Last Minute Mother’s Day Gifts: Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is fast approaching and for a few of us procrastinators and stragglers, that means we need a last minute Mother’s Day gift..and fast! Daily Mom is here to rescue you from your “I have no idea what to get her” woes with some of our favorite last minute gifts for woman in your life who does everything for everyone else. Check out Daily Mom’s favorite last minute Mother’s Day gifts below: 

Unique Gifts for Mom


Because all moms love a new stroller to carry their babes

Some moms just love to get things they need for Mother’s Day. If she’s been eyeing a new stroller, the Inglesina Zippy Light is a perfect option for the mom on the go. It weighs on 15 lbs, and opens and closes with just one hand. It has a large extendable hood with UPF 50+ to keep baby safe from the sun’s rays, as well as a fully reclining backrest and an adjustable foot rest. The Zippy Light is super compact so mom can easily navigate her favorite stores even in the narrowest of aisles.

She will be in and out in a flash with its easy-to-open and close, lightweight frame. Inglesina’s Zippy Light is compatible for infants from birth to children up to 55 lbs so it will be something she can use for years to come.


Zippy Light Stroller


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For the surfer mom who wants to be safe


If you have a mom in your life who just can’t stay out of the ocean or off her surfboard, chances are she wants to try to stay as safe as possible from any threats under the sea. Sharkbanz are an innovative product that keeps surfers safe in the ocean. It’s patented magnetic technology developed by marine biologists helps deter predatory shark species while she’s catching a wave.

The Sharkbanz 2 can be worn on your wrist or ankle. It’s light ergonomic design makes it barely noticeable while she’s in the water and doesn’t get in the way of her moving. It doesn’t require any charging or batteries so she are always ready to go the minute she hits the shore. It can fit ages 5 and up, and is effective to depths of 100 meters or 330 feet.

The Sharkbanz Modom Leash is an alternative to the traditional surfboard leash. It has the same patented magnetic technology as the Sharkbanz 2, but offers additional protection when she’s on her board. It is fully interchangeable with her favorite leash or she can use the 6 foot leash provided. The ultra-strong velcro ensures it stays on no matter what.



Sharkbanz 2 | Sharkbanz Modom Leash


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Coola Suncare

Keep mom’s skin safe as summer approaches

Summer is quickly approaching and that means that mom needs to start thinking about keeping her skin safe from the summer rays when she’s outside with the kids or sunbathing by the pool (ha!). Trying to find a high quality sunscreen that isn’t filled with chemicals can be difficult, but Coola Suncare has several products that are mineral based and organic, giving mom peace of mind that what she’s putting on her skin is safe and will protect her from harmful UV rays.

The first thing mom needs to do in the morning is get herself ready to go. Give her an every day primer to help set her makeup and protect her skin with Coola’s Dawn Patrol Makeup Primer Sunscreen. If mom is going to be outside for a little bit longer that day, give her something cool and refreshing to reapply with their Cucumber Mineral Matte Sunscreen. This sunscreen won’t make her look oily either, so she can stay confident even with minimal makeup.

For all day protection, perhaps for a pool day with the kids or a beach vacation as a family, mom will want to ensure that everyone in the family has strong and resilient sunscreen to protect them. Coola’s Eco-Lux Sport SPF 50+ Sunscreen Spray gives all day protection that is easy to apply for the whole family. The organic, sweat-resistent formula makes sure everyone is protected from the sun to pool. And the sweet guava mango scent is a fan favorite.

If you’re looking for more of a classic coverage for the mom in your life, or the rest of the family, that is easy to take with you the Plumeria Organic Sunscreen with SPF 30+ is perfect. The organic formula is safe for all skin types and the sweet plumeria scent gives it a nice smell instead of the normal chemical scent of traditional sunscreens.

Protect the mom in your life (and the rest of the family) this Mother’s Day with sun care protection from Coola.


Let’s be honest- all mom wants is a little help


Being a mom means having a schedule that is jam packed. Often times it can feel like she’s drowning in a sea of too many things to do- soccer practice, ballet recitals, grocery shopping. Some days she might find herself needing to be in two places at once. Nothing helps moms out more than an extra set of hands. And now, with Kango, that is totally possible.

Kango is an app that is designed to help parents find rides for their children or even childcare. So if you have several children that need to be on opposite sides of town for practice at the exact same time, you hit up Kango. Here you will have access to safe, background checked drivers who are equipped to take your kids where they need to go when you can’t.

Drivers can be tracked via the app so she can make sure that her kids are riding safe. All drivers have clean DMV and driving records and are fingerprinted prior to hiring. But rides aren’t the only thing you can find- Kango also offers childcare for those all important date nights or when mom needs a little extra help. You can even schedule rides or childcare for the future! If mom needs anything this Mother’s Day, it’s easily accessible and reliable care from Kango.

Safety is paramount with Kango. You can access your driver or sitter with a simple tap from your app, and monitor their location. You can even pre-screen your driver or sitter with an interview or ride-along so you know that they are safe and you feel comfortable with them around your kids.




