Father’s Day Gift Guide: Editor’s Picks

Father’s Day is quickly approaching and that means it’s time to start thinking about an amazing gift for the guy who does it all. Dads sometimes get the short end of the stick when it comes to parenting accolades, and many times, moms joke about the daggers they give when husbands never seem to hear the baby cry in the middle of the night, but the truth is that we wouldn’t want to do this whole parenting gig without them. Daily Mom has scoured all of the best Father’s Day gifts this year, and we have come up with our absolute favorites this season. Check out what our editors think are the ultimate gifts for your favorite guy.

ClosetMaid ProGarage

Closetmaid Garage-Fullroom-Progarage-Heavy Duty Wire Shelving_Preview

Dad’s garage is oftentimes his personal space in the house. It’s where he keeps all his tools of the trade like his sports equipment, yard equipment, and tools. With all those things dad has (and obviously needs), it is important to keep it organized so he can find what he needs with ease. ClosetMaid’s ProGarage set is made specifically so dad can keep his garage neat, tidy, and organized with spaces he can actually use for all his important items.

Closetmaid Garage-Workarea-Detail_Progarage_Preview

Setting up his garage for his specific storage needs is easy with ClosestMaid’s ProGarage set. They have several different cabinet options for dad to choose from- all of which can be configured together in different ways to optimize space in the garage. The two-door rolling tool chest gives dad a place to put smaller items or tools that he can move around to where he’s working. A two door wall cabinet (or two) gives dad some extra space up above, leaving the floor clear for other items. The 4 door tall cabinet provides optimal storage, opening up additional space in the garage for larger items and keeping the majority of his garage organized. No garage would be complete without a tool wall for dad to hang, and easily access, all his every day tools.


The ProGarage set by ClosetMaid is designed with dad in mind. It is made with durable solid wood that is coated with a special stain, scratch, and impact-resistant powder so he doesn’t have to worry about it getting damaged as he moves around the garage. This Father’s Day dad would love to have a space to keep all his “guy” things (and mom probably wouldn’t mind an organized garage either).

Airmega 400s

Airmega (1)

Dad always wants what is best for his family, and clean indoor air is one thing he can provide for everyone – with the right tools. Especially during high allergy season, when dad may be feeling the pain of pollen and pet dander, a high quality air purifier might be high on his list for Father’s Day. The Airmega 400s is a practical gift that dad is sure to enjoy this year. 

Airmega (6)
Airmega (2)

The Airmega 400s is a single room air purification system that helps to clean your home’s air by removing pollutants, allergens, and toxins. It runs at three speeds – on, eco, and sleep – so you can set it to what works best for your family. And all of that can be done at the touch of a button! The Airmega 400s can be Smart Device enabled with Amazon Alexa and its accompanying app can control its speed, check for indoor and outdoor air quality, monitor your filter life, and schedule when your Airmen 400s should run.

Airmega (5)
Airmega Collage

One system can cover up to 1560 sq feet so it can be used as a whole home unit in smaller homes or for single floors in larger homes. Dad will be breathing easier this Father’s Day with less pollen, allergens, and pollutants in his home, as well as knowing he is providing clean air for his family with the Airmega 400s.


Couchbed (5)

After a long day at work or taking care of the kids, dad needs a place to relax. Long gone are the days of dad’s big old recliner that takes up too much space and only seats one. Now dad needs something where he can put his feet up, relax, and maybe even fall asleep (as dads do) to the television late at night. If dad is in need of something a little extra for his man cave, or your family is in the market for a space-saving couch, then a CouchBed might be the right gift for Father’s Day this year.

Couchbed (2)
Couchbed (4)
Couchbed (1)

A CouchBed is a space-saving couch that easily transforms into a bed. It’s memory-foam mattress makes it just as comfortable as a bed, so falling asleep on it is a dream. At 10” tall, this memory foam couch/mattress is high enough that when in couch form it actually looks like a couch, and when in mattress form, you don’t feel like you’re sleeping on the floor. It is also infused with Cool Gel technology so dad won’t get hot no matter if he’s hanging out or sleeping.

