New Year Smart Travel with Raden

Every time you pack for a trip do you plead with yourself to use some of those great packing tips you’ve pinned to your Pinterest board? Well, lucky for you, 2017 is the year to finally lighten your (packing) load, and what better way to do it than in style with the smart luggage company, Raden. During the upcoming year it is time to upgrade your luggage game in a new and exciting way with a bag that is as tech savvy and smart as it is aesthetically appealing.


A Bag for all of your Travels

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Nowadays it seems that smart technology has completely taken over. Forget the smart phones, now there are smart alternatives for almost anything you can think of. From a smart refrigerator to smart thermostats, smoke detectors, watches, toys, and so much more that it really seems like there are smart versions of just about everything. Travel is something that people do all the time, whether you are traveling on business, going to Grandma’s for the weekend with the kids, the long overdue girl’s trip for a bit of rest and relaxation, or a week away in the islands with your husband. All of these trips have their own challenges from properly packing to praying your luggage doesn’t get lost and crossing your fingers that you remembered to put an extra charger in your carry on bag (iPhone battery problems, anyone?)

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When you think about your requirements for a new piece of luggage, what comes to mind? Obviously you want to invest in a durable piece that is sleek, the proper size, and built to last for years to come, but has the idea of smart luggage crossed your mind? And what in fact is smart luggage? Well, the amazing company Raden is taking the luggage market by storm with their tech-centric bags. They offer an A22 carry on and the A28, both of which are some of the most stylish, hard sided suitcases you will find, and feature a minimalist design and maximum packing capacity. These bags feature a built-in phone charger, an integrated scale, and location awareness, which all connect seamlessly with their mobile app.

The carry and check bags by Raden are engineered with some of the strongest materials on the market. The bag case itself is crafted from Makrolon® Polycarbonate. It is both durable enough to withstand impacts, yet flexible enough to prevent cracks. Its polyester lining includes one-sided mesh pockets designed to store small belongings, and its double-zippered sides ensure all contents stay safe and secure. The outer zipper features a reversed zipper lining with a polyurethane overlay to allow for waterproof sealing. In addition to the phone charger, this bag also features a TSA approved lock. The case also has a dual-extension aluminum handle and four spinner wheels made of polyurethane tires.

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The Future of Travel – Amazing and Smart Features

  • Travel technology: locate, weigh, charge
  • TSA-approved dimensions: 22″/14″/9″
  • Strong polycarbonate shell
  • Lightweight at 8.4 lbs.
  • Available in modern matte or gloss finish
  • Waterproof zipper, integrated TSA lock
  • Water resistant
  • Double spinning and silent wheels offer 360-degree maneuverability
  • Ergonomic top carry handle doubles as a weight sensor
  • Proximity sensors leverage Bluetooth technology
  • Portable power: 7800 mAh integrated power bank with 2 external USB ports provide up to 4x full phone charges
  • Manufacturer’s 5-year limited warranty
  • Shell: Makrolon polycarbonate; Lining: polyester
  • Easy to wipe clean

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Pack Smarter With Raden

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What better time to invest in new and long lasting luggage than the New Year? While you are ringing in 2017 and beginning to plan the trips that lie ahead, you can rest assured knowing that gone will be the days of frantically searching for a charging port in-between flights and curiosity about how much your bag truly weighs.


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