Inspiring Dreams with Fearless Dreamer Pajamas

There is no doubt that pajamas are a children’s wardrobe essential.  Kids love pajamas. Is there really anything better after a long day than a cozy pair of pajamas? Pajamas are obviously great for bedtime, but what about lazy days around the house, sick days or just days where you really don’t want to get dressed? Forget uncomfortable character pajamas… Today we want to tell you about a pajama brand that we are LOVING: Fearless Dreamer.  They have amazing pajamas that will not only inspire your kids but they will take pajama fun to a whole new level.

Everyday we strive to help inspire our kids.  From the lessons we try to impart on them to the countless activities we plan for them and encourage them to take part in. It has been said time and time again that play is the most important thing for children. Play gives children an opportunity to use their creativity while also developing their imagination and physical, cognitive, and emotional strength.

About the Brand

Now, the real question is, why are we bringing this up while telling you about a pajama company?  Fearless Dreamer offers your kids Pajamas that they can truly play in! Play make believe, play pretend and just be themselves. Their company was founded on the belief that children can grow up to be anything they want. Maurice Rahmey, founder of the company knows that parents are constantly asking children what they want to be when they grow up. According to what’s on today’s shelves, boys may choose police men, astronauts or doctors and girls could be princesses or nurses. But, we know all children can grow up to be anything they want. That’s why Fearless Dreamer was created. Fearless Dreamer has created designs kids everywhere will enjoy and wrote stories to help empower your child to achieve whatever they imagine.

Fearless Dreamer Doctor

As a child, Maurice’s dad made her a pair of police officer pajamas that she wore every night. She would run around the house trying to save the day and she truly felt like she could be or do anything in those PJ’s. Now she finds herself recreating that same experience for a new generation of children with Fearless Dreamer.

The Pajamas 

Fearless Dreamer’s mission is to make the best pajamas anywhere. They know that the best pajamas anywhere have to also be the most comfortable. That is why they craft their pajamas with 100% organic cotton. In addition to starting with the best fabric, they also have some other features that we love.

  1. Made with organically grown cotton
  2. 100% cotton ribbknit
  3. Front screenprint
  4. Super-smooth flatlock seams
  5. Comfy encased stretch waist
  6. Ready-to-grow cuffs keep the fit
  7. Pre-washed so no need to worry about shrinking

Fearless Dreamer (4 of 7)

Fearless Dreamer (1 of 7)

Fearless Dreamer 2


What goes together better than bedtime and reading? When purchasing a pair of Fearless Dreamers Pajamas you will also get a companion illustrated bedtime story about Freddy and Franny Dreamer, a brother and sister with a magic bed they to use to travel to Mars, save the day, and help patients.

Your child will feel like they are along for the adventure in their own outfit as they see our heroes help aliens, save babies and cure flying elephants. Encourage your little ones to be their own fearless dreamers, every day!

Check out one of other favorite kids brand, Primary!  They will be a great addition to your child’s back to school basics wardrobe!

Fearless Dreamers




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