Father’s Day Gift Guide: The Best Father’s Day Gifts for the Home Chef

Hey good lookin’, whatcha got cookin’? We love a dad that can cook, grill, or heck even just throw back a few. Food may be the way to a man’s heart but let’s be honest, it is also the way to a lady’s. Fathers, grab your apron, your favorite spices, and a brewski because this Father’s Day we are celebrating you in the kitchen. We’ve compiled a list of The Best Father’s Day Gifts for the Home Chef- the ultimate win for all parties involved. So, how ’bout cooking somethin’ up for me?

Instant Pot

Instant Pot Duo Plus

Does the dad you’’re shopping for this Father’s Day love to cook or at least attempt to cook? What if you could find one item that cooks just about every kind of food imaginable both quickly and accurately? Lucky for you, we have a great idea, the Instant Pot! The Instant Pot is an all-in-one kitchen appliance that provides multi-function cooking options to create amazing meals. With an Instant Pot, home chefs are able to cook a variety of dishes with one machine that incorporates the functions of a pressure cooker, slow cooker, and so much more.

With so many Instant Pot’s to choose from, you may not know which one will best suit your family. If you are looking for a device that can prepare foods to fit any meal of the day, may we suggest the new Instant Pot Duo Plus 9-In-1 6 Quart. The Duo Plus 9-In-1 makes cooking extremely easy for the dad that loves being in the kitchen. Equipped with a large, user-friendly LCD display screen, dads can choose from numerous programming options, cooking settings, and pressure levels. Once you put your desired food inside the Duo Plus, there is no need to worry about it or constantly check it while cooking. The microprocessor technology does all the work for you by monitoring the pressure, temperature, and time and automatically adjusting the intensity and duration when necessary.

Instant Pot Duo Plus

The Duo Plus 9-In-1 Multi-Use Instant Pot can do more than you ever dreamed of and provides a healthy, efficient way of cooking for father’s that enjoy whipping up meals for their family. The Duo Plus is a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, porridge cooker, yogurt maker, cake maker, egg maker, it can saute and sear, and can steam and warm. And if you thought this appliance was dedicated solely to preparing food, you were wrong. The Duo Plus can hold baby bottles, jars, and utensils inside to be sanitized on the available Sterilize setting. This setting allows you to use one less appliance in the kitchen by eliminating bottle sterilizers.

Instant Pot Duo Plus
Instant Pot Duo Plus

If you are looking for another kitchen accessory to give your chef this Father’s Day in addition to the Instant Pot, consider the Accu Slim Sous Vide Immersion Circulator. The Accu Slim Immersion Circulator is an amazing tool that turns your typical Tuesday dinner into a gourmet meal. It takes the guesswork out of trying to achieve the perfect tenderness and guarantees it every time. The Accu Slim Sous Vide Immersion Circulator seals the flavor in food by maintaining an evenly controlled water-bath resulting in perfectly cooked dishes. The Accu Slim will help you create restaurant-quality meals from home and can be used on meat, poultry, seafood, eggs, vegetables, and fruits.

Instant Pot Accu Slim
Instant Pot Accu Slim

The Accu Slim Sous Vide Immersion Circulator is the perfect accessory to compliment your Duo Plus 9-In-1 Multi-Use Instant Pot. It clamps securely to the site of a 6 or 8 quart inner pot or can be used without an Instant Pot in a regular cooking pot. The pump system effectively circulates water to ensure a consistent water temperature, avoiding hot or cool spots that could negatively affect cooking. The precise temperature and time control allows for food to be cooked to your desired doneness and is sure to please everyone at the dinner table.

Instant Pot Accu Slim
Instant Pot Accu Slim

Barware Set and Carry On Cocktail Kits from W&P Designs

W&Amp;P-Design-Bar (1 Of 5)
W&Amp;P-Design-Bar (2 Of 5)

If you have a dad on your shopping list this Father’s Day who loves a good cocktail, you need to know about the gift ideas from W&P Design. Any cocktail connoisseur will be thrilled with a barware gift from W&P Design. While there are tons of amazing choices, we think Dad will be especially excited over the Mason Shaker Barware Set with Shake and the Carry On Cocktail Kits.

W&Amp;P-Design-Bar (3 Of 5)

The Mason Shaker Barware Set with Shake is the coolest barware set ever. Shake is a fantastic cocktail recipe book that teaches Dad how to stock his bar and gives recipes for each season of the year. We suggest mixing up the Hop, Skip, Go Naked for a summer beer cocktail that Dad will love. Doesn’t everything taste better from a Mason jar? This kit takes that universal truth and applies it to mixing cocktails as well. The cocktail shaker is a Mason jar! The kit also includes a wooden muddler and stainless jigger. Everything comes packaged together with a copy of Shake.