Couchbed (6)
Couchbed (7)

Dad can easily transform his CouchBed from a mattress to a couch, and back again. The hinged cover makes it simple, and it can be done in seconds. It also comes in several colors such as charcoal, limestone, blue, red, and black so you can match your home’s decor.




CouchBed | Facebook | Twitter | Houzz | Instagram

Calphalon Precision 10-Piece Knife Set


If you have a dad that’s always in the kitchen chopping, dicing, and slicing, he needs a high-quality knife set to get the job done. Calphalon’s Precision 10-Piece knife set offers dad any size knife he could need for all his prepping in the kitchen, as well as helps save counter space with its space-saving block.


Dad will never have to worry about taking his knives to get sharpened either. The Precision 10-Piece set features SharpIN Technology which is a built-n self-sharpening ceramic sharpening system within the knife block. The butcher knives are made from high carbon, no-stain German steel while the steak knives are Asian steel. Both are known for their strength and durability. Calphalon’s Precision 10-Piece knife set includes:

  • 8 inch Chef’s Knife
  • 6 inch Santoku Knife
  • 4.5 inch Paring Knife
  • 6 inch Serrated Utility Knife
  • 4 Steak Knives
  • Kitchen Shears

The knife handles are easy to hold with bar-riveted handles. Slicing, dicing, and chopping will be precise with the full tang and full bolster of each knife. The walnut-stained wood block is slim and saves counter space, but also looks great with any kitchen decor so it can make mom and dad happy this Father’s Day.


COOLMAX Weighted Blanket

Coolmax Weighted Blanket2

There is nothing like a good night’s sleep. Dads work hard and they need to get their rest but if they have a hard time sleeping, then a weighted blanket might be something they would love this Father’s Day.

Coolmax Weighted Blanket6
Coolmax Weighted Blanket3

A weighted blanket like the one from COOLMAX has been proven to help improve sleep and reduce anxiety. Dads have a lot on their minds, and all those thoughts seem to rush into their heads as soon as they hit the pillow. The COOLMAX Weighted Blanket helps dad feel more comfortable and relaxed due to its weighted feel. The weighted beads inside each pocket of the blanket are made with FDA-approved PVC free beads. The blanket weighs a hefty 15 lbs which most feel is the perfect weight.

Coolmax Weighted Blanket1
Coolmax Weighted Blanket4

If he is a hot sleeper who tends to have night sweats or just gets uncomfortable, the COOLMAX blanket is designed to whisk away any moisture with its ALL SEASON technology. It is breathable and dries quickly. In the winter months, the fiber structures of the blanket will keep dad warm, meaning that no matter when he uses his COOLMAX Weighted Blanket he will always feel comfortable.

Coolmax Weighted Blanket7
Coolmax Weighted Blanket8

The COOLMAX is larger than the other weighted blankets from Weighting Comforts so it’s perfect for a bed. Whether dad has anxiety or just needs help sleeping at night, the COOLMAX Weighted Blanket can help.

Igloo TRAILMATE Cooler


If you have a dad in your life who loves the great outdoors and is always exploring Mother Nature’s true beauty around him, he’s going to need the right gear to get him there. If he loves to go camping for days on end or loves to head out to the lake to fish, he is going to need a cooler that keeps his food, beverages, and catch of the day fresh. The TRAILMATE Igloo Cooler is designed to go wherever he goes, even traversing the toughest terrain, so dad can have his sustenance. 


The TRAILMATE Igloo Cooler is one of the toughest coolers out there. The 10” never flat wheels make it easy to go over any rocky soil, sandy beaches, or tough mountains with ease. In addition, Glide telescopic handle makes it easier to tow behind him, making it super easy to bring the TRAILMATE wherever he is headed. The Ultratherm insulation in the body and the lid of the cooler provides up 4 days of ice retention even in extreme temperatures.  

