22 Refreshing Drinks For The Summer To Quench Your Thirst

Summer is the perfect season to enjoy some refreshing drinks with your friends and family. Whether you are hosting a backyard BBQ or just relaxing by the pool, having a variety of drinks for the summer is a must. From craft cocktails to boxed water, there are plenty of options to quench your thirst and keep you cool during those hot summer days. For those looking for something a little more sophisticated, wine and fruit wines are a great choice.

Sip on a crisp rosé or try a fruity sangria to add some sweetness to your summer. Vodka lovers can mix up their favorite drinks with a variety of flavors, while Margarita enthusiasts can enjoy a classic or try out a new mixer. And don’t forget about the bourbon lovers – a refreshing bourbon cocktail can be the perfect way to wind down after a long day in the sun. For those looking for a non-alcoholic option, sparkling juices, and boxed water are great alternatives that are just as refreshing. With so many drinks for the summer to choose from, you are sure to find something that will keep you cool and hydrated all season long.

The Best Drinks For The Summer To Get The Party Started

Via Carota Craft Cocktails

Build Your Own Bar (BYOB) with Via Carota. That’s right, choose three of your favorite expertly crafted, delicious ready-to-pour cocktails to create the perfect drinks for the summer soiree. The Signature Manhattan is a smooth whiskey aged in charred oak for four years. It is sweetened with vermouth and bitters. You will love the Espresso Martini, a blend of real espresso with six-times distilled vodka. The result is ahh-mazing. Enjoy a cocktail with Mom on Mother’s Day night – the Classic Negroni – a mix of Forthave Red Aperitivo, dry gin, and bespoke vermouth. Garnish with an orange for the perfect finish.

Each bottle in the Via Carota BYOB Gift Set is 375 ml. Other choices for your BYOB Via Carota gift set include the Old Fashioned, the White Negroni, and the Signature Martini. The Via Carota cocktails are inspired by the award-winning New York Via Carota restaurant. In addition to the delicious craft cocktails, the Via Carota experience is elevated by elegant bottles and a beautiful gift box.

Kenefick Ranch Winery

Let’s uncork some excitement and raise a glass to the finer things in life, like enjoying a delicious glass of wine! This 2019 Kenefick Ranch Cabernet Sauvignon “Chris’ Cuvée” should be one of the first things you try. Deeply dark and full-bodied, this Cabernet Sauvignon has a fruity nose of raspberry hard candies underlined by fine dark chocolate shavings and a cigar box. On the palate, expect layers of dark berry preserves supported by woven dusty fine tannins. As a great way to enjoy a special occasion, this is an excellent, well-rounded Cabernet Sauvignon with a smooth and enjoyable texture.

Are red blends more your thing? The 2019 Kenefick Ranch Pickett Road Red is a truly luxurious and complex red blend, perfect for your next ladies’ night or a romantic dinner. It offers an indulgent aroma of fresh blackberry, raspberry, and vanilla bean and a velvety texture that’s sure to tantalize your taste buds. This robust and opulent red is perfect for enjoying with friends or an intimate dinner. With its unique and sophisticated character, it’s sure to make any occasion something special!

Ketel One

Ketel One Botanical is available as a series of three varietals in beautifully illustrated, botanical-inspired bottles: Peach & Orange Blossom, for those who enjoy the flavor of lush, juicy white peaches and bold notes of fragrant orange blossoms; Cucumber & Mint, for those who appreciate the taste of crisp cucumbers and light tones of fresh garden mint; and Grapefruit & Rose, for those who enjoy mouthwatering grapefruit and the refined elegance of rose petals.

Ketel One Botanical is more than a liquid. It’s a lifestyle. It’s your delightful, sophisticated choice when you are after a lighter drink option yet don’t want to compromise on taste.

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Rocks ‘N Roses

22 Refreshing Drinks For The Summer To Quench Your Thirst

Whether you’re looking to give the perfect gift or simply elevate your own experience, the Bourbon Box is the perfect set for the bourbon/whiskey drinker. Complete with two spinning whiskey glasses, organic bitter-infused sugar cubes, an extra large cocktail ice cube mold, cocktail spears, cinnamon whiskey pecans, and a dark chocolate bar for pairing. Sip on a whole new level with this high-end luxury set.

MYX Fusions

22 Refreshing Drinks For The Summer To Quench Your Thirst

Get in the MYX this spring and summer with the fruity, flavorful, and refreshing wines from MYX Fusions! Bursting with big, bold flavors, MYX Fusions offers a full range of fruit-infused Moscato wines (Peach, Mango, Coconut, and Watermelon), Sangrias (Classic and Tropical), Concord Wine, and Light Wine (Rose and Chardonnay). Available in single-serve 4-packs, these Moscatos are perfect for a picnic in the park, lounging by the pool, or traveling to a summer soiree.

