11 Gifts for the New Year to Start You Off on the Right Foot

You might be full-force on thinking about the holidays: the parties, the gifts, the festivities. But right after the holidays comes another big event- the new year. The new year is a great time to clear the slate and start off things for you and your family on the right foot. Whether you need a new planner to keep everyone’s schedules in check, new gear to keep the family in check, or new meals and snacks to keep your gut in check, the holidays are a wonderful way to get ahead of the game. These 11 gifts for the new year are perfect to get you prepared to make 2020 your best year yet.

11 Gifts for the New Year to Start You Off on the Right Foot

Safety 1st Grow and Go Car Seat

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Getting ready for the new year means getting everyone ready for the new year, including the kids. If you are in need of a new car seat, and you’re looking for one that will last your family for years, look no further than the Safety 1st Grow and Go Car Seat. This car seat is for kids 4 to 40 pounds and goes from rear-facing infant seat to a 5-point harness to a booster seat for older kids. It has two attached cup holders for water bottles and snacks, and makes the perfect holiday road-trip or PCS car seat with its comfortable seat, headrest for nap time, padded straps, and padded back. Side impact protection will keep your little one safe, too. It is the perfect “need” gift for those looking to upgrade their car seats.

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Cariloha Bamboo Towels

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Nothing puts a person’s mindset right like a gift of brand new towels. This holiday season is a perfect time to upgrade your loved one’s most precious alone time- a bath or shower- with towels that are soft and durable. Cariloha Bamboo towels are made with bamboo-viscose fabric so they are ultra-soft and ultra-absorbent. They naturally whisk moisture away and are odor-resistant so you won’t have that musty dirty towel smell after just a few uses. It is the perfect holiday gift for those who love their personal time in the shower or bath (ahem, new moms) or for those updating their homes for the new year.


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We all have that one friend whose home looks like Joanna Gaines’ Magnolia house. As military spouses, we wonder how they create such beautiful spaces when they move every three years. For friends or family members like those, or those of us who are trying to find some new, trending items for our home, there is a Decocrated. Decocrated is a quarterly home decor subscription box that has some of the cutest home decor items of the season brought right to your door. You can give the gift of a subscription to a friend, send a single box, or get one for yourself (we won’t judge). With Decocrated, decorating a new house after you PCS has never been easier or more fun.

Bloom Now Box

Westhouse Bloom Now

If you’re in a season of overwhelm, stress, and frustration, you may be in the perfect place to start blooming. The Bloom Now Box was created by a military spouse who knows what it’s like to get uprooted over and over. It’s filled with everything you need to help you overcome your situation and live a more adaptable, joy-filled life. The Box includes the Bloom Now Journal, which provides the guidance necessary to cultivate true growth in multiple areas of your life. It also features some pampering treats to uplift the spirit and some sweet cactus swag to remind us that beautiful things can flourish in even the harshest environments.


Right Cup

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Drinking more water is on many people’s lists for 2020. But a lot of palettes are used to sweeter, flavored drinks, making plain water often unappealing. With the Right Cup, you can have the best of both worlds. Simply pour regular water into one of the flavored cups and get that hint of fruit taste as you drink water. Flavors include mixed berry, peach, grape, apple, and orange. For those who want to wean themselves off of soda, the cola-flavored cup with carbonated water is a great gift.

Planners and Journals to Get You Ready for the New Year

Balance Bound Planner

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Starting off the new year on the right foot is important, and this holiday season you can help get your family and friends (or yourself) there. This planner by Balance Bound is more than just a to-do list maker. It also helps you prioritize your life, and establish a balance between things you have to do and things that you need to dofor yourself. The weekly and monthly sections allow you to break down exactly what is important for you that month and that day, and it reminds you to be sure to take time for yourself.

It also gives you a space to write down things you would like to do for others and things that need to be taken care of in the home, as well as a place to jot down meal plans for the week. It’s basically a must-have system for anyone who is busy trying to balance work, home, themselves, and their family. So, like, basically everyone on your holiday list needs the Balance Bound Planner this holiday season!

The Monk Manual

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New years are about new beginnings. What better way to shed the busyness of 2019 and welcome a fresh new decade than with happiness, freedom, peace, focus, joy, balance, and much more. The Monk Manual is more than just another planner–it’s a daily system for “Being + Doing.” Supported by modern psychology and inspired by the wisdom of monks, The Monk Manual will help you discern your purpose and passion in life.

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PowerSheets Intentional Goal Planner from Cultivate What Matters

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Goal setting in military life is not an easy task. Or that is the way it feels. Goal setting does not have to be location-specific in all things. The PowerSheets Intentional Goal-Planner provides prompts and places to be intentional in not only making but also accomplishing your annual goals. The colorful covers come in four eye-catching colors of bloom design, confetti design, pink linen, and teal linen. The powersheets within the journal are aptly named – these guided worksheets help break down the goal into manageable steps and within reasonable timelines.

The journal’s hardcover protects the sheets, and the coil binding will allow it to take a beating when thrown into bags and purses on the go. The accessory pouch slips over the back cover for accessible storage for pens, stickers or washi tape. With each journal, monthly goal coaching tips come to your email, and access to a free library of downloads to personalize your goals including a meal planner, finance tracker, reading list, budget sheet, monthly calendar and more! Add the sticker book to your purchase and add colorful reminders to your goals, birthday cards or lunch box notes.

The Wellness Planner

Wellness Planner

Start 2020 on the right foot with this daily planner from Life & Apples. Their Wellness Planner is focused solely on health and wellness, helping the user to create a healthy daily routine. Start the day with gratitude and positive thoughts, plan and record fitness activities and balanced meals, and finish with journaling and some self-reflection. There are also places to track positive habits such as water, getting enough sleep, and practicing positive thinking.

Hello Revival 2020 Christian Planner

Hello Revival

Hello Revival is a Christian planner designed to help believers experience a richer intimacy in their walk with God. The leather softcover planner has a ribbon bookmark and lays flat for easier writing. It has monthly and weekly plans to help manage time, space for sermon notes, a vision board, goals tracker and end-of-the-year reflection space. Get on track with your personal faith journey with this gorgeous planner for 2020.

Write the Word Journals from Cultivate What Matters

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Begin the new year with the goal of personal growth and self-care. Write the Word Journals are made for kids and adults. There are two kids versions – one Write the Bible and one specifically highlighting the Fruit of the Spirit from Galatians 5. The Kids version provides the opportunity for drawing, coloring and building the skills of note-taking and self-expression. There are 5 versions for the adult that provide thought-provoking prompts and areas to note gratitude and gratefulness. Beyond growing in faith and learning about the fruit of the spirit, it is taking the time for self-care and reflection that every person needs. A moment away from technology, from the rush of a schedule, doing something enjoyable.

The new year is right around the corner, and if you want to be one step ahead of the game, or at least help your family get there, then these gifts for the new year are a must. With a brand new to-do list maker and your house set up for success, nothing will keep you down in 2020. Except maybe surprise orders and deployment.

11 Gifts For The New Year To Start You Off On The Right Foot



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