6 Meaningful DIY Father’s Day Gifts

Whether he goes by Daddy, Dad, Pop, or Papa, the main man in our life deserves to be appreciated. Our dads fix bike tires, take Nerf darts to the head without a single flinch, and do the best WWE impressions on the living room floor. They also give the biggest hugs, have scared many monsters away, and give us a special type of love only a father or father-figure can. With Father’s Day quickly approaching, make sure to celebrate the men that mean the most with these sweet and meaningful DIY Father’s Day gifts they’ll be sure to love.

Hand-Painted Sports Ball

If Dad is into any type of sport, this is an incredibly meaningful way to show him love. Giving Dad a customized ball reminding him how appreciated he is, while also gifting him a fun gift he can actually use, is the best of both worlds. Only a ball, some acrylic paint, and either a paintbrush or a permanent marker is needed to complete this project.

6 Meaningful Diy Father’S Day Gifts
Photo by Lauren Austin

For balls of the larger sizes – like a football, basketball, or soccer ball – handprints will work. For smaller balls – like a baseball – try doing a fingerprint from each hand. Apply a nice layer of acrylic paint on a child’s hand (or finger), and press it onto the ball. When the paint is dry, have the child write their name, the Father’s Day year, or even a meaningful quote like “Best Dad by a long shot!” onto the ball with more paint and a paintbrush, or a permanent marker. Dad will be able to fondly look back at the memory for many years, and games, to come.

Meaningful Grill Accessories

Is Dad’s domain the grill? Make a customized grill plate or apron he can sport while cooking his favorite meat.

For the grill plate, a paint-your-own-pottery studio is the easiest way to go, but you can still create a customized plate right at home with the right products. Pick up a plain, oven-safe ceramic platter, some dish paint like these PEBLO Porcelaine China Paint or Martha Stewart Glass Paint in various colors, and if you’d like, a PEBLO Porcelaine Paint Pen for finer designs and writing. Get creative with handprints, fingerprints, or any theme dad would love. Once your design is created and dried, cook the platter in the oven by following the directions on the paint. When complete you’ll have a customized platter Dad will be sure to love for many family meals.

6 Meaningful Diy Father’S Day Gifts
Photo by Lauren Austin

Or maybe Dad would like a customized grill apron? Or even better – one to go with the platter you crafted above! Pick up a plain colored apron, break out acrylic craft paints (they hold up during wash), and get to work. We also love handprints for this project, but any meaningful artwork would be great.

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Customized Hammer

Is Pop also known as Mr. Fix-it? Or is his favorite past time home improving? Nothing would mean more to him than unwrapping a customized hammer he can use when duty calls.

With a new hammer and some acrylic paints, permanent marker, or even an inexpensive wood burning tool, this is one of the easiest DIY Father’s Day Gifts to put together. At it’s easiest, write dad a special note about “building a foundation for our family’, or “building memories” with the permanent marker. Make sure to include names and dates too, and, if you’re feeling colorful, break the acrylic paints out and add fingerprints too. Dad will be sure to love it.

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Car Wash Gift Basket

If Dad is what you’d call a “Motor Head”, a customized Car Wash Kit is the way to go. Personalize a bucket with “Dad’s Car Wash Kit”, and fill it with tons of various car wash supplies. Some of our favorite Father’s Day Gifts to include in the bucket are car sponges, car wash soap, wheel spray, window cleaner, and rags. Adding in a few “Help” coupons to give dad a hand when he bathes his ride, or a gift card to a detailer is another way to take this present to the next level. After all, even dad needs a day off every once in a while.

Play Shirt

For the dapper dad who likes to join in the fun, a plain shirt, some acrylic or fabric paint, and creativity is all that’s needed. Whip up some customized DIY Father’s Day gifts dad can wear again and again. For Nerf wars or pitching practice, put Dad in a bullseye decorated shirt and work on your aim. Paint the front side with concentric circles, let dry, then work on the back.

For floor playtime with younger kids, paint a road map and some trees on the back of a shirt, let dry, then wrap it up with some Matchbox cars. Come Father’s Day, Dad can take a rest on the floor while Junior goes to town (literally) driving around on the new car map. Oh, and Dad gets a nice little Matchbox massage too!

6 Meaningful Diy Father’S Day Gifts
Photo by BYWKid
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Bouquet for Dad

Bouquets aren’t always just a great gift for Mom. They’re perfect DIY Father’s Day gifts too. Just call it the “BRO-quet”! Dad may not appreciate flowers as much, but a DIY bouquet of his favorites – beef jerky, candy, or lotto cards – is a sure-fire way to bring a smile to his face.

Hot glue wood kabob skewers or any small dowel to the back of some snack packages, candy bars, or use clear tape on the back of scratch-offs. With a clean glass beer mug as the vase, and maybe some colorful tissue paper as filler, stick the kabob skewers into the vase. Craft a hand-made card too and you’ve got a manly and exciting gift for Dad to enjoy. Other ideas include a few gift cards to Dad’s favorite restaurant or mini liquor bottles – whatever he’d appreciate the most.

This year, don’t let him down. We’re here to help. Make sure you let Dad, grandpa, or the other awesome man in your life know how much he’s loved and appreciated this Father’s Day by taking a little time and effort to craft one or all of these meaningful DIY Father’s Day gifts he’ll be sure to enjoy.


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6 Meaningful Diy Father’S Day Gifts

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