All wines are created from top-quality imported wines from Australia, Spain, Italy, and Argentina. The seductive taste of Moscato Wine is enriched with amazing flavors to create delightful combinations. The natural fruit juices and effervescent bubbles refresh the palette and leave with a sweet and subtle finish. These wines boast a clean, crisp balance of premium Moscato wine with natural juices and showcase the signature rich, luscious, fruit-forward, and lovely notes of Moscato balanced with juicy and refreshing fresh fruit flavors for a nice, clean finish.

Mary’s Mixers

22 Refreshing Drinks For The Summer To Quench Your Thirst

The best drinks for the summer will come from someone who’s made their life’s work about drinks – bartenders! Mary’s Mixers are meticulously selected by a lifelong bartender and made with all-natural, organic ingredients sourced from around the world. The quality will elevate your next cocktail and impress your friends.

These naturally sweet mixers create tasty drinks you feel good about. Use them as is, or get creative and come up with your own recipes! Whether it’s the Original, Strawberry, or Pineapple Jalapeno Margarita Mixer, the Original or Spicy Bloody Mary Mixes, or even the Meyer Lemon Sour Mix, your Spring and Summer cocktails will definitely step up a notch with Mary’s Mixers in your arsenal.

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Boxed Water™

Did you know that 69 billion plastic bottles are made annually, and only 5% are recycled? The best solution to saving our planet is Boxed Water™. These eco-friendly cartons contain 100% purified water with no added minerals, and the boxed cartons are made of 92% plant-based materials and are 100% recyclable, renewable, and reusable.

Boxed Water™products are available in different sizes, including 250ml & 500ml in 12 – 24 pack sizes. They also offer flavored water like cucumber, lemon, and grapefruit, which make great drinks for the summer. Boxed Water™ is partnering with Universal Products & Experiences to offer renewable packaged water as part of NBC/Universal’s efforts to reduce plastic waste.

In addition, this company’s newest rollout of Jurassic World-inspired cartons aims to reduce plastic pollution. This set contains six boxes featuring six of the most famous dinosaurs from Jurassic World, including the T. rex, Stegosaurus, Mosasaurus, Carnotaurus, and Blue, the famous Velociraptor. These cool water cartons will delight your kids when they remove them from the refrigerator. All Boxed Water™, whether you buy regular or flavored, is made to quench your thirst and help the planet.


After a tough day, you may want an evening with a Margarita happy hour rather than a quiet dinner. If so, then the Margs Classic Margarita Box will get the party started. Celebrate with 23 ready-to-pour drinks (no shaking or mixing required). The Classic Margarita Box comes complete with an easy-to-use pour spout making them great drinks for the summer parties and BBQs.

The Variety Pack lets you enjoy four Margs signature drinks: The Classic Sparkling Margarita, the Sparkling Mango Margarita, the Sparkling Coconut Margarita, and the Sparkling Mezcal Margarita. The Margs drinks come in convenient 12-ounce cans ready to toss in a cooler for an adventure or take to your friends’ houses. Margs boasts only real tequila and all-natural ingredients.

Pollinator Spirits

The smooth NY Honey Whiskey brings a spicy bite infused with raw wildflower honey. The honey comes from hives in the western Catskill Mountains. The whiskey boasts notes of toffee, burnt orange peel, and golden raisin. It’s perfect for sipping after a long day. NY Honey Whiskey is the winner of the Chairman’s Trophy with a 94 rating from the prestigious Ultimate Spirits Challenge 2017 and a Gold Medal at the 2017 Sip Awards.

The Maple Bourbon is made from non-GMO grains harvested in New York state and aged in New American Oak barrels. It is then finished in maple syrup barrels. The process creates the most delicious Maple Bourbon with notes of woody caramel and vanilla. The rich, full-flavored Maple Bourbon boasts broad depth.

Heritage Distilling Co

This summer, introduce your tastebuds to the flavors of summer you didn’t know you were missing. Heritage Distilling Co creates flavored vodkas that absolutely must be in your cocktail cabinets during the warmest months of the year. The Lavender Flavored Vodka touts a floral fragrance that makes your cocktails totally unique. With undertones of vanilla, mint, and woody notes, you can craft truly unique cocktails for any summer occasion. Additionally, the soft, lavender hue of this vodka will create an eye-catching artistry at your cocktail hour.

