As parents, we know that it can’t always be easy to get your child into a car seat. Sometimes they are not happy to go in the car and complain about being uncomfortable while riding. We have all faced the sad looks and the whiny voices, many times even before strapping them in. It can be a battle! One company knows these challenges first hand and they have constructed a car seat that can handle almost any fussy car rider.

Not only are these car seats comfortable, but Recaro makes sure that they are tested very carefully for safety. Recaro has just released its new convertible car seat, the Roadster XL, and provides three amazing elements to its passengers – safety, comfort and convenience!

About Recaro

German engineered and American manufactured, Recaro is a highly renowned company for over 100 years. Recaro has been designing seating for cars, airliners, and race cars; all of that experience has helped them make some of the safest car seats that are manufactured today. They understand that your child’s safety is the most important thing while being in any vehicle on the road. Safety is what they do and they pride themselves in designing products that live up to their name.

Roadster XL

The Roadster XL is truly representative of Recaro’s innovative and safe design. As a parent, you want the utmost in safety while your child is in the car. Research has shown that your child should rear face as long as possible to avoid serious injury or fatality. This car seat really takes this into consideration and has the capacity to rear face from 5-40 pounds and up to 22.5 inches seated height. When your child is ready, it can forward-face from 20-65 pounds and up to 49 inches standing height.

The Roadster XL looked at both parent and child’s needs and wants while designing this car seat. First, they made it safe for the road to put a parent’s mind at ease. Second, they made it comfortable so that your child enjoys their time in the car. Lastly, they added convenient features so that you have everything you need for a simple car ride, but more importantly a long car trip or vacation.


Recaro has truly taken into consideration the protection of a child when they designed the Roadster XL. They have put this product through repeated extreme crash tests so that they could look at every scenario to create a car seat that was the ultimate in protection. They have used protective materials and padding in the design structure that absorbs impact energy in the event of a crash. This design protects children during vehicle collisions and reduces the force transferred to the child during the crash.

The Roadster XL also boasts Side Impact Protection – a PUR foam headrest that will limit a child’s neck movement, enhanced side wings to protect a child’s head and face, and multiple reinforcements down the side of the seat that will stabilize the torso and pelvis.

One of the most inventive of the features is the Safety Stripe System. This allows you to have a visible line that indicates whether the five point harness is twisted, which could cause a safety hazard to the child in the event of a crash. The stripe is on the outside of the strap and can easily alert an adult that the harness is improperly positioned.


Comfort is the second element that makes the Roadster XL a great find! It offers Dura Flex fabrics which are not only comfortable, but also easy to clean and breathable. This fabric balances the temperature of the seat and combined with the built-in shell vents and air flow channels, this creates a Dual Air Flow Comfort System. All of these features can limit a child’s ability to overheat within the car and keep them comfortable.

The Roadster also features Cloud Comfort Memory Foam which is wonderful for long trips in the car. The Memory Foam contours to your child’s shape and creates a comfortable and breathable environment for riding. It even has a removable cushion insert for the bottom of the seat to give the child even more padding! The Memory Foam isn’t the only thing that cushions the child while riding – the PUR foam headrest and HERO Harness Pads also give them a soft place to rest and relax while in the car.


One of the best features of the Roadster XL is the EasyAdjust five point harness system. Not only does it have the Safety stripe feature, but the harness can be easily customized to your child by using the simple turn of a knob! No more bothering with straps, buttons or Velcro in the back of the seat. You can adjust the height of the headrest and the location of the shoulder straps using the knob on the side of the seat!

Another very convenient feature is the chest-clip storage pockets that are located on the side of the seat. This can really help with the ease of getting your child into the seat. Put the chest clips into the storage pockets prior to placing your child into the seat. Once they are seated, remove them easily and click in place.

The Roadster XL is also equipped with the Quickflip recline foot which allows you to vary the incline of the seat in order to secure a safe installation of the car seat. The recline feature provides extra inches to ensure your car seat is level and comfortable for your rear-facing child. The Roadster XL also provides a recline adjuster so that you may have your child sitting up or in a rest position with a simple pull of the handle.

With all of the innovative and creative features of the Roadster XL, it is bound to be a favorite of parents! Whether your child has just grown out of their infant seat or needs something more comfortable while forward facing, the Roadster XL is a reliable and convenient option for your family.

Do you love the Roadster XL by Recaro as much as we do?


Roadster XL


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