Modern Beauty & Ultimate Safety in the Cybex Aton Q

If you’re pregnant or just welcomed a new addition to the family, an infant carseat is at the very top of your must-get list, and for good reason. You don’t necessarily need a closet full of baby pea coats, the latest decked out high chair, or a cupboard filled to the brim with bottles when bringing home a new baby; the only bare-bones, essential item you need to leave those hospital doors with is a carseat. While carseats are truly a dime a dozen these days, we want to be sure that the Aton Q from Cybex is on your radar when shopping around, as we are utterly obsessed with the modern design and safety features that this infant carseat boasts. Come take a look…

Meet Cybex

Cybex is a child product company that offers carseats, strollers, and baby carriers, with each product designed exclusively for the highest in safety standards and the most stylish of designs. The D.S.F. Innovation Principle that makes up the core of the Cybex company consists of Design / Safety / Functionality, and is made apparent through their products, many that are award-winning. In addition to providing parents and care givers with the safest of baby products, Cybex prides themselves on being a lifestyle and fashion brand as well, perfectly marrying their principles of design, safety, and functionality into amazing products.

The Aton Q

Cybex has a slew of carseats available, so you really can’t go wrong by choosing anything from their lineup, but the Aton Q specifically caught our eye for holding the tiniest of babies. Engineered and designed in Germany, this seat caters to the freshest of little ones, straight from birth until they top the scales at 28 pounds – around 18 months old – which is when they can safely transition to a convertible carseat.

Even if your baby was born premature, or just a bit on the smaller side, you can rest assured that this carseat was designed for even the smallest of infants, taking a smaller than average weight into consideration, with its removable seat insert. When the insert is used, your child can recline in a near flat position, reducing the risk of suffocation and/or breathing problems caused by compression of the head, neck, and chest. Once your baby has more control over their upper body, you can remove the insert, allowing for more space and comfort as your child grows.

Another feature of the Aton Q that makes growing with your baby easy and convenient is the 8-position height-adjustable headrest. Not only does having the ability to move the headrest up as your baby grows make it more comfortable for their ride, it also is an added safety feature, giving the seat more side-impact protection in the case of a crash. The headrest includes an integrated harness guide, which means as the headrest is adjusted, the length of the harness automatically adjusts as well, giving you a stress-free and confident way of being sure everything is where it needs to be. No more threading in and out of the harness, which means no more carseat wrangling and backseat cursing!

The coolest safety feature in the Aton Q is by far the Telescopic L.S.P. System (Linear Side-Impact Protection). In conjunction with the energy absorbing shell, the L.S.P.’s absorb the most force first in the event of a side-impact crash, then the shell’s flexible material and structure absorbs more force; these dual safety features work together by channeling the strongest impact forces away from your child in a side-impact crash. There are two L.S.P.s on either side of the seat. You only use them if the carseat is installed near a door, not if the carseat is installed in the middle seat of the vehicle. They are easily adjustable with two settings; simply pull one out on the side nearest the door, making sure the L.S.P. doesn’t touch the door – hence the two settings, to be sure it accommodates a wide range of interior vehicle sizes.

Protecting your new human from the harsh outdoor elements – or the even harsher indoor ones (i.e. nosy strangers and snotty kids), is stylishly easy in the Aton Q, with the XXL fold-away sun canopy, that is fully integrated into the seat, giving the seat a seamless appearance when not in use. Extend it in increments, giving you the exact amount of protection you need in that moment. It’s also UVP50+ protected, for keeping the sun and all its nasty effects away from the flawless skin of your baby.

Here’s what else makes the Aton Q one of our top picks in the infant carseat world:

  • A wide variety of color options and fabric variations

  • Compatible with a wide range of travel systems for on-the-go ease

  • Extra wide Y-harness straps | Soft belt and crotch pads

  • Included base that works with LATCH system, allows carseat to snap in and out easily, and features a stabilizer bar

  • Accessories available, including a rain cover, insect net, summer cover, footmuff, etc.

  • Fabric covers are machine washable

You’ve got style, safety, and support all wrapped up in one brilliantly designed carseat, perfect for even the tiniest of sweet bundles. We’d say this is a home run in the infant carseat market, so now all you have to do is decide which color best matches your new baby’s pea coat!


Cybex Platinum Aton Q


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Photo Credits: Dani Nicole Photography



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