When you are making your Christmas list this holiday season you certainly cannot overlook the littlest additions to the family! Babies may be too young to realize that they are being gifted, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a good time to stock up on little things that you may need (or want)! Also, it is just so much fun to pick out things for babies, so if you have a few on your shopping list this year we have got you covered.


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MBP854 Connect Baby Monitor by Motorola 

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About Motorola

For over 80 years, Motorola has been dominating the mobile communications industry. They were the pioneers who started it all; bringing the world the first mobile phone, first base station and creating the protocols and technology for almost everything in the industry to date.

The Motorola Mobility Foundation “seeks to catalyze the innovative use of technology to improve lives and communities.” Through the Student Maker Challenge, Pilot STEAM curriculum for Students with Learning Disabilities and Maker Lab Sponsorship, the Motorola Mobility Foundation fulfills their mission greatly with a focus on education, entrepreneurship, community engagement and technology access. Motorola also makes great effort in protecting the environment, supporting communities and creating a safe and healthy workplace.


Motorola’s MBP854 Connect HD baby monitor is state of the art in design, functionality and innovative abilities. Long gone are the days of limited visibility wall-mounted monitors. This sleek, rotating camera is as modern in style as it is in functionality. It blends perfectly in any room, whether it be your baby’s nursery or your playroom.

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You’ll have full visual and sound of your baby from the generous 4.3″ display screen on the parent unit, or you can access your camera from anywhere outside of your home using your compatible IOS or Android device and Hubble App. You will feel completely in control and confident with the MBP854 Connect monitoring your child. With two-way communication, notifications of movement, sound and temperature display, you will never have to wonder what your child is doing when you’re in another part of the house or 1,000 miles away!

Features You Will LOVE

  • 4.3″ display colored screen on parent unit with live stream video and sound
  • Use Hubble App to view a live stream HD video and sound with your compatible IOS or Android smartphone, tablet or computer
  • Opt to receive sound, motion and room temperature notifications with the Hubble App
  • Opt to add Hubble’s Cloud Video Recording (24 hour, 7 day and 30 day recording storage plans available)
  • Monitor includes infrared night vision, room temperature display, two-way communication and 5 soothing lullabies
  • Pan, tilt and zoom the camera remotely
  • Connect and view up to 4 cameras to your parent unit
Perfect For

Motorola’s MBP854 Connect Baby Monitor will be any parent’s – new or old – best friend! This is the perfect gift for expecting parents or even those friends and family members who have toddlers that still need a watchful eye when they’re in the playroom or sleeping in their own bedroom for the first time.

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About Candide

For more than 20 years, Candide has been offering sophisticated collections, with more new and innovative products every year. Exclusively dedicated to the world of babies for their comfort and for the well-being of their parents, Candides’s products offer the security of a whole company’s expertise; blending authenticity, quality and safety. They are constantly on the lookout for the newest trends, so they can create what is best and brightest to welcome your child to the world. Candide… all’s well that begins well.


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The Mat Comfort Changing Pad is developed to make baby changing easier and more comfortable anywhere in the house and on the go. This changing pad features a nonskid, rubberized base, wide raised sides, plus an adjustable Velcro strap for securing your little wiggler. The lining is an easily removable terry cloth towel perfect for quick changes, the occasional spill, and going straight from the bath to the changing pad. Thanks to the raised boards, the strip belt and the nonskid underside, your baby will always be safe.

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We also love Candide’s Seasonal Bamboo Crib Mattress for its versatility to accommodate both cold and warm climates, which means that your baby will always be comfortable, no matter the season. This breathable crib mattress does not include additional padding on the “Summer” side, so baby will stay cool and comfortable. Likewise, there is additional padding for the winter months, but the mattress is still safe for baby!

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The cover zips off easily for cleaning, so you can be sure that baby’s bed is as clean as it is comfortable.

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With natural fabric and an anti-mite/antibacterial cover, you can rest assured that your baby is sleeping safely and peacefully. Candide is dedicated to providing your baby with nothing but the best, and their Seasonal Bamboo Crib Mattress is no exception to that.

Candide experts have designed an incredibly easy to use baby wrap sleeping bag, the luxury baby wrap. Specially designed in padded material to suit the cold seasons, it is ergonomic for moms, yet still provides a large top opening to easily access baby.