Dad can enjoy his meals without extra fuss with the additional pull-out butler tray, which gives a little table to put his food and drinks. As in traditional Igloo style, the TRAILMATE also has bottle openers and cup holders in the lid of the cooler, along with an easy-empty drain, mobile device holder, and storage pocket.


Dads love their gear, and a TRAILMATE cooler by Igloo is exactly what your outdoorsy dad (or dad who loves to throw BBQs and needs a place to keep his beer cold) needs this Father’s Day.




Igloo | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Instagram | YouTube

NFL Logo Dart Board

Nfl Dart Board8

Dads and their man caves. They love to decorate it with all the things that they love, like their favorite NFL team, games, and giant televisions that take up more space than necessary. If you have a dad in your life that is a football fanatic but also loves to have activities while the game is going, a NFL Logo Dart Board is the perfect Father’s Day gift.

Nfl Dart Board2
Nfl Dart Board1

Made of solid pine, this dart board features dad’s favorite NFL team. With a bright and bold logo on the outside, everyone who steps into his man cave will know who he roots for (as if he didn’t talk about it all the time already). Inside the cabinet, he will find a regulation size dart board with his team’s name and colors on the board itself.

Nfl Dart Board4
Nfl Dart Board3

Each dart board comes with 6 steel darts with the NFL logo on the tail. The mini chalk boards, chalk, and eraser help keep score of the game no matter if he is playing on his own or with friends. At 2′ by 2′ it is the perfect size for a man cave, den, or heaven forbid, your family room.

Nfl Dart Board9

NFL Logo Dart Board


HSN | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Instagram | YouTube



Whether this is his first Father’s Day or he has been around the daddy block, dads need their sleep. Making sure that they are rested and rejuvenated during their sleep time with the Dreampad pillow could be the gift of a lifetime. Dreampad is more than just a pillow. It is a patented system that allows you to hear the vibrations of music through your pillow, meaning you’ll get the soothing sound of sleep without waking or sharing your system with a bed partner. They’ll want one, but will need to get one of their own!


With better sleep comes better patience, parenting and overhaul health. Dreampad was originally designed for kiddos with anxiety, trauma, autism, or other roadblocks that prohibited them from a good night’s sleep. As the positive reviews poured in, so did the requests from adults to move beyond the pediatric sized pillow. In addition to the comfort of the Firm Support with Dreampad technology pillow, it comes with technology that soothes your soul and sends you sleeping with zzzzzzzz’s.

Dreampad is also available in slim support, medium support, and memory foam support. No matter what your desired support level, the downloadable app has 10 songs to choose from that are specifically made for deep sleep. If you have a playlist that you are used to counting sheep to, no worries! When played through the Dreampad app, it will sound even better than before.


Give dad the gift of sleep this Father’s Day! Dreampad is a dream come true for all ages and stages of life. Benefits include:

  • Available in 4 unique pillow supports
  • Downloadable app that plays Dreampad music
  • No chords or batteries embedded in the pillow; just good vibrations and a soothed soul
  • Optional bluetooth receiver for chord-free support that connects directly to your mobile device
  • For those without a smart device or those that prefer a disconnect from their device in the bedroom, a sony walkman is your ticket to sleep


Trail Keg_20180603_706A1251

Is the dad in your life a craft beer kind of guy? Does he love to take his favorite beer with him to backyard BBQs, tailgating, or hanging with neighbors in the col-de-sac? If so, TrailKeg is what he needs. With TrailKeg, dad can now take his favorite craft beer from his local brewery with him wherever he goes – whether he’s taking some home to enjoy while watching the game or he is headed out to a tailgate with friends.

Trail Keg_20180603_706A1273

Trail Keg_20180603_706A1261

TrailKeg’s innovative travel keg technology keeps his beer carbonated and cold with every use so he doesn’t have to worry about it going flat over time. The vacuum-sealed and insulated growler keeps beer cold for up to 24 hours. It also keeps it carbonated. The keg apparatus feeds CO2 into the growler while the modular tap gives you a fresh-from-the-keg taste – because it is!


