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It is time to decorate for the holidays! Holiday decor is probably the most fun decor of all and we are busting at the seams to show off all our holiday cheer in our homes. There are lots of ways to decorate. We all celebrate different holidays and some of us keep it totally secular. Depending on where you live, your style for your home may reflect your natural surroundings. Holiday decorations tend to be all snowflakes, plaid, wintergreen trees, and reindeer. But what if you live somewhere tropical? If you are a Floridian can you decorate your home in a way that still makes sense? Filling your home with snowmen and reindeer can seem weird when you see palm tress outside your window. Most Florida families prefer the sunshine to snow and wind. However, you will want to add some seasonal touches to your decor. You can celebrate the holidays, Florida style and here is how to do so…Holiday Decor, Florida Style 1 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Florida Style Holidays

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You can absolutely decorate for the holidays and keep your Florida style. There is so much more to the holidays than snowflakes and icicles. Really, at the heart of the season, the holidays are about welcoming friends and family into your home to share the love between you and to be grateful for the blessings of the year that is almost behind you. The holidays are a time to fill your home with joy, special accents, and things that just make you feel happy. If you are a beach loving Florida family, decorate with a flair of Florida! If you shop at the right place, you can create a holiday decor with a coastal look. This Florida style of decorating will feel more natural to you. You won’t feel like you’ve walked into someone else’s home in a state far north where the world is covered in ice. Your holiday decorations will compliment your laid back, beachy lifestyle and make the holidays more personal to your family!

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Florida Holiday Shopping Spot

All Floridians know that there is an awesome place to shop for gifts and and home decorating needs that matches the Florida lifestyle. Bealls Florida should be the first stop on your holiday shopping list. Pop into your neighborhood Bealls and you will find so many cute holiday decor options that have that coastal style you love.

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Bealls gets the Florida lifestyle right because Bealls is a true Florida company, based out of Bradenton on the west coast. They offer a fabulous selection of home decorations with a Florida flair. We were so excited to find some bright and sparkly Christmas tree ornaments that include the beauty of the Florida beaches that we love. This Florida palm tree ornament and glittery sea horse ornament also make perfect gifts for out of town family and friends. Let your child pick one out and send to her grandmother who lives far away. She will be able to think of her granddaughter in the sunshine when she sees it on her Christmas tree. Other fun coastal holiday decoration options include mermaids, flamingoes, sea creatures, and even holiday themed Florida college sports decorations.

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There are also more classic style holiday items at Bealls as well. We like blended traditional holiday pieces with coastal pieces. Mix in some pretty votive candles. A bright red sign that reads “JOY” is a great reminder of what this season is all about. Holiday decor should be vibrant and full of life. With the selection at Bealls you can create an atmosphere in your home that celebrates life in Florida and the happiness and generosity of this season.

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This store is a one-stop-shop for decor and gifts actually. Since you are heading in for some new pieces to decorate for the holidays, check some people off your shopping list early by grabbing some gifts at Bealls at the same time. They really have something for everyone. Find outdoor gifts at Bealls. If you need funny gifts for a white elephant or secret Santa exchange, Bealls is a great place to go for unexpected yet affordable gift option. They’ve even got ugly Christmas attire if you have an “Ugly Christmas” party to attend. For a gift that will be well loved and remind someone of the sunshine state, Bealls has gifts designed by Leoma Lovegrove. Leoma Lovegrove celebrates all things coastal with jewelry, clothing, and home decor. These Florida holiday decorations and gift ideas are exclusive to Bealls.

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Your holiday shopping is made even easier here because they offer free gift wrap. You can buy the gifts and wrap them all at once! What a time saver during this busy season! Bealls is right in your neighborhood and you can shop for all your holiday decor and gifts at once.

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