Mother’s Day Editor’s Picks

Here at Daily mom we strive to bring you the best of the best when it comes to products moms really love, want, or need. This Mother’s Day our team did some digging to find you the best gifts that we know the mom in your life will truly love. And we know this because we would love them! Check out our top picks for the absolute best items this Mother’s Day from our dedicated team of Editor’s: 

Smart Nora

Smart Nora

All Moms would agree, the gift of sleep is priceless. If your partner is a chronic snorer or your own snoring wakes you up at night, you know the struggle of finding a good night’s sleep. Smart Nora is the non-invasive snoring solution that will give mom’s the necessary sleep they need to get through the day. The simple insert is placed in a pillow and leaves you free from annoying mouth guards or nose strips. During the night, the Nora listens and when it detects a snoring sound, it activates the silent pump to inflate and deflate the insert to gently move the pillow to restore natural breathing. The Smart Nora will work during sleep and won’t wake up the snorer or the sleeping partner. This machine works for side, back or stomach sleepers and can be used on any pillow that you prefer to sleep on. If you are traveling, pack up the Smart Nora bundle and take it with you to ensure a quiet, restful night even when you’re on the road.

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Smart Nora


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Aquamega 100

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Clean water is essential to every person, and moms want to provide that for their family. But bottled water can be expensive, and water delivery services are time consuming especially if you run out before your next delivery. The Aquamega 100 gives moms peace of mind that their families are drinking pure, clean water straight from the tap. The sleek design sits right next to your kitchen sink, allowing for easy access for everyone. It also makes changing the filters a breeze, which is crucial to a mom’s busy life. The Aquamega 100 installs in seconds – simply attach the faucet attachment to your sinks kitchen faucet and…presto! You have your new water filtration system installed. The triple filtration system knocks out 98.9% of lead and cyst contaminants and 99% of other contaminants giving you pure, clean drinking water. Making formula for your baby or giving your toddler a clean sippy cup of water has never been so easy – and safe.  The tankless water filtration system of the Aquamega 100 gives you 500 gallons of purified drinking water with each set of filters. That’s more than 4,000 bottles of water! Give mom the knowledge that the water she is giving her family is clean and safe with the Aquamega 100.

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Aquamega 100



Luna 2 by Foreo

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Motherhood is exhausting and sometimes we have the skin to show it. The Luna 2 by Foreo is a cleansing brush that helps to revitalize a mom’s skin to give it that healthy glow that she used to have when she actually slept through the night. The T-Sonic power, which gives 8,000 pulsations per minute at two times the power, helps to remove 99.5% of dirt, oil, and makeup each time you use it. The other side of the Luna 2 is the anti-aging side. It gives lower pulsations to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles. It is made of medical grade silicone so it is durable and waterproof. This is a perfect gift for Mother’s Day. Most days moms feel like they barely have time to wash their face properly. But with the Luna 2 you can feel like you’re getting a mini-spa treatment in just 2 minutes. It is just what mom needs to feel pampered every single day, giving her brighter, younger-looking, and more youthful skin!

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Spectra S9

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Giving your baby the best nourishment possible was always important. But sometimes moms can’t always there to give it to them. There are plenty of moms who are away from home traveling quite a bit, so being able to pump quickly and easily wherever they are is crucial to continuing their breastfeeding journey. The Spectra S9 is a perfect compliment to many mom’s lifestyles. This would be an amazing gift for Mother’s Day for a new mom or a working mom who is finding it hard to lug a gigantic pump with her wherever she goes. The Spectra S9 is just a strong as the others in their line, but it is small, compact, and easily portable. It has customizable pump settings so mom can follow her natural flow to get the most out of a pumping session as possible. The Let-Down Button changes the intensity of the suction so you can take advantage of that powerful amount of milk. The best part? The Spectra S9 only weighs 1/2 lb! You could literally stick it in your diaper bag or travel carry-on and not have to worry about creating a ton of space for it. It is also rechargeable so if she can’t find a plug she can still pump. This would be a great Mother’s Day for any working, nursing mother!

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Spectra S9 


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Jewelry is a go-to gift for Mother’s Day. It is a simple way to tell a mother you truly care for everything she has done for you. Jewelry that has meaning, and this Chamilia bracelet made exclusively for Mother’s Day would be a perfect addition to any mom’s collection. The detail on the cuff of the bracelet is exquisite. The sterling silver disc charm in a periwinkle blue adds a bit of pop to this otherwise classic piece. Just like all Chamilia pieces, the Mother’s Day Gift Set is made with Swarovski Crystal for added glam. You can even add other charms to the bracelet to make it unique for the mom to whom you are gifting it, which makes it personalized and special. The Mother’s Day Gift Set comes in Chamilla’s signature box gift set so you don’t even have to wrap it. Simple statement pieces like this are always a great Mother’s Day gift because each time she wears it, she will remember her children and her family.


