Gifts for New Moms and Babies

If you’re shopping for a new parent this holiday season, let’s share a moment over how overwhelming the baby-product market is — come on! If you are kid-free, you could easily waste hours scrolling through products with strange names and purposes and come out of that search more confused than when you started. If your kids have been walking and talking more than a year, your baby-gear knowledge is totally outdated anyway. So, basically, we all need help when it comes to choosing gifts for new moms and babies. You know Daily Mom Military’s got your back. Here are our favorites that are sure to wow this holiday season.

Gifts for New Moms and Babies — RIVA Flex Travel System

Gifts For New Moms And Babies There’s something glamorous about pushing a stroller that looks like a pram. It helps us all embrace our inner princess, but we can’t forget about the safety aspect. The Safety 1st RIVA Flex 6-in-1 Travel System is the real deal. The infant seat fits babies from 4 to 35 pounds safely. The stroller goes fully flat for nap time, and the car attachment allows you to go from car to stroller to car without interrupting naptime. Gifts For New Moms And Babies Some of the things we love most about the RIVA Flex include:

  • The lightweight stroller frame
  • The machine-washable and easy off-and-on fabrics
  • The frame that is made from recycled materials
  • Cup holders that are already attached, two of them
  • The storage basket that actually fits things
  • The canopy that has a window so you can see if the baby is sleeping without risking eye contact

Gifts For New Moms And Babies Safety is way more important than design, and we know it. But that doesn’t mean we have to compromise on design. We want easy, we want cute, and we want practical all rolled into one. The Safety 1st RIVA Flex 6-in-1 Travel System does that for us. Boom — you’re welcome.

Gifts for New Moms and Babies — Sasa Loo Dolls

Gifts For New Moms And Babies

If you’re looking for something special for your military baby this holiday — something that is unique and can be saved as an heirloom — then Sasa Loo handcrafted dolls are exactly what you need. These gorgeous dolls are made by hand by an Air Force spouse and are created with the utmost care and love throughout her entire creative process.

Gifts For New Moms And Babies

Dolls can be made to order or you can order one from her online studio. They come with a little loop on the back so they can be added to your child’s wall for home decor, making it the perfect addition to a newly renovated room or after a PCS when you’re trying to make a white-walled room special.

Gifts for New Moms and Babies — Itzy Ritzy Diaper Bag

Gifts For New Moms And Babies

Hold all of your baby’s essentials without sacrificing style as you take on the town and explore with your little one. Available in taupe, gray, black, and blush, this mini backpack includes eight pockets for storage and a matching changing pad, while also featuring Itzy Ritzy’s signature rubber feet that protect the bag from dirty surfaces.

Gifts For New Moms And Babies

Coming in at $84.99, this bag is the perfect blend of style and practicality, and it can even be used for a night out on the town, sans baby.

Gifts For New Moms And Babies

Itzy Ritzy offers a variety of other stylish products for the modern parent and baby! From cupcake stencil teethers to top-knot headbands to muslin car seat canopies, you can find the perfect gift for the new parent and baby in your life.

Gifts For New Moms And Babies

Gifts for New Moms and Babies — BlueSmart Mia Sleeve

Gifts For New Moms And BabiesNew parents can agree on one thing, there is a lot of stress surrounding feedings — did baby get enough to eat, how often are we supposed to do this whole feeding thing, and the always popular: trying to remember to do it again ahead of the hangry newborn meltdown that will rattle windows three blocks away.

BlueSmart Mia is the perfect gift for any new or expecting mom because it heads off all of that feeding-related anxiety. BlueSmart Mia is a sleeve sold in either blue or pink that slides on the bottom of most baby bottles. It calculates what, when, and how much your little one eats at each feeding so tired moms and dads don’t have to track it.

Gifts For New Moms And BabiesNew parents can pair their BlueSmart Mia with the accompanying smartphone app, which can keep a running record of feedings for quick reference at doctor’s appointments, and parents can set feeding goals based on doctor-recommended advice.

The BlueSmart Mia will make every new parent a feeding expert with alerts for temperature, angle, and timing. Give your favorite new parent the gift of experience this holiday season. Gifts For New Moms And Babies


BlueSmart Mia Sleeve


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Gifts for New Moms and Babies — The Little Book of You

Gifts For New Moms And BabiesDo you have someone on your gift list who just had a baby? The Little Book of You is a great customized book documenting all of the new squishy bundle’s details about coming to Earth. Within minutes you can create a book that documents:

  • Unique details from the day of birth, including place, weight, length, and more
  • Pages of what makes their birthday special — what happened in history on their birthday, famous people who were born on the same date, and more
  • Two pages dedicated to a customized family tree to help baby learn all the important people in their life
  • A personalized letter from parents to their little bundle of joy

Gifts For New Moms And Babies

Commemorate a very special bundle’s first Christmas with the Little Book of You.

Best Gifts for New Moms and Babies — The Rosie Project Onesie

Gifts For New Moms And Babies

Represent what it means to be a military family by sporting some of the latest fashions, complete with a dose of military sass, from The Rosie Project. The newest members of the ranks need to show off their support, too. The Military Kids are the Best Kids onesie is the perfect gift for a new military mom or a new military brat this holiday season. It comes in heather gray, white, and pink so you can get one for a boy, girl, or gender neutral.

Gifts For New Moms And Babies

Many more gift ideas are also available, such as workout tanks, mugs, onesies, and t-shirts for men, women, and children that show off a unique glimpse of military life.

Get 10 percent off with the code DAILYMOMMILITARY this holiday season!


Military Kids are the Best Kids Onesie


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Gifts for New Moms and Babies — Nature Bare Products

Gifts For New Moms And BabiesNature Bare products are the perfect treat for any ingredient-conscious mom or mom-to-be. This line of vegan and organic body-care products begins by nurturing a mom-to-be’s growing belly with Baby Belly ButterBecause a pregnant mother’s nose can be a sensitive thing, the Baby Belly Butter comes in unscented or calming lavender. 

Nature Bare continues to care for mamas after delivery with Nursing Balm. The ingredients are non-toxic and food-safe, so there is no need to wash off the balm prior to breastfeeding.

When a new or soon-to-be mom falls in love with Nature Bare, she can share the organic and vegan products with each member of the family. There are products for men, women, and kids.


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Gifts for New Moms and Babies — Johnson’s Baby Products

Gifts For New Moms And BabiesJohnson’s Baby products are a household name, and you don’t have to have a newborn of your own to recognize it. For nearly 125 years, Johnson’s Baby has been trusted by parents to clean, moisturize, and soothe delicate skin at every stage, from newborns to big kids.

Johnson’s new, improved formulas cut ingredients by 50 percent, and products are now made with 96 percent naturally derived ingredients, making them even safer and more gentle on that delicate baby skin. From full-sized to travel bottles of soaps, shampoos, and lotions, the relaunched Johnson’s Baby line is the perfect addition to a new parent’s stocking (or baby’s first stocking).


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With a list full of these all-star products, you are equipped to sufficiently spoil a new mom, new dad, and new squishy baby this holiday season.

We know there are a whole lot of other folks on your shopping list this year, don’t miss the rest of our Holiday Gift Guides!

Gifts For New Moms And Babies

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