Dad can take his TrailKeg wherever he goes and for any event. Its easy-carry handle makes it portable. He can also bring hot coffee, hot chocolate, or even carbonated water along with him in the TrailKeg. It can hold more than 10 cans of beer, more than 20 cups of hot chocolate, and a gallon of iced coffee or water. And if you decide to keep your TrailKeg at home, you can put it in the fridge to keep it colder longer or attach it to your kegierator.

Trail Keg_20180603_706A1220

TrailKeg is perfect for the tailgating, camping, fishing, and the craft beer-loving dad in your life.


Savane 4

Dads like to be stylish, too. No matter what they are doing- heading to the office or out to a neighborhood barbecue- they want to look good while doing it. But they also need their style to be functional because nothing says “dad” like being able to move around with your kids comfortably. Savane has stylish, comfortable, and functional dress pants, casual pants, and shorts that are perfect for a Father’s Day gift this year.


Is dad in need of some new dress pants that move with him? Premium Flex Dress Pants are flexible and stretchy, giving dad the fit he loves with the room he needs to move. The flexible waistband with 3 additional inches of room makes it comfortable to wear all day long. ThePremium Flex Dress Pants are easy to care for, too- they are machine washable with an everlasting crease in the front and no ironing is ever needed.


The Performance Linen Touch Dress Pants are another cool and comfortable option for dad to wear to work or over the weekend. The linen is soft and breezy, and the flat front gives dad the style he loves. The Performance Linen Touch Dress Pant is machine washable which means dad (or you) will never have to get out the iron. Just wash, dry, and head out the door.


Dad needs some casual wear for the weekend, too. Savane offers several different types of shorts for men, and their new Select Edition Printed and Plaid line is something that dad will truly love. There are several different print options, including Flamingo, Pineapple, Palm Trees, Martinis, and various colors of plaid which means you can get the shorts that perfectly match dad’s style. A 9” inseam, flat front, and totally machine washable means they are easy to wear- and easy to take care of.

Savane Collage 3

Savane Collage 1

Savane Collage 2

Amazon Echo

Echo (2)

Alexa, order more pre-workout mix. 

Alexa, play 80’s soft rock radio. 

Dads love telling people what to do. Luckily for him, Alexa will not only listen to him but actually respond every time he asks her something, unlike the children he helped create. Give him the gift of ordering someone else around with an Amazon Echo from Amazon.

Echo (6)

The Echo is an artificial intelligence software that connects to Amazon, the leading producer in delivered goods. The Echo (affectionately known as Alexa) can play dad’s favorite music, order things for him from his Amazon account, and even connect products within your smart home like your lights, your thermostat, your television, or even your home’s internal speaker system.

Echo (3)

Amazon’s second generation Echo now comes in several different colors and designs to fit dad’s style or your home’s decor such as charcoal, heather gray, or sandstone fabric as well as an oak or walnut finish.

Echo (7)

Echo (4)

Dad will love all the things he can do with his Echo. The advanced Dolby processing allows for better sound quality. It also has seven microphones and noise cancellation so Alexa can always hear you. The cylinder design of the Echo also allows for 360 degree omnidirectional audio so sound can be heard throughout an entire room. Alexa can also: 

  • Check his calendar, the weather, traffic, his shopping list, and his favorite team’s sport scores
  • Make calls and send messages
  • Can connect and control your home’s smart devices like your television, your thermostat, your sprinklers, your air purification system, your smart lights, your garage doors, and more.
  • For drinking and Prime nights- request an Uber or order a pizza
Echo (1)

Let dad feel like he’s a little more in control with an Echo from Amazon.


