Trending Fashion for Men This Father’s Day

Dads are notoriously pretty easy-going when it comes to receiving gifts. They usually aren’t too picky and somehow their size always perfectly fits. However, if he’s really into wearing trending fashion for men, it can be hard to gift something special that he’ll truly love. This Father’s Day, just forget the neckties. Get Dad some apparel and accessories he will love putting on. From everyday workwear that works as hard as he does to leisurely sportswear, and all the accessories in between, we’ve got him (and you) covered.

Trending Fashion for Men This Father’s Day

Duluth Trading

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For men that work hard and play hard, quality, crafted clothing that can hold up for years to come is a must. Duluth is known for providing durable clothing created with the outdoorsmen lifestyle in mind. From head to toe, Duluth Trading will not only have your guy looking stylish but they will be feeling comfortable all day as well.

When the temperatures of the summer months become unbearable, the Armachillo Cooling Short Sleeve T-Shirt provides a cooling effect while wicking away moisture and preventing odors. A casual, yet work-friendly pant to pair it with is the DuluthFlex Ballroom Standard Fit Khakis. These trim-fit pants have just the right amount of stretch to move with your activities and have multiple pockets to hold everything you need. Hold your outfit together with the Buckle-less Belt, a thick, leather belt with a velcro-style closure to prevent scratches and marks.

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If jeans are your everyday pant of choice, the DuluthFlex Ballroom Weekender Standard Fit Jeans combine a light and lean cut for a modern fit. These dark denim jeans are simple and streamlined and look great with a shirt like the Everyday Long Sleeve Work Shirt. This buttoned-down, collared shirt features a relaxed fit with front pockets and a soft, flexible fabric. It is also available in short-sleeve.

When it comes to footwear, Duluth has all your bases covered. For a sporty, athletic choice, the Salomon Alphacross Shoes are a trendy, all-terrain sneaker that has a lightweight and breathable body with a durable, impact-absorbing sole that gives you superior grip on any surface, wet or dry. For a shoe geared specifically toward hiking and outdoor activities, the Jackpine Hiker Shoes will be your go-to for trekking through woods and trails. These boots are 100% waterproof.

Jackpine Hiker Shoes | Salomon Alphacross Shoes | Buckle-less Belt | DuluthFlex Ballroom Standard Fit Khakis | DuluthFlex Ballroom Weekender Standard Fit Jeans | Armachillo Cooling Short Sleeve T-Shirt | Everyday Long Sleeve Work Shirt
Duluth Trading | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

Aktiv Style

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This Father’s Day, help Dad enjoy all his ventures with the kids wearing clothing that was meant to be conducive to exertion, exploration, and, of course, relaxation. Aktiv Style certainly doesn’t slack when it comes to designing clothes with dads in mind. Working with top brands, they focus on out-of-the-ordinary clothes for extraordinary fathers. This means you get durability, quality, and of course, the latest trending fashion for men and specifically that special man of yours.

Like the Lugano Men’s Shorts by 8848 Altitude leisure shorts, perfect for the dad who appreciates two open-waist pockets and two back pockets with buttons which come together with stretchy woven cotton twill. In other words, Dad will be comfortable enough for everyday wear with just enough length to keep him looking sharp.

Tim Tee for Men by 8848 Altitude would (literally) be a great fit for Dad if he prefers an everyday lightweight technical tee in S. Café® fabric with a light polyester stretch. He can choose to wear this tee in two ways: form-fitting or loose, either way, it quickly wicks any summer moisture away from Dad’s body while stretching comfortably along the sides and shoulders for a perfect fit. Dad will feel so good moving in this tee, you better pick up two or three!

When it comes to shopping for other casual tops for Dad on Father’s Day, for those smoldering summer days ahead, the Organic Wool and Silk Men’s T-Shirt is literally the gold-standard for tees. The silk softens, strengthens, and compliments the wool’s temperature-regulating qualities. All in one t-shirt! Moms will love the fact (and dad, let’s not exclude him) that the wool naturally fights odor which means, more wear and less laundry time.

