8 Ways to Save Money this Winter as a Homeowner

As wintertime approaches, a drop in temperature can make this time of year costly at home. While turning up your heat can provide temporary relief from the cold, it can equal a hefty price tag in your bank account. Not knowing how best to care for your home in the winter months can also mean an unexpected burst pipe and irreparable, or very expensive damage. At MilHousing Network, we know that being a homeowner can sometimes be a headache, but staying ahead of the game can put you on the right track to save money this winter.

8 Ways to Save Money this Winter as a Homeowner

5 Ways To Save Money This Winter As A Homeowner

Monitor your Thermostat

How does your family manage the temperature in the house? Do you prefer a colder home and keep warm with thick sweaters and a fireplace? Or perhaps you prefer a toasty home to provide relief from the winter cold? Whichever side you are on, finding a compromise can become difficult, especially when a spouse or other members of the home have a say. In this case, keep the thermostat constant. If you have a programmable thermostat, set your temperature to your preferred setting and keep it there. It not only saves energy but money as well, since changing the thermostat can take more energy and time for the heater to bring the home to the new temperature.

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Let the Faucets Drip

For those living in the northern states, where a sudden drop in temperature can be hazardous to your pipes, it’s important to know prevention tips. One way to prevent frozen pipes is to let water drip from the faucet. Walk around the house to every sink and let cold water slowly drip to protect your pipes.

5 Ways To Save Money This Winter As A Homeowner

Add Extra Insulation

Does your home have proper insulation to stay warm? If you have shared spaces such as attics or basements, consider adding installation to keep the home comfortable. While it can be cumbersome to add this, it can also drive the cost of heating down since your heater won’t be working as hard to warm the entire home.

Schedule a Chimney Cleaning

Do you have a wood-burning fireplace? Now is the time to schedule a sweeping and cleaning to ensure it is ready for steady use in the winter. Using your fireplace is a great way to warm a common area of your home and drive down heating costs. Make sure to stock up on firewood and store it in a place accessible for use.

5 Ways To Save Money This Winter As A Homeowner

Purchase and Stage Electric Heaters

If your home does not have a wood-burning or gas fireplace, consider an electric heater. These are a great alternative to setting a warmer temperature in the home. If you’re planning to use it overnight, check that it is not obstructed in any way, like in front of curtains or by any items that may get too warm. Also note that electric heaters should never be plugged into a surge protector, as it poses a dangerous fire threat. It should be plugged directly into the wall for use.

Open Cabinet Doors

This is a lesser-known homeowner’s trick. Open your cabinet doors in the kitchen and bathroom to allow heat to circulate warmer air around the plumbing. You wouldn’t think this simple trick would make a difference, but with as costly as wintertime can get, every little bit helps.

5 Ways To Save Money This Winter As A Homeowner

Get out those Comfy Blankets

While this might not make a huge difference to your pocketbook, or your temperature setting, this can be helpful to some. Get out those flannel sheets, thick quilts, comforters, and afghans. Put several layers on every bed and don’t forget to keep some around the couch. Sleeping with these extra layers can keep you warm during the night when the temperature drops and will allow you to put your thermostat at a comfortable and affordable setting.

Check Hoses and Sprinklers

Before winter really sets in, drain and store outdoor hoses. To further protect your pipes and guard against frost, use a frost-free hose bib, which can be purchased at home and garden stores.

If you are a first-time homeowner going through your first winter, we know that winterizing your home can be a pretty stressful and daunting process, but hopefully, these tips help to equip you with the knowledge to make wintertime and wonderful time in your home. If you need more advice, head to the MilHousing Network site to find a realtor near you that understands the military home process.

As a military family, you need a real estate company that understands your unique needs. At MilHousing Network we connect military families with pre-screened military real estate experts all over the country. We’re built by military spouses to help military spouses and military families PCS better. Every home sold within our network directly supports the military spouse community by creating employment opportunities for our fellow spouses. Join our Facebook group.

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8 Ways To Save Money This Winter As A Homeowner
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