Cute Back to School Clothing for Girls and Boys

It is that time of year again – back to school. The buses are running, the school bells are ringing, and the kids can’t spend all day in pajamas! While some parents may be joyous over the return to normalcy, others are saddened by their littlest babes heading off to kindergarten or pre-school for the first time. How did they grow up so fast? No matter the age of your child, finding school clothes for girls is always fun, and this year we even have some adorable boys school clothes for your biggest and littlest school bound kids. Here are all of the school clothes for girls and boys we’ve fallen in love with this year.

Inspiring & Sustainable School Clothes for Girls & Boys

Free To Be Kids

Cute Back To School Clothing For Girls And Boys

We absolutely love when our kids wear fun graphic tees, but we don’t necessarily love the negative or gender cliched messages that are so often painted across most t-shirts. Free to Be Kids gives us positive vibes that you won’t find at most retailers. For every “I’m Too Cute To Do Homework” shirt that tells our girls that the world is more interested in their beauty than their brains, they hit back with “Smart Girls Club.” For every “Troublemaker” or “Eat My Dust” shirt that perpetuates the image of boys being rowdy and insensitive, they’ve got designs like “Super Kind” or “Boys Will Be Boys Good Humans.”

We should all be celebrating intelligence and perseverance in our girls because their worth is based on so much more than just their cuteness (although, they are pretty cute). We should all be encouraging kindness in our boys because they’re more than just troublemakers and athletes. Besides, do we really want our girls to think that they can get away with being princesses for the rest of their lives or our boys to think that being a jerk is acceptable? Girls can rock shirts with tigers and insects as well as (if not better than) boys can; and boys can proudly be A Cat Guy just as easily as they can love dogs.

Free to Be Kids passionately believes that boys AND girls deserve to see, hear, and wear better messages. They put that belief into practice by designing positive alternatives to the usual mainstream options, because “In a World Where You Can Be Anything,” they intentionally choose kindness, encouragement and love; and that is something WE SHOULD ALL CARE about. Every single one of us.

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Cute Back To School Clothing For Girls And Boys

So, this back-to-school season, encourage your young scholars to go high, even when the world goes low – especially when they go low. Rise above any bullying, intolerance, or hate you may see around you, and shine your love and kindness on everyone around you. Skip the cliches and buy your kids ethically produced, sweat-shop free t-shirts that you can really be proud of.

Smart Girls Club | Super Kind | Boys Will Be Boys Good Humans | I’m a Cat Guy | In A World Where You Can Be Anything, Be Kind | We Should All Care | When They Go Low, We Go High

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Cute Back To School Clothing For Girls And Boys

Sleep, play or lounge, Rags is all about comfort! This school year keep your kids moving, shaking, wiggling and giggling in what will be their favorite items of clothing, Rags. These supersoft one-piece rompers will literally become your child’s go-to clothing for everything in and out of the house. With no tricky buttons, zipper or snaps, and no itchy tags or inseams, little ones (and big ones) will love wearing their Rags. Knowing kids want to move all day without heavy materials or slim fits holding them back, these uber-comfortable outfits are also stylish and trendy available in tons of awesome prints and patterns. With options to go sleeveless, short sleeves, 3/4 length, capri, long and more, there is something for every child.

Cute Back To School Clothing For Girls And Boys

If baby shark doo-doo-doo-doo is constantly on your radio then look no further than the popular Shark Rags, available in several different patterns and styles. Your little one will love sporting their favorite sea creature all while singing, dancing, and playing along. We also love the Brush Stroke Rag in its modern black, white and red colors for those nights out with the family. Keep your kids styling in this contemporary and casual Rag. Finally, for the older kids in your crew we love the Rags tee. Still made of the same soft, stretchy material, and free of tags or other bothersome additions, these tees will keep them on trend and looking cool for boys’ school clothes.

Short Sleeve Rags | Tees

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Princess Awesome

Cute Back To School Clothing For Girls And Boys

Your daughter is a princess-but maybe she likes to play in the mud? What if your little lady enjoys science experiments or digging for dinosaur fossils in the yard before tea time? If the little girl in your life loves to be fancy but also loves playing with dump trucks, figuring out how things work, or solving tough math equations, Princess Awesome can help her to look and feel just as awesome as she is.

Little girls are sugar, spice, and whatever they want to be! No longer are girls going without pockets, or losing the magic of a twirly dress just because they like construction work. Princess Awesome recognized the need for girls to be able to do it all-while visually representing themselves through clothing. Princess Awesome speaks to your little girl’s interests, instead of just patterns.

The prints are amazing-ranging from rocket-launching leggings, to a dress filled with construction equipment, and created with bold, energetic colors to match your little girl’s feisty personality. Your girl rules, and so should her clothing. Not only are these items boldly speaking empowerment for the next generation, they will be standing up for females everywhere comfortably, since these pieces are made with cotton jersey.

Cute Back To School Clothing For Girls And Boys

Whatever she does, wherever she goes, Princess Awesome is here to help rule the school in style and comfort with these back to school clothes for girls.