The Men’s Matwau Shorts would also be great for the dad who prefers a soft, comfortable short (we mean, who wouldn’t?!) for their summer days out and about with the kids. It’s a regular fit with chic double jet pockets on the back. There’s a reason he’s a daddy, so keep him looking mighty good for mommy! Don’t forget to make it incredibly easy for Dad to stay hydrated, the Aktiv Hydro-Soul Water Bottle is double insulated and sleek, keeping Dad’s cold drinks cold and those hot coffee days, nice and hot.

For the hiking dad in your life, get the Montafon Men’s Shorts by 8848 Altitude for him to wear the much-needed technical material with a 4-way stretch to accommodate all his limber movements. They are moisture-wicking, quick-drying shorts so they are breathable, lightweight and highly functional for your active dad. It may feel a little snug (trust us, mom won’t mind), but there’s a lot of give and flex in the material.

Lugano Men’s Shorts by 8848 Altitude | Men’s Matwau Shorts | Montafon Men’s Shorts by 8848 Altitude | Organic Wool and Silk Men’s T-Shirt | Tim Tee for Men by 8848 Altitude | Aktiv Hydro-Soul Water Bottle
Aktiv Style | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

Lucky Brand

If your Dad is interested in trending fashion for men but he doesn’t know where to begin when shopping, Father’s Day is the perfect time to give him the gift of new clothes. Lucky Brand has you covered when it comes to high fashion, modern, and comfortable clothing items. Their Sueded Fleece Terry Crew Sweatshirt will not only keep him warm with its cotton blends, but it’ll make him stand out as the sweatshirt perfectly fits his body. The heather grey color will go with absolutely everything in his current wardrobe, and he can wear it to nearly any occasion.

While you’re giving your Dad trending fashion for men, help him by tossing out his ten-year-old baggy ripped jeans. Adding the 121 Slim Straight 4-Way Stretch Jean will help up his style game and have him strutting around like he’s on a runway. If your Dad is the kind who states “he’s not going to walk around in skinny-legged pants”, then these jeans are perfect for him! They are a mix between slim and straight, so while they won’t cling to his leg, but shape them to give him the pop of style he needs!

Sueded Fleece Terry Crew Sweatshirt | 121 Slim Straight 4-Way Stretch Jean
Lucky Brand| Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

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Day Owl

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The man in your life needs accessories that support his everyday storage needs. He also needs something that will literally last a lifetime without compromise. That’s why Day Owl created a backpack that lets Dad carry everything he needs to everything he wants without sacrificing style, functionality, or downtime. Your kids may want the latest cartoon superhero for their backpack, but Dad, nah, he’s not a middle schooler anymore, he gets a man’s backpack.

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The backpack is made with sturdy First MileTM waxed canvas, LWG certified genuine leather, and water repellant neoprene, which basically means, you have a sustainable, lifetime (free repairs for life) backpack through all of Dad’s business and pleasure adventures. If Dad only has forever, then the backpack is specifically designed to last forever – hopefully, the dad in your life can keep up!

This Father’s Day gift the special man in your life the backpack featuring a large roomy area and inward pockets to precisely store all of dad’s work and date night must-haves exactly where he wants them without the bulk. The backpack comes in a smaller size which will fit a 14″ laptop or the larger size for a 15″ bag. You’ll feel good knowing that the backpack made by Day Owl is manufactured from post-consumer recycled bottles that would’ve otherwise ended up in a landfill for hundreds of years. By using these bottles instead of the backpack, they created a first-of-its-kind waxed canvas that’s incredibly durable, water-resistant when Dad needs it most, and more sustainable than traditional cotton-made backpacks. Dad literally needs this backpack… you’ll realize it as soon as it becomes his most prized take-this-everywhere backpack!

Let’s not kid ourselves, Dad also needs to keep all his cords and small items in order and easily accessible. All of his miscellaneous must-haves can just be placed in a convenient cord pouch and tossed in the backpack. It’s truly designed with the organized dad, and trending fashion for men, in mind.

The Backpack | The Cord Pouch
Day Owl | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Pixel Eyewear

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If you want to give Dad some trending fashion for men while also giving him something that will make him feel better, then check out Pixel Eyewear‘s computer glasses. Even if Dad has 20/20 vision that does not mean that the effects of hours in front of screens every day is not affecting him.