To add a touch of citrus that stands out, add the Florescence: Grapefruit & Pomelo Flavored Vodka to the mix! Try a Florescence Citrus & Bay Margarita or a Florescence Batch Cosmos-there is a cocktail recipe for every occasion! This blooming and flourishing vodka is a grapefruit and pomelo-flavored vodka that’s a little sweet and a little bitter, which is the perfect combination for an oh-so-right cocktail to sip during the sunset! Don’t save this just for summer, keep it in your cabinet all year long because grapefruit and pomelo come to life in the winter.


Celebrate any amazing occasion without alcohol by drinking delicious Joyus wines. The Joyus Sparkling Dual Pack features great-tasting bubbly that not only tastes like wine but award-winning wine. The Rosé features notes of summertime blackberries, strawberries, and citrus blossoms, while the white is complete with flavors of crisp green apple, fall pear, and ripe melon. You can’t go wrong with either, so get both in this Non-Alcoholic Sparking Dual Pack from Joyus!

Soda Bossa

Treat your taste buds to a journey of tropical flavors with Soda Bossa, a Brazilian-inspired healthy drink. Perfect for summer nights and cooling off during a warm day, this drink is crisp, refreshing, and delicious. Every can contains the blend of essential ingredients needed to power you up throughout the day. Quench your thirst with a flavored, guilt-free drink, guilt-free that only contains 35 calories! The amazing guarana fruit is a natural source of energy. Soda Bossa ensures that only a modest amount is used so you receive its vitalization effects. It also contains key ingredients that provide the energy boost you need to work and play with ease and enthusiasm.

Soda Bossa boasts of a blend that does not contain alcohol. It only contains low amounts of sodium and sugar and won’t leave you thirstier than before. This is perfect for health-conscious individuals – you’ve just found the most ideal healthy energy drink you’ve been looking for! Rooted in culture, Soda Bossa gets its signature style, taste, and flavor from its home country, Brazil. The variety pack contains 3 delicious drinks for the summer, including Citrus, Guarana, and Dragon Fruit.

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Beach Whiskey

22 Refreshing Drinks For The Summer To Quench Your Thirst

Experience the taste of summer by filling your glass with the bold flavors of Beach Whiskey. Made from a unique filtration process that creates a distinctly smooth, round mouthfeel. Beach Whiskey’s drinkability is unlike other harsh whiskeys, making it perfect on its own or in a cocktail. Beach Whiskey bypasses the barrel aging process yielding a whiskey that is as pure and clear as sunshine. While you’re enjoying a pool party or summer bbq, savor the two delicious Beach Whiskey flavors, including Bonfire Cinnamon and Island Coconut.


Enjoy crisp and delicious flavors with drinks for the summer, like the mouth-watering sparkling juices from IZZE. Like all its offerings, IZZE’s sparkling drinks combine real fruit juice with a splash of sparkling water for a bold and refreshing drink full of flavor your taste buds will love. In addition, IZZE also offers irresistible flavors like Mango, Apple, Peach, and more that are thoughtfully made with no added sugar and no artificial sweeteners – making it the perfect uplifting indulgence for any occasion.

These delectable drinks are a simple mix, including 70% fruit juice with a splash of sparkling water. With no preservatives and no added sugar, IZZE is the perfect feel-good drink to brighten up your days. Elevate your get-togethers with family or friends by pouring some delicious sparkling drinks. Variety packs like the Mango or Sunset bundles give you the chance to sample different flavors until you find your favorite!

Skinny Mixes

Enjoy low-carb, delicious drink mixers with the Margarita Mix Trio. You can make mocktails or cocktails with the Classic Margarita, Strawberry Key Lime, and Blood Orange Skinny Mixes. The set comes packaged perfectly for gift-giving. The Margarita Mix Trio flavors boast only 5 calories and 0 sugar per serving. The Skinny Mixes Margarita Mix Trio flavors are gluten-free, Kosher, and keto-friendly. Jordan’s Skinny Mixes set out in 2009 with the mission to create the perfect Skinny Margarita. You will agree with this mission when you enjoy your favorite Skinny Margarita.

Jordan’s Skinny Mixers now offers guilt-free options for barista-style coffee creations, too, as well as Skinny Syrups that are perfect for rimming drinks, flavoring coffees, or protein shakes. The Salted Caramel Sauce and Dark Chocolate Espresso Sauce are must-have treats for someone who wants to enjoy all the flavors without the calories. Jordan’s Skinny Sauces are Zero Calories, Zero Carbs, and Zero Sugar! Satisfy your sweet tooth with a drizzle of Skinny Sauce on oatmeal, yogurt, or in a drink. The gluten-free, Kosher, keto-friendly sauces are made in the USA.

Coppa Cocktails

Bring your next party to life with delicious Coppa Cocktails! The pre-mixed, ready-to-drink cocktails make it easy to create the perfect night for any occasion. Whether it’s a classic martini or a more adventurous concoction, they have something for everyone. Coppa Cocktails are made with all natural ingredients for a smooth taste without additives or preservatives, and there’s no need to buy a variety of spirits or mixers; just add ice, shake and serve!