Amazon Echo


Amazon | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube

X Shock Wireless Ear Buds

Father’s Day_20180606_706A2620

Dads are always on the move. You can often find them working out, hanging with kids, going for a run, or just taking care of some chores around the house. Bring a little music and a lot of joy into their day with some new X Shock Wireless Ear Buds this Father’s Day.

Father’s Day_20180606_706A2596

The X Shock Wireless Ear Buds are unlike any other wireless headphones he has worn. They are small earbuds (kind of like the ones they see the secret agents wear in movies, so they will feel super cool) that easily fit and stay in place in his ear so no matter what type of movement he is doing, they won’t fall out. BLUETOOTH technology gives him instant connection to his device so he can start listening the moment he removes the buds from their convenient charging station. 

Father’s Day_20180606_706A2614

Father’s Day_20180606_706A2626

As far as headphones go, the X Shock Wireless Ear Buds are one of the lightest. Weighing in at only 6 grams each, he won’t even notice they are on his person. The buds only take 90 minutes to fully charge and have 60 hours of playtime so he will be ready to go at a moment’s notice. And if the only time dad can get his workout in is in the wee morning hours or late at night, the LED lights within his ear buds will make sure he’s seen by passer-byers.

Formula Experiences

Race 3

For the ultimate in Father’s Day gifts, consider giving the dad in your life the experience of a lifetime. Formula Experiences offers real race car experiences for the man who has a need for speed. Located along the Virginia/North Carolina border at the VIRginia International Raceway, this formula and prototype 2018 race car opportunity will give dad the most memorable Father’s Day ever.

Race 2

There are several different options for racing experience from Formula Experiences ranging from $95 to $5,995. Ride-alongs give you a chance to ride next to a real race car driver for 3 laps, day or night. If dad has some racing experience, he can drive a car on his own for a few laps, taking the rounds as fast as he dares. There are also one- or two-day group experiences that include one-on-one training, ride alongs or individual racing, and course circuit analysis.

Race 1

If dad loves NASCAR, racing, or just exhilarating experiences, consider getting him a race experience from Formula Experience this Father’s Day.


Sharkbanz 3

If you have a dad in your life that loves to surf or just loves to be in the ocean, chances are he is aware of the dangers that lurk beneath him. Sharkbanz are an innovative product that keeps all surfers safe in the ocean. It’s patented magnetic technology, which was developed by marine biologist, helps deter predatory shark species while he’s out in the water.

Sharkbanz 1

The Sharkbanz 2 can be worn on his wrist or ankle. It’s light ergonomic design makes it barely noticeable while he’s in the water and doesn’t get in the way of him trying to catch that wave. It doesn’t require any charging or batteries, so it is always ready to go the minute he hits the shore. It can fit ages 5 and up, and is effective to depths of 100 meters or 330 feet.

Sharkbanz 2

Dad will be safe from any under the sea predators with Sharkbanz and mom can stay content on the shore knowing he is doing just fine. Pro tip: For the ultimate gift, get one for your surfer kids, too, so they can all go surfing with dad this Father’s Day (and you can sit and relax on the beach by yourself – just a suggestion).


Sharkbanz 2


Sharkbanz | Facebook | Instagram YouTube

Moral Code Wallet

Moral-Code-Wallet-Fathers-Day-Gift-Guide (2)

Dads are notorious for keeping their wallets for way longer than they should. They are usually torn, worn out, and barely holding onto life before he will finally succumb to getting a new one. If your dad is in desperate need for a new money holder, a high quality wallet like one from Moral Code may be the perfect gift for him this Father’s Day.

Moral-Code-Wallet-Fathers-Day-Gift-Guide (4)

Moral-Code-Wallet-Fathers-Day-Gift-Guide (6)

The Turner wallet from Moral Code is a classic and traditional style wallet that dad is sure to love. It is made from high-quality, premium calf leather ensuring that it will withstand the test of time (and the test of sitting in his back pocket for the next several years). It is a perfect combination of a card case and standard wallet, giving him six credit card slots and two additional pockets for whatever he needs (like pictures of you and the kids).