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Features You Will LOVE

Mat Comfort Changing Pad

  • Covered in a stain-proof fabric for easy cleaning
  • Combination of microballs and foam to wedge the baby comfortably during the changing
  • Removable terry cloth towel for easy washing and keeping baby warm
  • Non-skid underside perfect for any surface
  • Velcro strap for comfort and safety of your baby

Seasonal Bamboo Crib Mattress

  • Foam density 1.93 pounds/square feet
  • Soft bamboo cover with viscose shell
  • Removable and waterproof cover
  • Anti-mite and anti-bacterial
  • Winter side and summer side
  • 5 year manufacturer warranty
  • Made in France

Luxury Baby Wrap

  • Soft, padded jersey material for cool winter nights
  • Large opening
  • Velcro inner closures
Perfect For

Candide baby is perfect for new babies and expecting mothers. Their products are high quality and built to last through multiple children. They pay special attention to detail in all of their products.

All items can be purchased at Babies R Us!

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About Naaya by Moonlight

Naaya by Moonlight is a luxurious, classic collection of essentials for your new baby. Chaandni Singh created this beautiful line over the course of many years, carefully crafting the very best in baby products, all high-quality, comfortable, versatile, and gorgeous, and all made from 100% organic cotton. Naaya by Moonlight even has a celebrity following, favored by the Kardashians and more.


The Purple Owl Swaddle Set is as beautiful and unique as it is soft and cozy. These blankets will quickly become your baby’s favorite for snuggle time, and yours for swaddling. Each swaddle blanket is a generous 42″ x 42,” made from 100% cotton muslin, and hand block printed in India.

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These muslin swaddles get softer and softer with each wash, and we guarantee you’ll fall in love with this precious purple owl print. This set comes with two swaddle blankets: one printed with Naaya by Moonlight’s signature owl pattern, and the other is printed with coordinating purple polka dots. These make a great stocking stuffer or holiday gift for any baby in your life this year, or even for an expecting mama. They arrive beautifully packaged in a muslin bag, that’s ideal for gift giving.

Gifts For Babies #Dmholiday2015 11 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Features You Will LOVE

  • 2 swaddle blankets per set
  • Comes in decorative muslin carrying bag
  • 42″ x 42″
  • 100% cotton muslin
  • Handmade in India
  • Machine washable
  • Also available in other colorful animal prints
Perfect For

Naaya by Moonlight’s stunning products are handmade in India, and are ideal for any baby you’re shopping for this holiday season. Their array of colorful signature animal prints – from owls to elephants and more – are all available on a variety of products, such as these darling swaddles. You can purchase coordinating pajamas, blankets, and stuffed animals, for a complete gift for the sweet baby in your life.

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Blankets by Lulujo Baby

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About Lulujo Baby

Founded in 2009, Dawn Marie Pottier, the CEO and founder of Lulujo, was inspired and named her company after her two children (Lulu and Jo). An ever growing global business with a focus on baby essentials, their brand is simple: create functional products with comforting fabrics that modern parents and babies will love. Their collection is known for its top-selling, multi-functional cotton muslin swaddling blankets, ultra soft fabrics and fashionable prints. Personally used, tested and designed, they’ve earned their place among leading baby brands in the industry.


The Sailing Softly essentials gift set is all about comfort and is the perfect starter pack for a new mom. Beautifully designed in sweet blue hues with a baby boy in mind, it includes Lulujo’s most popular muslin products within a perfectly wrapped set for easy gifting.

The generously sized (120cm x 120cm) cotton muslin swaddling cloth is perfect for more than just a good swaddle. It also makes the perfect lightweight blanket, nursing cover, portable crib street, stroller cover, changing mat and will easily become a child’s favorite blanket to tote around the house as they age into toddler-hood. The mini muslin clothes (70cm x 70cm) make great receiving blankets, burp cloths, cloth diapers, cleaning cloths (for spit ups or spills), lightweight blankets and security blankets. The beautifully matched muslin cotton wash cloth is absorbent and soft on the skin.

Gifts For Babies #Dmholiday2015 13 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

For moms who already love a good swaddling blanket, you’ll love Lulujo’s extra-large all-in-one muslin cotton wrap made with finely woven muslin cloth. Soft and breathable, these wraps not only help baby feel safe and secure while swaddled; they can be used for a variety of reasons. We particularly love this gender-neutral Aqua Circles Cotton Muslin Wrap for those who want to keep their baby’s gender a secret until birth.

