Haven Riviera Cancun Review and Photo Tour

Nestled among the protected natural reserves of Riviera Maya in Cancun, Mexico is a purposefully intimate, boutique-style all-inclusive resort that recently opened in the Fall of 2018. Haven Riviera Cancun Resort & Spa houses only 333 rooms (all of which are suites), making your experience there an intimate one. However, with amenities such as five fine-dining restaurants, a full-service spa, top-of-the-line fitness center, two pools with swim-up bars, cafes and more, you will find yourself with plenty to do, see, and enjoy during your stay. Haven Riviera Cancun Resort & Spa brings together the best features of a luxurious boutique hotel – service and quality, with the best features of an all-inclusive resort – ample amenities and bottomless choices. Best of all, Haven Riviera Cancun is located just 15 minutes south from Cancun International Airport, making it an easily accessible destination for long weekend vacationers.

Haven Riviera Cancun Review And Photo Tour

Haven Riviera Cancun Resort: Not Your Typical Cancun Resort

When many think of Cancun’s ever-popular all-inclusive resorts, they think of a loud party-style resort where college spring break never seems to end or families are spending their vacation time together going down water slides and participating in staff-led contests. However, at Haven Riviera Resort, you won’t find any of the loud music, the games, or the chaos that seems to give Cancun its reputation. Here you will be able to enjoy the peaceful serenity that Mexico has to offer. Their goal is provide guests with a truly relaxing holiday without the craziness of unending activities or noise.

Haven Riviera Cancun Resort is only open to adults 18 years and older, so there are no distractions from families with young kids to be found. Staff at the resort is friendly and accommodating, and they will do whatever they can to ensure that you have a positive and friendly experience. During the day you will be able to relax by one of their two pools, both with a swim-up bar, or take on one of the daily activities like kayaking, yoga on the beach, or beach volleyball with other guests.

Haven Riviera Cancun Review And Photo Tour

Given its small size of only 333 rooms, Haven Riviera Cancun Resort allows you the unique opportunity to have more intimate relationships with fellow guests. After a few days at Haven, you will begin to recognize the other guests at the pools, restaurants, and nightly shows, which makes it a wonderful way to enjoy the company of those around you. Cancun brings people from all over the world, and you might be able to meet and make friends with people from Europe, South America, Asia, and the United States.

Haven Riviera Cancun Resort is the perfect for a couple’s getaway, whether it is a honeymoon, an anniversary trip, a baby moon, or just reconnecting your partnership. They cater to your experience together as a couple- from couple’s massages to pool and beach cabanas for two, Haven creates a relaxing atmosphere for you to reconnect with your partner.

Haven Riviera Cancun Resort & Spa: Lodging, Food, and Amenities

Lodging at Haven Riviera Cancun Resort

Haven Riveria Resort is a purposefully intimate resort of only 333 rooms. Although expansion to include 1,000 more rooms and a family-style resort is in the works, the goal of the resort is create a comfortable and intimate atmosphere for their guests. Currently Haven Riviera has two main lodging options: Junior Suites and Serenity Club Suites.

Haven Riviera Cancun Review And Photo Tour
Haven Riviera Cancun Review And Photo Tour

There are five total buildings at Haven Riviera Cancun with the main building housing the lobby, restaurants, bars, spa, and most activities. The other 4 buildings are for guests’ rooms, with two of those buildings being for Standard rooms and two for Serenity Club rooms. Every room, no matter if it is Junior Suite or a Serenity Club suite, has either a swim out pool or a large outdoor jacuzzi on the balcony. Dual-sized rain showers, large king sized beds (no options for two double beds here), a complimentary bottle of Mexican Mezcal, and an all-inclusive mini-bar with Nespresso machines are found in each room as well.

Haven Riviera Cancun Serenity Club

The Serenity Club at Haven Riviera Resort is an exclusive club at the resort that not only gives you larger rooms but it also gives you access to unique amenities and experiences throughout the resort. Serenity Club rooms are a bit larger than Junior suites with larger balconies, larger bathrooms and closets, and larger jacuzzi options. All Serenity Club suites also have a full ocean view, while Standard suites have partial ocean views coupled with pool-side or garden views.

Haven Riviera Cancun Review And Photo Tour

There are several tiers of Serenity Club suites which include their suite levels and Presidential suites. The larger suites offer things like connected rooms with private access, large balconies with small cabanas and comfortable seating, pool tables, exercise equipment, and full-sized wine, beer, and liquor for your personal use. Larger suites also have separate indoor jacuzzis in addition to the outdoor jacuzzi. However, no matter which room or suite you choose, all rooms have a capacity of 2 guests speaking to the importance of creating an intimate environment for all guests at all times.