Moral-Code-Wallet-Fathers-Day-Gift-Guide (1)

Moral-Code-Wallet-Fathers-Day-Gift-Guide (7)

The currency pockets will hold all his cash but it won’t bulk up like other wallets. The Turner design gives a lean and slim look while holding everything he needs, so he won’t feel as though he’s carrying a rock in his pocket instead of his wallet. Although he may have a rock in there too, because kids.


Turner Wallet


Moral Code | Facebook | Instagram

Boppy ComfyFit Baby Carrier

Black Carrier- Couple Walking Dog (Dad)_1778 – C 2017

It’s important for dad to have bonding time with baby. One of the best ways a dad can do this- especially a new (or new again) dad- is to baby wear. Baby wearing provides several advantages for parents and caregivers, and dad’s are no exception. It is a great way to bond with the baby and still have hands free to do other things. Boppy’s new ComfyFit Baby Carrier is a simple, easy to use, and comfortable baby carrier that dad will love to use with his little bundle.

Gray Carrier- Home (Dad)_0408 – C 2017

The ComfyFit Baby Carrier is designed to be easy to use. It is a combination of a standard snap baby carrier and a wrap carrier so parents feel confident and baby feels comfortable and close. It can be used two different ways– forward-facing or backward-facing- on the front of dad (it is recommended that baby stay backward-facing until at least 6 months of age). It can be used for babies starting at 8 pounds all the way up to 35 pounds.

Black Carrier- Kitchen (Dad)_2342 – C 2017

The padded waist and shoulders make the ComfyFit Baby Carrier easy to wear, even for extended periods of time. A zippered pouch on the waistband gives dad a place to put his wallet, phone, or keys too. And the whole carrier is machine-washable because we all know accidents happen.

Give dad the gift of bonding with baby with Boppy’s ComfyFit Baby Carrier this Father’s Day. Dad and baby will both love it.



Mitoq10 1

There is no getting around it- dad is getting older with each passing Father’s Day. Keeping him healthy with optimal overall wellness is important. There are many different supplements, vitamins, and minerals that promise to deliver anti-aging properties, energy support, and the nutrition he needs to keep healthy and strong. But one of the most important parts of your body’s regeneration process- the mitochondria- isn’t always the first thing he may thing of when exploring health and wellness options.

MitoQ is an antioxidant in which helps your cell’s mitochondria, the part of your cell that converts food and oxygen into energy, function properly. Like most processes in our bodies, your cell’s mitochondria become less efficient. MitoQ penetrates your body’s cells to help produce it’s natural antioxidant, CoQ10, which decreases as you age making you more susceptible to damage from free radicals and illness.

Mitoq10 3

This daily supplement will help dad feel more energized and will slow his aging process. Increased mitochondrial health means more oxygen to his cells, better energy conversion, and better overall organ health. He will be better protected against over 200 diseases that are related to decreased mitochondrial health, giving him more time and energy to spend with the kids.




MitoQ | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube

Lazy One

Lazyone 3

One of the best gifts for dads on Father’s Day are gifts that make them laugh. Silly gifts are sometimes the best, and laughable boxers and barbecue aprons from Lazy One are definitely something that will make him smile.

Lazyone 1

These Funny Boxers from Lazy One will not only be something that are comfortable for dad to lounge around in during the weekend but they will also make everyone in the family laugh out loud. With sayings like, “Moose Caboose,” “Sascrotch,” and “Do These Shorts Make My Bass Look Big” you will be sure to get a laugh out of him when he opens his gift!

Lazyone 2

Dads love to be in front of the grill, too. A new apron he can wear while flipping burgers is the perfect gift this Father’s Day. Imagine dad standing in front of the grill with an apron that says, “Grillin’ and Chillin'” or “Trophy Husband.” Everyone – kids, family, and friends – will all love it!

