The Best Men’s Tactical Clothing for Everyday Wear

When shopping for the men in your life, fashion usually takes a back seat to function. Summer wear for men is all about finding a solution that can go from the camping trip to the backyard barbecue. Closet staples that can fit a multitude of situations are a must-have for men’s fashion. For this reason our picks for best dressed menswear is from 5.11 Tactical. Designed specifically to fit the demanding needs of first responders, 5.11 is a tough brand that will put up with whatever paces your guy puts it through. 

The Best Men’s Tactical Clothing

Look 1: Tactical Clothing with Both Comfort and Style

Men’s Tactical Clothing For Everyday Wear

When the summer sun is out, clothing that breathes well and looks stylish is a winning combination. Whether you are headed out with the family for a camping trip or just enjoying backpacking to your favorite trailhead for a picnic, we love the Hunter Plaid Shirt. Lightweight, this snap button down is designed for concealed carry wear with a RAPIDraw™ placket that ensures his sidearm is always easily accessible in case of emergency. The Defender-Flex Straight Jean is our guy’s new favorite pair of jeans. Double needle construction keeps these pants looking nice no matter what adventures they see, and the 10 oz mechanical stretch denim provides the flexibility he needs for campouts or a guys trip to the range.

Men’s Tactical Clothing For Everyday Wear
Men’s Tactical Clothing For Everyday Wear

Fashionable men understand the importance shoes play in pulling together an outfit, but realistically fancy shoes are rarely something they enjoy wearing all the time. The Mission Ready Chukkas are the perfect compromise. Designed specifically for men who spend a lot of time on their feet, this classic boot dresses up any outfit, without putting strain on his feet. Fitted with the OrthoLite X25 Molded Foam Insert and Vibram rubber outsoles, this leather boot is built to keep your guy on the go.

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Hunter Plaid Shirt, Defender-Flex Straight Jean, Mission Ready Chukkas

Look 2: Tactical Clothing for Cool Summer Nights

Men’s Tactical Clothing For Everyday Wear

If he’s planning to head to the range before the heat of the day hits, he needs a shirt that will keep him warm without impacting mobility. The Rapid Half Zip is our pick for chilly summer evenings or early mornings at the range or golf course. This top is built to provide easy movement, and he’ll love the breathability and comfort. With extra room in the shoulders, this pullover can be worn during almost any activity.

Zipper accents keep all his gear close at hand and odor control in the fabric means that even after the morning trip out turns into a full day outing you won’t be wishing he’d packed along some cologne to mask the smells of the day.

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Rapid Half Zip, Defender-Flex Straight Jean, Mission Ready Chukkas

Look 3: Tactical Clothing That’s as Rugged as He Is

Men’s Tactical Clothing For Everyday Wear

When the family is out for a camping trip, he needs clothing that will put up with the demands of setting up the campsite. For a weekend in the mountains, we love the Echo Long Sleeve Shirt paired with the Apex Pant. Both professional and casual, he can head right from the office to the trails without needing to stop and change. As with all of 5.11’s shirts, the Echo features easy CCW access to keep your family safe no matter where the journey takes you.

Men’s Tactical Clothing For Everyday Wear

The Apex pant is the all around, everyday pant for him. It is durable enough to wear for almost every occasion, but flexible for all-day comfort. Available in 10 different colors, he would be able to pair this pant with almost any outfit in his closet. One of the features he is sure to like is the reinforced knife clip area, for easy access.

Men’s Tactical Clothing For Everyday Wear

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Echo Long Sleeve Shirt, Apex Pant, Mission Ready Chukkas

Look 4: Tactical Clothing for Adventure Travel

Men’s Tactical Clothing For Everyday Wear

If travel is a part of your summer plans, selecting clothing that is easy to wear and fashionable is the way to go. For avid travelers our top pick is the Stryke Short Sleeve Shirt and the Stonecutter pant. Designed with mechanical stretch fabric and a Teflon finish, the Stryke shirt is water and stain resistant, making it the ideal top for travel. The material is perfect for packing, ready for deployment right out of his luggage.

Utility pockets provide plenty of options for keeping his phone and wallet safe at hand, ensuring that even when traveling abroad or in a crowded area there’s no chance that anyone could remove something from an outer pocket. Available in a wide variety of colors, once he’s worn one you’ll need to make sure to pick up the rest of the options.

Men’s Tactical Clothing For Everyday Wear

Built for the outdoors the Stonecutter features abrasion resistant nylon and a wide array of pockets keeping everything he wants to carry, easily at hand. The lower half of each leg is designed with a heavier material, providing the durability you need for the most rugged activities. Both stain and spill resistant, he’ll love needing only a single pair of pants for a camping trip!

The Best Men’s Tactical Clothing For Everyday Wear

Whether your guy is an extreme outdoorsman or in a career that requires being on his feet for long hours, the Apex Boot is a must have. Rated a 4.23 (out of 5) from the National Tactical Officers Association the Apex Boot has been put to the test by first responders all over the country. Cushioning to provide heel and arch support keep his feet secure and comfortable no matter what the day brings and the resoleable Vibram MegaGrip outsole ensures stable footing on both dry and wet ground. Constructed from waterproof leather, the Apex Boot is easy to clean and polish, all while keeping his feet safe and warm.

Men’s Tactical Clothing For Everyday Wear

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Stryke Short Sleeve Shirt, Stonecutter Pant, Apex Boot

Look 5: Tactical Clothing for Every Day Carry (EDC)

The Best Men’s Tactical Clothing For Everyday Wear

If he lives the EDC [Every Day Carry] life, the Stryke pant is critical. EDC means being prepared for any situation. A typical EDC kit includes his gun, an extra magazine, knife, wallet, handcuffs, possibly even a medical kit, and more; fully utilizing the pants 12 pockets. The Stryke pant is the civilian version of the 5.11 Professional Uniform Pant, Stryke PDU Class B Cargo Pant, worn by first responders.

Designed with ultra-strong nylon mesh, the Operator Belt is heavy duty enough that it could double as a tie down, or tow strap for up to 5,100 pounds. A stainless steel buckle and 1.75″ strap provides the space and support to carry a hostler and is reinforced for everyday wear.

The Best Men’s Tactical Clothing For Everyday Wear

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Hunter Plaid Shirt, Stryke Pant, Operator Belt, Apex Boot

No matter what kind of adventures your family is headed on this summer, you’ll want to be prepared. For the ultimate solution in men’s clothing that is both stylish and ready for any situation, clothing from 5.11 Tactical is the way to go.

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The Best Men’s Tactical Clothing For Everyday Wear



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