Construction Ground-Breaker Twirler Dress | Guess My Favorite Dinosaur T-Shirt | She-Rex Leggings With Pockets | “Fleur-de-Lift-Off” Rockets Leggings with Pockets

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Polished Prints

Cute Back To School Clothing For Girls And Boys

Starting the school year can be daunting for kids and parents alike. What better way to get the year off to a great start than with messages of love. Polished Prints offers adorable styles for kids and parents that promote positive messages. All too often this world seems to focus largely on the bad, but with simple offerings, we can help create a culture of change.

Cultivating love is the newest school motto that everyone can get behind. Your little one can proudly boast their mission statement with the Cultivate Love tee. Peace and love go hand in hand with the Peace Hand t-shirt perfect for all endeavors this year. Finally, we all need a little reminder to Love Thy Neighbor, which can sometimes be the hardest lesson of all. The shirts promote love for the environment by using eco-friendly, water-based inks.

Cute Back To School Clothing For Girls And Boys

Cultivate Love | Peace Hand | Love Thy Neighbor

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Tender Loving Empire

Cute Back To School Clothing For Girls And Boys

For the little ones who love unicorns, pick up an adorable unicorn’s kid’s tee sure to make her smile! When your little one loves their clothing, let’s face it, getting dressed in the morning works out better for everyone, especially on school mornings! Add some glitter and a rainbow, you’ll be more than golden, shining brightly each day this school year.

Take flight and let your little one soar with their imagination in tow. This is a sweet and carefree tee that exclaims “let me be free to be me!” We couldn’t agree more! And when you know your sweet girl is the light of your life let her wear it! The sunbeams light up their days while the creativity of daydreams brings on adventurous dinnertime tales. Peace, love, and sunshine just came wrapped up in these adorable tees for back to school.

Sunbeams & Daydreams Kid’s Tee | Take Flight Kid’s Tee | Unicorn Kid’s Tee

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Contemporary and Classic Girls & Boys School Clothes


Everyone has a different way in which they see themselves: fashion is the way we tell our story to be to the world. Our personal style is woven into the clothes we wear and delivered in the way we portray ourselves. Are we funky and free, calm with a wild side, or happy-go-lucky and loving life? It really all depends. Appaman is one of our favorite brands for telling this story to the world. They offer everything from street savvy sweats to refined suits and dresses. No matter who you are or what your story you will find something that speaks to your personal style from Appaman.

As the weather cools down for the Fall and into the Winter, it is time to start thinking about warmer coats and jackets. Coats that not only keep them warm at the bus stop but also bring all the flair. The Denali Down Coat is perfect for your little man. The coat is ultra-warm with a removable faux fur lining. For girls, we love the bold statement made with the Sloan Puffer Coat. The eye-catching gold will bring the heat to any cold playground this winter.

Sometimes we are feeling a little dark and moody and shirts like the Ballpark Hoodie are perfect for just that. A simple black hoodie covered with a black shirt and skull and cross bones speaks volumes. Another stylish piece for little ones is the Glen Hoodie, with the stylish buffalo black and red plaid and grey sweatshirt attachment – he will fall in love with the comfort of this one. Both are edgy but still adorable boys’ school clothes.

Cute Back To School Clothing For Girls And Boys

Who says dresses have to be stiff and boring. Little girls will love the comfort and flexibility of the Avina Dress. It doubles as a sweatshirt and this dress is perfect for skipping, jumping, and running that playground like a boss. Find the style of their story this Fall with Appaman.

Coming Soon!

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Feltman Brothers

Cute Back To School Clothing For Girls And Boys

Dressing up your preschooler should be the most exciting part of their morning. Imagine her excitement to dress up in her new shorts, pants, or jumpsuit to meet and play with her new friends. Feltman Brother’s Knit Short Set is a versatile lifesaver your little one can wear in all weather conditions. With five distinctive colors to choose from, adorable is just the beginning of these back to school clothes for girls.

An antique look for a modern-aged girl brings a past era into the present. The Lace And Pintucks Sleeveless Dress is the classic look for your preschooler who appreciates a classic touch. Okay, you appreciate it and it’s no problem if your daughter catches a hint of your inner-style savviness. It’s the perfect dress for special occasions, like her preschool graduation or for the school holiday festivities. It’s sleeveless to keep her cool and daintily covered with fine hand-sewn pintucks decorating a French lace inset design. The matching panty is removable with pretty ruffle trim along the elasticized leg opening (note: only sizes 3M-9M dresses include the panty). For ease of use, the bow belt is included only on dresses size 12M-24M & 2T-4T.

An excellent choice to complement fall colors would be the Navy Smocked Flutter Sleeve Dress. With a vintage-heart in mind, the smocking and delicate hand embroidery complete your little girl’s ensemble. We just can’t say enough of those adorable flutter sleeves, we’re just speechless (and everyone else will be too!). A classy and head-turning dress for your sweet girl, yes, please!

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Don’t forget to wrap up her curly or straight tresses with the smocked hairband to beautifully keep every strand in place without being a hassle. A unique diamond hand embroidery band with a lovely rosebud bullion and leaf design will keep her elegant, yet playfully sweet as a final touch to her back to preschool style.