Serenity Club suites at Haven Riviera Cancun also have a personal butler service throughout the day. Your personal butler is there to help you with any needs you might have and will help arrange any activities you would like to do either through the resort or off-site. You will also have exclusive access to the Serenity Club, a private area that includes gourmet snacks, espresso, wine, cocktails, and a beautiful view.

Members of Serenity Club will also have access to MySenses Spa, the full-service spa and hydro-therapy experience at Haven Riviera. Serenity Club members have complete access to the hydro-therapy pools during their stay, and they also have a complimentary one-hour massage treatment included.

Haven Riviera Cancun Review And Photo Tour
Haven Riviera Cancun Review And Photo Tour
Haven Riviera Cancun Review And Photo Tour
Haven Riviera Cancun Review And Photo Tour
Haven Riviera Cancun Review And Photo Tour

Other Serenity Club amenities include personal concierge services, first service and special seating at the three on-site restaurants, and discounts throughout the resort.

Haven Riviera Resort Restaurants and Dining

One of the best parts of an all-inclusive experience like the one you will have at Haven Riviera Resort in Cancun are the numerous dining options available to you. There are five different restaurants that serve breakfast, lunch, or dinner in addition to two different poolside snack bars and an espresso cafe, giving you plenty of options for food throughout the day. Room service can be ordered at any time as well. Haven Riviera takes into account different allergies or dietary restrictions, and will ask each guest of any known allergies or food needs when entering their restaurants to make sure that your experience is a positive one.

Vora Mar

Vora Mar is one of the restaurants at Haven Riviera Resort that serves lunch and dinner. Lunch hours are buffet-style, while dinner provides a full-service seafood grill experience. For your mid-day meal you will find fresh juices and cocktails, traditional Mexican dishes and other self-serve options. For dinner you will find delicious and fresh seafood options that have a traditional Mexican flare as well as more classic tastes, all cooked on an open charcoal grill.

Haven Riviera Cancun Review And Photo Tour


Flavours is a large marketplace style restaurant that offers different cuisine from areas around the world. It is here that you can enjoy traditional Mexican-style dishes and desserts, cocktails, and more. Each station you pass through at the Marketplace has several options for you to choose from including a smoothie bar, an omelet bar, and fresh pastries. It is created to give guests a welcoming experience and is often a meeting place for couples to get together with friends they have made while staying at Haven Riviera Resort.


Satsu is an Asian-fusion restaurant that provides a fun Hibachi-style experience or offers small plates in traditional seating for its guests. You can watch as the chef prepares fried rice, shrimp, steak, and chicken for you while you enjoy a myriad of fresh sushi and a signature cocktail crafted by their chefs and mixologists. If you opt for more traditional seating, you can enjoy freshly prepared sushi and sashimi of your choice as well as charcoal-grilled small plates. There are plenty of options for you to choose from- in fact, your biggest problem might be deciding what to order!


Olios is a Mediterranean style fine dining experience. Plan to spend extra time here as service is slow due to the chefs hand-crafting each of the meals as they are ordered. Chefs curate dishes that speak to the land and sea, and offer wine and liquor options to complement your dinner choice. The bright, open, and airy decor will make you feel like you’ve stepped into Greece while you enjoy the beautiful views of the Mexican Gulf.

Agua Bendita Mexican Steakhouse

The pride of Haven Riviera Resort, this traditional Mexican steakhouse offers the finest cuts of meat, freshly prepared seafood, and exquisite service for all guests. A daily crafted cocktail complements their steaks, ribeyes, and meats that are cut and marinated that day. The decor speaks to the Mexican culture in both modern flair and history with the lights and flower decor inspired and hand-crafted using the black sand from Manzanillo. You will be treated to one of the most delicious meals you have ever had at Agua Bendita’s, making it by far the best restaurant in the resort.

Bars and Cafes at Haven Riviera Resort

Vista’s Poolside Bar

Located in the circular pool area, Vista Restaurant and bar is a full-service restaurant as well as a swim-up pool bar that has cocktails made to order. Serenity Club members have access to the rooftop seating area in which you have a wonderful view of the pool below as well as an exclusive menu to include tuna tostadas, caramelized onion burgers, and fresh salads.

Mistral Poolside Snack Bar

This small snack bar offers finger foods like fresh chips, guacamole, and salsa, fries, and burger sliders for you and your partner to enjoy poolside.

Lobby Bar

The lobby bar is located behind the reception desk and has custom cocktails, beer, and wine all made to order.

Haven Riviera Cancun Review And Photo Tour

This American-style sports bar is open every evening. With both indoor and outdoor patio seating, it offers plenty of space for guests to relax, mingle, and even catch the game- whatever sport that may be! Mixologists at Limes are quite knowledgeable and will create any drink of your choice or even craft a custom drink right there on the spot.


