8 Mom-Hacks Using the Amazon Echo with Alexa

Since its debut in 2015, the Amazon Echo has quickly become a household name. The Amazon Echo with Alexa wears many hats including meteorologist, trivia expert, and meal planner. But did you know this super-friendly digital assistant is also a mom’s best friend? There are multiple ways the Amazon Echo can help make mom’s life easier.

8 Amazon Echo with Alexa Hacks for Moms

Grocery Shopping

Never forget your shopping list again! With the Amazon Echo, moms can stand in front of a refrigerator or pantry and tell Alexa what to add to their shopping list. And, if using the Amazon Echo Show, the list can be double-checked on its screen.

8 Mom-Hacks Using The Amazon Echo With Alexa

Pull the Alexa App up on a cell phone, and check off the contents as they’re placed into the shopping cart. Once checked off, Alexa will move the items off the list so moms can stay focused on what they still need.

Baby Monitoring

Baby Monitors
8 Mom-Hacks Using The Amazon Echo With Alexa

Most people probably know about the “Drop In” feature. Most commonly used as an intercom or to call someone, the “Drop In” feature can also be used as a baby monitor. Place a device in the baby’s room and then use the “Drop In” feature from either another Echo device or a cell phone. Press the microphone button on the receiving end to prevent the baby from hearing any noise.

8 Mom-Hacks Using The Amazon Echo With Alexa
Amazon Echo Dot
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Using this feature on a cell phone will allow moms to move freely throughout the house to get their tasks done while the baby sleeps.

Bedtime Routines


Let Alexa help soothe your baby to sleep. With just one command, Alexa can play a variety of lullabies, classical music, and white noise – whatever it takes to help mom and baby during bedtime.

Story Time

With an Audible subscription, the Amazon Echo with Alexa can also read bedtime stories to the kids. This is especially useful for parents who are overtired and need an occasional break at bedtime.

8 Mom-Hacks Using The Amazon Echo With Alexa
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Need help with sleep training? Use either the reminder feature or the alarm to help train your kids to stay in bed until Alexa tells them they can get up.


All of the Amazon Echo devices have a timer feature. One fun aspect of the timer feature is that each timer can be named. For example, “Alexa, set a five-minute timeout timer.” Yes, that’s right. When kids need a timeout, parents can set a timer on Alexa and teach their kids not to get up until the timer goes off. 

8 Mom-Hacks Using The Amazon Echo With Alexa

The timer feature can also be used for toothbrush training. The American Dental Association recommends that adults and children brush their teeth for two minutes, twice a day. Use the Amazon Echo with Alexa to set a two-minute timer in the bathroom to help kids learn the process.

Potty training

The mere thought of having to potty-train a child is a huge stressor for a lot of adults. Nothing helps out more than watching the clock to make sure the child is placed on the potty before an accident occurs. Alexa can help with that. Set a timer to help get your little one on the potty.

Nighttime Potty Training can be tough. Do you have a little one who is afraid to get out of bed to use the potty? Do they have a lamp in their room? If so, consider purchasing a smart plug that will allow your children to use their Alexa at night.

Teach your little one how to say, “Alexa, turn on my light.” Then they won’t be afraid to get out of bed to use the potty.

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Ever forget to pay a bill? Miss a doctor’s appointment? Forget to buy a snack for a special school day? Amazon Echo with Alexa can help with that. Set reminders as often as you need. Reminders can be set to go off in a specific room or even on a cell phone – allowing moms to multitask outside of the home and still be reminded of their obligations.

Going out of town? Need to make sure the kiddos get their allergy medicine? Set daily reminders letting Dad or another caregiver know when to give it and how much.

Google Calendar

8 Mom-Hacks Using The Amazon Echo With Alexa

Google calendars can be synced to the Amazon Echo devices. The Amazon Echo Spot and Amazon Echo Show will display calendar events on the screen up to 24 hours before, providing an additional reminder. Also, once the calendar is connected you can ask Alexa to tell you what’s on your calendar for a particular day. Use these instructions to sync your google calendar.

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Waking up with the Amazon Echo with Alexa

8 Mom-Hacks Using The Amazon Echo With Alexa

Most Echo owners know about the alarm feature. But there’s a different kind of alarm that parents with stubborn teens can use. Using the group feature, music can be played throughout the household – in every room that has a device. For stubborn teenagers who never want to get out of bed, have the Amazon Echo with Alexa blast a song in every room that will inspire them to jump out of bed and start their day. To set up the multi-music room feature, follow these instructions. (Please note, additional subscriptions may be required.)

8 Mom-Hacks Using The Amazon Echo With Alexa

Every mom knows how stressful daily life is. Let the Amazon Echo with Alexa take off some of the weight off of mom’s shoulders allowing more time for moms to play with their kids.

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8 Mom-Hacks Using The Amazon Echo With Alexa

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Sources: American Dental Association

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