17 Holiday Gifts For Pet Lovers That Are 4 Paws Approved

Every pet and their human deserves a little extra love this holiday season. Give the best paw friendly gifts for pet lovers, more than just chew toys and tennis balls, this year. Think about healthy food and treat options, sleeping dens, grooming and collar accessories and so much more! Your pet lovers and their furry friends will feel spoiled more than ever with our pet lovers gift guide for 2020.

17 Paw Friendly Gifts For Pet Lovers


Holiday 2020 Yo

Giving someone (or yourself) the gift of liberation coupled with safety for your dog has never been easier. While you are searching gifts for pet lovers (like yourself) and what would trump chew toys, and special holiday treats, SpotOn has the ultimate gift tailored for dog owners who either don’t have a fenced-in yard or they live in an urban area where only the horizon serves as their limitations on how far their pups can go.

Holiday 2020 Yo

The gift of ZERO cumbersome wirings plus no ugly base stations equals unlimited possibilities with The SpotOn System!

It’s not easy finding gifts for pet lovers that are functional, promote safety, and can last a lifetime. Sure, throw in a squeaky toy for your friend too. They can use it for the easy training system that comes along with The SpotOn System. By creating up to 10 custom “fences”, anywhere the dog owner decides to go, a squeaky toy is a playful bonus…literally. The mobility of The SpotOn System is made possible by using three satellite systems (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo) to create a dependable “virtual fence” for your dog. Yes, these are the exact some satellites the FAA and US military uses for navigation, so don’t worry, you’re not using the ones that power satellite TV and radio (you get the good stuff; from 1/2 acre up to 1000 acres).

For those dog lovers who love the idea of working with your dog in a gentle manner, The SpotOn System begins by training your pup with two sets of tones before a gentle static correction is issued. Don’t worry, there are optional levels of training that don’t include static correction if the pup’s owner chooses. It’s always optional and no one will ever coerce you to feel like you have to use it in order to set up your virtual fence and for it to work properly. Here, see exactly how your dog experiences the tones with their owner.

Let’s talk about smartphones and ease of operation, shall we? If you are getting some gifts for pet lovers on your list, the less complicated the better. The user-friendly software applications provide notifications, virtual fence breaching, and some pretty cool tracking features. This alone puts dog-owners at ease because of these life-saving features, and it’s completely portable!

Holiday 2020 Yo

The SpotOn System comes complete with video and written training manuals so that once your pup owner opens the gift, they can get started the exact same day! The smart GPS collar charges 100% within one hour. Plenty of time for your friend to read or watch the training materials and start a new venture on dog safety and freedom around their home.

No one can get an ideal gift for a pup owner, but truth be told, SpotOn is the most comprehensive dog safety system on the market today; which makes this pretty ideal. The ease of use and the fun training time they’ll experience at levels that are encouraging and positive makes this a unique and thoughtful gift for a dog owner who doesn’t want a costly fencing project.

Holiday 2020 Yo

Perhaps it’s not the fence, but they want their dog to feel like a dog; roaming and playing, and staying safe within their family’s boundaries. SpotOn is definitely “spot on” when they provided dog owners with a sense of peace without a fence, no matter where they go.

The SpotOn System
SpotOn | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube

Cuddle Clones

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There is no better way to honor your beloved pet than with an adorable replica of them. Cuddle Clones is a stuffed animal custom-made to look just like your fur-baby. Handcrafted from the highest quality faux fur, these plush animals amazingly capture your pet’s unique features and characteristics. The process is easy. By simply uploading several photos showing different angles and sides of your animal, the Cuddle Clone makers are able to create a strikingly similar version of cats, dogs, and even bunnies and horses.

Whether you are admiring a current pet or remembering a former one, the Plush Cuddle Clone will give you comfort and happiness every time you look at it and hold or pet it. Other Cuddle Clone options include figurines, golf club head covers, apparel, blankets, prints, and coffee mugs. These are the perfect gifts for pet lovers alike this holiday season.

