We all have that one person on our list who loves to sweat. She hits the gym every day or is out running,  jumping, lunging, and lifting heavy weights. She is committed to her fitness and her family. The holidays are a perfect time to get her something for the thing she loves – working out. Daily Mom has found some of the top fitness gifts for her that the active lady in your life will love this holiday season.

1Top Fitness Gifts for Her from Funari

12 Top Fitness Gifts For Her: Holidays 2018

Exercise is an essential part of our daily life. It boosts our mood, improves our metabolism, and helps us sleep better. The way we dress tells our story to the world. Funari combines exercise and fashion into each design adding life, depth, and love to our story. Their designs are beautiful, functional, and tell a story that will transcend time.

Daily Mom Parents Portal Funari Holiday 20182018 11 25 2504

Post-baby mamas love Funari leggings. Their high waist neoprene lined leggings help to hold stomachs in giving women back that pre-baby look. Funari offers different style houses of leggings: Cobra Love, Reflect, Pink Passion and others to help define your story.

Daily Mom Parents Portal Funari Holiday 20182018 11 25 2573

The Cobra Love Johanna Pant are high waist black leggings with a touch of added flair. The pockets and calves are adorned with black and gold cobra print. Faux leather piping and a mesh side panel add depth to the look. Pair this with the Irene Jacket to complete the look. The Irene is a fitted contour zip jacket with black and gold cobra, and mesh panels. This look easily carries over from the yoga studio to the streets.

Daily Mom Parents Portal Funari Holiday 20182018 11 25 2500

Funari keeps things simple by using a standard type of pant throughout each style house making it easier for customers to find different looks for their favorite pants. The beloved Johanna pant can be found throughout each collection. Women love the feminine but powerful pink Johanna found in the Pink Passion collection. The high waisted look we love with pink pocket lining, pink piping and mesh side panels.

Daily Mom Parents Portal Funari Holiday 20182018 11 25 2524
Daily Mom Parents Portal Funari Holiday 20182018 11 25 2532

The Bella Legging will be another favorite live-in legging. Features such as the high compression to smooth the waist and hips plus give the butt a lift make the pants a favorite amongst women. Mixed patterns with faux leather pockets and mesh mixed into the design make these pants a stand out favorite.

Daily Mom Parents Portal Funari Holiday 20182018 11 25 2499

The Ella Pant is simple yet refined. Each pair offers the same great features: high waisted compression and anti-microbial compression with a simple switch of color on the calves creating a subtle yet statement worthy effect.

Daily Mom Parents Portal Funari Holiday 20182018 11 25 2484

Funari is inspired by the NYC cityscape- the mecca for all things fashion. They are redefining the look of athleisure by creating a luxury brand that is both timeless and functional. Write your own story with Funari.

Cobra Love Johanna Pant |Irene Jacket | Bella Legging | Ella Pant| Johanna pant

Funari| Facebook |Instagram |Pinterest

2Top Fitness Gifts for Her from Flexi Lexi

Flexilexi Bra Collage

If you have a bold statement to make or know that special girl who would love to express herself through fashion and fitness then Flexi Lexi Fitnessis your go-to brand this holiday season. Bold, bright, colorful, flexible, and chic, Flexi Lexi will keep your lady dressed to impress in her fitness best. From the yoga studio to the street, she will be comfy, casual, and cute all season long.

With Flexi Lexi Fitness gifts for her, there is no more reaching (sometimes painfully) behind your back to work out in a comfortable sports bra. The Ultimate Summer Flexi Front Zipper Sports Bra is perfect for easy on and off, especially after a hot yoga session. Wonderfully soft, stretchy, and made to quickly dry, it’s the perfect bralette gift for the bold and fitness-minded gal.

After you have your chosen bralette, pair it with the stretchy, super-soft and cool Black Peek-a-boo Flexi Pants. Your stylish yogi can either wear these with the waistband up to cover her belly-button or folded down if she’s feeling the low-rise style. And just like the bralette, it’s quick to dry and flexibly-stretchy. 

If the lady in your life is a girlie-girl she is sure to love the Rainbow and Unicorn Flexi Pants which will definitely bring out her inner fitness goddess as she works out.

Finally, if you’re looking for a gift for the fun-loving, optimistic ballerina in your life (or just the women who truly wishes to be one), the Rainbow Flexi Dancer Leggings are perfect. The wrap-around ties along the bottom calf area and ankle make a ballerina-stylish statement that says ‘I’m graceful and light on my feet.’  Make a bold yet soft statement with these leggings this holiday season. 

