Cozy Autumn & Winter Jammies from Skylar Luna

The cold weather has begun to draw in for much of the country and gone are the nights of sleeping in oversized tee-shirts and shorts. Now is the wonderful time of year where you get to snuggle your kids in and make sure they are all warm and cozy. With the holidays just around the corner you may even want to read them heartwarming stories to ensure that they have visions of sugar plums dancing in their heads. With the new Winter and Holiday collection from Skylar Luna you can make sure that they are wearing comfortable pajamas that are crafted from 100%-organic cotton, free of any fire retardant chemicals. 

Ever wonder why the pajamas you see in stores come with multiple tags, some warning of or talking about flame retardants? Today we have a few fast pajama facts for you before we show you the beautiful (and safe organic cotton) pajamas from Skylar Luna.

Fast Facts about Children’s Pajamas

  • Children’s pajamas sizes 9 months to size 14 are required to meet flammability requirements.
  • To meet these requirements, many pajamas are treated with flame retardants.
  • Requirements state that children’s sleepwear must be flame resistant and self extinguish if a flame from a candle, match, lighter, or similar item causes it to catch fire.
  • Garments must pass these tests or be “tight fitting”.
  • To ensure your little one’s pajamas aren’t full of flame retardants and unknown potentially dangerous chemicals, look for the phrases “wear snug-fitting, not flame resistant” or “for child’s safety, cotton pjs should always fit snugly” on their clothing.

Girl’s Styles

Crafted entirely from the Skylar Luna signature organic Turkish cotton, the Polar Bears Long Sleeve style is the perfect print to add to her jammie collection, because it will last throughout the season, and isn’t exclusively Christmas, meaning longer wear! The close-fitting two piece style is versatile for any aged kid, and the adorable pink color is unexpected, yet perfectly appropriate. Our Daily Kid testers appreciate the fact that they can move around easily, as well as the flat interior seams and the softest organic cotton to keep them warm and comfortable all night long.

The Ivory/Pink/Steel Long Sleeve Pajamas are unique because of their contemporary palette and California feel. The ivory color reminds us of a snowy day, and these pajamas are the perfect pair to keep on hand for winter sleepovers and lazy pajama Saturdays. We also love how each pair of Skylar Luna pajamas comes in its own reusable linen pouch, which makes organizing clothing drawers and keeping sets together an absolute breeze. The striped pattern is modern, yet the colors are girly and classic.

Boy’s Styles

For the boys this season (or even the girls – one of the great parts about these pajamas is they are really perfect for both) they have a wonderful selection. If your little one is into spaceships or vintage cars they are certainly in luck. These collections have beautiful muted neutral colors that kids and parents will both love. Like the girl’s collection, these are tight fighting and come in a variety of different patterns so there is surely something that they will love. All of the designs are surprising and fun!

Holiday Styles

It’s not too early to start thinking about the upcoming Christmas holiday, and Skylar Luna makes holiday pajama shopping a breeze with their cute styles that are perfect for the festive days leading up to Christmas, as well as the long winter after. The Sleds Long Sleeve Pajamas are a cozy off white base color, with a glimmer of whimsy in the holiday colored sled that adorns the leg, as well as the large front design. One of our favorite things about Skylar Luna holiday pajamas is the fact that they will look adorable on either gender, making them the perfect holiday piece to pass down to little siblings, even if they are the opposite gender. What’s also classically Skylar Luna is the fact that these pajamas are made with impeccable quality, so while you may scoff that a single pair of pajamas would never last long enough to be handed down, that is not the case with Skylar Luna.

Looking for another cozy option for this holiday season that would be adorable on both little boys and little girls? The Reindeer Long Sleeve Pajamas are as soft and comfortable as they are festive. They are adorned with Christmas trees and reindeer with gorgeous colors. The modern and whimsical design feels fresh and perfect for the season without being packed with red and green. If you are looking for a non-traditional design, this one is perfect!

If you believe that organic cotton sleepwear is a must-have item for your child, and are in the market for quality pajamas that will last them long through the season, Skylar Luna is the perfect company to add to your mom-radar. Their eco-friendly mission offers superior comfort for your child, while you can rest easy that they are 100% free of any unwanted chemicals such as fire retardants. Skylar Luna is committed to being environmentally conscious in every aspect, all the way down to their plastic-free packaging. The supple and super-soft fabric will keep your child cozy at bedtime this winter – and long beyond.


Polar Bears Long Sleeve | Ivory/Pink/Steel Long Sleeve Pajamas | Sleds Long Sleeve Pajamas | Spaceships


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