Mother’s Day Spa Packages

Motherhood comes with many challenges; the road quite often feels like an uphill battle that is deeply rooted in love. The days are long, but the years are short. Motherhood isn’t just hard because our children whine or cry, it’s hard because we are constantly second guessing ourselves- are we enough?  Are we the best mother to our children? Are we who they need us to be? Mothers often feel overwhelmed, but it isn’t simply because the days are tiresome, it’s more often because we know these moments are fleeting.  Each night we lay our sweet babies down, and each morning they wake up a day older.  No matter how great our frustrations feel, it is our love that both overwhelms and overflows our hearts.

That is why we need days of mental rejuvenation, days that not only allow us a few hours of time to ourselves but a space to find quiet to silence our minds. Everything needs a reboot from time to time, a peaceful reawakening. It is time for mothers to take off the many hats they wear each day and retreat into a beautiful oasis.  It is time for a day at the spa.

Celebrating Mother’s Day at a spa is an opportunity to reflect, relax and enjoy the world around you in luxury. If the Mom in your life is a locavore, finding a spa that will indulge her in the best of the city you live in is an experience she’ll love. Finding hidden gems in your hometown is the ideal way to show her how much thought you put into selecting the perfect spa experience, just for her

Mother’s Day Spa Packages We Love



The Naples Beach Hotel & Golf Club

LocationNaples Beach Hotel & Golf Club– Naples, FL

The The Spa at The Naples Beach Hotel & Golf Club is located in the Naples Beach Hotel & Golf Club, a beautiful beachfront hotel in Naples, FL.


 Time for Two

  • The Time for Two package is a great option to allow mom to get the full spa experience for a day. She can choose between two 50 -minute spa treatments such as a Swedish Massage, Revitalizing Fruit Fresh Facial, Moisture Rich Conditioning Wrap or Spa Pedicure with an Express Manicure. The Time for Two Spa Package includes a complimentary glass of champagne or white wine. Give mom the gift of relaxation all while allowing her to choose her own Mother’s Day adventure with the Time for Two package from The Spa at The Naples Beach Hotel & Golf Club.
  • 100 min | $198

As you walk into the The Spa at The Naples Beach Hotel & Golf Club you are met with the ultimate in tranquility. Finally, the mom in your life can hear a sound that rarely meets her ears- silence. She is given her choice of champagne or white wine to sip while she waits for her treatments to begin. Essential oils that put her in a dream-like trance surround her in every room no matter if she is getting a relaxing massage or facial, or being pampered with a pedicure. For the next hour and a half, the mom in your life will be taken on a journey to relaxation, making her feel better to tackle her life as a wife, mom, and woman.

HB’s on the Gulf Restaurant

Top off your Mother’s Day spa experience with dinner at Naples Beach Hotel and Golf Club with a lunch or dinner at their restaurant, HB’s on the Gulf. HB’s on the Gulf is Naples only beachfront restaurant, promising amazing views while you try their expansive dinner, lunch, dessert, and drink menu.

Enjoy Mother’s Day with a fellow mom-warrior or fly solo. Either way, give the mom in your life a spa experience at Naples Beach Hotel and Gulf Resort along with lunch or dinner at HB’s on the Gulf for an ultimate day of relaxation and pampering that she deserves.

You can’t go wrong with their culinary dishes from expert chefs. Their dishes include ingredients from the local area so food is always fresh, delicious, and perfectly on point. Mother’s Day just wouldn’t be the same without some yummy food to go along with their pampering at the spa. After all, those massages make you hungry!

Solimar Spa

LocationRadisson Blu Mall of America­ Bloomington, MN

Conveniently located in the Mall of America, this breathtaking hotel is modern and chic while offering a vast assortment of amenities, including luxurious spa treatments, farm-to-table dishes that are locally sourced and a “Minnesota Nice” staff ready to serve.


