9 Father’s Day Gifts For Expectant Dads

Father’s Day is fast approaching, and if you are expecting the pitter-patter of little feet in the near future, this is a great opportunity to help the Dad-to-be in your life prepare. From self-care to housekeeping, travel gear or items to remember those first, early days, these Father’s Day gifts for expectant Dads are a great way to help get Dad involved and excited before baby arrives!

Joovy Caboose S Double Stroller

9 Father’S Day Gifts For Expectant Dads

Dads love spending time with their kids doing outdoor activities and taking trips to fun locations. But any parent with more than one child knows keeping everyone together without chasing anyone down can be a challenge. The Joovy Caboose S Double Stroller makes for a great Father’s Day gift for the active, fun, yet no-nonsense dad. The Caboose S is a double tandem stroller than has 17 different configurations for how your children can sit, stand, or ride. This stroller is compatible with several different infant seats allow you to use an infant car seat in both the front and rear positions.

The expandable canopy is large enough to cover both children when sitting and the rubber tires that will never go flat give your kids a smoother stroller ride. The Joovy Caboose S Double Stroller can carry up to 110 pounds allowing this stroller to grow with your children. The storage basket can also carry 25 pounds of the essentials you will need on your outing. This stroller can be quickly and easily folded and even has a kickstand that allows for the stroller to stand independently when it is folded instead of being laid on the floor.

Caboose S Double Stroller

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9 Father’S Day Gifts For Expectant Dads

Don’t forget about the new dads in your life when shopping for Father’s Day gifts this year. Baby swag is not just for the new mamas in your life, but also for their significant other, the dads. New dads are all about spending quality time with their little ones. From snuggles on the couch for story time to shared meal times perfect for bonding over good food and camaraderie, dads are their children’s heroes so give them a gift to facilitate the time they share making memories with baby (and quite honestly giving mom a break).

Perfect for those meal time moments, the high chair from 4moms is the perfect blend of modern design and innovative features to make even the most savvy dad swoon. With a sleek, easy to clean seat and one handed magnetic tray this high chair makes feeding baby a breeze. The comfortable seat designed with a removable, easy to clean foam insert keeps baby comfortable while the magnetic tray attachment allows you to connect the tray even while holding baby. With 3 variable height positions and 2 tray positions, this high chair will take baby from those first soft foods right up to the table with mom and dad.

High Chair

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9 Father’S Day Gifts For Expectant Dads

Veer has the gear for new dads this Father’s Day. Just like dads the Veer all-terrain wagon is rough, tough, durable and up for any adventure. Perfect for the new or expectant dad who loves getting out into the great outdoors, the Veer all-terrain wagon is perfect for letting him take along his newest sidekick and instilling a love of exploration into the kids.

9 Father’S Day Gifts For Expectant Dads

This Father’s Day we love the newest addition to the Veer accessory line, the Adventure Blanket. Whether heading out on a cold winter’s day, or planning a picnic in the park, the Adventure Blanket is lightweight, wind-proof, water-resistant and warm making it the perfect addition to your cruiser. With both an adult and child size, including snaps and hand pockets for wrap-around warmth, this down-alternative filled, soft, cozy, nylon blanket will keep both dad and the kids warm and cozy no matter where the day may lead.

Child Size Adventure Blanket | Adult Size Adventure Blanket

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9 Father’S Day Gifts For Expectant Dads

This Father’s Day help dad relax in comfort letting his cares simply fade away with a weighted blanket from Rocabi. The fathers in our lives all work so hard that stress and anxiety are an almost commonplace state of being. Helping these unsung heroes who do so much for their families to unwind and decompress after a long day (or week) at work is the best gift we can give.

The Rocabi luxury weighted blanket does just this – designed to be 10% of your dad’s body weight, this super-soft, minky lined blanket is a warm hug, a cuddle with a loved one, and a sense of deep relaxation all in one fabulously comfortable blanket. Rocabi reduces anxiety, insomnia and stress, and allows you to fall asleep faster and remain asleep longer. With a removable washable cover and larger sizes available this weighted blanket is perfect for dad alone or even for sharing with his partner the love of a good night’s sleep.

Rocabi Luxury Weighted Blanket

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9 Father’S Day Gifts For Expectant Dads

Dad’s really aren’t that complicated. When it comes to chores and honey-do-lists they are just like us, maybe even more so. The less they have to think about, or spend time and effort doing, the better which is why Dad will love a RoboVac 30C from Eufy this Father’s Day.

Eufy takes the chore out of cleaning by making it effortless, mindless even. Dad’s will love more time to watch the game or take the kids for a long bike ride because one chore can be completed without them being at home thanks to the handy app. What is not to love about a machine that gives us our free time?

The RoboVac 30C was voted Best Smart Robo Vacuum in 2018. This is because there was no detail left unturned when crafting this smart vac. Completely smart capable with WIFI, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant compatibility, program it once and it’s good to go. Dad can also set boundaries to ensure it only cleans specific areas. Per charge you get 100 minutes of cleaning, thus you can clean your whole house in just one charge.

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It has a 3-point cleaning system that includes three brushes and strong suction to work powerfully. It features large wheels that roll over the carpet and climb over ledges to get to any mess. It even has drop-sense technology that senses when it’s about to fall down the stairs or off of ledges. It is ultra thin at only 2.85 inches, allowing it glide safely under sofas and beds.