Neatly Spiked

What better way to celebrate summer than with a refreshing drink in hand? Neatly Spiked Seltzer’s Weekend Collection are perfect drinks for the summer for people who want to enjoy a little bit of the weekend any day of the week.

This variety pack includes four lively flavors that are sure to please any palate. Pineapple Coconut is a tropical paradise in a can, with the perfect balance of sweet and tart. Blueberry Honey is a delightful blend of fruity blueberry and rich honey, making for a satisfying and refreshing drink. White Peach is light and refreshing, with a subtle peachy sweetness that is perfect for sipping on a warm day. And last but not least, Black Cherry offers a classic seltzer taste with a touch of deliciously tart black cherry.

Not only do these seltzers taste great, but they are also gluten-free, low in calories, and low in carbs, so you can enjoy your drink guilt-free while still feeling like you’re indulging in a little bit of the weekend. Whether you’re lounging in the sun or enjoying a relaxing evening at home, the Weekend Collection from Neatly Spiked Seltzer is sure to make any day feel like a special occasion. So raise a can, and cheers to all the hardworking folks out there!

Castello Del Poggio

22 Refreshing Drinks For The Summer To Quench Your Thirst

Nothing says warmer days are here than tasty strawberries! Brighten any spring or summer day with the sweet and vibrant flavors of Strawberry Kiss, the new wine from Castello Del Poggio wines. This beautifully fruity and refreshing wine is crisp with a medium body and finish. These wines are some of the best drinks for the summer and can be enjoyed on beachside soirees or afternoon picnics. Drink it poured straight from the bottle, or get fancy and pair it with lemon juice, passionfruit syrup, and ice for a fun new cocktail – the Kiss of Passion!

High Rise

22 Refreshing Drinks For The Summer To Quench Your Thirst

Based on passion and culture and the dreamy coastal life experience, High Rise offers a range of cannabis beverages, which are the perfect drinks for the summer. The idea is that life is simple – people, experiences, and balance – and these seltzers reflect that. Using cannabinoids and fruit instead of alcohol, you can enjoy the smooth, not-too-sweet flavor of inspired coastal relaxation and life at its finest.


Fruity sparkling water in cans from élevé are delicious drinks for the summer that everyone will love! With their variety pack, you can experience their range of premium alkaline and electrolyte-enhanced water products. The pack includes three different flavors of bottled water, each with its own unique benefits and flavor profile. All of élevé’s products are made from high-quality, all-natural ingredients and are free from preservatives, artificial flavors, and colors. Plus, their packaging is totally Instagram-worthy!

If you want to feel a little fancy and hydrated, try these premium sparkling waters from élevé! Order a few to have on hand for a treat for yourself, or get a set of 24 for the perfect set of drinks for the summer!

Muddle & Mint

This summer, you can quench your thirst with Muddle & Mint’s non-alcoholic drinks. Cocktail lovers can enjoy alcohol-free drinks for the summer that come in different flavors. In contrast, if you prefer avoiding alcohol, Muddle & Mint can provide you with a delicious and fulfilling alternative. The Hibiscus Sage non-carbonated mocktail has a floral taste with hints of pomegranate and cinnamon, and it finishes warm and dry with sage and cinnamon. You can drink this award-winning spirit straight from the can or serve it over ice. So whether you’re hosting a summer party or are on the designated driver list, Muddle & Mint’s mocktails will quench your thirst.

Wonder Melon

Hydrating just got a lot sweeter! Shop on Amazon for this cold pressed watermelon juice from Wonder Melon! It’s organic, healthy, and refreshing! Enjoy two flavors: Watermelon Cucumber Basil and Watermelon Lemon Cayenne. These drinks are expertly mixed with delicious juices from fruits and veggies. They are a real treat for your senses – sweet and tart at the same time! As the weather gets warmer, stock your refrigerator with Wonder Melon juices! Whether you’re hosting a playdate with little ones or inviting your girlfriends over for brunch, you’ll wow the crowd with this ultra-hydrating and tasty beverage.

Drinks for the summer are an essential part of any fun-filled gathering or a relaxing day in the sun. From wine and fruity sangrias to vodka cocktails and refreshing boxed water, there are endless options to satisfy any taste buds. So whether you’re hosting a backyard BBQ or lounging by the pool, make sure to have a variety of drinks on hand to keep you cool and hydrated all season long. With the perfect drink in hand, you’ll be able to fully enjoy all the pleasures of summer. Cheers to drinks for the summer!

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22 Refreshing Drinks For The Summer To Quench Your Thirst



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