Ultimate Summer Flexi Front Zipper Sports Bra | Black Peek-a-boo Flexi Pants | Rainbow and Unicorn Flexi Pants |Rainbow Flexi Dancer Leggings

Flexi Lexi | Facebook |Instagram

3Top Gifts for Her from Brooks Running

Daily Mom Parent Portal Brooks Running 9 Of 10

Now that there is a chill in the air it is necessary to up the game of your running gear. Tees and running shorts just won’t cut it anymore. And who wants to be stuck on a boring treadmill all winter? To ensure that you can get out there in rain, sleet or snow you can pile on the layers and top it off with the Hideout Jacket. This stylish jacket offers unrivaled protection from wind and water along with a fitted hood, retro-reflectivity for night running and if you get it dirty it is even machine washable. Wondering what to put underneath it? Our personal favorite for both comfort and function is the Dash Hoodie. It is buttery soft to the touch, not to light, not too heavy and offers just the right amount of warmth. The best part-thumb holes. Need we say more?

Daily Mom Parent Portal Brooks Running 10 Of 10 Fitness Gifts For Her
Daily Mom Parent Portal Brooks Running 8 Of 10 Fitness Gifts For Her
Daily Mom Parent Portal Brooks Running 6 Of 10 Fitness Gifts For Her
Daily Mom Parent Portal Brooks Running 7 Of 10 Fitness Gifts For Her

Once your top half is covered and protected make sure that your bottom half is equally prepared with the Greenlight Tights. They offer a soft and functional second-skin fit and slimming, supportive feel. These will quickly become your go-to black leggings for next year for running and whatever life throws your way.

Daily Mom Parent Portal Brooks Running 2 Of 10 Fitness Gifts For Her
Daily Mom Parent Portal Brooks Running 1 Of 10 Fitness Gifts For Her

And finally to complete the perfect running outfit you need the perfect running shoes. This year our top Brooks pick is a pair of trail running shoes, the Cascadia 13. These shoes will have you covered for all outdoor terrain offering traction, stability and cushioning. Their advanced 3D Rubber Print Mud Guard will provide you with on-the-go protection from debris on the trail. Looking to hit the trails this year? Brooks really does have you covered from head to toe.

Cascadia 13| Greenlight Tights| Hideout Jacket | Dash Hoodie| Fineform Bra
Brooks Running| Facebook | Twitter |Instagram

4Top Fitness Gifts for Her from Perfect Balance World Yoga Wear

Lauren Last Minute

Every yogi has been there- you are practicing a pose and you fall out. Sometimes you fall just a little bit, losing your balance. Sometimes you fall big, flat on your face. Either way, trying to maintain a hard-to-grasp pose while slipping and sliding across your yoga pants or mat isn’t exactly the zen they imagined.

Enter Perfect Balance World. Perfect Balance World combines the love of yoga with the science of engineering to help you perfect that pose without falling out of balance. The patented technology builds the balance into the pants so you can maintain your posture without fear of making a thunk sound on the way down.

Daily Mom Parent Portal Last Minute Guide Fitness Gifts For Her

This holiday season, get your favorite yogi the full Perfect Balance World set to really get her down dog going. The Perfect Balance DNA Leggings have the balance built into them. Their high-waisted band is on-trend and comfortable and the side pocket is the perfect place to hold their phone (after class is done, of course).

Daily Mom Parent Portal Last Minute Guide 11 Fitness Gifts For Her
Daily Mom Parent Portal Last Minute Guide 9 Fitness Gifts For Her

Pair the DNA Leggings with a pair of She’s a Maniac leggings. These footed 80’s style socks will help her toes grab the mat, increasing her stability. The Phaze Top is long-sleeved but with a built-in bra and open back she will have plenty of room to move. Add the stylish Curator Shrug and she will be the hottest one in hot yoga (and not because of the temperature). Top it off with a Perfect Balance headband so she can keep the sweat out of her eyes (and maybe the wind out of her hair if she’s a beach yogi).

Daily Mom Parent Portal Last Minute Guide 16 Fitness Gifts For Her

Get the whole look at Perfect Balance World:

Perfect Balance DNA Leggings| She’s a Maniac leggings | Curator Shrug | Phaze Top | Headband

Perfect Balance World| Facebook | Instagram

5Top Fitness Gifts for Her from Jeep Cross-Country Jogging Stroller

Ss-holiday 2018

Sometimes moms just want to go on a run, but many quickly realize they aren’t going to get much exercising done with their toddler in tow. However, this can all be solved with the Jeep Cross-Country Sport Jogging Stroller. With this versatile jogging stroller, you can achieve your fitness goals while your child is entertained with a fun ride.

Jeep Cross Country Sport Jogging Stroller Daily Mom Parent Portal Fitness Gifts For Her
Jeep Cross Country Sport Jogging Stroller Daily Mom Parent Portal Fitness Gifts For Her

For the active mom, the Jeep Cross-Country Sport is the ultimate in jogging strollers. No matter what terrain you find yourself on, running or walking will feel effortless with this durable stroller. Similarly, your child rider will be extremely comfortable sitting in the reclining seat covered in high quality fabric under an extended, quilted European canopy.