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For Mama and Baby


A practical gift for the pumping and nursing mama

 BeliBea offers an all-in-one nursing and hands-free pumping bra that allows mom to be able to nurse when she’s with her baby or pump when she’s not. The Nourish folds down like a traditional nursing bra but also has two fitted holes to place your pump when needed. No longer does mom have to wear two different bras- or change in the middle of the day- to meet both of the different needs for her baby.

The Nourish bra is comfortable enough for mom to wear all day- whether she’s home with her little one, working, or out for the day. The no-underwire design makes it comfortable and supportive- because the last thing mom wants is to deal with poking underwires when trying to nurse or pump. It’s scoop neck style allows mom to wear it under most clothes, too. The Nourish bra allows mom more freedom to wear and to do the things she needs no matter if she’s feeding baby or prepping bottles. 

Teach My

For the Yogi Mama who Wants to Move and Teach with Her Little

If mama is a yogi, chances are that she loves to move with her little one. Yoga is a great way to stimulate the body and the mind for both adults and children. But learning should be active, too- especially for toddlers and preschoolers. So why not give the gift of bonding this Mother’s Day with a Teach My Learning Yoga Play Mat. These play mats double as an active learning station and a yoga mat to bring together learning, fun, and yoga.

The Teach My Fish and Learn Yoga Mat can help to make learning more active. With a set of magnetic numbers, letters, and shapes and a coordinating fishing pole, your child can work on their motor skills and recognition skills. The back of the mat has classic yoga poses for your little one to encourage some namaste time after their learning is done!

The Teach My Hop and Learn Yoga Mat gives children a fun way to work on their letters, shapes, and numbers. The mat comes with a spinner, two bean bags, and playing tokens for a fun game. It has has ABC inspired yoga poses to practice yoga with mom along with their letter recognition.

Baja Baby

A great way for mom to give back to the one that made her a mom- her baby

One day a year it is mom’s turn to be pampered. But every other day, moms love to pamper the little beings that made them moms. One of the most bonding experiences a new mother can have with her baby is bath time. So why not help strengthen that bond with something that help mom and baby enjoy this special time?

Baja Baby is a luxury bath and skin care line that offers parents and their little ones high quality and safe skin care products. They are 100% natural and give your baby the spa like experience that most moms crave during those early years. Baja Baby was developed by two loving moms who want to give other families safe bath and body products that make bath time relaxing and enjoyable for everyone. They were recently awarded the Best Baby Skincare Eco-Excellence Award and the are ranked as the safest products on the market today on the EWG VERIFIED™ program as well as PETA-approved.

Baja Baby’s Nourishing Lavender lotion is the perfect end to your baby’s bath time routine. A little baby massage with this calming lotion will help mom and baby both relax, hopefully drifting everyone off into a deep sleep (because let’s be honest, that’s one thing that mom really wants!).

Baja Baby is offering 50% off of their Nourishing Lavender Lotion with the code MOMSDAY50 exclusively to Daily Mom readers!


For the nursing mama who wants to be fun and flirty underneath it all

 Nursing is a beautiful act of motherhood. Nourishing your child from your own body is something generous and delightful that many mothers get to experience. However, leaky boobs aren’t always so pretty. It can be quite embarrassing to have your shirt covered in milk from an unexpected leakage in the middle of Target or a meeting with your boss. But most nursing pads are not exactly lovely to look at. Bamboobies has a solution for the nursing moms that want to put a little flirt in their leaky boob situation with their Flirty Lace Nursing Pads.

Bamboobies Flirty Lace Nursing Pads give a little bit of spice to the ordinary nursing pad. They are heart-shaped which provides more overall coverage than the traditional circular or oval shaped pad. They are also made with bamboo rayon velour which is super absorbent. The outer milk-proof™ liner to helps prevent embarrassing leaks, and they are machine washable so you can use them again and again. They also are line fine which provides a sleek no-show look on even the most fitting of clothing.

The Flirty Lace Nursing Pads provide coverage, protection, and a little kick compared to ordinary nursing pads, perfect for the nursing mama this Mother’s Day.


Bamboobies Flirty Lace Nursing Pads


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Bari Lynn

The perfect little clutch

A purse is a woman’s best friend as it says so much about her style. As mom’s, our greatest treasure is passing on our love of style, and of course a great purse. The Bari Lynn clutch is the ultimate clutch for your beloved daughter. This exclusive collaboration with Elizabeth Sutton clutch is the perfect size for your daughter to look put together and effortlessly chic. Adorned with both a rainbow and butterfly, the pearly acrylic boxed clutch has a magnetic closure that makes the bag colorful, fun, and functional. The chain shoulder strap can be worn or tucked into the bag. Life may not always be rainbows and butterflies, but your daughter’s outfit can be with this adorable little summer clutch.


Bari Lynn


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For the Stylish Mama

Robin B

For moms who love simple style

Motherhood is exhausting. Some days we just don’t have the energy to want to stand in our closest, wondering what we should wear. No matter if we are getting ready for work or home with the kids all day, trying to figure out what to wear shouldn’t be a chore. Enter Robin B and their line of essentials.