Plush Cuddle Clone
Cuddle Clones | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

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Gifts for pet lovers

All pet owners want their fur-babies to be healthy and happy. We say, absolutely! That’s why BIXBI is one of those gifts for pet lovers that says, I love you AND your dog! Take Rawbble Dry Dog Food for instance. It contains ingredients that are specifically selected for gut, renal, and colon health (got butt rug draggers??). You’ll have peace of mind and your pup will be licking their chops, ready for mealtime! Since they have fresh meat like duck, carbohydrates from lentils, and whole peas to replace most-used ingredients like pea protein powder, potato, or rice, you know you are giving your dog the very best to maximize their amino acid absorption.

Need some other stocking-friendly ideas? BIXBI has you covered. Their Freeze-Dried Dog Food is mouth-watering delicious (for your dog, don’t be tempted now) with whole-animal nutrients in the convenience of a kibble. Your precious four-legged baby gets 94% meat, bones, and organs for a healthful source of protein. Don’t worry, modern technology locks in more essential nutrients into every crunchy, yummy bite.

Be sure to opt for the Canned Wet Dog Food for those who need a softer-textured food with the same powerhouse of nutrition and gourmet-worthy taste from single-sourced clean meats. Then, when it’s time to train with a purpose, grab the easy Pocket Trainers for a loaded dose of motivation and obedience-worthy flavors. You know exactly where to drop these gifts for pet owners, don’t you?!

Rawbble Dry Dog Food | Canned Wet Dog Food | Freeze-Dried Dog Food | Pocket Trainers
BIXBI | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter


Gifts for pet lovers

Our fur-babies deserve some holiday gifts just like everybody else! For cat lovers, Catit is your one-stop-shop for all your feline needs. For cat furniture, the Vesper collection is elegantly designed cubes, platforms, and play centers. The small Vesper box is a 3 level, compact cat house that features a dual-entrance, cozy cube den that is perfect for secluded cat naps. The soft memory foam cushions make your kitty comfortable when lounging or sleeping and are removable for easy cleaning or replacement. The all-natural scratching post is made from sturdy seagrass and the floating ball will keep them entertained.

To encourage your cat to drink more water, the Flower Water Fountain is a 3-liter drinking fountain that constantly filters water through its triple-action filter ensuring clean water at all times. With three flow settings to choose from, you can customize your cat’s drinking preferences between a gentle flow, a bubbling top, or calm streams. For fun and entertainment, the Senses 2.0 Ball Dome is a motion-activated toy that encourages your cat to play. These paw-friendly toys and accessories are the perfect gifts for pet lovers.

Vesper Box Small | Flower Water Fountain | Senses 2.0 Ball Dome
Catit | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

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Gifts for pet lovers

Got a posh pup in mind this holiday season who could use a bit of style? Good, we know of a place. Specifically, the what… The Taylor Collar to be exact. Talk about style, sophistication, and chicness while being functional and fashionable. Yes, bur-baby mamas, this holiday season, step it up a notch with Shaya when looking for gifts for pet lovers this Christmas. Make walking look good… really good!

Gifts for pet lovers

Oh, and you’ll be happy to know that your pup’s freshly groomed tresses won’t be tugged and pulled at by the buckle. Yes, it’s really that nice. Drop this gorgeous vegan leather collar into your fur baby’s mama’s stocking and watch both of them be absolutely delighted!

The Taylor Collar
Shaya | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

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Ultimate Pet Nutrition

Gifts for pet lovers

Ultimate Pet Nutrition knows what it’s like to see the joy and excitement in your pup’s eyes…it is a sheer pleasure. Every dog owner knows that when those puppy-browns, blues, or greens widen with joy, you know they’re healthy! So if you are looking for healthy treat gifts for pet lovers, here it is. Nutra Bites are crazy-delicious bite-sized treats with only one make-me-happy-forever-puppy-dog-eyes: Bison liver. It’s a quality-grade protein that is low in calories but loaded with healthful vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids. So, go ahead, give these away like candy because even though the dog may think it is, you know you’re giving them the best and you can’t wait to see it in their eyes!