Pixel Eyewear provides computer glasses breakthrough lens technology that filters 50 percent of blue light and up to 95 percent at the strongest wavelengths, without the yellow tint. Why filter out blue light? The blue light emitted by screens reaches deeper into the eye and its cumulative effect can cause damage to the retina. Prolonged exposure to blue light also causes symptoms of eyestrain, eye fatigue, migraines, and dry eyes.

Pixel Eyewear lenses also contain nanotechnology that reduces smudges and repel water and dust. These computer glasses filter blue light and eliminate glare; reducing digital eyestrain, headaches & improving sleep.

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Buteo Computer Glasses feature a bold, jet-black square design that is flattering on both men and women, so mom can also protect her eyes from screens when Dad doesn’t need them. This classic style works on just about anybody and Dad will be surprised at how much better he feels when he dons a pair of these dark-rimmed computer glasses.

Buteo Computer Glasses
Pixel Eyewear | Facebook | Instagram

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Dads who love sports also love to show off their fandom. Give the man in your life representation of the team he loves with officially licensed, uniquely-designed apparel, home decor, toys, and collectables from FOCO. And with the Gradient Big Logo Training Shorts, there’s no hiding the team for which he cheers. A no-nonsense, “true” fan will love the team spirit oozing from them. Have a guy who’s a little more low-key? The Dots Walking Shorts are packed with style, but quieter on the team logo front. Can’t choose? Get them both! Each is available in a variety of sports teams.

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And nothing pairs better with Dad’s bottom half than a pair of super comfortable sandals in his team’s colors. The Bold Wordmark Gel Slides will get Dad through summer in both comfort and trending fashion for men, whether he’s relaxing at the pool or taking out the trash. Each pair incorporates a team logo proudly displayed across the straps and a bold wordmark logo with a gel overlay on the footbed. You’ll win Father’s Day with this gift combo for your great guy.

Baltimore Ravens Bold Wordmark Gel Slide | Baltimore Ravens Gradient Big Logo Training Short | NY Giants Dots Walking Short | NY Giants Bold Wordmark Gel Slide
FOCO | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Life is Good

Father’s Day {2020}

This Father’s Day spread the love with a bit of optimism and positive messaging from Life is Good. Here to remind us that no matter what we are going through life is better together, Life is Good designs ultra-soft tees and casual wear for the whole family. Their incredibly soft, cotton tees crafted of 100% USA grown cotton feature a laid back style and are garment washed for softness. Trust us, once you wear the tees from Life is Good you will never want to wear another t-shirt again.

Father’s Day {2020}

This Father’s Day we love the Men’s Stay Home Turtle Crusher Tee, the Men’s Stay Calm Eagle Crusher Tee, and the Men’s Keep It Simple Tee to keep dad comfortable and stylish even when social distancing or sheltering-in-place. While many orders are likely to be lifted by Father’s Day this new normal we all find ourselves experiencing day by day comes with its own challenges. However in the spirit of the brand, Life is Good is here to remind us that we should find the positivity in all things, including our health, wealth, and time spent with family.

Men’s Stay Home Turtle Crusher Tee | Men’s Stay Calm Eagle Crusher Tee
Life is Good | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest


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Carhartt has been around for over 100 years, and there’s a good reason. Carhartt Workwear works hard for the guys who wear them. So for the dad that kicks up dirt at work or in the yard, some new trending fashion for men in the workwear category will be right up his alley. The Midweight Hooded Logo Sweatshirt is great for laying and keeping your guy warm on those crisp mornings. Pair it up with the Force Cotton Delmont Long-Sleeve T. It’s hard-working and sweat-wicking, and tagless mid-weight staple built with Carhartt’s Force technology.

The Workwear Pocket T-shirts are also tagless staples every dad should have in his closet, designed with more room to move, making it the perfect tee to gift for Dad this Father’s Day. Throw in a pair of the Chore Master Work Gloves and your man will be excited to start tackling anything his Honey-Do list throws his way. Get him some new gear that’ll stand up to all the car fixin’, yard upkeepin’, grillin’, and, most importantly, relaxin’ Dad does.