W&Amp;P-Design-Bar (5 Of 5)

Carry On Cocktail Kits from W&P Design are such a fun Father’s Day gift. When flying, dad should not have to sacrifice his love for a craft cocktail. With Carry On Cocktail Kits, he can make his favorite drinks while soaring in the skies. We chose the Carry On Cocktail Margarita and Carry On Cocktail Gin and Tonic. The Margarita kit contains small batch margarita syrup and rimming salt. The Gin and Tonic kit contains small batch tonic syrup. Both kits include a jigger, a travel sized spoon, linen coaster and recipe card. All tools and ingredients fit neatly into a case that slips into a carry on bag or even a suit jacket pocket. When Dad is flying he orders a bottle of liquor for his kit and mixes up a craft cocktail on any flight.


W&P Design is your one stop shop online for unique gift ideas that anyone will love. This company is passionate about bringing groundbreaking products to improve our experiences in our homes. They offer the best in products for bar, kitchen, and home allowing you to be a better bartender, chef, and host. Check out all their selections like craft cocktail syrups, books, kitchen and bar tools and more.

W&Amp;P-Design-Bar (4 Of 5)

Cuisinart Automatic Cold Brew Coffeemaker

Cuisinart Automatic Cold Brew Coffeemaker

If you know a coffee-loving dad that likes to start their day with a cup of coffee, you can’’t go wrong with a new coffee maker this Father’s Day. If your current coffee maker doesn’t need an upgrade, try a coffee maker that is the alternative to the original hot brewed coffee. The Automatic Cold Brew Coffeemaker is the newest addition to Cuisinart’ line of coffee makers. No longer burn your mouth on hot coffee, the cold brew is ready to be sipped immediately after brewing. Don’’t attempt to transform your hot coffee to chilled by watering it down with ice. The Automatic Cold Brew Coffeemaker brews it the way cold coffee drinkers like.

Cuisinart Automatic Cold Brew Coffeemaker

Just in time for the summer, the Automatic Cold Brew Coffeemaker gives you instantly cold coffee when it is just too warm outside for a piping hot cup of joe. Ditch your traditional hot coffee and try drinking your morning beverage chilled. The Cold Brew Coffeemaker uses a system of saturating coffee grounds directly in cold water, avoiding the high temperatures that release oils and can produce an acidic taste. With three flavor strength options, Dad is able to customize his cold brew to his preference. Unlike regular coffee, the remaining cold brew can be stored in the included 7-cup glass carafe for up to two weeks in the refrigerator. This is ideal for mornings that you are in a rush and may not have time to brew some coffee.

Although Cuisinart has perfected the coffee making process with their wide array of coffeemakers, they carry so much more to stock your kitchen. From small appliances such as blenders, microwaves, and mixers to cookware, bakeware, and cutlery and tools, Cuisinart has everything to meet your cooking needs.

Cuisinart Automatic Cold Brew Coffeemaker

Automatic Cold Brew Coffeemaker


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Imprint Comfort Mats


Give dad the gift of comfort this Father’s Day with the superior cushioning of the Imprint CumulusPRO Anti-Fatigue Mat. Our dads work hard both at home and in the workplace. Constantly on his feet, dad may begin to experience aches and pains that slow down his ability to keep up with his little ones. Prevent that from happening by gifting him a high quality, anti-fatigue mat perfect for placement throughout the home or in the office.


Ideal for use in areas where dad will be consistently on his feet, the Imprint CumulusPRO with proprietary Cushion-Core Technology reduces fatigue and the dull ache that comes from standing on hard surfaces. The mat’s high-density core is guaranteed not to lose support over time, standing up to the heavy demands of the home or workplace. With a contoured, beveled edge design, no-curl edges and a non-slip bottom, this mat is safe for the office, the kitchen, or any other type of standing workstation.


Standing above all the rest, the Imprint CumulusPRO Anti-Fatigue Mat is available in 2 different sizes and comes with a lifetime warranty. This Father’s Day make sure to keep dad active, energized, and on his feet for an all around healthier lifestyle with a comfy, commercial grade Anti-Fatigue Mat.


Hello Fresh

Father'S Day Gift Guide: The Best Father'S Day Gifts For The Home Chef 1 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

There is nothing better than a homecooked meal. At Daily Mom we know that the way to a dad’s heart is through his stomach. Hello Fresh is homemade dinner; made easy. Especially when everything thing comes together in a brown paper bag with instructions, ingredients, and deliciousness all in one place. Simple and delicious sounds like the start of Dad’s favorite meal.

