4 Ways to Crush Planning for the New Year

New is often associated with a fresh start. A new year is the most common way we think about it, a new year with 12 months of opportunities, 52 weeks of possibilities, 366 (this year) days of chances. Planning for a new year is fun. Especially if it involves colored pens and a planner. In this way, we haven’t aged much past our obsession with Lisa Frank trappers.

But now that we’re grownups, we can be more distinguished in our planners. At least on the outside. Planning for the new year is really about what you do with the plans, not what you write the plans down in. But here’s where a good planner comes in handy. A good planner inspires you to write down your goals in a way that pushes you toward accomplishing them. Then it gives you tools to track your progress, inspiring you with each step.

Life & Apples has a line of planners just like this. They’re sophisticated on the outside, highly functional, and—perhaps the best of all—they come with stickers. Kidding. Kind of. They work. Let’s take a closer look.

Planning for the New Year

Your Budget

This 12-month Budget Planner helps you keep track of your budget and work towards those financial goals. Whether you are starting from scratch with a budget or rolling into the new year with some big goals, this undated (hint: you can start any time!) planner gives you all the tools.

Start with creating a vision board and laying out your financial goals for the year and don’t forget to be specific. Then move into each monthly calendar spread, making a note of any bills due, paydays, and your focus for that specific month.  The next two pages have room for your income and expenses and your monthly budget. Track your expenses (which is really eye-opening!) and then wrap up the month taking a look at your progress and jotting some notes before you move into the next month.

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In the back of the planner are pages for spending goals, events or projects you’re saving for, and a space to note your progress paying off debt. There are also some open pages for notes and plans as you move forward into the next stage of your financial journey.

Included in each of these durable and portable planners are a sticker sheet, a bookmark, and an inner pocket. It closes with an elastic band and has an elastic pen holder as well.

Personal Growth

4 Ways To Crush Planning For The New Year

Every mom and military spouse knows they need to take some time for themselves. We know this, and yet we still find ourselves burning out, struggling to enjoy the great lives we have. This Growth Planner allows you to take some time when planning for the new year and focus on yourself. It’s a 90-day planner, undated and helps you accomplish your goals, increasing your productivity and happiness.

This planner starts with writing out six goals, with space to fill in an end date as well as action steps. With this planner, you’ll focus on short-term goals or those that will fit the 3- to 6-month time frame. The monthly spread includes spaces for affirmations, successes and wins, and the months must-dos.

Each daily spread has two-pages full of the spaces to plan out your successes. Starting with space for gratitude and talking about your goal. There’s room to write about food, space for notes and ideas, as well as a special place to write about the day’s top moment. Schedule your day on the opposite page, to make sure you allocate enough time to get everything done. And end each day with a quick review.

Overall Wellness

4 Ways To Crush Planning For The New Year

This Wellness Planner from Life & Apples may be the most comprehensive planner, incorporating lots of great info into this undated 90-day planner focusing on an active life, balanced eating, and happiness.

Start by getting your mindset right in this daily journal for wellness. Establish some goals, figure out what the next few months look like and get planning. As you move into the second section, you’ll see the daily planner and week review. These two-page spreads have room for notes, fitness activities, and positive thoughts. On the opposite page, track your food, note what you can improve for the next day.

Wrap up each week with an honest assessment of your progress, track your new habits, and see how close you’re getting to reaching each goal. One of the best parts of this planner is the comprehensive review at the end of your journey. Reflecting on accomplishments and making plans for the next stretch of time is a great way to propel you forward into your next goal.

Meal Planning

4 Ways To Crush Planning For The New Year

Meal planning is one of those things that we start each year, and probably each week, with a great idea. Then by Wednesday, it’s all over. The Meal Planner and Meal Planning Pad, used independently or together will help you really get a grip on your healthy eating goals, which tie into your wellness goals and probably your budget goals as well.

Each page of the meal planning pad has a section for listing the meals for each day, as well as a prep section and a tear-away shopping list. Plan a month’s worth of meals and lists in advance and then pop it on the fridge for fuss-free meals.

4 Ways To Crush Planning For The New Year

The spiral-bound, undated meal planner gives you a step-by-step guide to meal planning and the space to do it for a year. Each two-page spread shows you a week’s worth of meals and gives you room for a shopping list and budget. You can even add a goal for the week. At the back of the planner is your toolbox for meal planning. Pages for staples you keep in your pantry, recipe cards, snack ideas, and even a list for seasonal veggies.

Planning for the new year can be fun and daunting. But with the right tools, you’ll be on the way to crushing your goals. Stock up on these Life & Apple planners and get to goal crushing.

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4 Ways To Crush Planning For The New Year



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