Creating the Perfect Backyard Space with Plow & Hearth

With summer in full swing, we are all excited to get outdoors with the family and spend quality time together. All winter long, and most of the spring you spent cooped up indoors through bad weather and bitter temperatures. Now, it’s finally time to get outside and soak up the sun. The best part? Getting outdoors brings enjoyment through the summer and far into the fall. What better place to enjoy all of the beautiful weather to come with the family than from the comfort of your own backyard? Now, all you need to do is create the perfect outdoor family space. Sound overwhelming? Let Plow & Hearth help!


Looking for the perfect company to supply you with all of your outdoor patio needs?

You are in luck with Plow & Hearth.

Plow & Hearth’s dedication to their customers has helped the company flourish, and for good reason! In 1980 they began as a small store in Madison, Virginia, then quickly grew to 26 retail stores, as well as a multi-channel online and catalog business. But don’t be discouraged by their size; just because the company is growing doesn’t mean you’ll be treated like any other customer. Their impressive growth is due to their dedication to their customers and the high quality of their products. They take pride in the fact that they have remained true to their guiding principles: “we treat our customers like neighbors and friends, and we offer quality products backed by our full satisfaction guarantee.”

So now that we’ve found this fabulous company to assist us in building our perfect outdoor family space, let’s take a look at their easy to use website. They carry not only a large variety of high quality outdoor furniture and patio sets, but everything else you could possibly need to outfit your space, from wood burning fire pits to amazing decor that the entire family will love. Let’s face it, if you are a parent with little to no time, what’s better than shopping from the comfort of your home, where you can hang out with the children and continue to master multi tasking.

As an added bonus, your online shopping venture will even improve your carbon footprint, by saving you one, if not multiple, trips to the store. Nothing excites us parents more than spending time with the family, at our home, in a space we all love. Looking back on childhood can oftentimes conjure up memories made in your own backyard with friends and family. Long, hot summer days were filled with fun, followed by outdoor dinners, and if you were really lucky, you ended the long days with late night conversations around the fire with the family. Let’s check out some of Plow & Hearth’s gorgeous outdoor sofa sets that will help to create amazing memories with your own families.

In case you were wondering, our personal favorites are…

The Lancaster Eucalyptus Deep Seating Sofa Set is a family favorite! It’s beautifully crafted from high-quality FSC-certified eucalyptus wood, which provides thick sturdy frames, and is rated as durable to very durable, which is a necessity for any family with kids. All of the eucalyptus furniture has improved hardware that enhances style, a beautiful weather-resistant multi-step finish, and smoother and sturdier mechanisms. Furthermore, the beauty of eucalyptus wood is quite astounding; the color, straight grain, and smooth finish make for a superior product. This deep seating collection has generous proportions, giving you the ultimate comfort and plenty of room to snuggle up with the kids and read a good book. This set is available in forest green and navy blue, and both colors are eye catching. Plow & Hearth made sure to cover every detail when it came to creating this set, down to the littlest details, like rust proof metal hardware.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, this patio set allows you to mix and match, providing versatile options to suit all of your family’s needs, just in case you plan on adding to your amazing family, or better yet, having the in-laws or neighbors over for a barbeque. This outdoor set, along with Plow & Hearth’s large variety of other impressive outdoor sets, are prime examples of how Plow & Hearth constantly strives to provide their customers with the most fashionable and highest quality products.

So now that you know why we love Plow & Hearth, let the excitement kick in and join us in setting up your perfect outdoor family space. You’ll love the shopping experience and being treated like family by Plow & Hearth, and the end result will enhance your family living in ways we can’t wait to hear about! So finish shopping, and breathe easy while waiting for your convenient home delivery. Your family will thank you, and the memories created all summer long will last a lifetime. After delivery, enjoy making good use of your outdoor space, and don’t forget to relax with the fam when it’s all said and done; sit back in those deep cushions, stretch out, and truly relax with the family. Nothing is more important than time with the family. And if you ever leave your outdoor space and need to shop, don’t forget this great company has lots of other things your family needs, like apparel, bedding, and furniture to create fabulous indoor living as well.

Get excited about your home with Plow & Hearth!

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