5 Reasons to Shop at Bealls This Fall

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As fall creeps in and everything magically becomes pumpkin spiced, you are probably ready to do some shopping for your family. The kids need new jeans; nothing fits from last year. You hate everything in your closet and if your husband tries to wear that gross hoodie from college one more time, your head might explode. If you live in Florida, we’ve got the perfect place for you to get your fall shopping done. Bealls Florida is a Florida staple and if you are not already shopping at Bealls, you are missing out! Here are 5 Reasons to Shop at Bealls this fall.

Bealls Florida Has Amazing Private Label Brands

You can find some great brands at Bealls that you will not find anywhere else. At Daily Mom we love discovering new, unique brands and this was the case on a recent trip to Bealls. Their private labels like Reel Legends, Southern Legends, Dept. 222, and Juniper + Lime are all fabulous.

Reel Legends creates performance apparel for men, women, and children designed for your outdoor lifestyle in Florida.

Southern Legends is a line of graphic tees for men and kids featuring traditionally southern styles.

Dept. 222 creates women’s styles that really embody what it is like to be a woman in Florida and they have petite and plus sizes.

Juniper + Lime is a women’s line with preppy staples in pretty colors and patterns that you can mix and match.

The Children’s Clothing Selection is The Best

Let’s face it, as moms we shop for our kids more than we ever shop for ourselves. Kids are always growing and their tastes are always changing. At Bealls Florida we know we can find high quality, cute, kids clothes anytime we walk into the store. We love the variety. We love the value.

You can get beautiful styles that will hold up for your young kids without breaking the bank and without feeling like you have to dig through the clearance rack to find a good deal. We found good deals and clothes we loved throughout the entire children’s department. Check out this cute stuff that Daily Kid, Lexi, picked out!

Bealls Florida has Clothing for Everyone in Your Family

Dragging your kids around to a bunch of different stores to get everything on your fall shopping list is not something anyone enjoys. There is a huge variety of clothing, shoes, and accessories at Bealls. You can please everyone on your list and get all the fall clothing you need at Bealls and Bealls alone. You will find well known brands and Bealls’ private labels in every store.

Shopping at Bealls for your entire family saves you time because they carry a variety of sizes and styles for men, women, and children. Even the baby department is fully stocked. Daily Mom Managing Editor, Elena, happily shopped for herself and daughter Lexi at their local Bealls. She left with a bag full of new comfortable styles and did not waste a whole day shopping all over town.

Bealls Florida is in Your Neighborhood

If you live in Florida, you probably have a Bealls pretty close to you. Being able to find a variety of high quality brands that your kids will love from a store right in your neighborhood is the best! You don’t have to deal with ordering online, unsure of the quality or fit and then pay to return it. You can walk into your local Bealls, try everything on and take home exactly what you need and want. If you do order from Bealls online because you find something online not carried in your store, you can return it in your store, skipping the online return drama.

You Get More Quality for Less Cost

At Daily Mom, we love to find ways to make life easier for families. One way we do this is by finding amazing brands for the things you buy for your family. Another way we do this is by finding ways to help you save money. When we can combine those two goals, that’s exciting! Bealls Florida delivers high quality fashion for your family and the prices are unreal. You can get a lot of cute pieces for under $15 and that’s without digging through an unorganized sale section. All the prices are great at Bealls and the stores are very organized, clean, and easy to shop.


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