Nutra Bites
Ultimate Pet Nutrition | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

Nite Ize

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Are you a night owl or an early riser? Either way, you’ll need to be seen if you’re out! With Nite Ize Slap Wrap you can feel safer on your run, hike, or any other activity when the sun isn’t as visible. Easily attached to your arm, wrist, or ankle the Slap Wrap makes sure others can see you. Set it to be continuously lit or select the flashing lights setting for even more assurance that you’re not running unspotted.

Lucky for you, your safety at night doesn’t stop when the battery runs out! the Nite Ize Slap Wrap is fully rechargeable, making you protected and within sight whenever you need to be.

Losing daylight but still need to walk your best friend? Not to worry! Nite Ize has the best solution to low light walks or runs! Their LED leash makes you easily apparent to anyone out and about!

Plus, like all products from Nite Ize, it’s completely rechargeable so you’ll never have to feel guilty for not walking the dog again! The LED leash from Nite Ize is simply the best gift for any pet lover out there!

Slap Wrap | LED Dog Leash
Nite Ize | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

Cat Person

Gifts for pet lovers

We all have a cat lover in our lives and humans are not the only ones we should spoil during the holidays! If you’re looking for gifts for pet lovers, consider buying them a one of a kind food bowl! Cat Person brings us the Mesa Bowl, which is designed to take your cats mealtimes to a whole new level (literally). This raised food bowl was created to prevent your cat from crouching or hunching. With the ability to eat each meal at a height level, your cat won’t worry about agitating their whiskers by reaching deep into a bowl. The Mesa Bowl is dishwasher safe and tip-resistant, so the pet lover in your life won’t have to worry about another mess! A win-win for both the cat and cat-lover in your life.

Mesa Bowl
Cat Person | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Spotify

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Bark Potty

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You won’t find many pet lovers who love taking their pet out to use the bathroom. Bark Potty is the most amazing, all-natural, multi-use, disposable pet potty in existence to solve those bathroom woes! No more dead grass spots, dreading heading out in the rain during inclement weather, or even stressing about not having a backyard! Bark Potty naturally deodorizes waste, can last up to a month, is lightweight and because it’s made from real bark, dogs are instinctively attracted to it! Gifts for pet lovers never looked so easy with Bark Potty.

Bark Potty
Brand | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube


Holiday Gift Guide Write Ups

If you’re searching for gifts for pet lovers, start by having them ditch the stale water bowl and gift them the Automatic Pet Water Fountain! Petlibro has truly blown us away with the slick design and function of the Automatic Pet Water Fountain. Not only will your cats (and dogs) find staying hydrated more enjoyable, but the constant circulation of the water added with a 5-layer filter and pump will ensure that the water is clean with no bacteria growth at the bottom. Automatic Pet Water Fountain is simply one of the best gifts for pet lovers you’ll find out there.

Automatic Pet Water Fountain
Petlibro | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | TikTok | Pinterest

Waterpik Pets

Gifts for pet lovers

Great gifts for pet lovers include anything that can help keep your animals clean. The Pet Wand Pro is a must-have grooming accessory that both pets and pet owners will love. From the makers of Waterpik, this is a contoured water combing spray nozzle that can penetrate even the thickest fur for a deeper and more thorough cleaning. With two flow settings, you can choose your water pressure preference between the water comb or the narrow spray. In addition to the Pet Wand Pro, this bathing system includes an 8-food flexible hose, an outdoor hose adapter, an indoor shower diverter, and a suction cup hook to hang the wand during bath time.

Pet Wand Pro
Waterpik Pets | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube

My Square Pet

Gifts for pet lovers

SquarePet™ High-Meat Low-Carb formulas are a dream come true for foodie pet parents. It’s not easy choosing gifts for pet lovers that fits the bill, but the Turkey & Chicken Feline Formula is definitely hitting the mark. It’s a great gift for those fur-baby mamas who like the idea of feeding their precious feline friend raw, frozen, or homemade, high-meat, low-carb pet food. Well, save them some time in the kitchen and wrap a bow around the Turkey & Chicken Feline Formula; dinner is served! Mmmmm, meow.

