Making Summer Cleaning Fun with Casabella

Keeping a clean house is a challenge, even in the best of situations. With warmer weather bringing more outdoor activities and full days of the kiddos home without school, balancing cleaning with making summer memories can be difficult. Using cleaning tools that make keeping the house together can free up time, allowing you to focus on what’s important this summer.

Today, we want to share some of the tools from Casabella that will take the work out of cleaning your home. Be sure to tune into our Facebook Live video event on June 29th at 9 pm EST (or watch the replay later on) to learn more and see the products in real life.

After the event we’ll be selecting one lucky Daily Mom reader to receive this cleaning kit for themselves! Enter the contest at the bottom of this article, and tune in for the chance to win more entries.


When a summer rainstorm brings muddy footprints inside, you’ll need tools to help clean it up quickly.

Floor duster + Sweeper

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Sweeping can often be the most tedious job in the house. Crumbs, pet hair, and who-knows-what-that-dirt-came-off-of means that sweeping is a daily, if not multiple times a day task. The floor duster and sweeper is an all-in-one tool that will help keep your floors clean all summer long. Featuring a washable microfiber cleaning pad and rotating sweeper to collect larger debris, this sweeper will quickly become your go-to kitchen companion.

Spin N’ Dry Mop

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Finding the time to shoo everyone off the kitchen floor for mopping is hard enough. When you do get the crew into the family room, mopping needs to effectively clean the floor and dry quickly. The Spin and Dry mop uses a microfiber cleaning head to scrub and polish your floors to a beautiful shine. Moisture is quickly removed by spinning the cover tightly, ensuring excess water goes into your cleaning bucket and not the floor.


With three meals at home – plus snacks – dirty dishes can threaten to overflow your sink and countertop. The right tools can help keep those dishes under control.

Microfiber Glass Cloths

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For glassware that needs a personal touch, there is no better washing instrument than these microfiber glass cloths. The soft microfiber quickly removes water spots and dirt. Perfect for wine or cocktail glasses, you’ll love how your fine stemware shines after use.

WaterBlock Gloves

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Household chores can take a toll on your hands, destroying manicures and drying out your skin. WaterBlock Gloves are tailored to enable a good range of movement while protecting your hands from abrasive cleaning chemicals. The double cuff catches water, and ensures sleeves and arms remain dry no matter how intense the project.

Sink Sider Duo

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When little hands need a quick wash before supper, giving easy access to hand soap at the kitchen sink can help eliminate a sink full of suds and harsh dish soap from drying out their hands. The Sink Sider Duo provides side by side access to your favorite hand soap alongside grease fighting dish soap. No need to store multiple bottles under the sink when everything you need can live in a stylish display out in the open.


Dusting and cleaning off fingerprints can be a day long task, especially if you have stainless steel appliances. Decrease the amount of time you spend cleaning, and keep your kitchen shining clean all summer long.

Microfiber Stainless Steel ClothMaking Summer Cleaning Fun With Casabella 6 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

While beautiful, stainless steel appliances can be a constant battle to clean handprints off of, chemical cleaners can leave harsh smells in the kitchen and greasy residue on handles. Instead of using a spray cleaner, wipe appliances clean with water and duel textured fiber cloths designed specifically for stainless steel. You can even make a game of cleaning, challenging your little ones to see who can remove the fingerprints on the fridge and stove the fastest.

About Casabella

Holding over 37 patents, Casabella has been innovating home cleaning and kitchen products for over 25 years. Launched with a mission to create tools that were great looking, fun, and functional, tools from Casabella’s feature sleek designs and bright colors, which make taking items that are often hidden under the sink and turning them into products you’ll proudly display on the counter. In addition to developing high quality tools you can depend on, Casabella is dedicated to giving back to the community, donating a percentage of every website sale to help end domestic violence through a partnership with My Sisters Place.

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