Jeep Cross Country Sport Jogging Stroller Daily Mom Parent Portal Fitness Gifts For Her
Jeep Cross Country Sport Jogging Stroller Daily Mom Parent Portal Fitness Gifts For Her

The Jeep Cross-Country Sport is so much more than a jogging stroller. Even when you aren’t working out, this will be the only stroller you will want to use. In addition, this jogging stroller comes complete with an oversized detachable bag that attaches to the stroller handle, a parent tray with cup holders, a covered storage compartment, and a large undercarriage for toting additional gear.

Jeep Cross Country Sport Jogging Stroller Daily Mom Parent Portal Fitness Gifts For Her
Jeep Cross Country Sport Jogging Stroller Daily Mom Parent Portal Fitness Gifts For Her
Jeep Cross Country Sport Jogging Stroller Daily Mom Parent Portal Fitness Gifts For Her

Jeep Cross-Country Jogging Stroller

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6Top Fitness Gifts for Her from Marika

Last Minute Christmas Items

There is nothing better to the modern mom than high quality activewear. So give mom what she really wants this holiday with Marika: the gift of style and fitness. Mom will appreciate the soft fabrics without sacrificing style all year long.

Daily Mom Parent Portal Marika 10 Fitness Gifts For Her

The Romona Legging is perfect for any activity mom may have planned for the day. From the yoga studio, to walks with friends, to other social events, mom will love wearing her Marika. Marika spares no detail in the Romona Legging which also features a soft breathable fabric. For the full look, pair the leggings with the Galaxy Hoodie. The Galaxy Hoodie features a hood, sleeves with a thumb hole, and a convenient kangaroo pocket. With its relaxed fit and versatile design, mom will love looking her looking her best and being comfortable.

Daily Mom Parent Portal Marika 1 Fitness Gifts For Her
Daily Mom Parent Portal Marika 9 Fitness Gifts For Her

In addition to basic activewear items, Marika offers a variety of prints and colors including the Helena Legging. This is a staple black legging with a stylish twist. Again, the stylish design is made of soft breathable fabric. These will quickly become mom’s favorite go-to leggings.

Daily Mom Parent Portal Marika 2 Fitness Gifts For Her
Daily Mom Parent Portal Marika 3 Fitness Gifts For Her
Daily Mom Parent Portal Marika 6 Fitness Gifts For Her
Daily Mom Parent Portal Marika 5 Fitness Gifts For Her

Romona Legging | Helena Legging|Galaxy Hoodie

Marika| Facebook |Instagram |Twitter |Youtube

7Top Fitness Gifts for Her from Terramar Sports Active Wear

Elena And Lauren Hgg New

Nothing makes fitness enthusiasts as happy as new workout gear. They can never have enough high-quality active wear, and you can bet your bottom dollar that it was what they want this holiday season. Terramar Sports offers active wear for the entire family that is comfortable, functional, and stylish.

Cloud Nine Daily Mom Parent Portal Fitness Gifts For Her

The Reflex Women’s Knockout Tank’s wicking material will keep you cool and dry. The racerback style is comfortable and stylish, too. The Reflex Active Tight is form-fitting for activewear movement and fast-paced workouts. It comes in stylish charcoal or classic black.

Terramar Sports Active Wear Daily Mom Parent Portal Fitness Gifts For Her

The Cloud Nine Bottom offers ClimaSense technology which will keep you comfortable no matter the weather outside. It is perfect for those that love to workout outside even if it’s blazing hot or freezing cold. Pair it with the Cloud Nine Scoop Neck long sleeve shirt for winter activities. The ClimaSense technology won’t keep you down in the cold.

Reflex Women’s Knockout Tank| Reflex Active Tight | Cloud Nine Bottom | Cloud Nine Scoop Neck

Terramar Sports| Facebook| Twitter | Instagram

8Top Fitness Gifts for Her from Martha Stewart Collection Cotton Terry Bath Robe

11 Holiday Gifts For The Health And Beauty Lover

With the Holidays comes cooler temperatures and the need for extra layers. Cold mornings mean that we need something snuggly to wrap around us that is why while we snuggle up with our cup of coffee. It will keep you warm and cozy from opening presents to breakfast.

Daily Mom Parents Portal 2018 Holiday Martha Stewart Robe2018 11 11 2157 Fitness Gifts For Her

We all wish for every morning to be easy like Sunday mornings, but we are realistic too. We know that often work, school, and other commitments get in the way of lazy mornings. However, the Holidays are a time to slow, down, relax and get in that self-care we all care. The Martha Stewart Collection Cotton Terry Robe by Trident is made from incredibly soft cotton terry creating the utmost in comfort that allows us to linger just a little longer. Savor those sweet moments of childhood innocence of opening Santa’s presents a little longer from the comfort of this soft, cozy robe.


