An Entrepreneurial Women’s Retreat by Vaera Journeys

As the saying goes, “You can’t pour from an empty cup.” As mothers, spouses, and entrepreneurs it is important to find time just for ourselves. Much of our days (if not every single second) is spent taking care of other people or doing things for other people. Rarely do we take the time to look inwards, find some relaxation, and truly reflect on our various roles. A women’s retreat like the one from Vaera Journeys can not only provide time to yourself to recharge but also a time to learn and reflect with like-minded women.

What is Vaera Journeys?

Vaera Journeys offers an experience like no other for those who wear many hats. Travel is the backbone of Vaera Journeys, as their retreats take place in destinations that not only are far from home but offer the relaxation and seclusion their participants desire. They inspire the small group of women- ten maximum- to take their creative and professional lives to the next level.

The retreat offers thoughtful discussions and workshops that promote inclusion and collaboration for each woman’s “Purpose Project” or the goal in which they set forth at the beginning of the retreat.

Vaera Journeys, An Entrepreneurial Women'S Retreat

Vaera Journeys was created when owner, Meagan Drillinger, found herself discussing with a childhood friend how to take their careers to the next level. This deep discussion was held high in the mountains of the Catskills, where there were no distractions or limitations to their talk. Meagan realized that travel offers a unique perspective to women who want to grow and advance their careers. Now Vaera Journeys does just that- it offers a women’s retreat where entrepreneurs can connect and network with like-minded women, learn from already successful entrepreneurs, and soak up a foreign culture.

Vaera Journeys, An Entrepreneurial Women'S Retreat

Who Should Go on a Vaera Journeys Women’s Retreat?

The Vaera Journeys is for any creative, soul-opening, female entrepreneur who is looking to expand her professional life as well as search for her purpose. Motivated women, whether they are already implanted in their professional career or just starting out, are welcome to join. Vaera Journeys keeps each retreat small with only 10 attendees.

Vaera Journeys, An Entrepreneurial Women'S Retreat

What Will You Learn?

Vaera Journeys program is made up of discussions from successful professionals, workshops, and collaborations. You will learn a variety of knowledge and skills which is largely dependent on the knowledge and skills of other entrepreneurs attending. One-on-one coaching, three Mastermind Sessions, and workshops make up the majority of your retreat with Vaera Journeys.

Vaera Journeys, An Entrepreneurial Women'S Retreat

Where are Vaera Journeys Retreats held?

The first Vaera Journeys retreat in 2018 was held in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. This year’s spring 2019 retreat will be held in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Both locations offer a relaxed beach-town feel with the safe accommodations you can expect from a resort.

Vaera Journeys, An Entrepreneurial Women'S Retreat

Each retreat location is hand-picked to offer the best to participants. Locations vary each year and for each session, but travel is almost always necessary as that is an integral part of Vaera Journeys retreats’ philosophy.

Vaera Journeys, An Entrepreneurial Women'S Retreat

What Should I Expect during a Vaera Journeys Women’s Retreat?

Each Vaera Journeys retreat includes 3 Mastermind Sessions with successful female entrepreneurs, one-on-one coaching sessions, various activities throughout the resort, and networking and connections that are unparalleled.

During your retreat you will be offered breakout sessions and activities both on and off resort property to further connect with other attendees. You will have a chance to explore the surrounding areas together as a group or on your own at your leisure. A Vaera Journeys retreat not only offers professional growth and development but also personal growth and development.

See the Itinerary for the 2019 Puerto Vallarta Retreat here.

Vaera Journeys, An Entrepreneurial Women'S Retreat

How much does a Vaera Journeys Retreat Cost?

Cost of a retreat varies on location. However, each retreat includes 3 Mastermind Sessions, one-on-one coaching, and priceless connections and networking opportunities. All breakfast meals are included, as well as lunch or dinner each day. Accommodations, transportation, and all activities listed on the itineraries are included as well.

Some extraneous costs will occur such as airfare, travel insurance, extra activities, and alcohol.

The current 2019 Puerto Vallarta retreat has a registration cost of $1,950 with 40% due at the time of registration.

Vaera Journeys, An Entrepreneurial Women'S Retreat

Why Should I Go on a Women’s Retreat?

A women’s retreat is something that every woman should experience. If you are a self-made female entrepreneur, then Vaera Journeys is the retreat for you. Not only will you gain valuable entrepreneurial knowledge, but you will also make wonderful connections, network with other successful and like-minded women, and grow both personally and professionally.

Vaera Journeys keeps their retreats small and intimate with only 10 attendees, so you will get the professional and personal commitment of the speakers and fellow guests that you need for a meaningful women’s retreat.

Vaera Journeys, An Entrepreneurial Women'S Retreat

A Closer Look at What to Expect at a Women’s Retreat?

The 2018 retreat in Playa del Carmen, Mexico was the inaugural retreat for Vaera Journeys. It was marked by deep discussions, connections, and life-changing experiences for everyone involved. To learn more about what these women learned from their experiences, check out their testimonials.

Vaera Journeys, An Entrepreneurial Women'S Retreat

Photos from the 2018 Vaera Journeys Retreat:

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Vaera Journeys, A  Women'S Retreat



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