9 Father’S Day Gifts For Expectant Dads

The gift of time is always the best gift you can give any parent, especially as one of his Father’s Day gifts for expectant dads. The RoboVac 30C frees dad up so he can both help out mom and spend time with his new baby. Plus, let’s be honest mamas are going to love this one too.

RoboVac 30C

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9 Father’S Day Gifts For Expectant Dads

We love the idea of giving a beautiful canvas or framed print as an option for a Father’s Day gift for a new or soon-to-be dad. A nice piece of artwork makes for a great gift any time of year, but the sentiment of giving Dad an enlarged photo is one that won’t easily be forgotten. And, it’s much better than a tie! Whether your choose to print one of his favorite shots from your last vacation or a photo of his brand new baby, it is sure to be a gift he’ll cherish for a lifetime. Furthermore, with CanvasPop, you can order exactly what you want (at any size you need), for a great price with speedy shipping.

Canvas Prints

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9 Father’S Day Gifts For Expectant Dads

Picking out the perfect present for a new or expectant Dad is easy. When celebrating their first Father’s Day or honoring a new addition to the family, a gift that allows Dad to bond with his newest little one is always a winner. Baby wearing is the ideal way to spend quality time no matter where the journey takes you and the COMPLETE Original from LILLEbaby is the perfect gift for allowing Dad to do just that.

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Designed specifically to support hip health the LILLEbaby complete has been certified by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute (IHDI). Hip development is crucial during the first few months after birth and parents who choose to baby wear during these key developmental windows need a carrier that is safe for both baby and Dad. The COMPLETE cup-shaped seat allows baby to sit wide-legged while in the forward facing position. This enables baby to move freely and comfortable.

With six carrying positions parents can wear baby from birth all the way up to 45 lbs. Two-way adjustable straps and an extended back panel provides full lumbar support to keep Dad’s back healthy even as the littles get larger. This means more adventures at the zoo all while Dad comfortably enjoys the ergonomic design of the COMPLETE.

A zippered cargo pocket on the front of the carrier provides additional storage space perfect for a quick change, and machine washable fabrics safely go directly in the wash at the end of the day. The COMPLETE is available in dozens of bold colors and patterns, including World of Warcraft designs for the gamer dad. For our Father’s Day Gifts for Expectant Dads, we’ve selected the black and charcoal color scheme to match a classic Dad style.

Charcoal COMPLETE Original

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Way of Will

9 Father’S Day Gifts For Expectant Dads

At the end of a long day Dad needs to kick back and relax. This Father’s Day, help him celebrate all the hard work he does for your family with a gift of relaxation from Way of Will. Known for their full line of all natural essential oils Way of Will is specifically formulated for active lifestyles. With blends of oils designed to protect, energize, relax and refresh you’ll easily be able to identify a Father’s Day gift to make the most of his special day.

9 Father’S Day Gifts For Expectant Dads

The Activate Essential Oil Gift Set is the perfect intro to essential oils for beginners. Grapefruit, sweet orange, cedar wood and lemon combine together in a number of unique recipes to promote digestive wellness, anxiety relief and more. Essential oils are also great for the soon-to-be dads who suffer from stress headaches. The pre-blended Think Straight roller ball is the perfect solution. Made with peppermint, rosemary, black pepper, basil, lavender and more Think Straight works to relieve head tension.

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After the gym or a long afternoon in the park, Way of Will’s Clothing Refresh Spray helps Dad freshen up before heading home. Naturally eliminating odors from sweat and activity, the grapefruit and orange essential oils will give him an instant energy burst, while lavender and black pepper will promote calm and clarity. After he cleans up from the gym, WILL Beard Oil helps soften and condition facial hair. Softer facial hair means more baby kisses for Dad and healthier skin to keep him looking young.

Activate Essential Oil Gift Set | Think Straight | Clothing Refresh Spray | WILL Beard Oil

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9 Father’S Day Gifts For Expectant Dads

New Dad’s have a lot going on. Finding the perfect balance between learning how to be father and supporting the new mom in his life can be a full time job during the first few months of parenthood. When babies are breastfeeding it’s often challenging for new Dad’s to experience the same level of bond that mom’s do. This Father’s Day, give a gift that allows Dad to confidently bond and keeps baby happy at the same time. We all know that a well fed baby means happy parents.

Comotomo bottles are designed specifically for breastfeeding babies to help seamlessly switch from breast to bottle, no matter who’s serving dinner. A wide mouth and naturally shaped nipple lowers the chance of nipple confusion. After feeding, the bottles wide opening makes cleaning a breeze and as a bonus Dad’s new best friend is safe for the dishwasher (top rack only). Soft sided ensures that even slippery hands won’t result in cracked plastic or broken glass during the cleaning process.

9 Father’S Day Gifts For Expectant Dads

Little ones grow so much faster then anyone expects. they may be newborn today and it seems like teething tomorrow. Teether’s from Comotomo are how Dad saves the day when baby starts to fuss. Designed with non-toxic materials, the easy to hold teether is perfect for easing pain on little gums. Specifically designed to mimic baby fingers, they can help prevent thumb sucking while providing safe teething relief.

Green Bottle Set | Silicone Baby Teether | Replacement Nipples
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Before you know it, Dad’s new, sweet baby is going to be the one getting the all of the attention, but that’s the way it is meant to be. Treat the soon-to-be-Dad in your life with one of these Father’s Day Gifts for Expectant Dads. Help him live up to his Boy Scout motto, “Always be prepared”, and walk into his new role of “Father” confidently and well-stocked!

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9 Father’S Day Gifts For Expectant Dads



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