How to Pull Off Your Dream Courthouse Wedding Outfit

Some may dream of a big wedding, but others may prefer an intimate courthouse wedding.  A courthouse wedding isn’t just for shotgun weddings, it can be for those that don’t want to do the show of a big wedding, or maybe they are on a tight budget or prefer to keep it small and intimate between themselves and their spouse.  Your courthouse wedding outfits can be as big and flashy or as timely and romantic as you want them to be.

Courthouse Wedding Outfit Ideas

How To Pull Off Your Dream Courthouse Wedding Outfit

Whether you have always dreamed of your wedding or you are just wanting to marry your love without all of the pomp and circumstance, there is something to be said about how you present yourself at your wedding.  All eyes are on you and the pictures will last a lifetime and something that your children, grandchildren, and even great-grandchildren will see. 

Regardless of where you get married, you can wear the wedding dress of your dreams.  Even in the courthouse!  Courthouse wedding outfits can be the same traditional outfit ideas you would have chosen for a bigger wedding.  If you want to wear the poofy dress and veil, go for it.  If you prefer a sleek dress with your hair in an updo, that works as well.  If you plan to go the traditional route, a corsage is a really nice added touch.

Weddings have not always been the big show that they are now.  There is something to be said about a quiet and intimate gathering, just the two of you declaring your love for each other.  Courthouse wedding outfits can be traditional, without the showiness of the bigger wedding that we see so much of these days.  Alternative wedding outfits can be fun to play with.  From dressed down in your best cowboy outfit, or a fun costume if you are getting married around Halloween and that’s your thing.  Or if you are not a girly bride, wear a pantsuit or 

If you decided to go for the traditional courthouse wedding outfits, don’t look in the wedding dress section.  Instead look for a throwback or old school dress, simple lace, long sleeve, knee, or mid-shin length.  Ivory vs white, pair with your grandmas’ pearls you never wear, or that broach that you love yet haven’t had the right outfit that goes with it.

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How to Pull Off The Courthouse Wedding Outfits You Desire

How To Pull Off Your Dream Courthouse Wedding Outfit

Courthouse wedding outfits are a chance to be a bit more expressive and let’s be honest, save a little bit of money because you are not throwing the big “W” word around…wedding!  You and your groom’s courthouse wedding outfits can be super matchy or have each of your outfits be unique to yourselves.  If you are getting married off-season, look at the sale racks at your favorite department stores, especially if you are shying away from the traditional wedding outfits.

The fun part about courthouse wedding outfits is that you don’t have to wear something that you don’t want to.  Most often courthouse weddings are just the bride and groom getting hitched and being low-key.  At the same time that doesn’t mean that you don’t want to make it special and wear something, you wouldn’t normally wear.  

Since you are getting married at the courthouse you will most likely be inside which means regardless of the season and the weather outside you can wear whatever you want to wear.  Courthouse wedding outfits can be summery in the middle of winter, or you can wear long sleeves in the heat of summer.  

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Matching Your Groom and Details

How To Pull Off Your Dream Courthouse Wedding Outfit

Whether your courthouse wedding outfits are traditional, old school, or alternative you can pair any accessories that you want.  Bright pink shoes with a poofy wedding dress, a turquoise kerchief with a tan suit to match your dress.  If it is your groom with the splashy outfit, you can have your nosegay match his outfit.

The goal is to not be too matchy-match.  You don’t want to use Justin & Brittney’s all jean red carpet look as a good example for your courthouse wedding outfits.  Use certain colors or fabrics to tie your courthouse wedding outfits together.  Such as a pop of your favorite color on his tie and your hair clip, or the stripes on his shirt.  You can the lace from your dress as an inspiration in the pattern on his vest, finally wear your grandmother’s earrings tying in the color of your groom’s outfit.  

Fun fact-A nosegay (the bouquet a bride carries) actually dates back to medieval times to hide the fact that the bride may or may not have recently bathed.  This is probably not the case for you, but a simple nosegay is a fun throwback that will add a little something to your courthouse wedding plus you can dry it out and save it forever, plus it looks great in pictures.   If you don’t want to buy a nosegay, you can easily make your own with this tutorial, from flowers at your local grocery store.  

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Courthouse wedding outfits can be a pop of fun and expression in an otherwise boring setting. It is a chance for you and your love to express themselves while starting your lives together.  The best part about picking out your courthouse wedding outfits is a chance to do what you want to do for your wedding day.  There is less pressure by going to the courthouse and eliminating the pomp and circumstance. 

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How To Pull Off Your Dream Courthouse Wedding Outfit

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