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Lulujo’s extra-large all-in-one bamboo muslin wraps are a delicate, silky soft natural alternative to the muslin cotton wraps. Babies will love the silky soft texture and moms will love the versatility and range of uses. Not only used for swaddling, these wraps can also be used as a blanket, a nursing cover, a portable crib sheet, a change mat, a stroller cover, and more. We particularly love this Blue Chevron that is obvious for baby boys. If you have a little girl on the way, it’s also available in pink chevron.

Gifts For Babies #Dmholiday2015 15 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

If you are looking for a blanket that will last from birth straight through the toddler years and will surely be loved the whole way through, then Lulujo has the perfect Childhood blanket for you. Soft to the touch and made with two layers of cozy fabric, this dual layer muslin has bold and attractive stripes in addition to the soft white jersey. Perfect for both warmth and comfort!

Gifts For Babies #Dmholiday2015 16 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Gifts For Babies #Dmholiday2015 17 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families
Features You Will LOVE

Sailing Softly Essentials Gift Set

  • 1 extra-large (120cm x 120cm) muslin cotton swaddle
  • 2 mini muslin (70cm x70cm) cloths
  • 1 muslin cotton wash cloth
  • Gift ready

Aqua Circles Cotton Muslin Wrap

  • Gender-neutral design
  • Soft aqua and grey circles
  • Pre-washed and dual layer
  • Becomes softer with each wash

Blue Chevron Bamboo Muslin Wrap

  • Lightweight fabric allows baby’s temperature to regulate
  • 120cm x 120cm
  • Versatile
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Soft bamboo muslin

Childhood Blanket

  • 100% Muslin Cotton + 100% Jersey Cotton
  • 96 cm x 96 cm
  • Lightweight
  • Neutral design
Perfect For

If you’re a new mom or know someone who is, the Sailing Softly gift set or one of Lulujo’s soft muslin wraps make a wonderful gift.

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Blanket On the Go and Shushies by Bella Bundles

Gifts For Babies #Dmholiday2015 18 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

About Bella Bundles

The team at Bella Bundles knows what it is like to look endlessly for cute and stylish baby products, only to come home empty handed. Bella Bundles has created functional products for the modern parent such as reversible bibs, blankets and towel hoodies for the hippest bundle in your life. Their products fit the modern mom who wants style in anything she puts on her child. All items are designed with function and comfort in mind. At Bella Bundles their products need to be usable, wearable and practical.


Need to bundle your little bundle on the go? Bella Bundle’s reversible, plush blanket, the Blanket On the Go, has unique straps with snaps so that you can attach this blanket to any stroller or carrier. The blanket can also become a nursing cover up. Made with ultra plush fabric and stylish cotton prints this blanket is sure to please both mommies and babies. These are the ultimate gifts because they serve multiple purposes!

Gifts For Babies #Dmholiday2015 19 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Bella Bundle’s also offers Shushies which work to muffle the sound of a door latch so that you do not wake your sleeping baby.  Elastic bands fasten around the knobs on both sides of the door, securely covering the latch with a cushion.

Features You Will LOVE

Blanket On the Go

  • Machine Washable
  • Super soft material that’s easy on Mom and baby
  • Stroller Cover
  • Car Seat Cover
  • Nursing Cover
  • Stylish Designs available in a variety of colors


  • Machine Washable
  • Durable Materials
  • Quiet door entry and exit is a breeze
  • Stylish Design and available in a variety of colors
Perfect For

The Blanket On the Go is perfect for Mom’s living in the city, running around town, or going on a short or long road trip. It’s also perfect for airplane travel or a date night with your newborn, in addition to tummy time on the soft smooth face of your baby.

Shushies are great for any infant or toddler who wakes up from that “click” that always seems to happen no matter how hard you try to close the door silently. No more “click”, just the sound of zzzzzzz.

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Teething Necklace and Stroller Toy by Chewbeads

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About Chewbeads

Chewbeads was founded by Lisa Greenwald and her husband in 2009, after she discovered that her young child loved to chew on her necklaces, and she did not want him to do so due to exposure to unwanted chemicals and the possible choking risk. They set out to create a line of chic jewelry that both moms and babies would enjoy; it had to be soft, safe and stylish. And thus, Chewbeads was born!


Beautiful necklaces like the Greenwich Necklace in Turquoise add a pop of color to any outfit and provides an eye-catching place for baby to safely explore and teethe. Key features like solid silicone beads and a breakaway clasp make this piece the perfectly safe solution for your teething baby to chew while bonding with you.