Father'S Day Gift Guide: The Best Father'S Day Gifts For The Home Chef 2 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families
Father'S Day Gift Guide: The Best Father'S Day Gifts For The Home Chef 3 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Everything you need for a complete, nutritious, and filling meal comes wrapped up in a brown paper delivered to your doorstep. Easy to follow recipes that allow you to share in the joys and satisfaction cooking brings. Meal kits come packaged together with everything you need to make your meal a success. Choose from several different meal plans that will keep your meals fresh and upbeat. Say goodbye to mundane dinners.

How it works:

  • Select your favorite entrees
  • Schedule Convenient Deliveries
  • Everything you need delivered to your door (all the legwork done for you)
  • Have fun prepping and cooking your homemade meal
  • Sit back and enjoy a scrumptious meal
Hello Fresh Black Beans And Sweet Potato_

Don’t forget all dinners come with a suggested wine, see our Mother’s Day Guide for why we love Hello Fresh Wine Plans delivered straight to your door (because yeah we just said wine delivery).

Father'S Day Gift Guide: The Best Father'S Day Gifts For The Home Chef 4 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Coffee Gator Grinder


Let the dad in your life wake up to the perfect cup of joe! The Coffee Grinder by Coffee Gator is the perfect way to start his day off right. In just four easy steps, dad will go from beans to brew.  He simply adds the coffee beans of his choice, snaps on the magnetic handle, chooses the setting, and crank. Voila!


Did you know that inconsistent coffee grounds can leave you with a bitter and sour flavor? Make dad’s day by keeping his beans consistent! Dad will love that you can customize your brew settings with 15 different click options while the rest of the house will love the noiseless grinding. No more waking up to the sound of an electric grinder!


Because this is a hand mill, there are no cords to contend with or batteries to keep on hand. It makes for an easy to travel with, easy to operate, easy to clean addition to your daily routine. The burr grinder makes for effortless brew no matter what your preference. From extra fine for espresso to medium, for pour-overs to coarsely ground for iced coffee. Make sure Dad gets his coffee fix in a way that is as loved as he is.


Coffee Grinder


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What is better than giving someone the gift of wine for Father’s Day? Giving them the gift of a monthly wine SUBSCRIPTION of course. Firstleaf is an incredible service that pairs dads with their perfect wine. After Dad takes the quiz, he will be paired with the perfect wine for his liking. Based on an algorithm formula, the perfect wine will be shipped directly to your door. Then, your feedback guides your next arrival. Each box gets better and better, and each pour becomes more delicious.


Each of the three bottles of wine arrived perfectly packed and ready to pop. Because the selections were matched to dad’s preferences, they will go down smooth and leave him craving more. The Burele 2016 Cabernet is from France and has a tartness that is followed by a smooth finish. The Sinigual Bodega 2016 Cabernet from Spain is full of flavors and easily drinkable. Telling Bird 2014 Zinfandel is a domestic red that provides full flavors from Sonoma County.


Give dad a gift he can enjoy all year round by sending love in the form of vino. Cheers!

Salute Vodka

Salute American Vodka Father’s Day-2

Nothing compliments Father’s Day like a refreshing nightcap. Salute Vodka is the perfect drink to the take the edge off a long day. Better yet, Salute is the only 100% American-made Vodka. Vodka, Father’s Day, and a love for the U.S. of A sounds like a win-win. This premium vodka pairs perfectly with your favorite mixer for all your Father’s Day plans.

Salute American Vodka Father’s Day 1-3
Salute American Vodka Father’s Day-3

But wait, there is more to sweeten the deal. Not only is it 100% American-made but they also give back. For every purchase of Salute, $1 goes directly to organizations that provide assistance and services for veterans and other American heroes. They have been able to help retired veterans regain financial stability, acquire jobs, and get emotional and physical support.

Salute American Vodka Father’s Day-4

Father’s Day will be complete with one bottle of Salute American Vodka. Vodka with spirit is where it’s at this year. Check their website for delicious recipes and retailers near you. Their charitable efforts are localized in areas in which they sell their product. Enjoy an 80 proof award-winning craft vodka this Father’s Day. Give the gift of gratitude, patriotism, and spirit with Salute American Vodka.

Salute American Vodka Father’s Day 1


Daddios, we hope this list fueled and inspired your love of the kitchen. We look forward to all the things you will be prepping for us on the days to follow Father’s Day. Because dads that love to cook, are the kind of dads we love.

Happy Father’s Day from Daily Mom. Check out more Father’s Day gift guides where you will be sure to find the perfect gift for the dad in your life.

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