Lazyone 4

Give dad the gift of a thousand smiles with some funny boxers and a new barbecue apron from Lazy One (let’s just hope he doesn’t wear them at the same time).


Funny Boxers | Barbecue Apron


Lazy One | Facebook | Pinterest | Instagram

Beer Brew Kit

Beer-Brew (1)

If there is one thing most dads love, it’s beer. There is something about a locally brewed beer that makes dad’s day. This Father’s Day, give him the ability to make his own brew right at home with a Beer Brew Kit from Craft A Brew

Beer-Brew (2)

Each beer brew kit comes with a starter package that will have dad well on his way to becoming a Master Brewer. The kit includes:

  • Glass Carboy
  • Funnel
  • Racking Cane
  • Rubber Stopper
  • Transfer tubing
  • Tubing clamp
  • Airlock
  • Thermometer
  • Guide to Craft Brewing
  • Recipe kit
  • Sanitizer
Beer-Brew (3)

Craft a Brew has several different types of beer brewing kits available. This Stone Pale Ale kit is a classic and trendy craft brew that gives soft caramel notes along with the hoppy taste from Columbus and Ahtanum hops. However, there are several other options for dad’s at-home brewery including Hefeweizen, Hard Cider, and Oktoberfest brews. He can even make you your own wine!

Kwilt Shoebox

Kwilt Shoebox

If there is one thing that we, as parents, all do is take a ton of pictures of our kids. Eventually we get that dreadful, “Your phone is out of storage” message right before we are about to capture a meaningful memory. Don’t let dad get stuck without the ability to record baby’s first steps or their first at-bat. Free up his phone’s memory but giving him a simple, easy-to-use storage device like the one from Kwilt Shoebox.

Shoebox Mini Boxshot Up

Kwilt is a cloud-style storage device that can take photos and media from his phone or a USB and keep them safe and secure on his very own Cloud network. The best part? Dad can access your photos anywhere by downloading the Kwilt Shoebox app on your phone. Here’s how it works:

Kwilt Shoebox Details

  1. Plug in your Kwilt and connect it to your wifi network.
  2. Plug in your external storage device (like an external hard drive or a USB stick) to Kwilt, sign into your Kwilt app on your phone, and start uploading to your personal Cloud directly from your phone.
  3. Access pictures from anywhere at any time through the Kwilt app.
Shoebox Mini Boxshot Down

Once dad has uploaded your pictures to Kwilt, that’s it! His pictures are safe and secure on his own Cloud network, and now he has backup in several places. No matter what dad’s level of dadtographer, he doesn’t have to worry because he has unlimited storage, so he will be able to capture all the important memories without worry.


Kwilt Shoebox


Kwilt Shoebox | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | LinkedIn

Baby Shusher


Having a new baby is hard work. Dads want to help as much as possible, especially with the night time routine, but sometimes the baby just won’t settle no matter what you do. The Baby Shusher is a must-have for all new dads. It provides the classic shushing sound that is often soothing to new babies as it reminds them of the sounds they heard in the womb.

The Baby Shusher is designed to help calm and settle your baby, or simple help them to get a good night’s rest, by providing a sound that replicates that of which they heard while in mom’s belly. It is a series of loud rhythmic shushing noises that will help them to calm down and relax.

02 – Hero

The speaker at the bottom of the Baby Shusher should be less than two feet away from your baby so that they can hear the noises over their own cries. Although it may seem loud to the parent, your little one won’t be able to settle down if they can’t hear the rhythmic “shush shush shush” sounds.

The Baby Shusher is a must-have for any new dad (or even a seasoned dad). It will help calm those intense crying spells and help everyone to have a more peaceful transition to this new life with his little one. 


Baby Shusher


Baby Shusher | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | YouTube


Pamper dad this Father’s Day with a gift you know he will love. Daily Mom has taken all of the hard work out of the equation for you by giving you the best gifts for your special guy this June.

Check out more of our Father’s Day gift ideas by checking out all our Father’s Day Gift Guides

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