Turkey & Chicken Feline Formula
SquarePet| Facebook | Instagram | Twitter


Gifts for pet lovers

Give Fido some extra love this holiday season with a much-deserved stocking and stocking stuffer. Jiminy’s food and treat line are the perfect gifts for pet lovers and their pets. Their natural treats have an assortment of flavors, sizes, and much more. Not sure about a specific taste for Fido, then why not try out a combination of flavors with Jiminy’s 3 Pack Bundle. This trio offers fresh flavors of peanut butter and blueberry, sweet potato, and peas along with pumpkin and carrot. All the ingredients used in these treats are hand-selected, natural ingredients to ensure a healthy option when rewarding your pup for just being amazing. And a fun fact about Jiminy’s products is that they contain powered cricket protein which adds additional superfood value, acts as a prebiotic for a healthy gut, and can even help with allergies. Your pup is sure to give 4 paws up for Jiminy’s 3 Pack Bundle.

Jiminy’s 3 Pack Bundle
Jiminy’s | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

Wood Leon

Holiday 2020 Yo – Pf Boxes Write Ups

Who’s the cutie-pie pooch on your holiday list that needs weather and drool-resistant doggie tag? Not just any dog tag, mind you, but one that is a Personalized Wood Pet Tag. You’re not limited to only Fido, pets of all kinds can get their very own personalized tag too. Customize their name, phone number, wood colors, and a choice of 10 fonts to bring it all together and make it their very own. Wood Leon knows their wood for personalization and style. After all, they even have Neckties for your pet’s daddy! Check out the perfect gifts for pet lovers from Woodleon.

Personalized Wood Pet Tags
Wood Leon | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube | Pinterest

Do More With Your Dog

Holiday 2020 Yo – Pf Boxes Write Ups

Ah, the joys of dog training; they can be joyous without strife, or contentious with many woes. How about you change that for a pup owner near you! The Joy of Dog Training by Do More With Your Dog gives you 30 tricks that are most fundamental to their training and your success. These simple concepts are your guide to mastering 30 tricks no matter what level you begin your training. When the pup-owner in your life masters timing, motivation, and building on good behaviors, they’ll have a stronger and even deeper bond with their beloved dog. Now that’s a dog-gone happy ending to the holidays!

The Joy of Dog Training Interactive Book
Do More With Your Dog | Facebook | Twitter

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Honest Paws

gifts for pet lovers

Keeping your dog clean is one thing but being able to keep your dog’s fur shiny and healthy is giving your fur-baby the attention they deserve. Great gifts for pet lovers should always include ways to keep their pup clean and smelling good. The 5-in-1 Dog Wash uses an advanced formula that cleans, conditions, deodorizes, moisturizes, and detangles all at the same time. Free of phosphates and sulfates, this dog wash will transform your dog’s coat without irritation or reactions. Honest Paws also creates CBD products, treats, and skincare for dogs, cats, and horses.

5-in-1 Dog Wash
Honest Paws | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest


gifts for pet lovers

Can we be blunt? No person, no matter how much they love their dog, likes to carry poop. Dooloop designed a simple yet clever solution to this uncomfortable endeavor. Dooloop waste bag holders are great gifts for pet lovers to add to this year’s stocking. These bag holders are lightweight and easy to attach to any leash. They have single-handedly given us all a way to walk with your pooch without having to hold fast to a bag full of, well, you know.

Dooloop Waste Bag Holder
Dooloop | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

We all have friends and family members in our lives who are passionate about their pets. Don’t let this holiday season pass by without spoiling our four-legged friends or their two-legged owners. There is something for everyone in this year’s guide that will satisfy even the pickiest of our feline friends. Bring some holiday cheer with any of our four-paws approved gift ideas!

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13 Holiday Gifts For Pet Lovers That Are 4 Paws Approved
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