6 Intriguing Reasons To Go Antiquing At Vintage Market Days

Vintage Market Days, oh how we love thee. Take every home design magazine, DIY reality show, Pinterest grand idea, and roll them into one. Add in live classic country songs, sprinkle the aroma of fresh popcorn and pastries on top, and voila! All your southern antiquing dreams have come true! Women (along with a few brave men) flock from miles around to find the perfect unique piece for their home. No doubt they will leave with yummy treats, fashionable threads, and everything needed to pamper themselves. If you are not yet convinced that this is where you need to be, here are 6 reasons to go antiquing at Vintage Market Days.

6 Intriguing Reasons To Go Antiquing At Vintage Market Days

One-Of-A-Kind Antiquing Finds

6 Intriguing Reasons To Go Antiquing At Vintage Market Days

Ever feel like that episode of Friends where everything in Rachel’s apartment came from one chain company? You look around and not a single thing is from the days of yore. Not a problem! One of the best things about antiquing is that you can find one-of-a-kind treasures. Maybe there was more than one made in their time, but the likelihood of running across another or someone you know displaying it in their home is very low.

6 Intriguing Reasons To Go Antiquing At Vintage Market Days

Not only that, but you can find unique, homemade crafts and goods that your friends and family will be raving about. For example, at the Vintage Market Days in Raleigh, NC, Going Green Lanterns presented their Gallon Jug Cheese Tray. People were flocking to these useful and creative recycled treasures. The display was stunning and exhibited the endless ways that the jugs could be used and decorated. The holiday-themed displays in the jugs were dazzling and made this a must-have for our home and a gift for many loved ones that have just about everything.

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Design Inspirations From Antiquing

6 Intriguing Reasons To Go Antiquing At Vintage Market Days

There is a whole slew of magazines and TV shows that show us swoon-worthy living and dining rooms that are furnished with cream linens and floral accents. Nothing quite compares to being surrounded by these gorgeous decor ideas. Seeing them in person and envisioning them gracing your home can inspire a home makeover.

Take, for example, candles. We all have them. We all put them on tables and counters and burn them. But Inglenook & Co. elevates this traditional practice to include floral accents, creative displays, and modern farmhouse candle containers that blend beautifully into any home. The sleek, clean, and refreshing look mimic the similar aromas that they provide.

Candles are not the only thing that they have mastered. Inglenook & Co. is a family-owned company that shares its love for quality candles and hand soaps with everyone. Each of Inglenook’s Hand Soaps is made of a combination of ingredients including essential oils, oatmeal, coconut milk, beer, charcoal, avocado oil, olive oil, and many many more hydrating ingredients. Their comforting candles and soaps smell like (and are named after) a few of our favorite things: Cornbread & Honey, Farmhouse, Southern Welcome, Daily Grind, High Cotton, Beach House, and the list goes on and on.

Nostalgia Through Antiquing

6 Intriguing Reasons To Go Antiquing At Vintage Market Days

Ever think, “I wish I could go back to my childhood” or “Things were so much better back then”? Antiquing at the Vintage Market Days will bring back childhood memories with vintage clothing, old school toys, and whatnots that graced your grandmother’s living room. Each trinket possesses a fond memory of simpler days that will bring a smile to one’s face. Holding these vintage treasures will open the flood gates of warm fuzzy feelings of playing in front of the box television.

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Feel Good Vibes While Antiquing

6 Intriguing Reasons To Go Antiquing At Vintage Market Days

There is nowhere in the world you could want to be than to be surrounded by beautiful things and delightful people. Lucky for you these are at Vintage Market Days. The vendors at Vintage Market Days are excited to show their crafts and talents and converse with inquisitive shoppers. There is no way to pass by a booth like Bash & Lola which features furniture and jewelry made from vintage vehicles. This crafty couple literally turns trash into treasure.

Their welcoming booth resembles a living room highlighting the custom-made car couch with leather seats and functional taillights. This beauty was a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Bash & Lola were hospitable to shoppers who could not resist the temptation to experience a pit stop on the couch. The antiquing experience was completed by the friendly conversation and bubbly personalities of the owners. There is no denying the pride they take in their work and the excitement that they have for rehoming their works of art.

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6 Intriguing Reasons To Go Antiquing At Vintage Market Days

Meaningful conversation and bonding happen when there are shopping bags and sales tags involved. In all seriousness, you can learn a lot about someone while shopping with them: their likes, dislikes, opinions, wishes, dreams, aspirations, hesitations, joys, and troubles. Grab a friend, spouse, or loved one and make memories reminiscing about past times while antiquing at the Vintage Market Days.

New Favorite Faces

6 Intriguing Reasons To Go Antiquing At Vintage Market Days

Chain stores are great for your necessary items. However, when you are looking for items that you want to spoil yourself with, one-of-a-kind or boutique-style products are top drawer and make you feel like a queen. The Vintage Market Days is packed full of vendors that offer these top-drawer products. You can spend the day antiquing, sampling, and hitting the boutique jackpot.

Willow Hill Soap Company is located in the small town of Canton, NC. They have EVERYTHING you need to live your best life. Relaxing bath and shower products, rejuvenating skincare products, candles, and more! Their Whipped Sugar Scrubs cannot be overlooked. These scrubs smell divine, gently exfoliate and leave your skin feeling buttery soft.

6 Intriguing Reasons To Go Antiquing At Vintage Market Days

After a long day of antiquing at the Vintage Market Days, take dinner home too! Mad Dash Mixes has exactly what you need to make a scrumptious meal whether it is winter, spring, summer, or fall. Their dips, like the Spinach Artichoke Dip and B.L.T. Dip, will hit the spot. Not only will you enjoy them, but they are also the perfect party idea. Simple to make, easy to follow directions, and perfectly packaged portions, allow you to mix in a few ingredients and go.

6 Intriguing Reasons To Go Antiquing At Vintage Market Days

For the cooler months of the year, be sure to grab a few Mad Dash Mixes soup mixes to keep you warm. The Cheesy Chicken Enchilada, Creamy Tomato Basil, and Cheddar Potato Soup are to die for! Follow the directions and add in a few things here and there to make it your own. For the warmer, grill season, stock up on meat seasoning, pasta salads, and cheesecake mixes. For a party or celebration, be sure the No-Bake Birthday Cheesecake makes it into your shopping bag! It definitely lives up to the hype.

If there was any hesitation that antiquing was the way to go, these 6 reasons have probably convinced you otherwise. Vintage Market Days pop up all around the country, so be sure to look up when they, and local vendors, will be bringing hospitality and merchandise to a town near you. Be sure to pack a reusable shopping bag, comfortable shoes, and money, honey!


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6 Intriguing Reasons To Go Antiquing At Vintage Market Days

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Amanda Armstrong
Amanda Armstrong
Amanda resides in Raleigh, NC with her husband and two children. She has taken a break from being a pediatric/NICU nurse to be a stay-at-home mom and personal chauffeur to her rambunctious daughter and playful son. Amanda enjoys learning photography, antiquing, trout fishing, and decorating.

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