Robin B’s Black Scoop Neck Sleeveless Dress is a mom’s perfect go-to dress for work- or for after work. It’s comfortable fabric allows mom to be able to move around, but the classic style doesn’t go unnoticed. It’s sleeveless and cocktail length style is perfect for work or a date night, making it an easy choice to start her day.

However, some days mom wants to be a little more casual. Robin B’s Essential Tee is another staple that mom must have in her closet. Pair it with a cute pair of comfortable jeans or even some leggings and a long sweater, this tee is versatile. It will quickly become one of her favorites.



Black Scoop Neck Sleeveless Dress | Essential Tee


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For moms who are always on their feet


Moms never stop moving. From chasing toddlers and taking little ones to the park to after school activities and taking care of the family, they are always on their feet. That’s why moms need a comfortable and stylish shoe that keeps them going all day long without any pain or discomfort. For this, they need the Flyte Ballet Flat from Lissom.

The Flyte Ballet Flat is ergonomic and quickly molds to the shape of her foot. It is so lightweight that she will barely notice wearing it. It allows you to connect better to the ground, giving her core and her whole body more stabilization throughout.

The Flyte Ballet Flat is also super flexible. It can bend and twist to shape her movements all day so she can forget about those “micro-stresses” she carries with her all day long and stay connected to the ground- and herself. And with a variety of colors like muted black, navy, or blush or more vibrant designs like python, orchid, mint, or rainbow python you can get her the style that fits her best!


Flyte Ballet Flat


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For the Active Mama

Yoga Design Lab

For yogi moms who love to stretch it out


If you have a mama in your life who loves her yoga, there is no doubt she would love some new gear to take with her to hit the studio. After all, you can never have too many yoga mats or leggings. Yoga Design Lab is a leading producer of all things yoga- mats, leggings, blocks, wheels, straps, and more. Whatever the mom in your life needs to stretch it out and perfect her adho mukha śvānāsana (that’s down dog) Yoga Design Lab has it.

One thing all yogis can never have enough of is leggings. These Provocateur Leggings by Yoga Design Lab give a little peek-a-boo effect all the way up the leg. Made with their innovative Active-Lux fabric, these form fitting compression leggings give a slender and slimming look. They will keep her dry and odor free with the moisture wicking fabric. The waistband is elastic free, too- so her vinyasa can be as flowy as she wants them to be.

Yoga pants aren’t complete without a fresh new yoga mat. The Mandala Rose Combo mat offers a yoga mat and towel in one. It is designed to prevent slipping and sliding even in the sweatiest of sessions. The towel is made with absorbent microfiber and it is bonded to a natural tree rubber so its soft and strong at the same time. The Mandala Rose Combo Mat is eco-friendly, biodegradable, and 100% recyclable letting mom know that she’s making the right choice when it comes to her may. It is also free of silicone, toxic glue, and phthalates so she can feel safe during her practice as well.

If mom is really trying to work on her practice, a yoga wheel can take her to the next level. This wheel from Yoga Design Lab is made to help stretch her chest, shoulders, back, and hips so she can take her practice bigger and better. The non-slip natural rubber ensures she won’t fall (at least not because of the wheel!) and it’s extra strong and durable to help her get to all those hard to position postures with confidence. It can help her improve her balance, strengthen her core, and increase flexibility. The Yoga Wheel is lightweight, PVS free, and easy to clean.

No matter where your yogi mama is in her practice, she can always use new goodies to bring her to the next level of her game. Yoga Design Lab has all the things you need to help her get there.

Neck Hammock

For the mom who needs relief from the pain in her neck (no, not the kids!)

If the mom in your life carries stress in her neck or has constant neck pain that a one-time massage on Mother’s Day can’t relieve, she might need The Neck Hammock. The Neck Hammock is an innovative product that provides long-term relief to acute neck pain. It is portable and can be attached to several different places throughout your home, making relief easy to access throughout the day.

The Neck Hammock is simple to use- attach it to a door handle, in a door jam, on a banister, or around any other stable surface. Lay your head into The Neck Hammock and begin to experience the relief brought about by the stretching of your cervical muscles in your neck.

With The Neck Hammock, mom can experience a firm stretching of the cervical muscles by performing a cervical traction with the help of The Neck Hammock. Cervical traction is often performed in a physical therapists office but all moms know we don’t always have time for that. The Neck Hammock performs this procedure all in the comfort of your home. With a combination of physical therapy and The Neck Hammock soon mom will feel relief from the pain in her neck (and no, not the kind from the kids!) like arthritis, bulging, discs, and cervical strains by allowing oxygen to flow to her muscles and her spine to expand. Feet hurt too? Check out these best foot spa machine reviews.


The Neck Hammock


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Moms are hard to shop for on Mother’s Day. After all, what do you get the person that has done so much for you and your family? We all want to get her something special, even if it is last minute. These gifts are perfect for mom- so hurry up and order one of these last minute Mother’s Day gifts!

Looking for other Mother’s Day gift ideas? Check out our 2018 Mother’s Day Gift Guides here on Daily Mom!




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