Midweight Hoodied Logo Sweatshirt | Workwear Pocket T-Shirt | Force Cotton Delmont Long-Sleeve T | Chore Master Work Glove
Carhartt | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest


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Your Dad may not wear all of the trending fashion for men, or even care about his fashion sense, but he does care about his money and how secure it is – whether or not it looks good. Well, give him the best of both worlds, security and a bit of style to go along with it. The Ekster Parliament Slim Leather Wallet is a smart wallet that will give Dad the quick access he wants, the style you love to see on him, and the security to protect against skimming scams.

daily-mom-parent-portal-trending fashion for men

You can even add in a tracker so Dad will always know exactly where his wallet is along with:

Give Dad some style and security, the Ekster wallets provide just that and so much more, holding 4 – 6 of his most used cards.

Eskter Parliament Slim Leather Wallet
Ekster | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest


Celebrate this Father’s Day with trending fashion for men jewelery gift that’s functional too. Tapper’s 18K Gold Plated Rope Chain keeps Dad’s wireless audio protected and around his neck at all times, just as Dad is always there for you. The beautiful chain is compatible with both Apple AirPods and AirPods Pro, and the magnetic lock connects the earpieces together when not in use. For the Father who is the more casual type, Tapper also offers silver and black metal versions, as well as both leather and nylon styles.

18K Gold Plate Rope Chain
Tapper| Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

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Anytown USA

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A wallet is a wallet, right? Wrong! Yes, wallets are a fairly expected gift on Father’s Day, right up there with ties. Not The Acadian Katahdin Wallet! It is a trending fashion for men wanting to update their style. These wallets are made from leather sourced in Maine, the wallet features a rustic texture that will take on a beautiful patina over time.

The Acadian Katahdin Wallet is custom made, so you can choose not only the leather color, but also the thread color to ensure that Dad gets exactly what suits his style.

daily-mom-parent-portal-trending fashion for men

Anytown USA features handmade products from all over The United States. Handmade means you need to order The Acadian Katahdin Wallet for your Dad ASAP! It takes 1-2 weeks for their craftsmen to build your wallet and ship it to Dad.

The Acadian Katahdin Wallet
Anytown USA | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

Kickee Pants

If your husband could use some new boxers but would never buy himself any, take the opportunity to update his underwear drawer for Father’s Day. But don’t just buy the cheapest underwear you can find. A Father’s Day gift should be a level above what Dad would buy himself. As such, give him boxers or boxer briefs from Kickee Pants. Specifically, check out their newest Zoology collection!

Made from Kickee Pants’ signature buttery-soft fabric, their boxer briefs are the ultimate in comfort and trending fashion for men. They’re stretchy in all the right places with a soft waistband that moves with him and stays in place all day. Additionally, their boxer briefs are naturally breathable and self-regulate temperature for a fit so comfortable, he’ll forget he’s wearing anything at all. We promise he’ll love them so much that he’ll soon trade out all of his underwear for Kickee Pants.

Boxer Briefs
Kickee Pants | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

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When wanting to give trending fashion for men, a new watch is always a classic Father’s Day gift. From sport and travel watches to casual and dress watches, Armitron has a beautiful selection of both men and women’s timepieces that will fit any style and taste. The Two-Tone Bracelet is a subtle 37mm watch that combines silver and gold to create a watch that has a businessman level of sophistication while still appropriate for everyday wear. The Two-Tone Bracelet features an analog-style with a calendar window that displays the day of the week and date.

daily-mom-parent-portal-trending fashion for men

Two-Tone Bracelet – 37mm
Armitron | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest


Regardless of his style, any of the items in this list of trending fashion for men is sure to put a smile on Dad’s face this Father’s Day. So go ahead and impress your dapper dude this year. With a new smart wallet or eyewear that works for him as well as looking great, plus some fun and functional clothing, Father’s Day is sure to be a great, and stylish, one.


Looking for apparel that’s a little more adventurous? Check out Men’s Tactical Clothing for Everyday Wear.

Trending Fashion For Men This Father’s Day

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