Martha Stewart Collection Cotton Terry Robe


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9Top Fitness Gifts for Her from Neck Hammock

Fixing Html Posts

Gift the relief you know someone absolutely needs without waiting for a new stress-relief resolution in 2019. All you need is a door and your body to relax. The Neck Hammock will take care of the rest. In just 10 minutes or less, give the gift of relief that is portable, easy to set up, and most importantly…provides neck pain relief!

With the Neck Hammock Bundle you will have your own personal neck traction system that only needs a door to operate. If you have stress, tension, difficulty relaxing, or suffer from poor sleep – your neck may be the culprit. Start with the cooling pain relief rub, pull down the eye mask, and let gravity do the rest. A gentle traction to help release tension headaches and release pinched nerves.

Dailymom Parent Portal Neck Hammock 0005 1

A gentle follow-up with your daily stretch ebook will keep your results lasting longer throughout the day. No more expensive cervical traction treatments, just shut your door and get relief in about 10 minutes.

Neck Hammock Bundle

Neck Hammock| Facebook | Instagram | YouTube

10Top Fitness Gifts for Her from Kichgo

12 Top Fitness Gifts For Her: Holidays 2018

Studies estimate that many Americans gain between 5-10 pounds over the holidays. If we sit down and think about it, it is obvious we travel long distances often sitting for hours, eat like crazy, and get out of our workout routines. It is just too hard to find the time or space to workout over the holidays, right? Wrong! KICHGO is the on the go gym in a bag that will keep your tail in shape anywhere and everywhere this season.

Daily Mom Parents Portal Holiday Kicho Fitness Gifts For Her

So what is KICHGO? It is a big gym in a less than 2 pound go anywhere bag. The pack is chock full of all the exercise goodness that is perfect for Pilates, Circuit Training, HIIT, Tabata, and Yoga. What is more, all customers receive 20 downloadable videos to help really kick up their fitness game.

Daily Mom Parents Portal Holiday Kicho Fitness Gifts For Her

KICHGO keeps it simple providing all the tools needed for a successful workout for anyone. With KICHGO nothing is holding you back this holiday season – your summer bod is your winter bod too. Tis’ the season to get your sweat on.

Daily Mom Parents Portal Holiday Kicho Fitness Gifts For Her


KICHGO | Facebook | Instagram

11Top Fitness Gifts for Her from Glasstic

Holiday Glasstic Water Bottles 3

Durable, protective, convenient, and safe for the whole family, Glasstic water bottles are the perfect gift for those who are looking for the quality of a glass water bottle, but the shatterproof durability of plastic. Whether you have the hottest beverages or near freezing slushies, Glasstic water bottles are made with annealed glass so its structure is made to withstand the heat or cold.

Since the Glasstic water bottles are crafted with an extra thick protective outer shell, kids and moms will both love and enjoy this gift. With 4 Designs in the assortment pack – you’re sure to get a favorite design for everyone in the family.

Daily Mom Parents Portal Holiday Glasstic Water Bottle Fitness Gifts For Her
Daily Mom Parents Portal Holiday Glasstic Water Bottle Fitness Gifts For Her

With each Glasstic water bottle you’ll be gifting:

  • Interchangeable leak-proof flip caps with handle and lock
  • BPA-Free, lead-free, cadmium free and toxic free bottles
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Durable and shatterproof
  • Wide mouth for fruit infusions

Glasstic 4-Pack Assortment 

GlassticFacebook |Twitter|InstagramYouTube | LinkedIn | Pinterest 

12Top Fitness Gifts for Her from Sunski

Sunski Sunglasses Holiday Gift Guide 2

Out on the ocean, mountain biking, hiking, and then off to their favorite coffee shop- sound like someone you know? A sweet gift for this holiday season is a new pair of shades that are as active as they are but can still be stylish for those times they are just hanging with the crew, taking their kids to soccer practice, or headed out for a night on the town.

Sunski Daily Mom Parents Portal Holiday  Fitness Gifts For Her

Sunski Sunglasses are made to be worn. They are durable and they can transfer from active wear to a more casual feel. Their Navarros are a great transition set that the person on your gift list can wear on their favorite trail and then out for a drink afterward. They come in Blue, Flare, or Forest so they can have a pair to match their personal style (and maybe you’ll get a pair for yourself, too).

Sunski Navarros

Sunskis | Instagram

The one thing that gym-rats and fitness buffs love is new active gear. From new clothes to new water bottles to even some new shades, those who love fitness also love all the stuff that comes with it. Each holiday season Daily Mom searches for the best gifts for everyone on your list, including for those who just like to sweat.

Daily Mom Parents Portal Fitness Gifts For Her



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