Mother’s Day Gift Set


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Oster DuraCeramic Air Fryer

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Moms love to cook healthy meals for their family, but families also love the taste of fried foods. Unfortunately, they aren’t the healthiest when it comes to meal options. With the Oster DuraCeramic Air Fryer I can make some of my family’s favorite dishes without the guilt. This air fryer only uses a tablespoon of oil of your choice. It looks simple to use too – just place your food in the fryer and the unique tilt function rotates your food around for even cooking. It also cooks food 30% faster with the DuraCeramic coating. Simply set your cooking time and temperature and let it do its magic- the Oster DuraCeramic Air Fryer shuts off automatically so it’s safer to use in the house. One of the best features is that it has a large capacity basket to cook more at a time and it also can roast, saute, grills, and bakes. This would be a perfect addition to any mom’s kitchen whose spends most of time at home cooking meals for their family. It would add variety to dishes without the guilt of regular fried foods. Plus, it’s fast and easy to clean! Exactly what a mom needs this Mother’s Day.

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Crane & Lion Wrap Sweater

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Luxurious clothing that moms never buy for themselves is always a good gift idea. The Crane & Lion Wrap Sweater is ultra-soft and is perfect for a mom who is running to the store, headed to yoga, or even going out for a date night. It’s long length gives you the option to twist it and wrap it however you like. Or leave it long for added drama. The Wrap Sweater comes in a variety of colors – peacock, wan blue, black, quicksilver, and microchip, giving a mom several options for her daily wardrobe. If you have a mom that you often wears yoga pants, but sometimes wants to at least look more put together, this wrap sweater is perfect for her. She can wear it on cool spring days or chilly fall mornings. Even in the winter this sweater will give her the cozy feel she deserves and loves. The Wrap Sweater by Crane & Lion is perfect for Mother’s Day because it’s something that a mom can put on and instantly feel put together.

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Wrap Sweater


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Hum by Verizon

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Hum is an after-market car system that helps moms feel safe. Hum by Verizon easily connects to your car giving up the minute diagnostics of your vehicle. You simply install the Hum into your car’s OBD II port, download the app to your phone, and you will be able to track your car’s health, its location, and its driving patterns. This Mother’s Day, something like the Hum would totally put a mother’s mind at ease with it’s 24/7 Emergency Assistance, Pinpoint Roadside Assistance, Vehicle Diagnostics, and Stolen Vehicle Assistance programs. After all, moms are always on the road for school pick-ups and drop-offs, chauffeuring to after-school activities, and being a taxi service for play dates. They want to know that my car is functioning properly or when they need to take it in for a tune up. It is also helpful when they take the car to the mechanic – they can look at their Hum and it can tell them if what the mechanics are telling them needs to be fixed really does need to be fixed. And since it works on the Verizon network I know it will be reliable.

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Hum by Verizon


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Belkin Wireless Charging Pad

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Moms are always on the go, which means their phones are always with them. We can be out all day long, answering text messages, emails, video chatting, or checking social media. The Belkin Wireless Charging Pad from T-Mobile would be an amazing Mother’s Day gift for any mom who is constantly needing her phone for work, communicating with her spouse, texting her friends to vent, or simply place that Amazon order. But trying to find a plug wherever they are is tough. With the Belkin Wireless Charging Pad, you can charge your phone wherever you are and no matter what you are doing. It’s compatible with iPhone 8 (or any model above for that matter) and it’s super sleek design makes it portable and easy to carry. It charges fast, too – which would be perfect for when the kids are watching Netflix (for free!) on your T-Mobile ONE plan during long travel days or when you’re simply trying to try on bathing suits at Target. You could pop it on the charger and within just a little bit be back on our way!” 

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Kids love sweet treats but moms also love eating healthy. Nothing is worse than having a sweet tooth but not being able to find anything remotely healthy for your kids to satisfy it. Enter Yonanas! Yonanas is a simple kitchen accessory that helps turn bananas (or any frozen fruit) into a creamy frozen dessert. You simply put whatever frozen fruit you desire into the Yonanas machine, turn it on, and wait for your frozen fruit turn into a delicious, ice cream like treat! It’s perfect for me when you want something sweet that is still healthy, and for your kids who also love sweet things. Yonanas is easy to use and is a perfect addition to any mom’s small appliance collection. Just another way to make more delicious foods for you family, and you can’t argue with that!

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Jackery Bolt Portable Charger

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If you have a working mom in your life who is always on the go, chances are that she is always needing to charge her phone and other devices. But bringing a barrel of cords with them that I need to remember each time they leave the house or worry about leaving them where they end up working for the day can be very frustrating. A portable charger like the one from Jackery is a great way to ensure that moms can keep everything charged even on the go – it even comes with its own built-in lightning cable and micro-USB cable. The Jackery Bolt is a 6000mAh portable charger is Apple MFi certified and customized for an iPhone. It charges up to three devices in just a matter of minutes. Getting something like this for Mother’s Day is a perfect, practical gift for any busy mom’s lifestyle.

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The Sisters Wine

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Wine and motherhood are quite the pair. Motherhood is a beautiful, majestic journey that takes more out of us than we could ever imagine. But it also gives more back than we’ve ever thought possible. Motherhood isn’t always perfect and blissful, and in those times a glass of wine with our girlfriends can help us wind down. The Sisters‘ motto is ” [wine] for women who do extraordinary things, every day. That’s us.” And it is. It is all of us. Moms do amazing things all day, even the trivial things we do are big things to those who need us. That is why we deserve those moments with our girlfriends to laugh together and watch the world go by, one glass at a time.

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The Sisters


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