Navy Smocked Flutter Sleeve Dress | Rose Garden Collection Smocked Hairband | Lace And Pintucks Sleeveless Dress | Knit Short Set | Floral Bullion Pearl Headband

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Smocked Polkadot

Cute Back To School Clothing For Girls And Boys

Superheros go to school too and this year, your preschool hero can wear all of his favorite characters with Smocked Polkadot. Smocked Polkadot has the most adorable and affordable smocked threads available for back-to-school. Whether you’re a traditional mom who wants to dress your child in apples and school buses on the first day of school, or your child demands to wear unicorns every day, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for at a price you’ll love.

Superhero Backpack | Blue Superhero Shirt

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eden & zoe

Cute Back To School Clothing For Girls And Boys

If your little one needs a little more sophistication in their wardrobe this school year, without sacrificing a comfortable clothing experience, then eden & zoe may be just for you.

These pieces are created with high-quality fabrics like cashmere, merino wool, and pure cotton, so your little one will not only look amazing, they’ll feel great, too! eden & zoe creates clothing for children from infancy to size 14, so you know they will always have your child looking their best!

The Iris Top is a stylish top that can be worn with or without a cardigan, so it can take your student from the first day of school to the last without missing a beat! This adorable two-tone top is made with cashmere and 100% pure silk and is buttery soft against the skin. The bow on the neckline tops off this adorable top with just a dash of sass-perfect for every little girl! The Galina Pleat Skirt is so versatile it can be worn for any occasion! The 100% cashmere skirt is so soft, it flows with your girl’s movements throughout her entire day, and the elastic waist means no uncomfortable zippers or pinching.

Find high-quality, high-comfort, stylish clothing for your fashionable student this school year with eden & zoe. Your child will be able to express their fashion sense while enjoying luxurious clothing all day long.

Daily Mom Readers get 25% off their entire order, use the code PLUS25 at checkout.

Galina Pleat Skirt | Iris Top

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Subscription Boxes for Kids School Clothing


Cute Back To School Clothing For Girls And Boys

If getting something in the mail wasn’t exciting enough, now your child can look forward to getting their own box, and a stylish box at that. KidBox makes shopping for kids super easy, you’ll wonder why this wasn’t at the top of your list! A complete styling box includes any of your favorites: pants, shorts, tops, dresses, and adorable accessories as well.

Take just about 5 minutes and let your child go through the styling quiz (with pictures and colors) and let them choose the clothes that best express their unique personality. New trends, top name brands, and budget-friendly, need we say more? The first day of school never looked so good.

Be sure to spice up your child’s wardrobe with the superheroes of Marvel and the Fantasies of Disney. KidBox introduces new specialty-themed boxes. Your profile can include Disney, Star Wars, and Marvel-themed style boxes, delivered right to your door. Choose from some of the all-time loved Star Wars, Marvel’s Avengers, and Marvel’sSpider-Man.

KidBox Subsciption Box

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School Approved Uniforms Looks

French Toast

Cute Back To School Clothing For Girls And Boys

Who says uniforms have to be drab? French Toast offers a variety of unique pieces for boys and girls to express their style this Fall. Here you will find everything you need to start the new year right at affordable prices.

Cute Back To School Clothing For Girls And Boys

The Round Neck Jumper has classic pleats for that perfectly polished looked. While your little one may look perfectly polished, there is no stiffness or stuffiness about this piece. It is super comfy and moveable, making it perfect for the playground or daily lessons.

Cute Back To School Clothing For Girls And Boys

The Plain Bow Belted Jumper is ultra-sleek with a polka dot bow for added flair. It is made of a soft cotton blend to keep your kiddo comfortable all day long. It features a v-neck, front pleats, decorative pocket flaps, and a polka dot bow.

Next on your list, should be the Twin Buckle Tab Jumper– so much detail in one piece. It boasts a double tab and buckle detail with antique brass hardware, pleated front and back, and v-neck. As an added bonus it is 50x wash tested to be shrink and fade resistant.

Cute Back To School Clothing For Girls And Boys

Finally, the Side-Pleated Jumper with Faux Belt is a trendy take on a classic look as far as school clothes for girls are concerned. Adorned with an adorable front princess seam and side pleats this is sure to be a favorite this year. Wherever the year takes you, French Toast has your uniform needs covered from playground to math class, they will have your little one looking sharp and feeling their best.

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Round Neck Jumper | Plain Bow Belted Jumper | Twin Buckle Tab Jumper | Side-Pleated Jumper with Faux Belt

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Ready or not, back to school season is here. Dress your kids in their best to stay sharp this season. Everyone knows that if you look good, you feel good, and kids are no different. Inspire confidence in all her abilities with our favorite back to school clothes for girls. And keep your young man looking dapper and kindhearted in these trendy boys’ school clothes. No matter what you or your child’s personal style, Daily Mom has your kid covered this back to school season.


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Cute Back To School Clothing For Girls And Boys



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