal-Cute Easter Basket Gifts for Toddlers

Are you looking for the perfect goodie for your fashionista’s Easter Basket? Look no further than Piggy Paint! This polish is the perfect addition to Easter baskets for toddlers. Piggy Paint’s advanced water-based formula gives all the thrills of a “big girl” mani-pedi without the harsh solvents and dizzying fumes. Plus, it’s non-flammable, hypoallergenic, cruelty-free, vegan and proudly made in the USA!

Funny Bunny
Piggy Paint | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest


Daily-Mom-Parent-Portal-Cute Easter Basket Gifts for Toddlers

Tired of dressing your kiddo in the most perfect outfit only to have it ruined during mealtime? Bibbrella offers the Full Coverage Bib that alleviates the pain of multiple outfit changes due to mealtime madness, making it the perfect addition to Easter baskets for toddlers.

Their one-of-a-kind design offers complete coverage of the arm, torso, and lap. The Full Coverage Bib is perfect for home or on-the-go mealtimes. Bibbrella’s Full Coverage Bib is not just for meals as it can be utilized for other messy playtime activities. Every Full Coverage Bib features elastic cuffs for adjustable sleeve lengths, is water-resistant, and machine washable, making this the perfect choice for baby-led weaning. 

Full Coverage Bib
Bibbrella | Facebook | Instagram

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Daily-Mom-Parent-Portal-Cute Easter Basket Gifts for Toddlers

Looking for Easter basket gifts for toddlers or Easter egg fillers that don’t include candy, but do encourage independent play? These Pre-Filled Easter Eggs from Joyin are exactly what mom and dad want and something for the kids to play with after the thrill of the hunt. Pre-filled eggs make less work for you and each egg has an adorable crayon in various shapes, from cars to dinosaurs, every kid will get a kick out of what’s inside. A package of 24 eggs is plenty for multiple kids who can share, trade, and color with their new treasures after the egg hunt giving you a moment of downtime as well.

Pre-Filled Easter Eggs
Joyin | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

Basic Fun!

Daily-Mom-Parent-Portal-Cute Easter Basket Gifts for Toddlers

When thinking back to your childhood, remember that signature toy that you loved dearly? Care Bears plush toys were a childhood staple and now Basic Fun! has released the Care Bears 14″ Plush that are perfect Easter basket gifts for toddlers. Each toy is huggable, soft, colorful, and features the signature belly badge. A Care Bear Plush toy will be so popular, you will have to make room in the Easter baskets and let them tag along on all those spring adventures.

Care Bears 14″ Plush
Basic Fun! | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Linkedin


Daily-Mom-Parent-Portal-Cute Easter Basket Gifts for Toddlers

Many people use small toys to relieve stress, anxiety, help their focus, or just plain fun. Any squishy and squeezy toy is helpful because it’s soothing and calming. Mimbleball are lovable creatures that are more than just toys; they’re comforting friends for those who need a little extra love, joy, and laughter!

Discover the Mimbleball’s superpower as soon as you hold it in your hands. You can smooth the soft hair down and then give it a tap on the underside or a slight shake, and its hair stands straight up. These 5” round therapy toys are soft, cuddly, and make perfect Easter basket gifts for toddlers.

There are six to collect, and each Mimbleball has unique, engaging color combinations so everyone will have a favorite. Thimble is a beautiful pink Mimbleball that will make you feel strong as a lion. You can deal with anything with Thimble on your team!

Mimbleball | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest

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Disney Junior

Daily-Mom-Parent-Portal-Cute Easter Basket Gifts for Toddlers

Does your toddler love to take pictures as much as you do? Then give them the gift of their own Disney Junior Minnie Mouse Picture Perfect Camera this Easter! Inspired by Minnie Mouse’s signature pink polka-dot bow, this picture-perfect camera features realistic camera sounds and lights, a flash, and a button that kids can press to hear Minnie Mouse phrases and watch a photo pop out the bottom of the camera, just like an instant camera. This set includes three double-sided photos of Minnie Mouse and Daisy striking dynamic poses, as well as a crossbody strap, making it easy to snap photos on-the-go! These are perfect Easter basket gifts for toddlers.

Minnie Mouse Picture Perfect Camera
Disney Junior | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube

iPlay, iLearn

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While it may not fit “in” an Easter basket fill your toddlers’ eyes with delight this Easter with the iPlay, iLearn Bouncy Pal Kylie the Unicorn. With her soft touch, bouncy body, and colorful rainbow accents, the pretty brights and pastels of Spring really pop on the white background of this bouncy pal! With 4 sturdy legs for bouncing along with ease while strengthening muscles, promoting balance and coordination, and even brain development, Kylie the Unicorn is a fun and engaging toy for toddlers this Easter! Simple to inflate with the included pump, this plush, bouncy pal will make your little one smile this Easter Sunday.

Kylie the Bouncy Pal Unicorn
iPlay, iLearn | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube

3 Easter Basket Gifts for Moms


Daily-Mom-Parent-Portal-Cute Easter Basket Gifts for Toddlers

If your little ones enjoy a good foot rub as much as you do, why not include a rub of Footnanny foot cream in their Easter basket this year. We particularly love Lavender. Known to calm those babies down at night, allow the aroma of lavender to RELAX your child’s feet and your soul.

The essential oil of lavender is used in aromatherapy to relieve tension, anxiety, and depression. Lavender is also used to induce relaxation. Rub this cream on their feet and watch as they sleep tight. Perfect for runners, dancers, mothers, and kids who have a seemingly endless amount of energy, Footnanny’s products make delightful Easter basket gifts for toddlers or their mamas.

Footnanny Lavender Foot Cream
Footnanny | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube

Isabelle Grace Jewelry

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Easter is an important time of year. Whether yours is a family of faith, or one that believes in a bunny who delivers goodies to the little ones, or both, celebrating this time with family is valuable! It’s important to have tangible reminders of the importance of faith and the value of friends and family in their lives. What better way to celebrate that joy than by giving that special person a Side Cross Necklace by Isabelle Grace in their Easter basket?

When times are tough, what we all need is something beautiful to remind us that grace and humility, empathy, and strength are within us. This simple symbol of faith, featuring a simple design makes for the perfect accessory to wear every day. Available in sterling silver, gold or rose gold fill, the cross charm is set just left of center on the chain. This is a perfect Easter basket gift.

Side Cross Necklace
Isabelle Grace | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

Marie Belle


Step aside, jelly beans and Peeps! This year, your someone special deserves the ultimate splurge-worthy chocolate treat – handmade, artisanal chocolate from Marie Belle. Start by adding an Easter Egg with Milk Pearls to that Easter basket. Using the finest selection of Criollo cacao beans and high-quality, natural ingredients, this rich and decadent chocolate egg is available in milk or dark chocolate. Better pick up more than one – your lucky gift recipient may not want to share!


Don’t stop there, though. After all, there’s still an entire Easter Collection to explore! If you’re looking for something more impactful than traditional chocolate eggs and bunnies, choose a box of Easter-themed ganaches made with dark chocolate. Each one displays an actual painting handmade by an artisanal, culinary artist. A-ma-zing! Marie Belle will become your new favorite way to welcome spring!

Easter Egg with Milk Pearls | Easter Collection
Marie Belle | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

We hope these Easter basket gifts for toddlers inspired you to start gathering goodies to fill up a basket that will delight your little one this year. We are all about celebrating and enjoying the holidays with our families at Daily Mom so be sure to check in with us whenever you need a little seasonal inspiration. 


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