Fun And Safe Game Websites for Kids

With nearly five billion pages on the internet, searching for fun and safe game websites for kids might seem like searching for a needle in a haystack.  The internet can be overwhelming and may cause some parents to shy away from it altogether. Despite these reservations, there are plenty of game websites for kids that help them to create and not just be consumers of the internet.  Here are some excellent, and mostly free, game websites for kids that are not only fun, but will support deeper learning.

These fun and safe game websites for kids are categorized by age group.  Note that most interactive game websites require Adobe Flash, so make sure to check system and operating requirements before downloading any software

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Game Websites for Kids by Age

Ages 2-3 Years Old 

While this age group is definitely on the younger side for games and apps, the following sites are appropriate for two and three year olds. In addition, they support learning concepts to expand literacy and other fundamentals skills. 

Sesame Street 

A site dedicated to a classic children’s television show, the Sesame Street website offers kids the chance to enjoy video clips and play games as they learn letters, rhymes, colors, and more. 

PBS Kids 

PBS is known for providing content that inspires, informs, and entertains children.  The online PBS site is a companion to the broadcast channel and is chock-full of sorting and counting games, sing-a-longs, and more. 

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Ages 3-6 Years Old 

By ages three to six years old, kids are exposed to preschool concepts. Kids this age are also gearing up for a move to the “big kids” school.  Here are two fun game websites for kids that will support their journey to kindergarten. 

Nick Jr. 

In addition to games and puzzles, Nick Jr. also features books based on the channel’s television shows; activities to get creative with music, art and fashion; and parental controls to unlock full length episodes for the kids to watch while on the go. 

National Geographic Kids 

National Geographic Kids is a fun website that features interactive activities to encourage exploration of the animal kingdom, countries and continents across the globe, and an especially entertaining section called “Weird, But True!,” featuring fun facts about everything. 

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Ages 6-9 Years Old

By ages six to nine years old, children are considered school age.  With lots of questions and homework, kids this age like to think and plan ahead.  Here are three game websites for kids at this age. 

Highlights for Kids 

Highlights for Kids is the companion website to the popular print magazine created by nationally recognized leaders in education and child development. The site features fun games, brainteasers, stories, podcasts, jokes, and “Hidden Pictures” puzzles. 

Switch Zoo 

Available as both a website and app, Switch Zoo is a site where imaginations can run wild!  Kids can make and play or watch and listen to what happens when you switch animal attributes to make new species. Kids can then explore whether these new species are able to survive within their native habitats. 

National Geographic Family Fun Guides 

The National Geographic Family Field Guide Archives are a supplement to the National Geographic Kids & Family sites. The Field Guides are resource-rich and filled with content like tips, experiments, boredom busters, and more arranged in handy increments of time (e.g Got 5 Minutes?). 

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Fun &Amp; Safe Game Websites For Kids

Ages 9-12 Years Old

Kids ages nine to twelve years old might still behave like little kids or act like very mature kids.  They have innate curiosity and think logically, so these fun game websites for kids are perfect for this age set. 

Science Bob 

This site encourages random acts of science. If anyone can make science seem like a game, Science Bob can. The Science Bob website is organized by experiments, science fair ideas, science Q&A, and videos. The site’s creator has been featured on television talk shows like Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Live with Kelly & Ryan, and Nickelodeon as well as at events like the White House Science Fair and maker fairs, both domestic and abroad. 


codeSpark is a startup that has won numerous awards for teaching kids to code.  This is a gaming application available for purchase on Android and iOS and features character-based stories to teach kids the ABC’s of coding.  From Fortune 500 CEO’s to heads of state, all agree that computer programming is the single best professional opportunity in the world, so consider codeSpark a useful and fun game application to give your student a leg up in the future workforce. 

CIA for Kids 

The CIA for Kids site is like the modern day version of “Where in the World is Carmen SanDiego?” Kids get to role play as CIA operatives by providing national security intelligence for U.S. leaders to make important and informed decisions.  Role play is accomplished through games, puzzles, and dossiers.

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All Age Game Websites for Kids 

I’m A Puzzle

Jigsaw puzzles can be enjoyed by children of all ages, but sometimes it’s hard to buy enough physical puzzles to keep the kids occupied. Luckily, offers thousands of free online jigsaw puzzles that can be played at any time. In addition, you can change the difficulty level by specifying the number of pieces in the puzzle and customizing other settings like allowing the shadow of the picture to appear in the background while you’re playing. You can even create your own online jigsaw puzzles by uploading an image and sharing the link with friends and family!


With Funbrain, kids can search for games, videos, and books by grade levels from preschool through grade eight.  This site is a busy and organized parent’s dream come true, so bookmark it. 


Did you know that the term for the science of having fun is Funology?  This game site is as fun as it sounds. Funology is more than just games and incorporates magic, trivia, crafts, and recipes, too!


Don’t let the elementary name fool you as ABCya has games and activities to help students meet Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards from kindergarten thru sixth grade. 

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Surfing and gaming on the internet can by all means be a good thing, as demonstrated by this list of fun game websites for kids. The internet helps to close distances between people and things while allowing kids to research and explore any subject from the click of the keyboard keys.  As parents, it is always a good idea to check out websites and possible click bait before letting kids play on any site. And, always encourage kids to follow the 20-20-20 rule (limiting screen time to 20 minutes, eyes 20 inches from the screen, and looking away every 20 seconds or so to avoid eye fatigue).   


Fun And Safe Game Websites For Kids

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