Living Like a Local: 5 Things to Know About Randolph AFB

Randolph Air Force Base (AFB) is the smaller of the two Air Force Bases in Military City, USA (San Antonio, TX). The city gets that nickname because—just like the rest of Texas—they love their military. With both a Marine base and and Army post, Randolph AFB is nestled on the northeast outskirts of Bexar County. If you like small-town living with the benefits of city life, find out what living like a local in Randolph AFB is all about.

Randolph AFB

Stockade Show & Rodeo

What makes San Antonio so unique is every year in February the whole city comes together to host one of the biggest agricultural and animal fairs in the state. Besides the actual rodeos that go on, there is music and plenty of family-friendly events to go to, like petting zoos and kid exhibits galore!

The Fiesta

San Antonio and Fiesta go together like New Orleans and Mardi Gras. Taking place every year from mid-to-late April, the Fiesta began as a way to pay tribute to those who fought in the Battle of the Alamo and San Jacinto. Today, it feels like a celebration of San Antonio’s rich culture and history. It’s a city-wide party with great food, drinks, music, pageants, and 5K runs. Students even get a break from school to watch the opening day parade.


The areas around San Antonio and the city itself are very family friendly. There are many parks and outdoor spaces for fur-babies and even teenage-babies. A particularly fun park is the Yanaguana Garden and Playground, located in downtown San Antonio. With unique play structures built on a spongy ground, it encourages even the shyest of climbers to explore and have fun.

Just about everywhere you go kids are welcome. Many local bar and restaurants have outdoor play areas to keep your little ones occupied while you have fun, too. Tycoon Flats is a widely local favorite. During Easter time, be sure to crack some cascarones over your kids’ heads. (You’ll thank us later.)

Randolph AFB

Local Eats

What else is Texas known for (besides everything being big there)? Barbecue, of course! Texas Pride, Harmon’s, and Rudy’s are just a few amazing places to eat near Randolph AFB. If you or someone you know is a beer aficionado, Flying Saucer Draught Emporium is the perfect place to sample a variety of beers from around the world.

Combine your love of barbecue and beer by eating at City Market Barbecue in Luling before heading to the Spoetzl Brewery in Shiner for a tour. It wouldn’t be Texas without authentic Tex-Mex: for fast food, Taco Cabana is the place to go, but if you’re looking for a great sit-down family restaurant, try La Hacienda de los Barrios.

Family Entertainment

Randolph AFB provides plenty of places to entertain the entire family. Besides Sea World and Six Flags, San Antonio has other acclaimed attractions in and around the area. Morgan’s Wonderland is an inclusive theme park where everyone — no matter their ability level — is able to participate and have fun.

Randolph AFB

Just a short drive northeast is the Natural Bridge Caverns and Wildlife Ranch. If you like spelunking (the exploration of caves), this park is the perfect place to go. Next, drive through the safari to feed the animals. (Don’t worry, no big cats or other ferocious beasts live there.) San Antonio is also home to a wonderful zoo. If you’re looking to keep your kids busy for hours, check out the Witte Museum and the DoSeum.

Ready, Set, Explore!

Once you begin exploring, your time stationed at Randolph AFB will fly by and you’ll truly start to feel like a local.

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Randolph AFB

Photo Credits: Sheena Arting



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