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Tween: the age between little girl and teenager


Also, the age where your little girl no longer wants your help (or opinion) when styling her hair. Whether she’s following trends, following her fellow tween girls, or just following her own creative heart, your tween is ready to do her hair all on her own. If you have one or more of these girls in your home, here are some tips for your tween to tackle her own hair with minimum skill required.

Instant Glam

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Styling accessories are a quick and easy way for your tween to take control of her hair. With so many colors and styles to choose from, there is something for every girl to use to show off her personality. In case you haven’t perused the hair accessories aisle in a while, here’s a quick rundown of what you can find that’s easy for tween use.


Headbands have come a long way since we were kids in the 80s. Those too-narrow, hard plastic headbands have been replaced with stretchy fabric, softer plastic, and bendable metal versions. Wide, stretchy fabric headbands are the most comfortable for all day wear. Some plastic headbands are covered with fabric for a more comfortable fit, while others are made of a flexible, bendable plastic for increased comfort and adjustability.

Claw Clips

You probably already own some claw clips for your own hair, though your daughter would probably like colors other than black, clear or tortoise shell. Medium, small and tiny claw clips can give your daughter’s hair a pop of color, while providing all day hold to keep the hair off her face. For extra fun, keep a look out for glittered or jeweled options.

Alligator clips

Best for fine hair or small sections of hair, alligator clips are super easy to put in. Squeeze the spring end to open and let go to close. Alligator clips tend to have more 3-dimensional options than other clip types — like flowers, bows, or pom-poms attached to the top of the clip.

Barrettes or Contour Snap Clips

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Made of either plastic or metal, these clips spring or bend open and remain in an open position without any effort. Metal clips may be covered in colored epoxy/plastic with varying designs. These clips may have some 3-dimensional designs, but too much can interfere with the easy operation of the clip.

Bobby Pins

Requiring a bit more skill to slide in correctly, bobby pins have evolved past their time as hidden components of up-do hairstyles. They now have a bold, visible place in daily styling. Like clips, bobby pins can be found in a rainbow of colors and may even have 3-dimensional crafted exterior.

Other hair accessories

If the above options are not enough, you can also check out temporary hair coloring, hair chalk, or clip on hair extensions for even more hair styling fun.

Add Some Style

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If your daughter is ready to learn, braids are an easy place to start learning some additional styling techniques. The easiest braids to do are a simple 3-strand braid, a rope braid, and a fishtail braid. If you are proficient in braiding, you can teach your daughter, or you can find numerous tutorials online.

Product Recommendation

Tweenhairfrozen Edited Dm
Or you can buy a book like Disney Frozen Fever Hairstyles: Inspired by Anna and Elsa, which has a “braidschool” section in the book to teach your young tween how to braid, then follows up with beautiful, yet more complicated looks.

The hardest braid to do is the one on your own head. Let your daughter braid your hair or a doll’s hair for practice.

No-Heat Styling

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If your daughter is impatient, there are no-heat styling tools that can help your daughter style her hair, like the Conair Quick Twist. Battery-operated, the Conair Quick Twist makes putting a rope braid in your daughter’s hair a snap—even for her. Just section the hair to be braided; divide in two, and insert the ends into the clips on the wand. Turn it on and the wand twists each section of hair. When the hair is twisted enough (time-needed will depend on the length of her hair), just twist the wand in the direction of the arrow on the handle. Release the hair from the clips and secure the ends.

When putting in a rope braid either by hand or by a styling tool, the braid may appear to “untwist” some after securing the ends. This is normal—and okay—the braid just had too much tension.

Mix It Up

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Who says you only need one clip in your hair? Who says the clips have to match? Well, probably not your daughter! Mix and match various hair accessories and hairstyles for even more variety.

  • Try a line of clips instead of just one.
  • Attach an alligator clip to a fabric or metal headband.
  • Braid a section of hair, then put on a headband (can go either in front of or behind the braid).
  • Weave ribbons into a braid.

The possibilities for hair styling are endless — especially with your creative tween girl in charge. Just take a deep breath, and let her have fun with her hair while she experiments with quick and easy styles. #QuickTwist

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