Lavender and Chamomile Specialty Massage

  • If you’re looking for a place to spoil the lady in your life then Solimar Spa is the location! In addition to the tantalizing treatments that are always on their menu, they also add monthly specials that coordinate with Minnesota’s changing seasons. Their current treat, the Lavender and Chamomile Speciality Massage, is just as tranquil as it is delicious. The fresh floral scents of Lavender and Chamomile are integrated throughout the experience with seamless effort and astounding results. After beginning with cool facial stones, your massage therapist will incorporate hot stones as well as a soothing herbal tea eye treatment and allow you to indulge in locally grown oils and butters. The end result is silky soft skin that is radiant, a mind that is refreshed, and a body that feels like it has the ability to float.
  • 75 minutes | $135

Sweet Honey Facial

  • If you have a mom that deserves the world, then this facial will be a gift that is treasured. Keeping with the Solimar Spa’s theme of seasonal specialties, theSweet Honey Facial is as sincere as it sounds. Using the antioxidant­rich honey as a base, the complexion boosting concoction is soothing and calming. After starting with a Raw Honey face wash, you will receive a light peel to balance out your skin. This is followed up by a hydrating honey mask. Did you know that honey is nature’s way of slowing down the signs of aging and helps fight acne? Who wouldn’t sign up for something that smells so sweet and treats your face so great!
  • 60 minutes | $115

FireLake Grill House & Cocktail Bar

  • This farm to table restaurant is the perfect place to celebrate the mother in your life. Conveniently located in the upper level of the Radisson Blu at Mall of America, it offers a relaxing bar area full of mixology masters, a large array of comfortable seating in the dining room and a dessert menu to tease your taste buds. The FireLake serves fresh and locally sourced entrees, many of which give taste to the land of 10,000 lakes. From walleye to cheese curds, fresh charcuterie to popovers, porketta to Minnesota raised chickens, the menu will leave you wanting it all.

The Solimar Spa is the perfect place to stop this Mother’s Day! The Solimar Spa offers monthly specials that change with the seasons. This unique offering allows customers the opportunity to come back for services they’ll love with seasonal flair. It is what you need to heighten all of your senses and leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. When is the last time you can that as a mom? From the moment you step into the salon, you will notice a tranquility that will put your mind and body at ease. Once in your signature robe, you are invited to resting area for hot tea, infused water, snacks, and a soft calmness that you likely won’t find elsewhere. Minnesota’s Solimar Spa is fascinating because the massage includes locally grown raw honey and beeswax from Minnesota’s own Worker B, which raise their bees on the roof of the Mall of America! Follow up with a steam shower for the ultimate finish to services, and you will float away without a care in the world. When you’re done with services at the spa, a delicious lunch at FireLake Grill House & Cocktail Bar is the perfect stop to complete an unforgettable Mother’s Day.

The Spa at Ballantyne

LocationBallantyne Hotel- Charlotte, NC

Located just miles away from uptown Charlotte this beautiful, luxurious hotel offers amenities from spa packages, golf packages, and fine dining adorned with Southern hospitality.




  • The most requested massage therapy at The Spa at Ballantyne. Their expert massage therapist designs this journey uniquely for you. They use a variety of pressures and stretches customized to your own needs. This experience will calm your mother’s worries and relieve the weight of the world that you’ve been holding up for so long.
  •  50 min | $140; 80 min | $180

Carolina Lavender Escape

Embrace the smell sweet Carolina lavender as you escape from the everyday mundane into a world of relaxation with this signature spa treatment.  The massage features a light to medium pressure massage accompanied by a custom-blend of signature lavender oils for the ultimate relaxation.  The Signature Wrap begins with an invigorating lavender body based with detoxifying salts and healing oils.  The blend helps promote deep hydration as well as a calming effect.  Finish off your escape with a luxurious mani and pedi using Dead Sea salt soak, detoxifying mask, and custom nail and cuticle grooming.  Enjoy The Spa at Ballantyne’s very won Carolina Lavender cocktail during your treatment.

