Farewell Gifts for Seasoned Spouses

The time has come, yet again. Another lovely spouse is moving on to a new adventure. Did the commanding officer’s wife help you navigate the military lifestyle? Was there a special spouse in your unit who didn’t really have to, but she made your tour more than average? Did a seasoned spouse talk you through the deployment cycle? If you’re wondering what to get any one of these gracious, seasoned spouses before you part ways, we have you covered. We’ve compiled a list of precious military spouse gift ideas for the military spouse who has already been through a few farewells and seemingly has all the typical farewell military spouse gifts. Show your appreciation for all that hard work and sacrifice.

Practical Military Spouse Gifts

A serving platter, coffee mug, or wine glass, etched with the military spouse’s name and unit name, along with its complementing emblem is a go-to, and an instant favorite! Plus, you can never have too many serving dishes, right? You don’t have to fear the duplicate gift with this idea.

Farewell Gifts For Seasoned Spouses

A dish towel embroidered with the unit name along with herbal teas and local honey is both practical and useful. The local honey is a sweet remembrance of the location she’s leaving behind.

If you’re looking for something that packs easily, try a brooch, pin, or military button jewelry. Check out Ann Hand Brooches and Pins or Joy Harmon Designs. We like this option for the ladies who love to show off the love with some understated flair.

You can’t get more practical than personalized stationery and, again, you don’t have to worry about the dreaded duplicate gift. The spouse will think of the gift giver with every use.

Sentimental Military Spouse Gifts

A Christmas ornament is a wonderful way to bring back a flood of happy memories each and every year.

Frame a watercolor of the service member’s aircraft, ship, unit emblem, or even just a significant landmark in the area. The whole household can enjoy this gift, and it will look beautiful anywhere in the house. A sketch or watercolor of the family’s house at your duty station can serve as a sweet reminder of the memories made there while it was home. We adore the talented Rosie Roost. The gift recipient will sure to be wowed with this one!

Farewell Gifts For Seasoned Spouses

Remember that personalized stationery? A sweet sentiment would be for the group to write thoughtful notes, thanking the military spouse for all the gracious help and support, letting her know how much she’ll be missed. Give this gift on its own or in addition to any of the other gifts mentioned. What are some thoughtful or meaningful gifts you have given or received as a military spouse?

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 Farewell Gifts For Seasoned Spouses

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  1. Katie, thank you for the mention! What an honor. As a former CO spouse and spouse of a “not so long ago” retired military member I like your suggestions. I recommend keeping a gift consumable or small. Think “they are likely moving soon; do they need more large bottles of scotch or glassware after 18-25 years collecting ball glasses?” (Okay, the Scotch is always welcome). I LOVE the art idea, something small that evokes a memory is perfect…art, jewelry, ornament (I design those, too). Most cherished are words expressing what they meant to you or the unit families.

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