Moccacino is Haven Riviera Cancun Resort’s place for that quick jolt of coffee that is needed after a late night out. It also has gourmet pastries, quick service salads and sushi, and gelato for a sweet treat after a day spent out in the sun.

Rejuvenation, Relaxation, and Fun at Haven Riviera Cancun Resort

MySenses Spa

The MySenses Spa at Haven Riviera Cancun Resort is a full-service spa. Services include massage, hair, beauty, reiki readings, and more. Guests can choose from a variety of massage options including Swedish, sports, deep tissue, and hot stone. You can have a private massage or enjoy a couples massage in a private room or on the patio deck. There are also options for facials, pedicures, manicures, and hair care.

One of the most unique experiences at Haven Riviera Cancun Resort is the hydro-therapy pool. During your hour long treatment you will experience the benefits of hydro-therapy with intense water pressure for different parts of your body as well as gentle relaxation in jacuzzi areas, shock your body with extreme cold water plunges, and eliminate toxins with their hot steam sauna.

The hydro-therapy is included for Serenity Club members and can be used at any time. However, it is available to all guests for an additional fee and is absolutely worth the experience.

Haven Riviera Cancun Review And Photo Tour

Your hydro-therapy experience starts off with a couples shower to rinse any outside elements off your body. You will then enter the warm hydro-therapy pool and experience intense water pressure on your neck, lower back, and legs as well as gentle soothing bubble therapy and waterfall therapy for your entire body. Each station lasts for three to five minutes, all allowing your body to enjoy the benefits of this experience.

Haven Riviera Cancun Review And Photo Tour
Haven Riviera Cancun Review And Photo Tour

After the intense yet gentle relaxation of the water pressure pool, you will quickly go into their hot tub. This water is a temperature of 106 degrees and is meant for a quick jolt of heat. The polar plunge is next, shocking your body at a chilly 62 degrees. After that you will be led into the sauna where you will have chilled cucumbers over your eyes. Seven minutes in this heaven will then bring you to your last couple’s shower, where you will be able to bring your body back to its regulatory temperature.

The entire experience is one that will completely rejuvenate your body, and is a favorite among Haven Riviera Cancun Resort guests.

Pools at Haven Riviera Resort

There are two pools at Haven Riviera Cancun Resort. The main pool is located in the middle of the resort in front of the main building. It has two levels, and is a wonderful place to spend your day at Haven. The swim-up pool bar is called Dock’s, and it has seating on both sides for couples and for friends to enjoy their drinks and wonderful conversation.

Haven Riviera Cancun Review And Photo Tour

The other pool at Haven Riviera Cancun Resort is a circular zero-entry pool. Here guests can pull lawn-style chairs into the water, soaking in both the sun and the warm pool. Vista Pool Bar is the perfect spot to grab a margarita, a speciality cocktail, or whatever your heart desires. Vista Restaurant and Mistral snack bar are both located here so you can delve into fresh guacamole and homemade chips while you stare out at the blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

Both pools are surrounded by several different style cabanas which are perfect for sitting with your partner enjoying drinks brought to you by the wait staff, napping, cuddling, or the perfect Instagram picture.

Haven Riviera Cancun Review And Photo Tour

Moon’s Cabaret & Lounge

Nightlife is quiet at Haven Riviera Resort compared to that of other Cancun resorts, which makes it a great place for a relaxing and romantic vacation for you and your significant other. Moon’s Cabaret & Lounge is the nightly entertainment bar where you will find shows like Vegas, Circus, Burlesque, and Magic. Professional performers will wow you while you enjoy an evening cocktail. After the show, Moon’s turns into a low-key dance club that helps you wrap up your evening with newly made friends or with your partner.

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Daily Activities

Haven Riviera Cancun Resort also offers several different daily activities for you to enjoy. Kayaking, snorkeling lessons, beach volleyball, and ping-pong tournaments are just a few of the organized activities you can enjoy. But unlike other resorts, Haven doesn’t throw these activities in your face. They welcome you to enjoy them if you wish and at your leisure, so you can make your vacation exactly how you would like it.

Haven Riviera Cancun Review And Photo Tour
Haven Riviera Cancun Review And Photo Tour
Haven Riviera Cancun Review And Photo Tour

Haven Riviera Cancun Resort isn’t like other Cancun resorts. As an adult-only resort, it offers the quiet solitude many want for their holiday with some of the luxury amenities you expect from an all-inclusive stay. No loud, crazy music. No hyped up parties. Just simple and pure relaxation that is sometimes necessary with a life full of work, kids, and stress. It is the unplugged vacation you are looking for in the heart of the Cancun.

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Haven Riviera Cancun Review And Photo Tour



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This adults only resort is the perfect relaxing getaway for reconnecting as a couple and rejuvenating the senses outside the chaos of everyday life.Haven Riviera Cancun Review and Photo Tour