  • minimum 4.5 hrs | $396

The Spa at Ballantyne offers everything you need to find your inner peace and relax, as Mothers we all know it is far to easy to neglect ourselves while selflessly caring for others. Here it is all about escaping the world around us and sinking into a serine connection nurtured between our minds and bodies. The space in which light seeps our hearts and rejuvenates us to take on another day of Motherhood. The Ballantyne Spa offers a variety of ways to quite your mind and gently slip away into serenity. Awaken your soul and find your balance with calming Spa Packages such as the Carolina Lavender Escape or Sweet Red Rose Massage. Find your full relaxation and renewal at The Spa at Ballantyne.


 The Indulge Spa

Location: The Shores Resort & Spa- Daytona Beach, FL

The Indulge Spa is located in The Shores Resort & Spa, a beautiful beachfront hotel in Daytona Beach, FL.


Art of Caring

  • We love the Art of Caring treatment this Mother’s Day as the perfect way to show mom how much you care. This treatment focuses on nourishing and rejuvenating the skin, mind, and body. The treatment begins with a relaxing twenty-minute soak with botanical bath salts and rose petals. Next, you are treated to a dry brush scrub and light exfoliation followed by a warm shower. Finally, a fifty-minute massage with essential oils capped off by a lotion application to seal in the moisture.
  • 110 min | $230

Truly a safe-haven of tranquility and ultimate pampering, the Indulge Spa welcomes you in as soon as you arrive. Sip on a mimosa, champagne, or hot tea as you begin the ritualistic soak. Embracing the quiet and stillness, a feeling that that moms may have long forgotten (because honestly, when is the last time mom had twenty minutes to indulge in a warm soak). The intense relaxation continues with the dry brush scrub followed by a hot shower. There is something about a hot (undisturbed) shower that always feels like you are cleansing the day away and starting anew. The fifty-minute massage is filled with light but firm touches which elevates the treatment to a divine experience. Afterward, mom will feel rejuvenated and ready to take on the world — after all who run the world? Mom.


The Oxford Club and Spa

LocationDenver, CO

The Oxford Club and Spa is located in the heart of downtown Denver, just minutes away from Union Station and the nightlife of LoDo.


Bee My Honey

  • The Bee My Honey Body Scrub is an amazing ode to the world we live in, taking all natural products and treating her skin to an indulgence she craves at the end of a dry winter season. Created by Chef Chris Starkus from the Urban Farmer (adjacent to the Oxford Hotel), the treatment is a collaboration that treats both the skin and the soul. The treatment includes a full body scrub made from local bee honey [so local it’s directly off the rooftop of the building] sugar, aloe, lavender oil, and olive oil. After a deep exfoliation, she is treated to a Milk and Honey body butter massage to help keep the skin moisturized.
  • 80 min | TBD

The historic Oxford Club has pulled out all the stops in creating an oasis of calm in the heart of the city. Guests to the spa can enjoy the access to the top of the line fitness center before their service and unwind in the steam room prior to heading up to the lounge to wait for her masseuse. Once she has fully unwound in the calming lounge she’ll head back to the treatment room where the scrub will be applied liberally across her skin, removing all signs of the winter weather. Following the sugar exfoliation, warm towels are applied to open the pores and remove the scrub with a gentle massage. Before wrapping up the treatment, the skin is treated to a full application of Milk & Honey Body Butter.

Before heading back to the real world, enjoy a chef-prepared Bee Pollen smoothie and Panna Cottata made from Chia Seeds and Coconut Milk. Bee Pollen is rich in vitamins and can help lower seasonal allergies. With fresh local berries and a topping of raw local honeycomb, she’ll feel fully indulged from the inside and out. As a memento from her experience, she can take home her own tube of Bee Lip Balm, allowing her to enjoy a quick mental trip to the spa on a daily basis.


Body Services


Oxford Club Spa | Urban Farmer | Yelp | Instagram

Only by taking care of herself can mom truly take care of everyone else. A spa day is the perfect opportunity for mom to relax, reflect, and unwind. After all, a mom properly pampered can properly pamper everyone else. Give the Mom in your life the gift of rejuvenation this Mother’s Day.

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