How To: Be a Preschool Supermom


As school registration begins in the spring, so does the parent responsibilities for next school year.  Being a Super Pre-School Mom is totally attainable for any sort of mom, working mom, stay-at-home mom, or a work-at-home mom.  Following some simple, yet important, suggestions will get you that Supermom title in no time.

How To Be A Pre-School Supermom


Communicate with the teacher:  When meeting your child’s teacher for the first time try to gauge what she needs and wants help with in the classroom.  Let the teacher know what your availability is in terms of your work and family schedules.  Make your agenda clear; what do you want to do for the pre-school classroom?  Continue with open communication throughout the school year via email, phone and in person contacts.  When planning parties, activities or snacks it is important to get input from the teacher first.  It isn’t helpful to the teacher if your plans interfere with her set plans.  Build a good relationship from the first meeting.


Gather contact info from the other parents:  Do not be afraid of the other parents!  Time to get all their information so they can help and work with you to make the classroom experience great for everyone’s children.  Decide what form of communication works best for the parents of the classroom.  Email seems to be the easiest way, especially when sending out links to sign-ups for parties, activities and classroom necessities.

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Ask for help:  You might be a Supermom but you are not the ONLY mom of the classroom.  While you might be the planner and promoter, you need to remember that parents often want to help the classroom Supermom as well.  Using signup sheets or online programs can really assist you with a the task of planning for other parents to bring snacks, crafts or items you need for upcoming events.

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Most schools are now going all “nut free” and want only prepackaged snacks.  This is more of a challenge than one would think.  When asking other parents for contributions to the snacks make it clear about any allergies in the classroom.  If at all possible, list what items you want for the snacks/treats.  Finding great snacks are possible even with the rules.  Try raisins, pretzels, yogurt, cheese sticks, sliced apples, fruit leather and animal crackers.  Read labels; a lot of items contain peanuts that you wouldn’t even think of!

*For some great healthy snack ideas, check out: Healthy & Simple After School Snacks

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Planning Parties and Crafts:  When planning a party, you will need to know exactly how much time the teacher will give you for the celebration.  Plan accordingly.  Preschoolers are special creatures, some will take hours on one project and others will take minutes.  Be mindful of your crafts; have a couple extra crafts for those children that work quickly.  Do a craft that is age appropriate amd if you have questions about what is best you should meet with the teacher.  She will give you some ideas.   A popular and easy craft for preschool is this DIY Kids Art Lacing Cards.  When letting the parents know about the parties make sure you invite them to attend.  This will allow the children to have their moms and dads visit the classroom but also help you with the crafts, snacks and activities.

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Do not focus on JUST your child:  Being a Supermom is a big job, you are providing support for all of the children in your child’s classroom.  This is a very important thing to think about when planning activities, snacks and parties for the room.  Take the personalities of all the children into consideration and remember the special needs that one or many students might need; do not forget that not every child thinks like yours.  When you are acting as Supermom in the classroom make sure you pay attention to all the children.

Main Focus:  Why do you want to be a Supermom of Pre-School?  Remember your goals as the year goes on.  Focus on making sure the teacher is supported and happy but also the children are having fun with your help!   Remember to have fun and enjoy the time you have in the classroom.  What you are doing for the students is memorable and special.

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What tips would you give any future Pre-school Supermoms? Share yours in the comments below.

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  1. Sun butter is a great alternative to peanut butter. Made from sunflower seeds. I just started giving it to my 2 year old, he loves it!

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