Gifts For Babies #Dmholiday2015 21 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Chewbeads has recently released a line of toys like the Gramercy Stroller Toy so that baby can explore, play and chew on their own, without being held. These teethers are also 100% silicone and bendable enough for baby to squeeze and pull without breaking. The Gramercy Stroller Toy does not contain any detachable parts, so you know that baby can play with Chewbead’s toys safely, without the risk of choking.

Gifts For Babies #Dmholiday2015 22 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

From early teething days to toddler years when children get molars, Chewbead’s jewelry and toys offer the perfect solution for baby to safely and comfortably chew and gum.

Features You Will LOVE

Greenwich Necklace in Turquoise

  • 100% silicone beads
  • Soft on baby’s gums and emerging teeth
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Breakaway clasp for added safety
  • A great sensory tool to help baby focus while nursing

Gramercy Stroller Toy

  • Eases pain during teething
  • Flexible, easy-to-grasp design
  • Aids in jaw development
  • Freezer safe
  • Superior durability
Perfect For

Treat your baby to a fun Chewbead’s toy this year and make teething easier for everyone, or you could gift them with a Chewbead’s necklace and you can reap the benefits of that gift as it adds the perfect accent to your wardrobe!

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About Love by Little Giraffe

LOVE by Little Giraffe’s mission is to create the most luxurious, modern and exclusive baby essentials available today. Since 2000, their unique collections have delighted style-makers and discerning parents with their signature blend of innovative design, minimalist graphic prints, a lush color palette, and ultra soft fabrics. Little Giraffe is known for creating top-of-the-line, luxury baby blankets and newborn essentials. All Little Giraffe products are made from the highest quality, softest textiles, and provide not only comfort, but soothe and calm baby for restful sleep. They search the world for the few fabrics that meet their high standards so they can be sure you’ve never felt anything softer! All of their fabrics retain their luxurious finish and heirloom quality after years of easy care.


The Posh Silky Baby Blanket is a luxurious faux-fur blanket with a silky satin border. This luxe blanky is sure to be your little one’s favorite blanket.

Gifts For Babies #Dmholiday2015 24 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Gifts For Babies #Dmholiday2015 25 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

The Silky Dot Baby Blanket is a buttery soft blanket with a playful dot print. Little Giraffe has expanded the New Dot collection to include the beautiful white polka and Luxe design. Adults and babies are sure to love this blanket with fun polka dots made from luxurious fabrics.

Gifts For Babies #Dmholiday2015 26 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

The Posh Silky Blanky is a luxurious faux-fur blanky with a silky satin trim. Both the front and back features soft and snuggly faux-fur with a coordinating satin trim that makes this blanky irresistible. One of the best features of this small blanket is that it is very portable, meaning your little one can carry their security blanket with them anywhere without it dragging the ground. 

Gifts For Babies #Dmholiday2015 27 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

 Features You Will LOVE

Posh Silky Baby Blanket

  • Ultra Light
  • Luxurious faux-fur blanket with silky satin border
  • Machine wash cold, lay flat to dry 
  • 30″x 36″

Silky Dot Baby Blanket

  • Ultra Light
  • Buttery soft blanket with playful dot print
  • Machine wash cold, lay flat to dry
  • 30″x 36″

Posh Silky Blanky

  • Luxurious faux-fur blanky with silky satin border
  • Machine wash cold, lay flat to dry
  • Size makes this security blanket very portable and manageable for little hands
  • 14″x 14″
Perfect For

LOVE by Little Giraffe offers the comfort and quality all babies deserve, at a friendly price! A fresh and modern take on the luxurious hand-feel and coveted color palette, LOVE by Little Giraffe is your new go-to brand for everyday plush blankets, blankies and toys.

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Gifts For Babies #Dmholiday2015 28 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

About Galt

Galt has been around for over 50 years, creating beautiful, classic, educational toys for babies and children. These toys are developed to help foster learning and fun in your children ages 0-10. Each Galt toy is thoughtfully created and designed to maximize your child’s learning while he/she is having lots of fun during play.


Galt offers such an array of toys that truly help your child learn while having fun. The Stacking Tower is one of our favorites, because it encourages the development of motor skills. Your little one will also learn persistence and hand-eye coordination, as he/she learns how to stack these cups one at a time, as well as experience the thrill of knocking over a giant tower, over and over again. This toy was developed by Dr. Miriam Stoppard, one of the U.K.’s top parenting experts. Each set comes with 7 stacking cups, and a sweet yellow flower to put on top of the tower. This stacking tower set also helps your child learn counting and colors, all while having a blast!

Gifts For Babies #Dmholiday2015 29 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Galt’s Shape Sorter is a classic, impeccably made wooden toy that will also help your child develop fine motor skills, as well as colors and shapes. This is an heirloom-quality toy that you’ll be able to pass down through multiple children, and your little one will love trying to match each colorful wooden shape into the proper spot. This shape sorter also helps develop hand-eye coordination and manual dexterity, and was developed by Dr. Miriam Stoppard as well.

Gifts For Babies #Dmholiday2015 30 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Your little one will adore the Ted & Tess Carousel. With just slight pressure on the yellow button (easy enough for a baby to do), this top spins ’round and ’round, and the cute teddies on the inside will whizz by. Each time your little one plays with the Ted & Tess Carousel, he/she will develop the concept of cause and effect, and aside from that, it’s just exciting to see Ted and Tess spin around endlessly!

Gifts For Babies #Dmholiday2015 31 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Features You Will LOVE

Stacking Tower

  • Develops hand-eye coordination & persistence
  • Learn colors & counting
  • Excellent for sand and water play
  • Developed by Dr. Miriam Stoppard

Shape Sorter

  • Develops hand-eye coordination & manual dexterity
  • Learn shapes & colors
  • Classic toy, built to last
  • Developed by Dr. Miriam Stoppard

Ted & Tess Carousel

  • Easy for toddlers – and even babies – to use
  • Colorful teddy bear characters
  • Top continues spinning long after button has been pushed
  • Develops sense of cause and effect
Perfect For

This selection of toys from Galt is perfect for anyone who wants to give a fun, yet educational and developmentally-appropriate gift to a little one. These are classic toys designed to last.

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Bottles, Teethers, Pacifiers & Baby Care Items by Dr. Brown’s

Gifts For Babies #Dmholiday2015 32 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

About Dr. Brown’s

Designed by a doctor in 1996, Dr. Brown’s bottles help “preserve vitamins C, A, & E by minimizing oxidation of breastmilk and formula, provide positive-pressure vacuum-free feeding similar to breastfeeding, and help reduce colic, spit-up, burping and gas by eliminating negative pressure and air bubbles”. Dedicated to unique designs and improved functionality for mom and baby, Dr. Brown’s has expanded to offer a number of pacifiers, teethers and baby care products.


Give your baby the gift of comfortable teething this year with some teethers and pacifiers by Dr. Brown’s. Their silicone Flexees teether and Ridgees Monkey teether are durable and multi-textured, offering baby a unique and comfortable outlet for chewing and gumming.

Gifts For Babies #Dmholiday2015 33 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

We also love the gentle and effective baby care products available from Dr. Brown’s. Their products contain soothing and natural ingredients that will gently nurture and cleanse baby’s skin, and you can be assured that each of the products, from Daily Diaper Cream to Baby Wash, contains only ingredients that are safe and beneficial for your baby.

Gifts For Babies #Dmholiday2015 34 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Dr. Brown’s Options bottles are a great new way to get the excellent features of Dr. Brown’s bottles for younger babies, who are more susceptible to upset tummies and gas, and then you have the option to use fewer bottle parts as baby grows and her digestive system matures.

Features You Will LOVE


  • Can be used with or without vent system
  • Reduces colic, spit-up, burping and gas
  • Vacuum-free feeding
  • Nipple venting
  • BPA free


  • Eases pain during teething
  • Flexible, easy-to-grasp design
  • Aids in jaw development
  • Freezer safe
  • Superior durability


  • Patented suction-free air channel reduces palatal pressure
  • Soft, suction-release bulb
  • Minimally intrusive, thin-stem design
  • Silicone pacifiers are the same shape as Dr. Brown’s bottles

Baby Care Items

  • All-natural ingredients
  • Made with essential oils, coconut oil, organic blue violet, calendula and chamomile
  • Cloth diaper friendly
  • Hypoallergenic, gluten, phthalate, sulfate, petroleum and paraben-free
  • Made in the USA
Perfect For

Babies deserve to be pampered, and products that help keep them comfortable make the perfect gifts for this holiday season. Dr. Brown’s has you covered with an assortment of items to make your baby’s day brighter and your life easier.

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